The US Is Losing The
Multipolarization War

By Karl W B Schwarz

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There was never any Global War on Terror to fight. That was a ruse to cover up the real war and why multipolarization is not compatible with the appetite for greed many US entities have.
There are many Russians in Central Europe that decided they could do better in other countries than inside of Russia. 
Several have informed me that Zionist Jew Russian Boris Berezovsky is Russian mob and part of why he is no longer welcome inRussia. When you add in that he is a business partner with the Bushes, nothing needs to be said about the lack of integrity of our family that pretends to be the foremost family in America. They are pure sleaze and that is why every scam that has surfaced in the past 25 years included their name. For starters and this not a complete list ­ Iran Contra, Silverado S&L, Enron, Global Crossing, Brady Bonds, the Wanta funds, lies and Desert Storm, lies and Iraqi Freedom, WTC security, Ignite! and in bed with a reported Russian mob figure. 
As my grandfather used to counsel, if you lay with dogs you will get fleas.
Due to losing the Multipolarization War and the Global War on Terror which is like swinging at the moon, the Bush Administration has commenced what appears to be an across the board shredding of the evidence. That evidence would both indict him and mar the legacy that he thinks he mistakenly deserves. At this present time, history will remember George W. Bush as the worst president theUS ever had and it happened at the worst time in history to have an arrogant moron at the helm of America. 
Iraq is in melt down mode, the Iraq Study Group lays it on the line, and Bush goes back to lies, equivocating and staying the course.
Just today, December 8, 2006, a report out of Cairo indicates that the Saudis are secretly funding the Sunni insurgents. The same ones killing American soldiers every chance they get.
Saudis Reportedly Funding Iraqi Sunnis
Dec 8, 4:16 AM (ET)
CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - Private Saudi citizens are giving millions of dollars to Sunni insurgents in Iraq and much of the money is used to buy weapons, including shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles, according to key Iraqi officials and others familiar with the flow of cash.
Saudi government officials deny that any money from their country is being sent to Iraqis fighting the government and the U.S.-led coalition.
But the U.S. Iraq Study Group report said Saudis are a source of funding for Sunni Arab insurgents. Several truck drivers interviewed by The Associated Press described carrying boxes of cash from Saudi Arabia into Iraq, money they said was headed for insurgents.
Two high-ranking Iraqi officials, speaking on condition of 96 because of the issue's sensitivity, told the AP most of the Saudi money comes from private donations, called zaqat, collected for Islamic causes and charities.
This is what happens when you have a sleazy family like the Bush family all cozy with the Saudi Royals and other wealthy Saudis funding insurgents killing our US soldiers and Bush cannot find the door while the slaughter continues, funded by good friends of the Bush Family. It would not surprise me at all to find out that the trucks are being operated by Halliburton, KB&R or other Bush robber baron friends over there plundering Iraqi assets.
Folks, if that does not make you livid about how idiotic our president and his family are you are not paying attention.  There is no greatness in that family whatsoever. 
You might want to read this book to get a better understanding of how the self-anointed world elite dreamed up the stupid policies we see and thought, with the US being the only military Superpower in the world and the world's largest economic force, they could control the rest of the world.
The rest of the world has taken a "stick it" attitude towards the Bilderbergs and their wealthy elite buddies in the US. The problem as I see it is multi-faceted and involves the Bilderberg elitist, US (CFR, World Bank, IMF, major corporate insiders from the Big Four, corrupt politicians), UK (Tavistock, major UK corporations), Zionist, the Jesuits, and even the Vatican all trying to micromanage an agenda that the world is not interested in. When you see the Vatican hire Henry Kissinger as an advisor, the red lights and loud sirens should be going off all around you.
These people can sit in rooms, and secret meetings, and closed committees and dream up all they want. What is obvious is they are not good at execution of their plans and being so self-serving their plans are being resoundingly rejected over and over again. When plans are based on lies, propaganda and their self-interest over your best interests it is little wonder to me that they fail and they fail miserably. 
They can always fool some of the people with their pre-packaged drivel and outright lies, but their ability to fool all of the people has decreased as global communications has sped up and been more available to just about anyone.
