Bush Is A One Word Oxymoron
By Karl W B Schwarz

George W. Bush proved on December 19, 2006 that he is the biggest idiot we have ever had in the Oval Office. More troops to Iraq is his interpretation of the November 2006 elections and against the advice of the Iraq Study Group and most US generals past and presently serving. This moron is too dangerous to serve on any school board in America, much less be sitting in the Oval Office.
I previously reported that our Great Decider had pushed the Export Import Bank of the US to finance $5 billion for PRC nuclear energy reactors, even though the PRC is sitting on a trade deficit with the US of about $1 trillion in US dollars and could easily pay cash for that many nuclear energy plants and never miss the money.
When you are shopping at WalMart and Target, think about that huge monthly trade deficit with China of about $10 to $20 billion a month and our idiot of a president financing them just to get the business for UK and US corporations that are aptly called Wealthy Elite Insiders. Merry Christmas, shop til you drop and keep watching as America is being undermined every hour of every day right in front of your eyes by Washington, DC.
When you cruise through Loew's, or Target or WalMart, try to find those "Merry Christmas" signs and make sure you don't miss the right lot to get your "Holiday Tree" rather than your "Christmas Tree".
That offer to finance these nuclear power plants was while his former college girlfriend had been appointed by Bush to the number two slot at the EXIM Bank and she has now been appointed as Ambassador to Hungary to replace his sleazy cousin George Herbert Walker, III of St Louis who left real quick in July as Ambassador to Hungary.
U.S. Firm to Build China Nuke Reactors
Saturday December 16, 4:59 AM EST
BEIJING (AP) - China and the United States on Saturday signed an agreement that paves the way for Westinghouse Electric Co. to build four civilian nuclear reactors in China, a multibillion dollar coup for U.S. business over French and Russian competitors.
A memorandum of understanding supporting the transfer of nuclear technology to China was signed by China's Minister for the National Development and Reform Commission Ma Kai and U.S. Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman.
"This is an exciting day for the U.S. nuclear industry," Bodman said at the ceremony. "It is an example that if we work together we can advance not only our trade relations but also our common goal of energy security."
The agreement capped several days of top-level trade talks between China and the U.S. that otherwise yielded few concrete results. It was signed on the sidelines of a closed-door meeting of five major oil importing nations hosted by China.
Stephen Tritch, Westinghouse's president and CEO, said the details of the contract to build facilities at Sanmen, in the easternprovince of Zhejiang, and at Yangjiang in southern China's Guangdong province have yet to be completed but that it was a multibillion dollar deal. He said the company want the plants up and running by 2013.
The agreement, negotiated late into the night Friday, makes Westinghouse's AP1000 - which relies on gravity rather than mechanical pumps to carry water to a reactor in an emergency - China's choice for developing its own nuclear industry.
Westinghouse, U.S. engineering and construction services contractor Shaw Group Inc. - which holds a 20 percent stake in Westinghouse - and China's State Nuclear Power Technology Co. signed a companion agreement to follow through with negotiations on specific terms for the technology transfer.
According to a statement issued by the Chinese side, French nuclear group AREVA was their second choice, and a competing bid by Russia's AtomStroyExport was apparently rejected.
Both U.S. and French politicians had lobbied hard for the deal. The Chinese side said it chose Westinghouse based on its technology, its agreement on transferring expertise, the style of cooperation and the prospects for developing locally based technology.
The agreement "pushes mankind into a new level of nuclear technology development," said Ma, China's planning minister. "This project will certainly play a very important role in enhancing the cooperative partnership between China and the U.S."
Westinghouse was controlled out of the UK by BNFL (British Nuclear Fuels, Ltd and sold in February 2006 to Toshiba, not controlled by the US. news_article.jsp?ID=0000006709
So this is another Bush ­ Blair job creation effort to line the right pockets anywhere but in the US and UK and distance the UK and Royal Family from their hand in enriched uranium. You can bet all you have that the British Queen's Rio Tinto Mines in Australia will be the supplier to the PRC for the nuclear fuel for this group of nuclear power plants and the nuclear fuel will be enriched at USEC (U.S. Enrichment Corporation), and deal privatized by Clinton and Gore to their good buddies. They certainly do not want Iran supplying that uranium and that is part of the reason for the UK and US belligerence and saber rattling with Iran.
