Idaho Sen Craig Says
Wanta Story 'Erroneous'
Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) Claims Wanta
Allegations Of Stolen Trillions 'Erroneous'

By Greg Szymanski

The first U.S. Senator came forward with a written response to the Leo Wanta $4.5 trillion settlement, saying Wanta's claims are "erroneous" and the U.S. government has "always remained fiscally responsible" without engaging "in any sort of fraud or theft on the level of Mr. Wanta's allegations.
The written response to the Wanta settlement, entered into with U.S. Supreme Court assistance in June, came from longtime Neo-con and New World Order propagandist, Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) in a letter sent to Peter Petticolas, one of his constituents who demanded answers regarding the theft of trillions of off-shore and off -the-books money by the last three presidential administrations.
"Thanks for the hard work, Greg. I took the challenge of taking on one of our Idaho U.S. Senators. As a professional Financial Advisor I really do not buy his Sen. Craig's) response," said Petticolas in an email Tuesday to the Arctic Beacon.
It should be noted Sen. Craig never addressed the issue of off-shore money being used illegally by high ranking members of the U.S. government, but instead attacked Wanta's allegations based on the government's faulty "on the books" financial data, not accounting for any type of "black money" whatsoever.
In response to Sen. Craig's letter calling Wanta's claims erroneous, Michael C. Cottrell, treasurer of Wanta's financial group set to distribute $4.5 trillion of stolen off-shore money initially amassed by Wanta right after the Cold War, said the Idaho Senator was not properly addressing the issues as he refers to "The Reagan Trust Fund when there was no such thing."
"He is obviously full of Idaho potatoes," said Cottrell Tuesday after being read Craig's letter. "It's not even worth responding to. He obviously doesn't know what he is talking about or is intentionally misleading people."
Updating the Wanta story, Cottrell said the $4.5 trillion was still being illegally held up by the Bush administration. He added that the administration remains between a rock and hard place since releasing the money means to tacitly admit the thievery of trillions more by three presidential administrations who have been using the off-shore booty as their own New World Order/Illuminati slush fund.
Although the Wanta trillions have not been released, the story is important since it reveals how the American Illuminati and George H. Bush in particular have been financing the downfall of America, as well as U.S. government sponsored terrorism, drug running and the illegal war waged in the Middle East.
Regarding the trillions of offshore money generated by Wanta at the end of the Cold War, he said it was always the intention of President Reagan to use the money for the benefit of the American people. But after Reagan left the political spotlight, Wanta was indiscriminately and illegally jailed by operatives working for the last three presidential administrations, who have instead pilfered trillions for their own agenda and personal gain.
After Wanta's release from a Wisconsin jail in 2005, he was instructed in a 2003 memorandum opinion by Federal Judge Gerald Bruce Lee of the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Virginia, to try and return the $27.5 trillion to U.S. coffers according to President Reagan's instructions.
The $4.5 trillion settlement is a culmination of his efforts after finding a dark and ominous financial trail of theft, bribery and deception, discovering in his quest to retrace the whereabouts of the offshore money that much of it had been stolen or diverted for private use by the last three presidential administrations.
Wanta also discovered to his dismay that a CIA disinformation campaign had been waged, spreading false rumors of his death, making it easier for those criminals inside the government to abscond with trillions.
To date he has provided the Arctic Beacon with documentation of more than $745 billion in stolen funds, including accounts leading to Bush. Sr., Neil Bush and former President Clinton.
Wanta added that at the time he entered into the settlement in May he had further identified upwards of $2 trillion in stolen funds from accounts under his control, keeping the documentation as financial leverage in case the $4.5 trillion settlement falls through.
And since President Bush was notified in writing of the settlement in July, observers claim his "false American colors" have come shining through as he placed an immediate illegal hold on the money in an effort to protect the "financial dike from exploding" and the criminals in government being exposed instead of doing the right thing and injecting an immediate trillion dollar boost into the American economy.
After learning of the Wanta settlement and the fact the Ambassador was still alive, the Chinese set the Sept 7 due date for the return of their investment money, long since frozen by U.S. authorities in what has become known as the "China Foundation Money."
"The link between Ambassador Wanta and the $32 trillion owed the Chinese goes back to the days of World War II-Cold War and connections with his Chinese business partner, Howe Kwong Kok," said Cottrell. "Out of loyalty and respect, the Chinese have thrown their support behind Ambassador Wanta and have applied added pressure so that U.S authorities release the money.
The following is a copy of the letter sent by Sen. Craig to Petticolas, commenting about the Wanta story:
Dear Peter:
Thank you for contacting me regarding the Reagan Trust Fund. I appreciated hearing from you and apologize for the delay in my response.
After extensive research by my staff on this issue, I was unable to confirm any of the concerns you expressed in your letter. Greg Szymanski, of, wrote on July 20, 2006 that $27.5 trillion was stolen by previous administrations from a fund set up by former President Reagan near the end of the Cold War. He further claims that the fund's original $27.5 trillion has doubled to $55 trillion, and that Mr. Wanta recovered $4 trillion of the fund, which would equal $1.575 trillion after taxes. However, he does not specify where the $2.925 trillion in taxes went; if the recovered money was returned to the federal government as part of a settlement with Wanta, there would be no reason to tax it because the government would, in effect, be taxing itself. Furthermore, even if the $1.575 trillion were to be returned, that sum would increase the current $2.8 trillion budget by over 50%.
In 1990, when Mr. Wanta claims that President Reagan set up his trust fund, the total U.S. budget was approximately $1.253 trillion. This means that if the Reagan
Trust fund actually existed, the original fund would have been over 2,000% more than 1990 federal budget. The cumulative total of the U.S. federal budget since 1990 is approximately $22.083 trillion, which is still $5 trillion less than what Mr. Wanta claims the trust fund started with. Additionally, the total U.S. budget in the thirty-five years preceding the alleged creation of the fund equaled only $24.576 billion, which is still $3 trillion less than the original fund. Assuming that $27.5 trillion simply disappeared from taxpayer money when the entire federal budget for the thirty-five years before the fund's creation, or the fifteen years after, did not even come within $3 trillion of the alleged stolen amount is fanciful, at best.
Another example of Mr. Wanta's erroneous claims can be shown in terms of gross domestic product (GDP), which is a useful tool in determining the amount of useable money in the world. GDP is the market value of products, including goods and services, that a country produces in a given time frame. In 1990 the total world GDP was only $22.722 billion (adjusted for inflation) as reported by the International Monetary Fund. The idea that anyone could introduce a sum totaling $27.477 trillion more than the value of the entire world's economy without any discernable market effect is simply impossible.
I also question Mr. Wanta's reliability as a source due to the multiple discrepancies in his stories. For example, while he claims to have been imprisoned for over a decade, the case The State of Wisconsin v. Leo E. Wanta shows that he was sentenced for four counts of fraud and was to serve two years per count concurrently. So, although he was sentenced to a total of eight years, he only served two years and paid a tax evasion fine of $14,128.
I have paid close attention throughout my career as a United States Senator to ensure that the government is fiscally responsible and accountable to American taxpayers.
While there is much work to be done in this area, I am confident that the government has not engaged in any sort of fraud or theft on the level of Mr. Wanta's allegations.
Again, I appreciated your letter on this subject, and I hope this information proves useful to you. Please let me know if I may be of any assistance in the future.
United States Senator
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