What is universal in this world is people want peace, prosperity, the right to reach their potential, and be treated with respect and dignity. We have some in this world that just do not want that to happen for it is not consistent with their agenda.
The reason is simple. We as a people in our nation and the people of other nations frankly could not care less what these elitists think. This world is about all of us, not just them. They have no rights or entitlements that any other person has claim to or right to do. 
They have self-appointed themselves and their minions as leaders and they prove again and again they are not leaders of anything of substance or value. They completely miss the point, due to their arrogance, that quality of life is not an abstract nor is it something they deserve while others suffer.
The Iraq Study Group has been able to determine after "careful deliberations" that the Bush policy in Iraq is not working. All of his lies of progress and the US is winning have now been laid open for the entire world to see the lies. They should have known that before they convened that study group. Most people in the world already had that figured out including a vast majority of Americans. 
All the Iraq Study Group was for was to gracefully let the mess GW made appear to be in saner hands now. It is all window dressing because the world looks at our president as an idiot and they see him clearly. Now is the time for damage control and protecting a sleazy legacy. What does Bush do? Stay the course which proved to the entire world he is either insane or the dumbest president we have ever had. 
They had not any sooner had their press conference for the Sheeple than Bush pronounced that he was not going to abide by all of the findings of the study group. The simple fact is Bush is an idiot and even when anyone tries to help him out of his messes he just creates another one.   
Many readers are asking "what is multipolarization?" "What affect does that have on me?" The following is the shortest answer I can give to those questions. It is a complex issue that takes leadership to deal with, not agendas that were proven long ago to be total lunacy and ineffective. 
There are six multipolarization forces at play and it is the US as one of them against the other five. We are not only outnumbered by the number of multipolarization forces at work but we are also outnumbered by over 10 to 1 in sheer numbers of people that have stopped following the US like little puppy dogs that cannot find their way. 
For starters, Afghanistan and Iraq are a direct result of a desperate plan by Bush and others to head off multipolarization and attempt to control the world through brute military force or intimidation, and energy supplies. The US does not have the only economy and demands for energy are growing in the EU, Russia, PRC, India and other places. 
Literally, the day before 9-11 happened this comment was in Oil & Gas Journal:
"year in September 10, 2001: "Those who control the oil routes out of Central Asia will impact all future direction and quantities of flow and the distribution of revenues from new production," wrote energy expert James Dorian in Oil & Gas Journal, published the day before the terrorist attacks."
They think they can control the world by controlling the Caspian Basin and that, as we say down South, is a dog that will not hunt.
This burning desire to attack Iran is to bust up the formed alliance of Iran, Russia, the PRC and now India. That is several different players in the multipolarization game that have come together in one place and will not back down for many reasons that have nothing to do with Iranian nuclear programs. The PRC and India are seeking oil and gas to grow their economies and the United States does not like it when parties do such and Big Oil and the US do not control the shots. 
We have folks in the US that wrongly assume they alone have the right to control energy and through that alone they would be able to keep the stupidity in Washington, DC going unabated. It is a vicious circle that intertwines US dollar diplomacy and this quest to keep their illusions of grandeur alive by seeking control of the energy.
The presumption of right by some of the Untied States and UK players is nothing short of staggering blind arrogance. It is dead-from-the-neck-up intellectual presumption that is not achievable. These people that have the ability to think but have no experiencing in actually doing, and them swaying policy of the US, is a big part of our problem.  Words and actions are two distinctly different things and the US elitist prove again and again they are not good at results, just words.  
Other nations have outmaneuvered them at every turn and did not have to fire a shot. 
It was a stupid plan the day they conceived it and you can bet all you have that the Bush Family and their Big Oil buddies have been behind it all along. They are losing the battle on the US dollar being the trading medium of oil and also losing the battle to control enough oil and natural gas to call the shots. 
It is called growth and progress and when we stay stuck in the military ­ oil policy mindset, it hurts the ability of the United States to deal with the problem in commercial ways like others do. The mightiest military force on this Earth is being defeated by even handed contracts and pens. 
