Mother Tells All About
White House Sex Slave Ring
And Son's Kidnapping

By Greg Szymanski

Patricia Johnson-Holm claims in 1985 her 12-year-old-son, David, was kidnapped by the much talked about "Bush pedophile ring," using White House power as a cover for their evil and satanic activities with young children.
Johnson-Holm, 59, has not seen her son since he mysteriously disappeared. David is now 33-years-old and she thinks he is still alive but can't be completely sure.
Recently, a photo turned up on the internet, Johnson-Holm saying it came from a whistleblower who released the photo from a subscription-only porno site. The photo shows David as a young teenager bound and gagged, lying on a double bed between two other boys also bound gagged, the one to the right of David being Young Johnny Gosch.
Besides Johnson-Holmes coming forward, Johnny's mother, Noreen Gosch, has recently gone public, trying to alert the public of the higher-up officials involved in the pedophile ring. Her website trying to get to the bottom of her son's kidnapping is at but be prepared for some pictures which may turn your stomach.
Gosch's story has been documented on her site, Noreen even claiming her son may actually be Jeff Gannon, but she has been unable to get a court order for DNA testing in light of possible White House involvement.
Further, the Gosch story gets even stranger since some investigators relate it to the suspicious death of writer, Hunter Thompson, who was said to commit suicide the day after Gosch and Gannon were connected publicly.
A story connecting Thomson and Gannon by an unknown writer appeared Feb. 25, 2005 on a web site called Total Information, but received no coverage in the mainstream and very little coverage in the so-called alternative media for some unknown reason. Here is a portion of the story:
As the Jeff Gannon story progressed and turned into a Bush White House homosexual prostitution scandal, Internet investigators started asking if there could be a connection to the previous Bush White House homosexual prostitution scandal.
If you recall, the stories of 15-year-old callboys wandering through the White House in the middle of the night was linked to the "Franklin Cover-Up" case exposed by Nebraska State Sen. John DeCamp. In that case, a Republican operative named Larry King was involved with procuring boys and girls from Boys Town in Nebraska and elsewhere and entrapping them in a child sex-slave and espionage ring. King, with an annual salary of under 20K, was throwing sex parties for the powerful in a $5,000-a-month condo in Washingotn, DC; apparently taping the proceedings for blackmail purposes.
One of the victims of this ring was one Paul Bonacci, who testified in court proceedings that he helped kidnap Johnny Gosch into this ring in 1982. It was apparently at 2:29 AM, Sunday, Feb. 20 that the question was first asked -- is "Jeff Gannon" really Johnny Gosch?
By the end of the day, Hunter S. Thompson was reported dead.
This is where it gets really interesting. Bonacci also testified that he was forced in July 1984 to participate in a homosexual/pedophilic/necrophilic orgy at (what has since been identified as) the Bohemian Grove; all of which was filmed. And according to Bonacci, the man in charge of the filming was someone picked up in Las Vegas on the plane headed to the Grove, a man who Bonacci was told was one "Hunter Thompson."
No doubt most people who came across this information in the past and were familiar with Thompson's work dismissed the idea that the man behind the camera could have been the famous writer. After all, this was a man who has been fighting the like of Nixon and Bush his entire career.
But could Thompson have been brought to the Grove by someone who presented it as an opportunity to investigate what the power elite was up to behind closed doors? Could Thompson have quickly found himself in over his head, compromised, by virtue of his very presence at this horrific crime, by the men he thought he was investigating undercover? (Or perhaps compromised some other way -- perhaps for instance, he was surreptiously filmed with an adult female prostitute who was then murdered. But I digress.)
But back for now to the "Who is Jeff Gannon?" question. James D. Guckert seems to have appeared out of nowhere around 1999, setting up male escort websites. In profiles on these sites from around 2001, "Jeff" said he was 31 years old, closer to Johnny Gosch's age than James Guckert's. (Guckert/Gannon claims to be 47 today.)
Although the Gosch story has been out in the open but dramatically censored, little is known about the Johnson-Holm case. Here is the beginning of her story, in her own words, as told this weekend to the Arctic Beacon: (Note: Johnson-Holm will be appearing this week on Greg Szymanski's Investigative Journal radio show. Also, in the notes below, Johnson-Holm refers to herself as Patricia, not using the more familiar "me." )
"Here is just some of the data, more to come as available. What had been typed out seems to have disappeared of my PC. So it was necessary to retype this.
As a young Mother in 1973 trusting the Doctor particularly since you have literally grew up under his watchful care, seemed automatic. Thinking that, he, that is the same trusted Doctor would be a part in kidnapping your first born identical twin boy and telling you he was mistaken about my having twins, there really was only one child and that was David L. Johnson (actually the second born). Expecting twins two names had been chosen and if they were boys the names would be David and Daniel. Right after the birth when taking David home to his nursery he cried so much like something was wrong. Even though he was fed changed and so on, nothing comforted him something was just wrong. So when asking the Doctor Coburn (the Doctor that did the Delivery) what could be wrong, he just had a strange look on his face. And wanted to get us out of his office as soon as possible.