The only reason the PRC has the uranium enrichment technology to make uranium fuel for reactors (and sell to Iran to take advantage of the vast uranium ore reserves Iran has) is because Bill Clinton and George W. Bush made sure they got it through the two phase sale and relocation of Magnequench of Indiana that is now located in the PRC. The plants to move that technology from the US to the PRC were built by Bechtel.
Getting the picture yet?
You had better before you have nothing left, assets or freedom.
Before all is said and done you will be reading about a deal the Hungarian government did for a St Louis company to bail them out, directly involved the Bush cousin and was done while he was the sitting Ambassador to Hungary. The sleaze goes on in Bush World.
The media already has the Hungary sleaze story and I have been contacted by investigative reporters from the US and in Hungary on this latest example of Bush sleaze and their coercion of other governments into their sleazy bed.
I reported over a year ago on this sleazy little political ploy for Bechtel and UK owned Westinghouse to get the business to build the 5 nuclear power plants in the People's Republic of China, underwritten by the US government. Karl_Schwarz_Archives/ks_120305.htm
It is little wonder this sleazy Bush Administration stayed focused on that ball since major campaign donations were on the line and making sure the right pockets were lined. That is both due as payment in kind for the lavish political donations and making sure the right people have the money to donate more when the time comes so they can continue to put the screws to you and everyone you know. That is the system and it is being used on both sides of the aisle to your detriment.
That is why "fiscal responsibility" in DC is an oxymoron.
This is the same Shaw Group mentioned in the above article that has been part of the Iraq Bush Sleaze and post Katrina FEMA sleaze:
Defense Contracts
The Shaw Group is active in many areas of construction in the global market. As well, their services are called upon by theDepartment of Defense, ranking 83rd overall between 1998-2003 with a total of $1,139,031,714 in defense contracts. [2]
On January, 22, 2004, Shaw Group subsidiary, Shaw Enviromental & Infrastructure, won a $75,749,910 contract for renovations at the Al Kasik military base in Iraq.
After Katrina hit, the Shaw group hired the former head of the Projects and Contracting Office in Baghdad, Charles Hess, who also had experience working at FEMA and the Army Corps of Engineers. [3]
As well, Shaw is one of several companies who won contracts from FEMA who are represented by former FEMA head, Joe Allbaugh. Other clients include Fluor Corporation and Kellogg Brown and Root. [4]
Shaw has been awarded seven contracts to assist in the post-Katrina recovery:
· Contract 1: $77,162,809 through FEMA.
· Contract 2: $100,000,000 through Army Corps for FEMA mission assignment.
· Contract 3: $29,000,000 for Shaw Environmental through Army Corps for FEMA mission assignment.
· Contract 4: $121,468,078 for Shaw Constructors through Army Corps for FEMA mission assignment.
· Contract 5: $2,029,000 through Environmental Protection Agency as a mission assignment for FEMA.
· Contract 6: $400,000 for Shaw Environmental through Army Corps for FEMA mission assignment.
· Contract 7: $8,431,291 through Army Corp for FEMA mission assignment
This is pure RNC insider-ism at its worst. You can bet Bechtel is in there somewhere since they paved the way to get this deal and get the US to finance it for a nation that does not need another US Dollar.
Folks, here is the simple math of the matter and simple economics of the matter. We cannot have an economy that is solely driven byUS debt doled out to elite insiders. That is a stacked deck of cards that is undermining everything, including the value of the US Dollar.
That is what they are doing. It is not real economic growth. It is the illusion of growth driven by National Debt and the money directed to a select few. The next email update will show you even more how they do it to line the right pockets on both sides of the aisle.
Our US dollar is about to collapse and they are more concerned about keeping the housing bubble going (with no buyers) than facing up to their fiscal irresponsibility in DC. They are more concerned about their bogus Global War on Terror and lining the right pockets than they are about you.
Ask yourself this ­ would you rather have new housing suffer due to higher interest rates to shore up the value of the dollar, or have our entire economy collapse due to one industry building new homes for no buyers and a defense industry that is nothing more than hogs at the hog trough? Said another way, do you want to face the realities of what has to be done or continue in the illusion that all is hunky-dory in Bush World?
