The Need For The De-Zionization
Of America (And Israel)

By Wendy Campbell

The inspiration for this article came from watching a program on C-SPAN featuring a panel discussion sponsored by a Zionist Jewish-dominated, Islamophobic think-tank, The Hudson Institute, and the subject matter was "The Need for the De-Ba'athification of Iraq".
The panelists seemed to be Iraqi puppets hand-picked by Zionist Jews, for they spouted typically Zionist misleading analogies and agendas.
The most obvious reason for this impression was how one of the panelists kept saying the need for the de-Ba'athification in Iraq is the same as how there was and still needs to be a complete de-Nazification of Germany. This is a false analogy as I will explain later in this article.
Comparing "De-Nazification" to "De-Ba'athification" is a real give-away that "Jewish politics" is pushing the agenda for the "de-Ba'athification" of Iraq. "Jewish politics" has come to be exemplified by Zionism, a racist ideology calling for a Jewish supremacist state in all of Palestine (and parts of other countries neighboring Israel), and this is supposedly somehow "justified" by "The Holocaust"(the term coined to represent the persecution of many Jews at the hands of Nazis during WWII.)
Of course most Americans don't really know what Zionism is, which is not by accident. Jewish Americans prefer to keep the lid on that. But here is a website for you to check out to get up to speed on it:
Zionists always compare anyone who challenges their agenda and ambitions as "Nazis" and of course "anti-Semites". They do this to attempt to deflect and suppress criticism of their crimes against humanity, as witnessed in Palestine, and now Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, with the help of "our" government. The Zionists, whether Neocons or Neolibs, Republicans or Democrats, want to expand that war into Iran and Syria as well.
Zionist-dominated media here in the US have pretty much successfully trained the American public to think that the Nazis were the ultimate "Bad Guys" in all of the history of mankind. However, if the US media was instead dominated by Armenians, I am quite quite sure the American public would be inundated for years upon years with movies, articles, books and school programs indoctrinating them about the evils of the Turkish government and we'd know every detail about the Armenian Holocaust. Or if our media was dominated by Cambodians, we'd face similar onslaughts of such indoctrination about their own version of Hitler, a man by the name of Pol Pot, who is barely ever mentioned in current US media. We'd all be totally aware of him and his party's genocide of up to 3 million people in Cambodia, but as it is, we are in the dark about that one. No, instead, we are constantly subjected to Holocaust indoctrination, and it's plain to see, that Neocons, who are mostly Jewish , as are the lords of Hollywood, are pushing for continuing the endless "war on terror" (state-sponsored terror against civilian-sponsored terror) from Palestine to Iraq to Iran to Syria and beyond. Again, war is state-sponsored terror, something they conveniently overlook. The "war on terror" is a preemptive war that was based on a pack of lies and 911, which many believe was an inside job by the Neocons in order curry American public support for their agenda to re-shape the Middle East to Israel's liking.
As many people realize by now, the so-called "war on terror", a concept pushed by the Neocons, beginning specifically with destroying Iraq, which actually morphed from Israel's war on Palestinians and Lebanon, and is planning to expand further beyond to Iran, Syria and other countries in the Middle East, was also the original brainchild of the NeoConservatives, a belligerent, imperialistic movement predominately led by Zionist Jews, such as Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, and Scooter Libby, all of whom also qualify and act as Israeli-Americans. Prominent non-Jews in this movement include Cheney and Bush, a Christian Zionist puppet for the Israel-firsters. To go along with the Zionist agenda means lots of campaign money and a positive spin in the Zionized media on their administration and the "war on terror". Their agenda was all spelled out in their manifesto put out by PNAC (the Project for the New American Century). They really should have called it Project for the New Zionist Israeli Century, but the Neocons wanted the American public to back this ambitious plan for a "Greater Israel" so obviously they couldn't call it that. Besides, as I pointed out, most Americans don't even know what Zionism is and what Israel is really all about, and that is not just a coincidence. Many Americans still believe the Zionist propaganda in the Zionized mainstream media about Israel being "the only democracy in the Middle East", and "our greatest ally", although neither claim is true, which is evident upon further research.
