A Morgellons Fairy Tale
For Disinformed Eaters!

By Cliff Mickelson

Greetings, Morgellons Afflicted, one and all:
I recently received an emergency email from one of my close associates in London. He wrote to alert me that the uproar at home over the medical issues we raise concerning our condition has grown to Gulliverian proportions.
He informs me that many members of parliament have stood to attack us in session, and many a pacific vicar in a quiet rural parsonage has risen, wroth with wrath, to attack the medical heresy of our reported Morgellons observations.
It has, judging from the tenor of his communication, come to be a question of our loyalty to the state of modern Medicine, as opposed to the veracity of our observations.
He earnestly begs my advice as how to proceed in navigating this tempest.
I reply that it matters to us not a whit what is said by a parliamentary twit.
And we shall continue to report what we have seen with our own two eyes ...
That some people have been observed to break their egg on the small end!
Now, on to matters of similar medical importance
My Dear friends:
One must always preserver in matters of truth. We are a certain group of afflicted citizens who KNOW what we see.
We compare what we see with what we are officially TOLD we should see.
And, guess what?....Surprise!....What we see and what we are told to see are two different things.
We report that. Nothing more, nothing less. This then becomes a source of great consternation and excitement among the slaves of convention who would be our masters.
So, are we liars? Are we participants of some grand conspiracy to commit Medical larceny? Such seems the implication.
Heed me well.
If I say I see something and I am reporting that, then others are free to accept or not accept that. I do not demand either from them.
If others say they do not see that then they offer me their opinion.
If others tell me I did not see that, then they call me a liar.
It is THEY who first cross the line. It is THEY who place a demand.
Yet, they may gnash their teeth and rend their clothes to their hearts content.
Let them pull upon their beards to the point of distraction.
For I believe in my own perceptions first.
Then, secondly, AND in the absence of my own observations to the contrary, I will believe in the politically correct conventional wisdom that General Washington will not cross the Delaware in the middle of winter. ESPECIALLY on Christmas Eve!
It's NOT our problem if some people don't want to believe the earth is round.
Those of us who happen to observe with our own two eyes, how the ship's sail grew slowly higher on the horizon, are now free to sail the seas with no fear. We know and trust our own observations. It is WE who will come upon a new world as a result.
If those indebted to fear say to us: "prove it,"
I say to them:
We have already proved it. To ourselves. Your need for proof is not our concern.
We owe proof to no one.
We owe proof to no one because we are making no obligatory demands of others based upon our observations. We simply report what we see.
So, What is this word "proof" that I hear howled forth so fearfully from the mouths of gargoyles?
It is a curious kind of "Proof" required by this stone cold beast.
It is the "Proof" of a straight jacket that already locks down the mind of those who demand it the loudest.
"Come back to jail" squawk the parrots!
It's lonely here in the straight jacket without you"!
"Prove it" they say. "We are too weak of spirit, too feeble of mind, to rouse the soul to the task."
Proof is not currency to be repaid.
Proof is, however, a debt owed to those upon whom one would make absolute demands.
We make no such demands.
But, Wait! ... Demands are made implicitly upon us!
Ah! Therefore it is WE who are owed the proof!
I say to them...PROVE IT!
You want proof, go earn it yourself.
We have reported what we have seen. No one is requiring an unquestioning, cowed, obedience to our observations.
We have no interest in leading a chain of mental slaves to market.
That is in curious marked contrast to the implicit obedience to convention being demanded by those who will not set their sails.
So it is with the these slaves of fear. They tremble before their master. If these observations terrorize them so, then let them DISPROVE them. You is THEY who owe US!
Many of us recall asking for others to make independent observations at the same time that we made ours! The moment came, and the moment passed, and lo...the silence of the lamb was deafening.
So...Let them grow up to be sheep.
I can't speak for the others who have marked the Medical phenomena in question, but personally, I couldn't care less what anyone thinks.
I owe them nothing.
I demand nothing of them.
It seems, however, that the reverse is not the case.
How soon they forget. In the end, it all comes down to the individual, the universe, the soul, and God.
To thine own self, be true.
And remember this:
Few if any, are the social and science conventions of the past, still extant today.
Those proud gospels, once mighty, now lay prostrate in the garbage of history.
And heaped among them lie the discredited realities of slaves.
Servile realities that once moved nations and burned heretics.
How proud and certain they once were. Yet the orthodoxy they once so savagely embraced is now just another heresy, a failed weathering in the winnowing of time.
And... Where are they now? Those proud medicinal practitioners of leechery? Those who trumped the divine right of past medical practice? Where are their bosom soul mates?....Those lords of the same false spirit who would not bend to look through the odd invention of Galileo? They, and the levers of power they clung to so determinedly, are dust.
Where now, are the mindless minions that did their cruel bidding?
They too, are dust.
Only the simple observations live on, the perceptions of those who reported what they saw with their own two eyes. And ... as a result thereof, conceived in theory, a pregnancy to question convention.
What did it matter, to those who had no intention of ever setting foot on ship, if there were sailors who said the earth was round?
Others may chose to report what they have been programed to think. Let them hug the shores of convention. Perhaps it makes them happy. That is their right. If you or I or others say that we have seen that the earth is not flat, and that it is not the center of the heavens, then let those who choose not to believe, go on about their lives. But should they choose to place themselves in obligation to us. That too, is their free choice. They must, however repay this debt.
To those who would desparage Morgellons....
I say:
Let them Prove it!
-by Cliff Mickelson



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