The problem they refuse to admit is the truth is more powerful than any army. Dealing honestly with others is always the best way to do business. My grandfather told me one time "in the absence of goodwill, it is impossible to conduct business." I have learned that he was right and our lack of goodwill in dealing with others has now reached the point of jeopardizing the very existence of our United States of America.
It also has an affect on the value of the dollar and the growing unwillingness of nations to trade in a weak dollar for oil since that makes the price of a barrel of oil higher. It also diminishes the value of the dollar to the point trade deficits balloon out of control, make your net worth less in real economic terms and even decreases the value of your house and other dollar based assets. The PRC is about to be able to wallpaper their entire nation just with the dollars they have amassed in the trade deficits with the US. 
I hear many that grouse about the income tax. I have said for years that what all Americans should do is claim their economic losses (decrease in net worth) as a result of US fiscal policy and watch DC try to deal with that quandary when their tax revenues go to zero.
Their policies are making you worth less by the day, so write it off as a legitimate loss due to their stupidity in Washington, DC.
Instead of changing our policies to make the dollar stronger, Bush policies made it weaker and now the PRC and others are dumping dollars. They have plenty of toilet paper and do not want slightly more expensive toilet paper in chronically weak US dollars. 
The Federal Reserve is talking about lowering interest rates again to stimulate the failing housing bubble but that completely misses the point. As unpopular as it would be, interest rates need to go up significantly to head off the melt down of the US dollar. Low interest rates make the dollar even weaker and when you factor back in the literal spending spree Bush and Congress are on and no signs of reigning in their drunkard ways on spending money, low interest rates will further erode the value of the dollar.  
However, that would mean that oil prices would have to fall and you can guess who is against that. Heaven forbid the dollar was stronger and the price of oil lower. Everything they are doing is "back-ass-wards" to the realities that are going on.  
The intellectuals and elitists in America made a wrong decision (nothing new under the Sun about that) that the US could rest on its elitist laurels and transfer jobs to the Pacific Rim, South America, Central Europe, India etc for the lower wages and lesser environmental laws and make higher profits. The idea was they could continue right on with their defense spending spree inWashington, DC and everything would be all right. Plenty of money, enough jobs, enough oil and natural gas, etc, etc. They wrongly assumed that Intellectual Property would keep the US great and Number One in all things. 
Once they started putting this lousy theater into play the good ship America has been sinking ever since. About the only thing I know the US is number one in is national debt, trade deficits, military expenditures and belligerence carrying out a bogus plan. 
One of the list members sent me a piece of a letter to an editor of a New Zealand newspaper about Bush coming there soon.
"I watch with a sense of foreboding recent events in Fiji, in light of Prime Minister Helen Clark inviting United States President George W Bush to discuss Pacific security in New Zealand next year.
Is she naive or has she sold her soul to the devil? Does anybody these days believe the US Government brings anything but thinly veiled self-interest to it's dealings with other nations?
Events such as 9/11, Iraq and Afghanistan demonstrate that the US is at best a bungling, incompetent bully. So how could it bring anything but instability to our region?
There is much convincing evidence that 9/11 was an inside job to pave the way for an unjust war and to undermine the civil liberties of American citizens.
Do we really want that sort of help in the Pacific?"
How others view the US does in fact matter and this writer was correct. All we deliver is thinly-veiled self interest, no goodwill.
Then it dawned on them one day that their policies with China alone have created an economic Superpower because with their 1.3 billion or so people, plenty of money they make with the US and trade we have created a problem. We created an economic rival that over time could bury our ass economically if DC does not change course . It finally occurred to them if they kept sitting on their asses in DC thinking intellectual property would rule the world they will lose and lose big.
They had to try and come up with a way to control energy supplies so they could affect their will (lame selfish policies) on China,Russia, India, Latin America and the EU. 
China basically said "stick it" and went their own way and we have been financing it with vast trade deficits that are sucking dollars out of the US at the tune of billions of dollars a day. It has also sucked jobs out of America and a government that turns a deaf ear thinking they are on the right course. 
Evidently the Chinese watched and learned how George H W Bush used the Wanta funds, $27.5 trillion to attack Russia and their ruble to take over the Caspian Basin, and decided they were not going to allow the US to attack their currency by indexing it to anything. 