If most Americans knew ( the truth about racist, apartheid Israel and how much it costs them not only financially, but also in terms of security, they would demand a complete end to our government's support of such a state. PNAC also called for a "Pearl Harbor-style catastrophe" to jump-start the American public into allowing the Neocons to "let it roll" ? that is the endless wars on land-grabbing Israel's self-made enemies in the Middle East, so almost like clockwork, the events that happened on 9-11 mesmerized Americans into almost complete obedience to the plan as spelled out in Project for New American Century. This happened all so neatly and as dramatically as in a Hollywood action blockbuster, yet many smoking guns remain. Where there is smoke, there is often fire. Many people are connecting the dots between the mysterious obvious implosions of WTC, including building 7 (, and the Neocon agenda (which is also supported by Neoliberals such as Israeli-Americans such as Rahm Emanuel who played the recent Democratic race like he was betting on racehorses, hand-picked and supported them with lots of loot from his Israel-first supporters). For more interesting information on all of this, please visit and also
So here is how the comparison between Nazis and the Ba'ath Party is misleading.
First, let's start with the similarities: Germany and International Jewry were at odds with each other, mainly because of the finagling behind the scenes of International Jewry to get America to help England to defeat Germany during WWI in exchange for aiding Jews to create a Jewish homeland in Palestine, the goal of the newly-founded Zionist movement(which began in the 1890s, founded by Theodor Hertzl), as documented in the infamous Balfour Agreement, signed in 1917, addressed by Lord Balfour on behalf of England to Lord Rothschild on behalf of international Jewry. By getting America involved in WWI to help England to defeat Germany soundly, even though at that time, there was a ceasefire between the two nations, International Jews, such as Lord Rothschild, helped to create a hostile atmosphere for Jews in Germany.
The leading role that Jews played in the brutal Bolshevik Revolution in Russia at around the same time also played a part in anti-Jewish sentiments in Germany and some other countries. (Over 20 million non-Jews were killed in that war, but no one ever talks about that today. We only always hear about the "6 million" Jews who were killed during WWII.)
So under Nazi Germany, Jews were persecuted, along with many others. It wasn't just because they were Jewish in many cases. It was because of their politics. But unfortunately, Nazi Germany unfairly persecuted many innocent Jews, as we all know, rounding them up in concentration camps, working them hard to support the war effort and many died, especially during the end of the war when Germany was shattered, and food and medical supplies were cut off due to Allied bombing of railroads, bridges, roads. As in all wars, unfortunately many innocent people get killed, as even now in Iraq. Some say the figure is up to 650,000, but whatever it is, it is far too many when it comes to innocent victims.
Neocons and the NeoLibs, all Israel-firsters, don't really care that there's a bloody quagmire in Iraq. That suits them just fine and dandy. As far as their agenda is concerned, endless war in Iraq and all the countries in the Middle East, except for Israel, suits the Zionist agenda to debilitate and render helpess and weak the entire Arab world. It's safer for Israel that way, and allows Israel the free oil pipelines, the access to their neighboring countries' water supplies, and so on. Yes, Israel-firsters in our government are lobbying to have Americans pay for a free oil pipeline and free oil for Israel. See,2763,940250,00.html and  
for confirmation of this plan. All of this is normally called theft, grand larceny, along with mass murder. It's certainly racist as well, exploiting and dominating other people who belong to another religion or ethnicity. Yet, Zionists think that the world owes them all this. They blame it on the Holocaust. The Holocaust made them do it.
Please note how Israel and their backers in the US never complain about Israel's WMD including over 250 nuclear warheads, nor Israel's refusal to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation agreement, which Iran has indeed signed. Why is it that Zionist Jews are only concerned with the security and welfare of Jews? Isn't that just a bit racist and self-centered? Exclusive? Hateful?