When David matured to the age of being able to talk, his question was "where is the other me?." Here is were things start to get very strange and not until 1999 did any of the memories start to filter back. You see as soon as David would say that to Patricia, it was forgotten. This of course created tension between David and Patricia because it looks like he felt his question went purposely unanswered. And eventually he chalked it up to his Mother just not caring about his needs, that others mattered more than him and so on.
When David was just barely walking he was in the front yard with our dog. Seconds after starting thru the door, to go into the house, the dog started barking with a rather fierce sound like something was wrong. Start quickly dashing to the closest window easiest to see what was going on, there was a well dressed man reaching over the fencegate to get David. When he saw me peering out he got into his very expensive vehicle and took off. The police would not even take a report said no harm no was done David wasn't gone so no crime. Patricia's response was what about attempted kidnapping? Didn't they want to look into it so others are not, next? 'Click' was about the total answer. This location was 633 NW 87th, Seattle, WA and come to find out that the location of the main 'call boy' control group was 6004 34NW, all to close?
Then working with real estate particularly Everett Property Mr. and Mrs. McKee wanted to negotiate with Patricia for her to buy the Everett Mansion. Pan Am Flight 103 ... Corrupt CIA officials, allowed the bombing of Pan Am 103 to proceed, because Charles McKee knew too much about "Operation Ringwind" ... The masterminds who engineered the 9/11 attacks and so much more, George Bush Sr. and Robert Gates, were passengers on the 1980 October Surprise flight to Paris. Strangely, one group of the CIA's own, a Middle East team who had knowledge of CIA illegal drug and weapons operations, was not warned. CIA agents Charles McKee, Matthew Kevin Gannon, Daniel Emmet O'Connor and Ronald Albert Lariviere died in the explosion of Fight PA-103.
In 1985 things really got serious when David was grounded and not allowed to go to Our Saviors Lutheran in Tigard, OR (just South of Portland, OR) to his favorite cousins Confirmation on Palm Sunday.
Terryle L. Holm, his step father, was supposed to stay, to care for him. However, when arriving back David was gone and Terryle didn't even seem to care, that he was. Phone call after phone call to David's friends and schoolmates was made by his mother, finally some info was gathered one term that came up, along with the location of a White Trailer was the term 'Scavenger Hunt.' To shorten this after going to this trailer over and over. Cops not being any help- and getting very questionable response from the White Trailer people. Sounds were heard coming from the trailer of muffled thumping, but was hard to hear due to traffic. Waiting out in front of the Trailer a thin 30s looking man, came to the door and said very rudely you'll get ---- waved his hand and went back in.
What seemed like forever, finally knocked again and a boy that looked like David was shoved out at Patricia. The reason for saying he looked like David was it was obvious from his hunched over attitude if that was David he had extremely changed within those few hours. Then the next thing that came out, was a band aid put on David just prior to leaving for Tigard came off as Denton his younger brother scuffled around with him. And there was no reason to have the band aid (that BTW was a different kind than was available at 20426 Damson Rd. Lynnwood, WA)  on his right arm. When getting back, David was significantly shorter than the mark that had been made on the Kitchen door frame. He was shorter than the David known to Patricia. When cutting his hair, he did not have the birthmark David was born with. Many other points just were NOT the same. Since a boy was in Patricia's custody that answered to the name David, it was beyond hard to get ANYONE to take a report let alone investigate.
Time after time when trying to talk to someone, well such as Captain Pompei of the Green River Task Force. Which by the way included Dave Reichert demanding to know what Patricia wanted from Captain Pompei. Right after that transpired, Captain Pompei just happened to end up dead in scuba diving 'accident' and Officer DUNN was with him at the time. Years later isn't it fascinating that Jennifer DUNN just happened to step down so Dave Reichert could win her position in US Congress? Same deadly type of events just different circumstances, go for Officer Dale Eggers, who tried to talk to Terryle L. Holm and ended up dead shortly there after.