I think the Chinese figured out many years ago that the Bush Family is not to be trusted. They probably laugh at Americans who do trust them. 
I have to hand it to the Chinese for they have played George H W Bush, Bill Clinton and George Bush as the greedy fools that they are. They were not presidents; they were pimps for failed policies developed at the behest of greedy whores. 
Did they try to change policy and correct the course? No, they dreamed up 9-11 and the Global War on Terror as the means to get their way. They went from trying to win with a bad hand (bad policies) to winning with a dumb hand. Said another way, they went from the bad hand that was not working and when they chose the even dumber hand they now cannot get anything done. 
The world said NO.
That is why we are losing every battle on every battle line, whether military or economic or diplomatic. It has nothing to do with national will, except that our national will is pointed in the wrong direction and we are led by the wrong people with the wrong agenda. 
For over 200 years the people of the United States of America have proven that when we put our collective will behind something, no nation on this earth can compete with us for long. We are a nation of hyper-achievers that came to America for that very reason and now our own government has implemented a program and policies that have brought that almost to a standstill. 
I see more entrepreneurship in Central Europe than in America, just to give you an idea of how far off track we are in the United States. 
The American Dream is dead. If one is not an insider or a Zionist Jew, the doors are closed. 
We have a national focus but it is not about getting the job done and doing a good job in the process. The focus is myopically focused on lining just the right pockets and to Hell with America. 
What has gone wrong is they refuse to change policies and courses and it is literally shredding the very core and fabric that madeAmerica great. 
What has happened, almost solely due to US economic and trade policy and stupidity of these Wealthy Elite Ivory Tower twits, is they have created an economic Superpower and it is kicking our ass without any military Superpower status as of this time. The PRC has now created its own sphere of influence and we financed it with our short sightedness and refusal in DC to change policies in any manner. The Big Banks, big corporations, the Zionists and their owned politicians thought they had a really brilliant plan and it is backfiring in their face because it was a really stupid plan.
That is one of the dynamics of multipolarization. It does create new spheres of influence and control and these are areas not controlled by the US. These are not terrorists; they are peoples of other lands that have chosen to make their nation and their destiny without the micromanaging of the United States on behalf of the robber barons that they truly represent. These are people who disagree with US policy and agendas and they have every right to do so. 
For example, Iran is aligned with Russia, the PRC and India. That is mainly because the US chose to ignore building relations withIran and the others teamed up. They are not going to break up the team just because George Bush thinks he scares the PRC or Russia. I am quite certain behind his back they laugh at him.
The Chinese have decided that they deserve the same standard of living as Americans and that has become a national goal. They are reaching that goal because 1.3 billion people focused on a mission can out produce 300,000,000 Americans that cannot seem to agree on anything. 
That is my only problem with Free Speech. We have plenty of opinions, no focused action and even less in the way of solutions while the world leaves the US behind to die as yet another failed empire. 
Nobody has to attack America. Our leadership is committing national suicide every time they act and then lie about what they just did. To make it even worse in trying to find and implement solutions, the people of the US have developed a new national sport of bickering instead of taking the needed corrective actions before it is too late.
So, Multipolarization Powerhouse Number 1 is the PRC and it is virtually a total creation by US policies that are now threatening the existence of the United States. They did it all out of greed and their damned stupidity. It is not a military force, it is an economic force that has been financing the US lifestyle. If they pull the plug due to the stupid policies of our government, you will see the economic meltdown of the US right before your eyes. 
On another front we have The Grand Chessboard scheme and players who have conspired for many years to break up the USSR by any means possible and take over the Caspian Basin oil and natural gas fields. Yes, there is a lot of natural gas and oil there but they failed to consider many factors and many obstacles. Their brilliant plan is now neck deep in a quagmire they cannot get out of easily or gracefully. These twits cannot even read a map and keep throwing America against the wall trying to flail away at something that is not going to change. 
This is the bunch that thinks our entire national policy apparatus should revolve around the war machines, national debt to grow such and the desires of the US and Big Oil to rule the world by control of energy alone. 
