And The Future

By Karl W B Schwarz

Some of you may recall a recent email where I briefly discussed nanotechnology and the new GM Hy Wire hydrogen gas powered automobile.
When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
- -- Arthur C. Clarke (b.1917) British science fiction writer
What you will see at this link is not nanotechnology but nanotechnology will make this a much more powerful solution. My company is working on something very similar but it involves just about every component on the vehicle and literally hundreds of new applications. An entirely new type of auto industry is on the drawing boards and in the labs and is not dependent on Big Oil in any manner. You can imagine how unpopular that is with Big Oil and the Bush Administration.
The BBC Youtube video has been removed for "terms of use" violation but probably because they showed too much.  When they lifted the body off and showed the chassis, they definitely showed too much.  You will not know what that means, but they do and so do we.
We are working on both a way to retrofit existing cars so they would no longer need gasoline and solutions for the future to power automobiles and other things with hydrogen.
What prompted this email was there was a link on the Jeff Rense website that I had to laugh at when I clicked on it and read what some scientists claim to have discovered.
I hate to give these guys a clue but God created that a long time before they did their little chemistry project down at Georgia Tech University.
"December 05, 2006
Danger? Nanotube-Infested Waters Created in the Lab
Carbon nanomaterials can mix in water despite being hydrophobic, raising the possibility of a spreading spill in the future."
I wrote Jeff about it and he asked that I address it since I am the CEO of a nanotechnology company and much deeper into this science than even many scientists.
"Hello Jeff,
Pertaining to an article posted on your site
Much of the alarmist R&D is being paid for by the same people trying to control and dominate nanotech world wide, i.e. Halliburton / KB&R, Dow, DuPont, Eastman, Bayer, etc.
It has been known for years that carbon nanotubes were found in the black pigments used to Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Every forest fire combines heat and carbon and makes low grade nanotubes.
Also, diesel engines spew out low grade buckyballs and nanotubes. Always have.
What they are trying to do is deter anyone from pressing forward like we have and going way above their levels of purity and structural integrity. Is there a risk? Yes, there is with all technology. However, for every one risk I can cite a thousand benefits to mankind.
This is another big boo factor they are using to try to dominate it world wide.
As a technology, mankind did not invent nanotechnology, God did. We just finally reached the scientific level that we could see nanotechnology and work at that scale.
Forest fires, fireplaces and camp fires create low purity carbon nanotubes and always have. Even the lowly Franklin Stove and the more efficient Vermont Stove make carbon nanotubes.
They have found low purity carbon nanotubes in the dark pigments of the great masters Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, so I am not quite certain what they think they discovered at Georgia Tech,
That is why you do not see any research papers from our scientists and why we tuck away breakthroughs in separate entities that are not named Patmos Nanotechnologies, LLC.  I gave them a choice ­ do you want research papers or equity and financial benefit from what you invent? It was not a hard choice for them to make.
In less than 90 days we are breaking ground on a very large carbon nanotube facility and have 15 technology spin-offs that will be designed, built and put into operation over the next 18-24 months.  And that is just the tip of the iceberg.
Diesel engines create low purity buckyballs (Fullerene structures named after Buckminster Fuller) and nanotubes due to the breakdown of the diesel fuel (a hydrocarbon from which the carbon comes to make the nanotubes), and always have.  There is plenty of evidence that breathing emissions from trucks, buses and automobiles is not healthy but those same researchers have never found a link between carbon nanotubes and any negative effects.
To make carbon nanotubes you need heat and carbon and a few other things we do not discuss with anyone.
From diesel engines alone, mankind has been making nanotubes for years and did not know it until recently. The discovery was not possible until certain advancements were made in electron and atomic force microscopes and NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) machines that allowed the scientific minds to start moving forward to the next level.
Every time you have a forest fire and it then rains, the surrounding waters have low purity carbon nanotubes that were created in the heat of the fire, carbon in the plants, and runoff into nearby streams.  Said another way, these scientists at Georgia Tech discovered nothing that was not already there any way.
I am one that believes such tests should be done so that mankind will better understand the risks and the benefits. Nanotechnology is like most in that it can be used for good or evil.  We choose to only work on those advancements that would help mankind.
There has been research in Italy that suggests that the use of DU weapons not only causes a deadly toxic DU aerosol but also nano-particulates of metals and other elements that may be as harmful as the DU.  I reported on that in one of the DU updates.