In 1980s a KENN BOREK approached Patricia with a Real Estate deal that included the Ft. Steilacoom Apts.(almost on a side note). When looking into the situation with the Apts. it came out that the ones doing the financing failed to give a pay off figure to be able to refinance the Apartments, so as to clear the title properly, then everyone including Nahanni(acting as Mgr. of Apts) should be able to go their own way. None of the background was told to Patricia by Borek. And Nahanni's associate Adnan Khoshoggi asked some strange questions. One was when were you born? Another, how many children do you have? Do you have twins? When these questions were repeated, it seemed rather non sensical to Patricia at the time. What did that have to do with Judge Healy's court proceedings? As Adnan Khashoggi seemed to be convinced that this Patricia was not the one born July 9th that birthed identical twins (as the celebration of Najeh indicated in the Iranian Prophecy). Some pieces that went missing from the Iraqi Museum depicted the one, of this same Prophecy. What seems to be lost in the translation is that this one is the One to bring people back to the understanding of the Blessing of the House of David. The House of Stuart's direct heir holds that Blessing of the House of David. As things unraveled it was quite apparent that Nahanni felt he was very spiritual. So he appeared to feel his was right in denying any court ordered info and started screaming lifetime vendettas against Patricia for trying to get Judge Healy's court to straighten things out. Nahanni felt quite righteous in doing so. What was clear was there was more going on. So it was time to find out WHAT?
With research it came out that Nahanni Air (in business 1979-86) there was a leased air craft that was said to have crashed while Kenn Borek Air was involved, it all ended up in Judge Healy's courtroom in Tacoma, WA. Now what gets interesting about this is the Hostages held by the Iranians demands were made to "RETURN the IRANIAN PROPERTY in the US?" Various 'operations' were used to start, and make to continue, the Iran Iraq War.  CIA supplying both sides of the war one way or another. Then of course the drugs entered into this not only from outside sources. But when finally doing a court ordered Appraisal of the Ft. Steilacoom Apts. the growing and processing of drugs came out loud and clear. Keep in mind not only were those Apartments in close proximity to Ft. Lewis and Ft. McChord AFB there were armed servicemen coming and going from the Apartments. Due to Nahanni not wanting to talk to Patricia, just a mere woman. So how he had been treated, was not available to her. Sorting out with time it appears the Banking source (BCCI Etc.) not only would not give Nahanni a pay off figure, so he was not able to give Patricia a pay off figure, and lead Nahanni to believe that if he went along with what 'they' wanted (drugs etc. supposedly for National Security) he would not have to pay off anything.
So Nahanni was upset with Patricia to say the least, for getting 'in the way.' Thus the life threatening Vendetta screamed at Patricia in the Tacoma Courthouse. When trying to get help from police or even Judge Healy the response was astonishingly just 'SO WHAT!' To make a long story short it looked as though the best thing would be for Patricia to run for her life. While doing so Doris McCorkindale who had loaned Patricia a very small amount in comparison to the millions in property handled by Patricia. Pressure was beyond serious, and so as not to treat anyone else as horrifically as Patricia was being treated, by several sources she signed over most all her properties to Doris McCorkindale. When further pressure was put on her certain ones demanded Patricia to sell out persons involved with closing some of her properties, she was given a choice to take $10,000 to sell out and walk away. Or not to sell out and be broke and homeless. The last thing the ones trying to set Patricia up expected was for Patricia to say no to the money, but that is exactly what she did. The associates she refused to sell out, by the way were accidented shortly after that point, they were Reis and Jamison Law Partners, Lynnwood, WA.
While staying at a friends house in Lynnwood, Larry King Jr. showed up over and over. Terryle L. Holm, finding this out got quite nervous. Come to find out Larry King went to jail right after that. But NOT for the sexslave, kidnapping, illegal transportation of youth across State Lines, and so on. ONLY for the so called Franklin Credit Union connection? [What sounds like it has to do with this same type of pay off theme (no good deed goes unpunished, to the thief go the spoils) it might be interesting how much the current Franklin Templeton Investments have to do with Mr. Templeton Atty. at Law that just happened to pull some highly at least unethical if not a whole more serious items against Patricia?]
After rebuilding for some time progress had been made by 1993. However, right after a well timed phone call, once again Patricia just happened to go broke and homeless again. Isn't it interesting that George H.W. Bush just happened to be Knighted by Queen Elizabeth, later that same year?
By the later 90s Patricia had rebuilt again almost better than ever. Her resources were under her Family Trust, the JH Family Trust. Then-
As huge financial difficulties were being caused, legal assistance was in order. So an Attorney Jack Abramoff was about the only lawyer who would meet with Patricia, brought her into the conference room at Preston Gates and Ellis. Seeing that the case was quite clear, he was in the midst of saying "looks like you have a very good case ---" someone tapped on the window of the Conference room. He dropped me like a hot potato, gathering papers and headed out the conference door he stopped to the left, while Ellis was saying something to him. At first Abramoff didn't hear, so Ellis repeated 'you took her kid' is what it sounded like. Needless to say, my being ushered out as fast as possible was next. Stunned pausing in the hall, someone came out the door as though to see to my departure.