They failed to realize or accept that Venezuela has what might be the largest single source of oil in the world. They failed to realize that with the vast land mass of Russia it just might have more oil and gas than the Caspian Basin. Apparently it does since Russia is now the world's largest oil and natural gas producer in spite of all of the crap that the US and Europe have dreamed up to throw at them. Russia has barely tapped its reserves and explored its landmass. 
All of this hyperventilation about the Middle East because that is what Israel wants and the Zionist Israelis in America that are more loyal to Israel than the United States has caused another quagmire. If I were president serious plans would be explored with Venezuelaand Russia and to hell with the Middle East. 
So, in spite of US policy, in spite of every dirty trick the Bush family and their Big Oil buddies and War Machine buddies have dreamed up, all of the misdirected US policies to satisfy the apparently unquenchable greed of certain people, Russia is now the world's largest oil and gas producer. That alone is the ultimate trump card that checkmates The Grand Chessboard and the idiot plans this idiotic Bush Family and their greedy idiotic buddies dreamed up. 
So, Multipolarization Powerhouse Number 2 is Russia and it has direct impact and power over #3 on this hit parade.
The EU is growing, is fiscally responsible and they have implemented strong guidelines for each of the EU members to comply with if they want EU grant money and other financial assistance to grow their economies. Most of the oil and natural gas in Central Europe comes from Russia directly or indirectly. 
While Soros, Bush, the RNC, the DNC all scramble with their little pet projects, Russia is powering much of Europe and much of its growth and stability.
To power their economies they have to have energy and in that department Bush and Blair have proven to be abject failures in delivering after their poorly designed and even more poorly executed Global War on Terror was launched and backfired in their face. That was all a ruse to cover up the behind the scenes agenda that they planned and thought they could take over the Caspian Basin and control the EU by controlling their oil and natural gas sources.
Again, Russia plays the trump card and moves to checkmate the idiotic Bush and Blair plan. That entire plan was probably dreamed up by George H W Bush, Baker, Nicholas Brady and Blair, and the Queen of England and other elites that prove every day they are not good at plans, nor are they good at chess, nor are they good at reading a map. 
The more I watch this Caspian Basin and Bush fiasco in Iraq play out, it is like they went in with a one year turn around plan and over 5 years later have accomplished nothing but a lot of mayhem and sure as Hell a lot of lies to cover their tracks. 
Russia has gained influence in the EU because they did oil and gas commercially, not under the failed Bush and Blair way of creating a totally bogus Global War on Terror to take over the Caspian Basin to supply the US and EU energy needs. Again, Mr. Cannot Play Checkers George Bush gets checkmated by Vladimir Putin. 
You have to ponder why even the former communist states in Central Europe admire and respect Putin more than Bush to truly appreciate how far off track our government is.  Right now, Putin has turned Russia around in ways that Bush could not conceive of, much less do. Putin and Russia are delivering and Bush and Blair are not.  That simple, folks. 
If I had a campaign theme for 2008, it would be "It's the Stupidity, Stupid!"
You will not see that change by 2008 because George Bush is too arrogant to change. Also, none of the presidential wannabees that are circling the ring right now would change it at all. It would be stuck-on-stupid and business as usual in DC straight into the side of the mountain at full throttle. 
So, Multipolarization Powerhouse Number Three is the EU, with the gold backed Euro that is starting to kick the U.S. dollar's ass black and blue. They are growing, Russia delivers and the US and UK do not. That is not hard to figure out.
Then there is India with over 1 billion people. They have decided that they have a better future than being call centers for Wall Street and US credit card companies. They are smart, disciplined and well educated in many of their top talent areas. Some of the top software companies are based in India and their scientific and research capabilities is second to no one if you dig deep to see the real strengths they have. 
Their recent oil and gas deal with Iran has Bush pitching temper tantrums. The Iranian government cut a huge oil and gas deal with the PRC and that caused more Bush temper tantrums. 
George Bush will not win this debate or turn back the economic realities of it on his best day. If America wants to follow this idiot and Congress, you will find out the hard way you are headed the wrong way and you do not have enough "fuel" to get back to a safe landing. 
So, Multipolarization Factor Number Four is India.