By the way, the war between England and Germany was originally about: guess what? Oil. Yes, largely, it was about who was going to control the oil resources in the Middle East. My, how some things never seem to change.
As you can see from the brief history lesson, WWI led directly to WWII. In other words, WWII was basically a continuation of WWI.
And by the way, the current "war on terror" is yet still basically growing out of WWII. However, basically the Arab countries' only real gripe with the US is how the US backs racist, apartheid, thieving, lying, murderous, ethnic-cleansing, genocidal Zionist (Jewish supremacist) Israel. Israel is the fly in the ointment. That is it in a nutshell. Not only would the Arabs love to sell us their oil (as Saddam Hussein has said, "What are we going to do, drink it?" No, of course, they have it to sell, and we have bought it at low prices that have not kept up with inflation.) We also get much of our oil from our neighbors Mexico and Canada, as well as other countries. Alaska has lots of oil waiting to be tapped. The war in Iraq is basically pushed by Israel-firsters in the US and in Israel who want to exploit the oil and water resources of Israel's neighbors to create a "Greater Israel". American politicians find it easier to go with the flow (the powerful Israel-firster lobbies and media) than to go against it. They get to keep their jobs and maybe even be a part of the wartime profiteering through corporations such as Halliburton and the Carlyle Group. You can expect Hillary Clinton and Obama Barack to follow the same status quo with unconditionally supporting the racist, apartheid Jewish state of Israel. I believe that Dennis Kucinich or Ralph Nader is our best bet for a positive step in the right direction.
So to get back to the similarity between Nazi Germany and the Ba'ath Party in Iraq and other countries such as Syria, I have explained the resentment that the Germans had towards Jews during WWI and WWII, and how it was politically motivated, not out of some blind xenophobia, or "anti-Semitism". The Ba'ath Party is also anti-"Jewish Politics" aka Zionism aka Jewish Supremacism aka Jewish aggression and exploitation of their resources and people.
But it's not just because organized Jewish politics is Jewish. Remember, many Jewish people do not consider themselves Zionists. A case in point can be seen in my interview with Rabbi Weiss in my documentary "Neturei Karta: Jews Against Zionism" available at and at Rabbi Weiss explains in fascinating detail the differences between Zionism and Torah-true Judaism.
The Ba'ath Party and others are against the belligerent behavior of Zionist Jews in political power both in the US and in Israel, from their leaders, think-tanks, and politicians to the land-grabbing Jewish settlers they support. Ever since Zionist Eastern European Jews established the colonialist, imperialistic state of Israel in 1948 with a massacring campaign of ethnic-cleansing of non-Jews who were living there, with the help of the UN who took it upon themselves to unilaterally give away Arab land that was not theirs to give away in the first place with no concern for the people already there, from day one Zionist Jews have been stealing more land, ethnically cleansing the land of non-Jews to make way for Jews and it still is happening to this day. Few Americans are fully aware of this. The Zionized mainstream America purposefully obfuscates this from view, with almost a complete blackout on the reality of what racist, apartheid Israel is all about or anything negative with regards to Israel. Thank God for Jimmy Carter and the many human rights activists around the world and thank God for the internet.
Israel could not get away with all of its crimes against humanity if it weren't for the unconditional support of "our" government, which seems to be almost taken over by Israel-firsters, many of them Israeli-Americans. This apparently has been accomplished by their elite position and status here in the USA, and in many other Western countries, that many Israel-firsters enjoy: deep pockets, lots of political power and influence as a result of the deep pockets, almost near control of the US media from the movies of Hollywood to books to newspapers and magazines, and an incredibly effective and focused networking and organizing ability as manifested in all the Jewish political action groups including the ADL (who smears all those who don't play along with Jewish politics aka Zionism as "anti-Semites" and "Nazis") to AIPAC to JINSA and the many "think-tanks" such as the Council for Foreign Relations, and yes, lest we forget the inspiration for this article, The Hudson Institute, which could be also described as a Judeo-fascist think-tank. Just one look at their website reveals how Islamophobic they are.
