Pelosi Revisited
By Jim Kirwan

"I think it is finally time we stood up and thanked Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the darling Democrat from the Bay Area who leads her party in the House. Pelosi's recent speech to the Israel-American lobby AIPAC, the second largest lobby in Washington, was monumental ­ truly unparalleled in its candor.
Despite the fact that AIPAC was recently busted for spying on the United States, Pelosi, along with many other top bureaucrats from Washington, gushed effusions of praise on the foreign power. "There are those who contend that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is all about Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza," Pelosi said as she rallied AIPAC loyalists. "This is absolute nonsense. In truth, the history of the conflict is not over occupation, and never has been: it is over the fundamental right of Israel to exist.""
So long as there is this deeply rooted conflict of interest in Nancy Pelosi's heart, she is not fit to serve American government or American values: because what is good for Israel has not been good for the USA. Iraq is Israel's war, not ours! Nor is this the first time that Americans have died to promote an Israeli agenda-but it should absolutely be the last time that this is allowed to happen. Remember the USS Liberty? (2)
Bush continues to say that he will stay in Iraq until 'the mission is completed'. So what is this super-sacred mission which no one in this government wants to spell out for the public? First it was a Regime-Change, modified to include the WMD that this government maintained was everywhere in Iraq. That was proven to be nothing but a pack of lies. Then there was 'Freedom & Democracy' ­ the same freedom and democracy that the Bushwhacker's have been methodically demolishing for the last five years in this country. Yet the Decider is trying to give some form of it to Iraq, while denying every aspect of those founding principles to all Americans!
Our reason for remaining in Iraq is that 'the Decider' can't stand the thought of the scale of his failures that all this effort has become. Iraq is not Palestine, and we are not Israel-nor will America spend the next half century in Iraq-especially since we're still paying for the fifty-eight years of Israel's murderous wars of conquest.! So much blood and treasure expended, just to appease the extravagant plans of such a tiny nation that harbors so much hate and envy for that which is not theirs. So-Representative Pelosi, until you make your loyalties clear and on the record: you should not speak for this country. No member of this government should be supposedly serving the United States when their loyalties are so freely given to any other government, besides the one you swore an oath to protect and defend: against all others, whether foreign or domestic.
What happened on November seventh was a victory for "republican-light" But that does not expunge the previous nearly six years of "no questions" coupled with total submission to whatever 'the Decider chose to do-regardless of how deeply those decisions might cut into the fabric of our laws and the muscle of our way of life. These long years of this frontal assault has been relentlessly carried out against every facet of this nation. This cannot be so easily forgotten in one night of mid-term 'adjustments' in the Bush- War-upon-the people of the United States.
"The Democrats" want to throw more crumbs to the disillusioned, with you at the helm to guide these minor adjustments. But what is this nation without its constitution, without the freedoms that others earned? Will you see to it that those questions are finally investigated-fully? The list is long and damning; do you or your congress have the stomach for that? 'The Decider' said today that he would not be swayed by "politics' in what he chooses to do about 'the mission in Iraq.' Yet 'politics' is precisely what all wars are all about, and the specifics of those 'politics' matter greatly, especially when they are basic to any free republic: Hence Bush cannot simply 'leave politics out of his decisions,' no matter how much he'd like to.
You and Congress and the Cabal have been responsible for melting the moral compass of this nation in the vanquished flames of an Empire that cannot be achieved. The course that Bush set this nation on, with the nearly total acquiescence of the congress, was a path that attempted to exempt USA incorporated from the global guidelines for all modern warfare. The goal was for the world see the USA as a law unto itself. Iraq was to showcase a display of American Imperial Power-a power that could never be militarily resisted. By our actions we wanted to intimidate the world into believing that we can do whatever we want, without allies, anywhere, anytime-because any resistance to the American-Israeli Empire would always be futile. Instead what has happened clearly demonstrates, to anyone with eyes that we have invested all this time and treasure into nothing but death, destruction and a level of national-disillusionment that surpasses even the blood-drenched failures in Viet Nam. See the results of the Israeli war on Lebanon for details of their variation on this same theme of Imperial immunity to all resistance. In this case Hezbollah proved that resistance is not futile! (3)
The attacks on America have continued non-stop since 911, they just haven't yet begun to use bullets and bombs on the population: except for the psy-ops manipulation and the non-stop swirl of government propaganda that haunts every waking moment. But thanks to your utter failures in directing these wars: the psychology of our "superiority" has effectively been shattered (for the outside world) by the hourly failures in all we've undertaken to accomplish, since 'the Decider' was appointed by the court. And speaking of courts - Cheney has announced in advance that if he is called before congress he will not testify-will you insure that in any investigation all those directly involved will be subject to the rule of law?
What is the Mission Pelosi ­ Bush can't answer that simple question, can you? One thing it did not accomplish, contrary to the Decider's beliefs: We have not taken the attack "to the enemy," as promised. Another thing that we have accomplished is that we have insured that the 'enemy' we went to fight is now vastly larger and more powerful than it was before we unilaterally invaded either Iraq or Afghanistan. The results of 'the Decider's' actions, coupled with the spineless 109th congress, in which you played your part, has created the very kind of powers these wars were supposedly launched to prevent.
Welcome to the upper-echelons of power Nancy, but know this: there is very little time left to correct this barbaric course that has been brutally shaped over the last nearly six years-and if you fail, there will be no second chance to have a constitutional Republic worthy of the name - because (thanks to a dual set of books) - all that damage done to the financial structures on which this nation actually depends, is approaching bankruptcy at an incredible rate of speed. But then maybe that's the only thing that will be able to interrupt the Decider's plans for what was once a viable and promising nation.
One more thing: what about all the thousand illegal 'signing statements" that the Decider made to render congress toothless? Will they be 'negotiated-away' as proof of good faith-or will he simply keep adding new ones to everything that you and congress work out together? Make no mistake-the secret's out! There is only one party in this country, and it doesn't represent the people who work here, just those who profit from the labor of the victims of your criminal leadership. The best way to prove that I'm wrong Nancy is just as simple as something Bush also said today ­"just perform!"
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3) How Hezbollah Defended Lebanon 
Open Letter to Congress September 2002
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