Then we have the areas south of the Rio Grande otherwise known as Latin America. Mostly Spanish and Portuguese speaking and they have had their fill of the European Conquistadors being replaced with North American robber barons. For many years they have received the shaft from North American robber barons and they have in the recent past started aligning with Russia (Argentina based Bridas Corporation, same folks we screwed over in Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan), Venezuela, which may wind up the 800 pound gorilla in the oil business, and Brazil that recently purchased military hardware from Russia and not the US.
That is Multipolarization Factor Number Five.
That folks is the five sided pentagon that is burying our Pentagon. 
There is not a damned thing we can do about it but change course or engage in one made up war after another.
Folks, none of them are going back to the old ways of kneeling to Washington DC and kissing their ass and rolling over for whatever the robber barons want. Those days are over. They have been over since the USSR broke up and everyone went the right way and we went the wrong way. 
That is the short definition and explanation of what multipolarization is. That is about 4 billion people that frankly do not give a damn what George W. Bush and Congress and the Wealthy Elite robber barons in the US think. 
Unless you are planning on taking on about 15 jobs and work without stop, the US cannot compete with 4 billion people that have turned their back on our ways, our policies and our demands. It is going to take a different plan and that is something you will never see from the whores in Washington, DC.
That is why I have said over and over again, flush the toilet, VOTE THEM ALL OUT and start over. 
If we do not start over, America is headed for decline and total destruction. 
Part of what we are all looking at in Washington, DC is the result of government actions for Big Corporations, Big Contributors, Big Industry Sectors without regard for the detriment and harm they are doing.
This is a citation from the last email and the article written by Richard W. Behan, 
The Surreal Politics of Premeditated War
by R.W. Behan
"The Clear Skies Act allowed more pollution, the Healthy Forests Act caused more trees to be cut down, the Patriot Act scarred the Bill of Rights, No Child Left Behind was a step toward privatizing public education, the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act was a bonanza for the pharmaceutical industry and began the process of dismantling Medicare, the Military Commissions Act fostered torture and suspended habeas corpus."
When Bush first came into office he seriously gutted the budget of the NCTR (National Center for Toxicological Research) inJefferson, AR. Most people have probably never heard of that place but it was a baseline testing facility for all types of drugs, vaccines, industrial pollutants, materials, etc. That was as a favor to Big Pharma so drugs could get from their labs and into your body without having to mess around with all of that sticky testing regimen
You see, the Bush family is so damned smart they know better than the rest of us. Not!
That is how Vioxx got into the market place and the deep thorough testing was bypassed. That is how the vaccines that kill, cause autism, and cause all other sorts of problems because someone is more concerned about profits than they are human life and quality of human life. Because someone in the DC government wanted those big campaign donations and the public good be damned. 
It is not just a breakdown of leadership; it is also a total breakdown in responsibility and humanity at the highest levels of our government. 
Just say NO, to Big!
On other fronts, evidence is literally being destroyed at the EPA. They do not want all of those negative scientific reports or reports that raised the right questions to be seen by scientists or the public. 
One of the list members sent me two links about what is going on over at EPA. I bet if this were dug into there is smoke and there is fire.
The EPA Closes Its Libraries, Destroys Documents
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has begun closing its nationwide network of scientific libraries, effectively preventing EPA scientists and the public from accessing vast amounts of data and information on issues from toxicology to pollution. Several libraries have already been dismantled, with their contents either destroyed or shipped to repositories where they are un-catalogued and inaccessible.
The scientific information contained in the EPA libraries is essential to the agency's ability to make fully informed decisions that carry out its mission of protecting human health and the environment. Members of Congress have asked the EPA to cease and desist. Please call EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson at (202) 564-4700 and tell him how much scientists rely on data and literature. Urge him to immediately halt the dismantling of the library system until Congress approves the EPA budget and all materials are readily available online.
Update, 3:00 p.m. EST 12/4: Calls are already flooding in and we've received reports that the EPA office is making the following arguments:
1. The EPA is not closing any libraries.
2. The EPA is not destroying any documents, only archiving them.
3. It is more effective to call your member of Congress.
The Truth: Five libraries have already closed, with several more having reduced their hours. Evidence shows that scientific journals have indeed been recycled or thrown away. And Congress is already aware of this problem; the decision to stop the closing of libraries and the destruction of documents lies now with Administrator Johnson. For detailed evidence, click on "tell me more" below.