Let's take a look at what exactly the Ba'ath Party stands represents.
Their motto is "Unity, Freedom, Socialism". It is a pan-Arabic party, meaning it has a political presence in most Arab countries, calling for unity of Arab countries in a manner that is similar to the European Union, and now we see that there is a movement towards a US-Canada-Mexico union.
The Ba'ath Party is a nationalistic, secular, socialist party.
So what's wrong with all of that?
Plenty, according to Israel-firsters who see a union of all the Arab countries as a serious threat to their security and their own ambitious vision for a "Greater Israel" from the Euphrates to the Nile in the Middle East. In other words, Israel-firsters seek to imperialistically subjugate all of the people and resources of the Middle East to serve Israel's and Israel-firsters' lust for power and domination.
As you can see, there is very little, if any, real similarities between Nazis and Ba'athists. It's just that those who have and are threatening Arabs' and Iranians' national security happen to be predominately Jewish. If those pushing the "war on terror", the war on Iraq and now the war on Iran were Cambodian, the Ba'ath Party and Arabs would be anti-Cambodian politics. If it were Cambodians, it's unlikely the Cambodians be accusing their political enemies in Arab countries of being "Nazis" or "anti-Semites" if Jewish politics/Zionism were not part of the equation as they clearly are in this so-called "war on terror".
Basically, resource-poor Israel is a small, colonialist, apartheid, racist, imperialist entity artificially propped up with billions of American taxpayers' dollars flowing there annually, even trillions of our tax dollars by now, when you take into consideration the cost of the "war on terror" which would not likely be happening now were it not for inordinate influence of the Zionist Jewish Neocons and the Israel lobby, backed by Christian Zionists, who pushed it, all on a PACK OF LIES. The Israel-firsters want free oil pipelines from Iraq to Israel. They want the waters from Palestinian Territories and from Lebanon. They want, they want, they want. So they take, whatever they want with the backing of "our" government, even though they are committing blatant crimes against humanity and vile acts of vandalism. War is state-sponsored TERROR.
Obviously it is NOT in Americans' best interests to support such a criminal state and in doing so, our government is an accomplice to these crimes against humanity. No wonder America ties with Israel for being the two most unpopular countries in the world.
It's too bad the Zionist Jewish movement for creating a Jewish state in Palestine at the expense of the indigenous people ever happened. It ended up being at the expense of many innocent Jews as well in The Holocaust. Just think if Zionist Jews did NOT push for a racist Jewish state of Israel in Palestine, meddling with the war between England and Germany over control of the oil pipelines to the Middle East. The Holocaust might never have happened. Hitler would most likely not have targetted Jews. Palestinians would still be living peacefully in their ancestral homeland of Palestine (now also known as Israel).
Remember there was a ceasefire between England and Germany towards the end of WWI. If the Zionist Jews had never made the effort to rev it up again with the Balfour Declaration seeking a colonialist, racist, Jewish state in Palestine, and involving the US in WWI, there might never have been the persecution of Jews in Europe known as The Holocaust. There may possibly have never even been a WWII. England and Germany would have had to come to terms about working together on sharing the oil pipelines to the Middle East. The racist, apartheid Jewish state of Israel would not be there in the Middle East constantly aggravating the entire Middle East, and in the process involving the entire world, and especially the US, in endless wars.
Well, wishful thinking won't make it all go away. So what can we do now?
Stop the double standards! Seek the Truth and spread it. The Truth is that Israel, as a Jewish supremacist state, is a racist, apartheid country NOT WORTHY of US support at all. The fact is that the world needs to be de-Zionized, starting with both Israel and the US.
Zionism needs to be fully understood and recognized for the racist ideology that it is, and that it is at the root of the "war on terror" and is in fact creating it, for its own nefarious, greedy purposes, benefitting only the elites.