Do you want to believe this lying bastard or wake up to the fact that he is a wanton lying bastard?
Do you really need a new house right now, or is saving America more important to you? Make a decision and stick with it.
There is nothing riding on that decision but your future, and if you choose wrong you probably will not be in that new home for long as the bottom falls out and many wind up unemployed.
The GAO has projected that on the current path and rate of growth of the National Debt by 2014 it will take 60% of the federal budget just to cover the interest payments on that debt that is profiting the insiders and burying your ass far off into the future.
Our Great Decider does not want to be "rushed on Iraq" while he rushes to get another $100 billion from Congress for his bogus, made-up-on-lies war and routing that money to the right insiders.
They are already cuttings deals on 2008 to get vast amounts of money lined up so pay attention.
Drunken sailors in bars and brothels are model citizens and models of fiscal responsibility compared to the Village Idiot we have in the Oval Office. The US dollar is in melt down mode and he just keeps pushing the head of every American underwater that is not a part of the Bush Co group of insiders. Now that the Democrats control Congress their favorite hogs are now back and entitled to a place at the hog trough.
Do not believe Bush numbers when they claim a $248 billion deficit, it is over $3.5 trillion and climbing. Behind the scenes in DC they are using the word "unsustainable" and Bush just keeps digging the hole deeper.
He thinks he is protecting his non-existent presidential legacy but every poll is already showing what Americans and the world think of George W. Bush. No wonder Clinton is all smiles these days.
Reports are that our Jewish head of the Federal Reserve left a meeting in Beijing as white as his shirt because the Chinese are dumping about $1 trillion in US dollars so they do not get stuck with them. That is due to US fiscal irresponsibility and you can point the finger accurately at the Federal Reserve, Bush and Congress.
My sources indicate that the Chinese threatened to dump the US dollars if the US implemented trade sanctions against China in their feeble attempt to force the PRC to index the yuan to world currencies. Evidently the PRC watched closely while George H W Bush and the Leo Wanta operations were positioned to hammer the Russian ruble into ruins and they are not falling for the Financial Predators attempts to set the PRC people up for financial attack.
Since Red China has done about $400 billion in oil and gas deals with Iran you can appreciate that the PRC has no intentions of letting Bush Co control the Chinese economy by controlling the energy they need. The PRC has cut deals with Venezuela, Iran, Sudan, so consider the political rhetoric of Bush and that others control oil that the US does not control.
It is time for America to wake up, stand up and shout out for George Bush to shut up and sit down. If he attacks Iran the PRC will pull the plug on the US dollar and the Great Depression will seem like a really good time.
Note, the Wanta $27.5 trillion is still out there, uncollectible by Wanta so he can comply with a US District Court order. My hunch is Bush and certain Zionists factions are poised to attack the Chinese yuan if it trades in indexed fashion to the US dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling and other world currencies.
Only 23% approve and 77% disapprove of the job Bush is doing as president. Of the past six presidents George W. Bush is considered to be the worst of them. All of Ford's bad bungling and bad golf is now forgiven thanks to GW and Reagan can rest in peace that he never did what GW has done. All of the embarrassment America suffered due to Billy Carter and the Clinton sleaze is now forgiven. Clinton can go back to lying about skirts, his golf game, and his veracity thanks to GW. Carter has been given a reprieve by Bush and Clinton a full pardon just like Marc Rich.
Even Daddy Bush, as pathetic as he was as a president, now has reason to smile for himself and feel sorry for the pathetic job his sorry son is doing as president.
If you saw a comparable poll on what Americans and the world think of Congress, the numbers are even lower and still heading South.
Trust me, America will get its fill of Nancy Pelosi in the first 90 days of the next Congress. Americans are about to see what the true definition of fraud is if they have not figured it out already about George Bush.
John McCain has just proved he is unfit to be president of the United States for calling for 30,000 more troops when America spoke quite clearly on November 7, 2006 = "GET OUT OF IRAQ!"
I think I have figured it out. They have heard so much Yiddish BS from AIPAC and Spanish from the illegal aliens these morons no longer understand the ENGLISH LANGUAGE!