I can see where the EPA and especially Bush would not want anyone to know how much pollution has increased under the Bush Administration and the irresponsible Congress. They would cover that up as fast as they did changing the War Crimes Act to attempt to evade liability for their conduct. 
I can think of many environmental aberrations during the Bush Administration such as dumping deadly VX nerve gas agents in theDelaware River from a DuPont plan right by the I-95.
Why fret over dirty bombs when we have a government and corporations that out do every day more than any terrorist group could accomplish on their best day?
What good is Homeland Security if they are willfully polluting the United States beyond the point of healthful survival or fit to live in?
EPA IS HASTILY DISPOSING OF ITS LIBRARY COLLECTIONS - Orders to Trash Library Holdings Stirs Protests
Washington, DC - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is frantically dispersing its library collections to preempt Congressional intervention, according to internal emails released today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). Contrary to promises by EPA Deputy Administrator Marcus Peacock that all of the former library materials will be made available electronically, vast troves of unique technical reports and analyses will remain indefinitely inaccessible.
Then out of Canada, where they administered flu shots and people were prescribed Tamiflu, oops, this article appeared and there have been deaths due to Tamiflu. It would not take much to prove that proper testing was bypassed on this drug too. 
01 DEC 2006
Following reports that patients taking Tamiflu can exhibit dangerous behaviour, news has surfaced that ten Canadians have died and at least 74 had adverse reactions after taking the flu drug.
Health Canada has been criticised for not issuing a public update about the drug sooner.
Reportedly, the public update eventually came more than two weeks after international warnings were posted of adverse reactions to the medication among children and youth.
The product's prescribing guidelines now indicate that taking the drug can lead to strange behaviours, including hallucinations, delirium and self-injury.
Among those taking the drug who have exhibited dangerous behaviour, there have been 25 reported deaths around the world in the most recent one-year period.
Health Canada said it has "not received any such reports" of abnormal behaviour among young people in Canada.
But it has asked Tamiflu's producer, Roche , to include updated information about possible adverse reactions on its Canadian labels.
The US Food and Drug Administration and Roche issued a warning about the drug on November 13.
Auditor-General Sheila Fraser's report released Tuesday included criticism that Health Canada doesn't issue timely and accurate health warnings to the public on a variety of issues.
Health Canada representatives said mismanagement and insufficient funds in a variety of areas, including drug programmes, could jeopardise public health and safety.
Now maybe you can see why Big Pharma wanted total immunity from lawsuits while they push drugs that are dangerous and want to forego the proper testing. They want profits, and your well being could not matter less to them.
The Bush and Republican sponsored Healthy Forest Act increased the deforestation of America. That is a fact.
The Bush and Republican environmental bill ­ as absurdly named as Iraqi Freedom by dubbing it the Clear Sky Act, increased pollution. That is a fact.
The Bush energy policies have increased pollution while increasing carbon emissions. That is a fact.
When a bunch of traitors to America name a bill The Patriot Act and Patriot Act II while engaged in treason and illegal wars based on lies, all Americans should take offense and umbrage to the affront.
Bush Co is hyperventilating about Iran, while turning a blind eye to the fact that Israel is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and Iran is. The real agenda is trying to stop multipolarization and they cannot do so. 
They still do not "get it". They failed and it is time to change course.
There is no Global War on Terror. That is an euphemism for over 30 years of failed policies and the real war is the Multipolarization War that the US is losing because we have some in this nation that will not adapt with the times and directions the rest of the world is headed.
They have less influence and ability to control others. That is what the war is about. It is about control and we are losing due to failed policies and leaders who refuse to take the appropriate actions. 
The United States is headed towards Second or Third World status because our leadership refuses to address what has to be done to win. The problem is like having cancer that will not fix itself and gets worse with each passing year.  
Sooner or later the patient is going to die...and the name of that patient is the United States of America. 
Best regards,



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