We the people of the United States of America must demand that our government stop all manner of support for the racist, apartheid state of Israel. The Zionist regime in Israel must dismantled in the same manner as the apartheid regime was dismantled in South Africa. Boycotts and sanctions are in order for Israel.
It all begins with the Truth. The Truth will set us all free. Spread the word.
Once Israel is pressured to transform into a true secular democracy, and re-named Palestine-Israel, with completely equal rights for all regardless of religion, ethnicity, race, creed, gender, or personal wealth, and including all the Palestinian refugees who must be allowed their inalienable Right to Return to their ancestral homeland of Palestine-Israel, the world will be a much better place.
"Freedom, Justice, Peace and Equality for All" is my motto. What is yours?
Let's make it happen.
Some suggestions on how this can be accomplished:
*Educate yourself and our fellow Americans about the truth about apartheid Israel, the "war on terror", the controversies around "The Holocaust" and the questions surrounding 911, because it's all related. Do your own research on the internet where you can easily cross-reference what you read to analyze independently and come to your own conclusions, not be fed the conclusions that the mainstream media makes for you to parrot back to yourself and others. Think outside of the box. Whatever conclusions you come to, you have a right to your opinion. This should not be a crime!
* Avoid mainstream media like the plague. It filters out important information you should know, and puts their own self-serving spin on everything.
* Be fearless. Refuse to be intimidated and manipulated by smear words ("hate-speech" in and of themselves) such as being accused of being an "anti-Semite" or a "Nazi" or even a "Holocaust-denier" if you have discovered some things that don't quite jibe with everything that Zionists claim about what happened to Jews in WWII.
* Be an independent thinker. Don't let anyone tell you how to think. Get the facts and come to your own logical conclusions and spread the word.
* Demand that our government stop sending any of our tax dollars or giving any political or diplomatic aid to apartheid Israel.
* Demand that our government give massive reparations to the Palestinian, Iraqi, Afghan, and Lebanese people. In fact, re-direct any money that would have otherwise been earmarked for Israel and give it to these ravaged peoples.
* Demand equal opportunity and affirmative action in our media: truly, if affirmative action were ever needed, it is surely in our media. There should be a new governmental department that assures that people of all races, ethnicities, creeds, genders and beliefs are represented in our media AND our government. Currently Jewish Americans (also known as Israeli-Americans) hold far more positions in our media and our government in our country, the United States of America (which does NOT include Israel), than any other special interest group, especially when it's taken into consideration that Jewish Americans / Israeli-Americans are supposedly only a tiny fraction of our population, yet their special interests dominate our foreign policy, our media, and even much of our domestic policies.
* Demand an end to any of our tax dollars funding Jewish American/ Israeli-American's politically-motivated Holocaust propaganda in our public schools.
* Demand an end to any of our tax dollars funding Holocaust Museums and Memorials when those are arguably politically motivated organizations, pushing war-time propaganda and chauvinistically elevating Jewish suffering over all others, way over and above in proportion to others' suffering. The Holocaust museums and memorials are semi-religious, political institutions for Jewish Americans/Isrsaeli-Americans, used to indoctrinate and manipulate non-Jews into following the Zionist agendas, especially support of the racist, apartheid Jewish state of Israel.
* Demand separation of synagogue and state, as well as church and state.
* Demand the right to have the Nativity scene in public places where there is also a Jewish Menorah. After all, the Christmas tree is more of a pagan icon, where many even refer to it as a "Holiday Tree". The Menorah candalabra has uniquely religious significance to Jews only, whereas all peoples can and do enjoy the Christmas/pagan tradition of a Christmas tree with gift exchanging. However the Nativity Scene has specifically, uniquely religious significance for Christians at Christmastime. There is a majority of Christians in this country and if we want to have a Nativity Scene on the White House lawn and town squares we should be able to have one, along side the Jewish Menorah candelabra, without a doubt about it. By the way, the birth of Christ and Christianity has a positive, inclusive message about salvation for all humankind, whereas the Jewish holiday of Hannukah with its lighting of the Menorah candelabra is not inclusive, and celebrates a battle in which Jews were the victors. Definitely not an inclusive sort of commemoration now is it? By the way, it has been said by many that Jewish activists have intentionally elevated the status of Hannukah, a historically minor Jewish holiday, compared to other Jewish holidays, to a more major Jewish holiday in order to compete with Christmas. Most Jewish holidays could be summed up as "We had a battle. We won. Let's eat!" according to a Jewish teacher whose conducted a writing seminar I once attended. It would be funny if it weren't so true.