I am aware of one research study at the NCTR (National Center for Toxicological Research) where extremely small fibers of cotton have been used in lab mice and rats to cause malignant tumors.  Particle size can be harmful but it can also be beneficial in ways that are more important.
It all depends on the ethics of the person or company, and I personally believe the biggest issue in nanotechnology is not harmful end results as much as it should be the ethics of what this science can and cannot be used for. That alone is where I parted company with those in the US that think evil uses of this science are profitable so they chase that.
Some of our competitors are more concerned about new killing weapons and not rebuilding our entire society around a technology that could make this planet work in much better ways.
Some have sent me emails asking about all of the new nano-food additives.  Frankly, we have seen no benefit whatsoever in such and there are much better ways.  These additives to me are just another "Tamiflu" scam and someone chasing money when their science is not up to the task of much better applications.
I have read every negative article and research study about nanotechnology and have found some common threads in them.
For example, as a "National Strategic Technology", and one driven by intellectual property, I am fully aware that the U.S. as a matter policy deems this science one of those areas of IP that will keep America Number One and we can rest on our laurels and the rest of the world can slave away in nanotech plants for the glory of America.
You probably recall that I have addressed in many recent emails that our Ivory Tower twits came up with the really stupid strategy many years ago and that is why they think a jobless America is just great.  Their objectives in nanotechnology are merely their latest really stupid strategy.
Some of the R&D reports that cite all of the "BOO FACTORS" about nanotechnology are paid for by companies that are trying to dominate this science globally.  Firms like Dow, DuPont, Halliburton, etc that have a game plan that they will dominate the next $1 to $2 trillion per year industry.
It will not happen for several reasons, first being the United States does not hold the patent on math, chemistry, physics, quantum mechanics, or nanotechnology.  You have to consider the intellectual arrogance of a nation that would presume such, as if they alone had the right to music and art and quality of life.
It will not happen but that is what they are trying to do.  They are trying to dissuade venture capitalists, major investors, and even start up companies like mine from coming into the market with better technology and taking considerable blocks of market share on scientific excellence alone.  I do not have to write a diatribe to convince most Americans that Halliburton does not excel at anything but questionable business practices and unmitigated greed.
I can assertively state that they do not excel at nanotechnology.
They own Kellogg Brown & Root outright and that company has a major interest in a company called CNI, or Carbon Nanotubes, Inc. in Houston, TX.  It is a spin off of the Rice University scientific efforts in nanotechnology and the CNI plant is inside of a KB&R facility.
Their product down at CNI is 25% to 30% less pure than ours and that is a huge difference when dealing at the nanotechnology level and have to account for matters like chemistry, atom-to-atom connections, quantum mechanics and physics.
Many scientists use the phrase "garbage in, garbage out" and that is what they do at KB&R and Halliburton.
It scares the Hell out of them that we have over 650 PhDs at our fingertips in virtually every scientific discipline you can name and some most have never heard of. Those numbers are about to grow in some huge ways as you and they will learn in the near future.
There have been several announcements lately about firms setting up LLC subsidiaries to do aluminum-based nano-bombs for our Defense Department.  About the only thing their product is good for is such because high levels of scientific achievement require higher levels of purity of the carbon nanotubes in two ways.  First is the purity in terms of no residual matter that prevents or hinders certain chemical and physics characteristics.  Secondly is what the scientists term morphology, which is basically a fancy way of saying integrity of the crystalline structure.
Many that are not even in certain sectors are bleeding over into other sectors to try and dominate some of these new scientific advances.,+e
The higher the morphology the stronger the carbon nanotube is. Highly pure nanotubes such as we make can be altered to do specific things that can be conductive, semi-conductive, insulative, thermally conductive, strengthening, and even entirely new products with stunning chemical and physical properties.  We are about to merge our R&D in with a petrochemical company in the areas of polymers that has a high chance of revolutionizing that industry to the next level.
I have personally talked to and met with scientists that have purchased carbon nanotubes from CNI and they informed me that they thought their product was over-priced, over-glorified activated carbon.  With purity levels of 70-75% and extremely damaged morphology that is basically what it is.  These scientists cannot make with their nanotubes what they have been able to do with what we make.
Just to give you an idea of what we do, nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter down to the nanometer level.  A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter, so take 39.37 inches and divide the ruler into 1 billion increments.
I am not going to share with our competition how but we are operational at under one-half of a nanometer.
