Vote Fraud? How
AIPAC Lieberman 'Won'

By Karl WB Schwarz

We may have the clearest evidence of vote fraud coming out of Connecticut with the re-election of Pro-Israel Joe Lieberman as an Independent.
Now, how exactly did Lieberman win TWO elections and his two opponents got exactly the SAME number of votes at exactly 448,077 votes each time?!?!
"In Connecticut Ned Lamont (Dem.) lost EXACTLY with THE SAME number of votes as did Phil Giordano (Rep.) collected in 2000." 
Any of you mathematical geniuses want to calculate the odds on that?  It is beyond staggering.  It is statistically IMPOSSIBLE and could not happen twice in one million years, much less twice in 6 years for one lucky Pro-Israel Jewish Senator.  I think this matter needs to be investigated because it is smoking hot and beyond outrageous. 



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