Ellis said to Jack Abramoff right in front of Patricia, 'you took her kid' is one very telling moment. This took place right in Preston Gates and Ellis Law Firm in Seattle. The same law firm Robert Gates (Bush just nominated for Sect. of Defense) is connected to. And you most likely are familiar with Jack Abramoff and his pleading guilty to various charges. The pedophile rings seem to be focused along with 'BoysTown' etc. but on Seattle area in many ways. Most likely it has to do with far more than just political. Of course within the Seattle area you have Aero Defense, High Tech, computers and telecommunications. So this creates a massive source to be able to control.
The night of July 9 - 10 1989 Craig J Spence took 15 or 16yr old boy(introduced to Ted Kopel in Nightline Studios earlier)   w/ help of Secret Service Reginald deGuildre (Delta Force Operations?) brought him to the White House, a  blond haired, thin fellow using the name 'Ricky.' (code [A=1,B=2] for Ricky is 66) it   appears that David L Johnson was the Blond fellow. [Remember George HW Bush was in the White House in '89.] Which seems to have been known and or investigated by the SF IndyMedia Journalist Brad Will. Brad Will (real name William Bradley Roland)was the journalist killed when the police and local authorities, just shot Brad first. Even while his camera recorded his own death. This happened as part of the so called Oaxaca Mexico 'protests' situation?
Now let's consider this list of symbolism for a while:
1. 66 is reversal of 99 (99=Stuart)
2. David L. Johnson is eldest son of direct descendent of the 99 (Stuart). Information is coming out the David was a TWIN.
3. His mother was born on July 9, 1947
4. The Stuart symbolism goes way back such as 911 happenings in NYC many ways:
    A. Sept 11, is considered the beginning of the American Revolutionary War when at least one of the TWIN cannons were taken by English troops.
    B. Cannons were built in UK area at Stuart foundry and shipped covertly by Stuart vessels.
    C. TWIN cannon(s) were carefully effaced so as not to be able to read the foundry seal. Just part of the writing the Stuarts out of history.
    D. Landing location for the original Charter granted by King James Stuart as in the King James that commissioned the translation of the KJV Bible, was where the WTC buildings were placed. Stuarts have stood for God given Freedoms, and WTC cross streets happen to be Liberty and Church  (TWIN TOWERS)
    E. TWIN Towers had 220 floors total (110 building one/110 building two) 220 is code for David's Mother Patricia Johnson-Holm (77+95+48=220)
direct heir to the House of Stuart is Patricia Johnson-Holm
p=16+a=1+t=20+r=18+i=9+c=3+i=9+a=1 16+1+20+18+9+3+9+1= 77
    F. Building 7 the only other building of the WTC talked about (in other words where is the info on building 3,4,5, 6) had 47 floors.   Direct heir born July 1947. Remember how many so called hijackers 19.
    G.  George W Bush had so called undisclosed time on 9-11-01 at Omaha, NB was that "UNDISCLOSED" time at the TWIN TOWERS Apts? (connection to "Call boy?") which goes back to Larry King Jr.? Craig J. Spence? Dwayne Spence/Ted Bundy?
    H. Now how much reference is there really to the TWIN TOWERS of NotreDame? Jesuit connection?
     I. When it was the Navy that experimented and jumped from 1943 - 1983 and it just so happened the Patricia Johnson-Holm's parents (BOTH of them) were NAVY. What office was directly hit in the Pentagon? the ONI? Office of Naval Intelligence?
5. Larry King Jr. just happened to make contact with Patricia Johnson-Holm May and June of 1989.   WHY? Look at the connection of Craig J. Spence and Larry King Jr.?
6. Then consider the connection of Franklin 'Credit Union' charges against Larry King Jr. for Credit Card Fraud NOT Pedophilia? And look at the the Current Name of Franklin Templeton - then what you need to know is that Templeton just happens to be the name of an Attorney in Seattle area that said one thing and did another to Patricia Johnson-Holm and created the chance for MARK C. CHOW (currently running UNOPPOSED) to do some highly unethical, immoral not to mention ILLEGAL things against Patricia Johnson-Holm such as demand she shows up to a court to answer for supposed bill on work NOT having anything to do with Patricia on property she did NOT own. AND to top that off ordered Patricia to go to jail August 20, 1999 by 4pm UNDER A BOGUS NAME? Yet NOTHING has been done by the PROSECUTING ATTORNEY? Oh is that why Norm Maleng THE Prosecuting Attorney since the 70's (ALSO RUNNING UNOPPOSED in current 'election') remember the whole time some of the worst things have been happening in Seattle. Yet NO INVESTIGATION???
7. To put this simply there are so many UNOPPOSED on the Ballot out of 25 selections ONLY 4 have an opposing Candidate. That means ****21**** are UNOPPOSED.. their current version of an 'election' in Washington 'State' which is operating under a bogus Corporate Constitution. The Congressional Record and or Library of Congress can supply the correct and real constitution that goes back to 1878 and agreed to BY THE PEOPLE. All of which is still just allowed to continue? WHY? WHO really gains by doing so?"
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