Evidently the Bush parents never taught their children one of the most important parts of being Christian and that is to admit when one is wrong, atone, and head in the right direction. I am now thoroughly convinced that Bush has never known the right direction or how to correct his ways when he errs.
We do not have a Big Man in the Oval Office and the entire world knows it. He proved it December 19 by throwing more bodies at something he lied about from day one. It has nothing to do with terrorism. It was his agenda the day he was elected and that was the darkest day in American history.
As far as I am concerned Wolf Blitzer lost a debate with David Duke on the subject of the Tehran Holocaust Conference, which aired live with David Duke from Tehran: WC4cjo
Henry Makow, PhD has written one of the better pieces I have seen regarding the Holocaust and explaining in detail how it was a small part of a much bigger agenda of genocide. Mr. Makow is Jewish and some of his family members were involved in the Holocaust.
I have maintained for over 30 years that when I look objectively at World War II and what was done I see evil consuming evil in many places people have never heard of unless they are students of history. There was not just a "Jewish part" that was wrong, it was all wrong.
If you have the time, watch this 1 hr and 9 minute video by former US House of Representatives member Paul Findley of Illinois.
America needs to hear what a former member of Congress who was not pro-Israel, not pro-Zionist has to say about the aberration of our US policies on behalf of Israel, and the follies and the price we are paying as a nation for stupid policies due to the influence of AIPAC.
As you will read below, it is like a fast spreading cancer and it is killing our nation. When I look back on it, the last three presidents (GHWB, Clinton and the current fiasco) are the worst three presidents in my life time of 55 years and may well be the worst three presidents in the history of the United States. You can dig deep and cannot find a single thing they have done that was right, or decent or honorable. The subject of integrity never entered into the decisions. It was all an agenda that has now blown up in our faces and threatens the survival of our nation and its financial integrity and a vast majority of Americans.
What is their response? Stay the course straight into the side of the mountain.
Arrange those deck chairs on the SS Titanic Bush. We are not sinking, everything is rosy.
OPEC is distancing from the chronically weak dollar and that folks is bad news. OPEC is also discussing production cuts for early next year. When the dollar is no longer the petrodollar and it becomes the petro-euro, America is headed into considerable decline if our leaders do not change course. That is when multipolarization is going to put the US under and for good.
Anyone want to take the bet that they will change course? They have already proven that they refuse to change course so save your money on a Fool's Bet.
Did anyone notice that Bush is trying to get China to play along with their charade in DC?
New homes sales are now projected to be way down and very weak in 2007. That is terrible news for what is just over the horizon and the continued weakness of the dollar could be corrected but they will not do so.
What is even worse are how many Americans are so financially strapped that they cannot make their mortgage payments and foreclosures are rising. In DC terms, they can afford their rent payments if they cannot afford their home mortgage payments.
December 14, 2006
Late Mortgage Payments and Foreclosures Rise
The number of people paying their mortgages late - or not paying them at all - increased up in recent months, a trend that is expected to continue well into next year.
The rise was sharpest among borrowers with troubled credit histories, and in particular, subprime borrowers who took out mortgages with interest rates that increase over the life of the loan.
The Mortgage Bankers Association said today that a survey of more than 42 million mortgages found the rate of delinquencies rose to 4.7 percent from July through September, up from 4.4 percent in the second quarter, when the numbers were adjusted for seasonable variations.
Among subprime homeowners, designated as such because their questionable credit would otherwise disqualify them from obtaining a mortgage, delinquency rates were much higher. Subprime borrowers who had past-due payments rose to 12.6 percent in the third quarter from 11.7 percent in the second quarter.
Subprime borrowers who took out adjustable-rate mortgages, which typically start at artificially low rates that increase over the life of the loan, were the most likely out of all those surveyed to be in default. The survey showed 13.2 percent of all subprime adjustable mortgages were delinquent in the third quarter, compared with 12.2 percent in the second quarter.
Subprime loans, which tend to run roughly three percentage points or more above the rates available to people with strong credit, have become the fastest-growing segment of the mortgage industry. Among subprime loans, the use of adjustable mortgages proliferated while the housing market boomed.
