Morgellons Victim's Note 
To The Editor Of
Discover Magazine

From Cliff Mickelson

Having thoroughly reviewed your December 2006 issue article on "Morgellons" the words "contemptible" "amateur" and "dis-informative" come to mind.
Therefore, the next time you find yourselves inclined to hire an assassin to write one of your articles, please allow me to recommend that you recruit among the agencies that professionally specialize in such black arts.
Additionally, since the moniker "Discover" Magazine implies a journalistic search for the truth, and ... should you continue to decline to exercise or require the most basic of editorial controls over the quality of your writer's research, I suggest further that you consider changing the name of your printing operation to "Rumor Rehash" Magazine or some other more appropriate appellation.
In the unlikely chance that lightning should strike your entire editorial board on their way to Damascus, please feel free to give me a call. I will be happy to accurately proof, (Free of charge) the galley sheets on any additional Morgellons articles you find yourselves compelled to print.
I will consider my offer of assistance to be a humanitarian gesture since it will not only prevent further unnecessary suffering on the part of those currently afflicted with this disease but will also preclude the general public from being enlightened as to the cavalier means of travel by which "Discover" Magazine's editorial board was apparently journeying to the aforementioned Syrian city.
Best regards,
Cliff Mickelson



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