The average human hair on your head is about 80,000 nanometers thick. What we make is from 5 nm to 500 nm in size.
The average virus is about 300 nm in size, so some of what we do is sub-viral in size. Don't let that term scare you. From such a small scale we have been able to probe areas of slickness of finishes that would boggle your mind if I shared what they are being used for in current R&D.
What also sets us apart from most competitors is we produce >95% to >99.5% purity and come out of our process at around 85% purity in step one, which is much higher than most of the competitors produce after step two.  What has them really concerned is we have invented the means to scale up the laboratory process to industrial level production. Our machine is even more remarkable than the breakthroughs in the lab.
Part of this new Department of Homeland Security right to seize laptops and copy their contents is merely an underhanded way for theUS to steal technology secrets from others. They do not want to admit that but that is exactly what they are trying to do.  They will not be getting $1 dollar worth of information from us.
They think they can turn around America through nanotechnology and I can tell you that the game plan is failing for many reasons.  It could be fixed but not by this current group of nano-morons we have in Washington, DC.  Those nano-brains in DC have not a clue what they are doing in the nanotechnology sector.
They only serve the Greater Good of Corporate America and it is the smaller firms that are making the greatest advancements.
All over Europe and other places the US Embassies are creating what they call "American Centers" which are nothing more than a means to get close enough to spy on what R&D is being done and determine who the brightest people are so the US can use the "brain drain" technique to keep other nations lagging behind the US as a nanotechnology producer. That is why they are pushing increases in the H1-B visa program so they can try to lure away scientists within the Multipolarization Big Five and it is not working.
The US wants all nations to be nanotechnology customers of the US, not producers. The rest of the world decided they will be producers, and frankly do not care what the US thinks about that.
I have to deal with this every day and I can say that the US approach to nanotechnology is failing across the board for a wide variety of reasons not the least of which is US arrogance.
I can state assertively that what I have seen in labs in Europe is years ahead of the United States in nanotechnology.  Many nations are working on nanotechnology. I have even seen some very advanced R&D coming out of Iran, and as could be predicted Russia, the EU, the PRC and India are moving ahead regardless of US policies in this science.
For every "big boo" report I have read I can cite over 1,000 reasons to do nanotechnology.  It is our next logical step in scientific advancement and it will move our chemistry and physics to the next level.  From nanotechnology will come breakthroughs that will make this a better planet and closer to reaching sustainable levels for all.
In a very real way, this science is our next step in reaching mankind's potential.
I have given this speech over and over again and this is the most important part of what I have had to say:
"As far as reaching into the future and maintaining a balance in this world that works, we have learned two things in our R&D.
First, we have learned that if we can conceive of it and effectively direct the R&D, stunning advancements have happened, are possible and there are many more on the horizon.  This science called nanotechnology is expanding mankind's potential and it is how we manage that potential that could determine our fate on this planet.
Secondly, we occasionally learn that we have tread into an area where God's laws of chemistry and physics cannot be altered to make it work, or we have learned that our level of knowledge in chemistry and physics is at this time not up to the task.  We are at this time nominally in the Second Millennium of Physics and Chemistry and there will be a Third, Fourth, and Fifth Millennium of man's knowledge.
The physics of the Third Millennium would be as indistinguishable to the average person today as the works of an advanced Extraterrestrial civilization dropping in tomorrow for a visit to planet Earth.  The average mind cannot grasp the technology of today, much less a thousand years into the future.
I am convinced that we will not make it to the Third Millennium unless we both develop this technology and also develop the ethics in how it can and cannot be used for the benefit of all mankind.  Just consider that 50 years ago intercontinental jet travel was not possible, nor was man's quest for the Moon and neighboring planets.  Our overall knowledge base as a species is doubling at about every 10 years and it will soon be doubling at a much faster pace if we learn how to keep from destroying ourselves.
I remember once telling my son that when I was born there were no televisions and we did not get a color television until I was 14 years old.  He was 14 at the time and trying to ponder what his life would be like without Nintendo, color TV, air conditioning, cell phone and his computer.
Now when my son and I talk about what my company is doing, he is starting to see a future that just last year, or 5 years ago or 10 years ago was not possible but is today and tomorrow. When I look at the future I see a bright future for mankind that is at this time being squandered by leaders and corporate types that have no vision other than for today, and greed, and profits, and control that they can no longer control."