Jewish holidays do not celebrate unity with non-Jews, but rather they celebrate victory of Jews over non-Jews. Their entire mindset seems to be "We're OK. You're not OK." "We win. You lose." In the Zionized mainstream media, they try to put a positive spin on it. claiming that Hannakuh is about a victory for religious freedom, but it was a battle, and that is not inclusive. There are always two sides to a story. We rarely ever learn about the other side's point of view. That is the beauty of Jesus's message: Love is the answer, forgiving others, and turn the other cheek.
Zionist Jews seem to be trying to replace the Crucifixion of Christ with The Holocaust in American culture. Whereas Christians believe that Christ died for our sins to redeem all mankind and advocating forgiveness, Jewish Zionists keep claiming that "6 million Jews" were killed by non-Jews, particularly Nazis, and "the world let it happen", and that we must always be reminded that Jews are perpetually innocent victims whom perpetually we owe this and that to. Their motto: "Never forget!" is basically one of unforgiving revenge and everyone must keep paying them with free oil pipelines (courtesy of Iraqis and unwitting Americans) to free land (stolen from the Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese) and Israel demands and receives billions of our tax dollars annually, Holocaust museums, memorials and school programs subsidized with out tax dollars to indocrtinate non-Jewish Americans to be obedientwith regards to keep giving Zionist Jews and Israel free everything. JUST SAY NO to this immoral form of blackmail!
* Abolish anti-democratic American laws that benefit Israel and Jewish people only such as the law that fines American companies if they choose to boycott Israel, and the law that permits people to give unlimited TAX-DEDUCTABLE amounts of money to Israel (apparently a WELFARE STATE as well as a terrorist state). Certainly there were no Americans laws fining American companies who boycotted apartheid South Africa. Au contraire!
* Revoke the special dual citizenship status available to Jewish Americans, where they can go to Israel and serve in the Israeli army or government and still retain full American citizenship! This is outrageous! In the past, anyone who did such things had their American citizenship REVOKED and that is the way it should be, re-instated again.
*Demand that people who are Jewish be allowed to be included as an ethnic group whose numbers can be counted when the US does a census of every ethnic group, which at this time is not allowable by law. After all, Jewish groups keep claiming they are a tiny minority in the US but they cannot prove it. Just like they cannot prove other numbers.
* Demand that our government impose sanctions and boycotts on apartheid Israel until their racist Zionist regime is dismantled and Israel transforms from a racist, apartheid Jewish state into a true, secular democracy with completely equal rights for ALL regardless of religion, ethnicity, race or gender, including for all the Palestinian refugees who MUST be allowed their INALIENABLE Right to Return to their ancestral homeland of Palestine-Israel.
* Start a weblog spreading the Truth.
* Make documentaries about the Truth.
* Have an e-mail list where you forward e-mails about Truth to your e-mail group.
* Write articles for the internet and also try to get them published in the mainstream media, although as you know, the Zionized mainstream media suppresses the Truth about apartheid Israel and Zionism so the internet is your best bet, but keep on trying anyway with regards to the mainstream media.
* Support only political leaders who seek Truth, Freedom, Justice, Equality and Peace for ALL, such as Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader and Jimmy Carter. Don't get fooled by Democrats who try to tell you they are better than Republicans and are for equality and peace when they are truly enslaved to the Israel-firsters, such as Hillary Clinton and Obama Barrack. It doesnÕt matter if the candidate is a woman and/or Black--- what matters is if they are Israel-firsters, meaning they are truly racist against Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims, and craven in their slavery to Zionist masters, just as bad as Bush and Cheney, but with a smiley face.