Looking ahead to next year, the mortgage association said it expected delinquencies and foreclosures to continue on the rise. Doug Duncan, the association's chief economist, predicted a "modest increase" over the next several quarters "as the housing market bottoms."
As more adjustable mortgages reset next year at higher rates, the number of defaults is expected to climb. Mr. Duncan said $1.1 trillion to $1.5 trillion worth of residential debt would be eligible to be reset next year, a move that would put pressure on homeowners who do not refinance.
Delinquencies were most common in upper Midwest, where the manufacturing slowdown has pushed unemployment up, and in the South, where the spillover effects from Hurricane Katrina continued. Mississippi had the highest overall delinquency rate, at 11.1 percent of all mortgages, and more than twice the national average. It was followed by Louisiana at 9.5 percent andMichigan at 7.4 percent.
Separately, the number of mortgage applications last week rose to the highest level in more than a year. The mortgage association said that its index of applications to buy or refinance a home rose 11.4 percent from a week earlier.
We have too many people in America that do not understand the concept of enough is enough, whether that is in political crap or greed.
If you had a chance to be rich, at what point would you consider "I have enough" and do something better with your life? I have thought about that a lot and the number is real simple. When I am comfortable and can live as I choose.
Unfortunately, we have some in America that are so greedy that no amount is enough for them. They are so drunk and full of themselves they want it all. We have too many Americans that their greed cannot be sated with any amount of money. When 40% of a nation's wealth, as wealthy as the US is, is controlled by 1% of the population we have a problem and these greedy people are the problem.
Many of them will do anything to get ahead, including screw your brains out illegally. genera_julian_e_061208_1_25_now_owns_40_25.htm
You are going to have to keep up with the flow of information on this one. Evidently the concept of greed has infiltrated into every facet of America in some ways that I find most unbecoming.
It does not matter how you add another word with Bush, the one word or the two or three words are an oxymoron.
For example, Bush National Security, three word oxymoron as is Bush War Plan or Bush Iraq Plan. He does not have a plan and national security is a joke and not the objective any way.
Bush Stupid is not an oxymoron more than it is redundant and unnecessary to waste ones breath to say both words.
Bush Presidency, two word oxymoron.
Bush Integrity, two word oxymoron as is Bush Accountability and Bush Veracity.
The only two I could come up with on the fly that are not an oxymoron are Bush Sleaze and Bush Corruption. Those are not words that should not be used in conjunction; they are words that fit the circumstance exactly.
I find it curious that Bush will celebrate "Happy Holidays" but he recently lit the Menorah in the White House to celebrate Hanukkah. If that does not tell you whose side Bush is on you need to wake up.
That picture was taken by AP in the White House and reported on the FOXNews website.,2933,237319,00.html
Our Department of Homeland Security appears to be overcome with criminals inside of the operation. If you read the article at the link below it discloses Congressional testimony where hundreds of Homeland Security people have been slapped with criminal charges and many of them convicted. Odd, I did not hear a word about that on the mainstream media. That must have been on their resumes as a precedent to hiring and mainstream media could not let the Sheeple learn that DHS is not protecting America, it is fleecing America.
Now, don't think that means Bush is running a clean ship and getting around to cleaning up his mess. It means just the opposite. These are just the dummies that got caught and Bush still has dirty diapers that are stinking up the works. homeland-security/
They are a despicable lot and act like they can do anything they wish. Our nation is being gang raped anally from within and outside of our government.
That is why we need a new sheriff in town that will put them all in their place, as in prison. You have no idea how much money could be legally recovered from such illegal conduct. I am saying hundreds of billions to trillions could easily be recovered by someone willing to use the rule of law for what it was intend to be.
It is called RICO and compelling upon them treble damages, possible prison sentences and best of all, disgorgement of what they stole.
That means take it back and give it back to its rightful owners.
What a novel concept, and has not been used enough lately in American jurisprudence.
As for the Season, Merry Christmas to one and all and to Hell with what ACLU, JDL and AIPAC think about that.
All of you, in honor of our Lord Jesus Christ, have a very Merry Christmas in spite of the Zionist Jews that hate the word Christ like Dracula was afraid of the sunlight.
Best regards,



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