The next Mars mission would be greatly enhanced by some of the things we have done in the lab. The NASA Moon Colony would be enhanced by the same types of scientific breakthroughs.  However, much will not go because it does not survive the "Invented Here" mindset of Corporate America.  Much of what is being invented outside of the US is years ahead of what his happening in US labs.
They are myopic and it is their greed and desire to control that makes them so.
I have seen it up close and personal and it is one of five reasons we decided to put our first plant in Europe and not even mentioning where the future plants will be.
Companies like Bechtel would be astounded at the large scale engineering projects we will be involved in as soon as the R&D is complete in the labs, but they do not give us the time of day. We are not on the corporate buddies list.
Hydrogen fuel cells are a reality with nanotechnology as are large scale hydrogen recovery projects that over time will dwarf the Big Oil way of doing things. Hydrogen is much more plentiful than oil, cheaper to recover and is 1.5 times as powerful as gasoline.  Best of all, it does not pollute. The engines of the future will emit only water vapor and free hydrogen and free oxygen that was not consumed in the combustion.
I cracked up laughing when the GM Hy Wire was introduced in Germany, a hydrogen powered car with a range of 80 miles.  Wow, whoopee! If that were a Suburban like I drive I presume the range would be maybe 40 miles.  Dow makes the fuel cell for that vehicle, and wow, 80 miles in range.  We met with Dow years ago and evidently they did not get it that the range could be thousands of miles.
Biotechnology and biophysics breakthroughs are on the horizon like artificial sight, artificial hearing, and repairing damaged nerves and bodies to restore movement.
Ways of attacking cancer, HIV, HHV-6 are in our labs right now. We are working on three different ways to treat cancer and each boggles my mind at what is possible as sub-viral scales.  We are working on a new type of surgical technique that alone can kill cancer.
New types of materials that will change the automobile, the jet airliner, and many things you touch. Imagine new types of engines and motors that have components so slick that there is less heat, less friction, less wear, more power and less energy consumption and even less need for lubricants.
Imagine capturing sunlight and converting it to electricity for lesser dependence on electricity made by burning fossil fuels. It is already being done at and our nanotubes are higher purity, higher photovoltaic conversion rate.
Most people know that industrial pollution in the Great Lakes is of staggering proportions and what was fresh water is now life-threatening to consume or be around.  Nanotechnology may well be the answer to reviving vast stores of fresh water and making them safe again.
Imagine better air and water filters, some of which can purify water from industrial pollutants and naturally occurring contaminates to drinking water supplies.
Imagine 64,000 story high skyscrapers reaching into outer space.
Their LiftPort facility is 15,000 square feet and will make mid-grade multi-wall carbon nanotubes.  Our facility that will be under construction very soon is 300,000 square feet and a Phase II plant of over 2,000,000 square feet is on the design boards.  We do not make mid-grade, we make maximum purity.
We are making an announcement in 2-4 weeks that will rock some worlds and break some hearts of some of our competitors.
I can hear many of you going boo-hoo for Halliburton, not!
Many wrongly assume that what Bush Co and Corporate America fear about me is what I have exposed about them.  No, had it not been me it would have been someone else. Following their sleaze is like tracking a slug across your front porch. I just have the ability to track more of them simultaneously due to my background and jump on their ass quicker.
What they fear is a nanotechnology company they cannot and do not control making headway to change this world for the better.
We are in three groups, all privately held so these predators cannot try to take us over through illegal capital markets fraud like happened to Global Crossing.  They do not like it that I am not an under 30 techie that they can impress with money and take over what we have worked for years to get the strategic advantage on them.
They do not like it that I am both a strategic thinker that they cannot predict and I am one Hell of a chess player at outmaneuvering them.
They know I have no price tag nor do I share in their vision of the future. To them, that is scary.
It is even scarier to them that to work with me they have to do so on my terms, not theirs. We have had three major corporations offer to us that they wanted us to be their nanotechnology think-tank, so they could profit from what we know and leave us the crumbs.
I am convinced that Big Oil does not truly get it regarding nanotechnology.  To make high purity carbon nanotubes does take hydrocarbons and as I look at the future the "highest and best use" for the world petroleum supplies is to develop the technology to break away from fuel sources that pollute the air, water, and soil.
That is where we are headed and damn, do they ever hate it. Actually if they truly understood it, they would see a much better future for all including themselves.
But, it is not my job to take them to raise.
Stay tuned, the PRNewswire release will be out soon and there will be gnashing of teeth in certain board rooms in America.
Best regards,



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