* Support pro-Palestinian human rights activists and groups such as If Americans Knew, the International Solidarity Movement, ANSWER, and others.
* Buy the films and books of pro-Palestinian human rights activists.
* Suppport the 911 Truth Movement!
* If you are politically and legally connected, see what you can do about citizens' arrests of the REAL perpetrators of crimes against humanity which took place on 911 starting with the most obvious suspects (you know who they are)
See for more info.
Also read "9-11 Evil" by Victor Thorne.
Also visit:, ,, There are many other websites that are dealing with this very important and very relevant subject matter.
* Be vigilant about our First Amendment and Freedom of Speech: call up Senators and Congressmen and tell them you do NOT support the bogus "hate-speech" laws that the ADL is trying to push through, which will basically criminalize anyone who criticizes Israel and Zionism. Tell them to do away with the special Department of Anti-Semitism while you're at it, because, again, the Zionist Israeli-Americans in our country are trying to criminalize any criticism of Israel, Zionism and those who wish to independently research "The Holocaust" who may come to some different conclusions than what the Zionists insist without backing up what they claim with irrefutable proof. Zionists imprision Europeans who have upon independently researching the Holocaust reach some different conclusions about certain claims by Zionists about the Holocaust. This outrageous attack on freedom of speech and thought is tyrannical, fascist and anti-democratic and must not be tolerated.
*Conscientious Jewish people might want to consider reforming Judaism once again from the current obsession with the Holocaust which focuses on only Jewish suffering and its use as a political propaganda tool to manipulate people into supporting the racist, apartheid Jewish state. Conscientious Jewish people might want to look at giving up the racist notion of a Jewish state altogether. Conscientious Jewish people should turn in the ones among them who are guilty of murdering, thieving, bombing and lying. The Unibomber's brother turned him in, for the benefit of all.
*Conscientious Christians should reject the notion that Jesus and/or God are in the business of real estate and favor one group of people (Jews) over another (Palestinians) to live as equals in their ancestral homeland. This amounts to racial/religious persecution and Jesus would NEVER approve of that. It's also against the law in the US to discriminate against anyone because of their race, ethnicity or religion,with regards to real estate, so why should Americans be supporting the racist, apartheid state of Israel?
The idea of "rapture" is truly like a childish fairy-tale, and again Jesus would never approve of such a discriminatory idea. Although Jesus has said He is the way, He also would never reject anyone who follows The Golden Rule. Jesus is not a egomaniac that demands that He and only He be worshipped. His gift to the world was His Love, and acceptance of all as His children. He gave us free will to accept Him or reject Him, but He is always there for whoever wants to connect to Him and/ or Love. He does not reject anyone except those who are evil. One can be living in God's light if one lives a righteous life, as in practicing The Golden Rule, whether one believes in God or not. While I personally believe in Jesus Christ's divinity and His Word, I believe that Jesus is not a fascist who insists that others worhip Him. I'm sure Jesus would agree that a holy Tibetan monk or peaceful, religious Jewish or Muslim person is also welcome to the Kingdom of God. The Golden Rule is a universal principle. True Christianity is inclusive. Jesus told the parable of the Good Samiritan, a man who helped someone from another tribe who was in need. Love thy neighbor as thyself. Jesus is there for those who reach out to Him. He does not condemn those who do not. He allows others to find their own path to God which in the end is Love. Also, conscientious Christian people should turn in the ones among them who are guilty of murdering, thieving, bombing and lying. The Unibomber's brother turned him in, for the benefit of all.
* Protest via phone calls and e-mails to editors and broadcasters whenever you see newspaper articles and TV shows containing hateful language with regards to Muslims and Arabs, which is unfortunately quite common.
* Protest the "war on terror", of course! War is the ultimate HATE-CRIME! Bring home the American troops NOW!
* Impeach Bush!



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