Litvinenko Was Apparently
A Sacrificial Lamb

By Karl W B Schwarz

Even if one does not like Vladimir Putin due to his KGB past, his popularity amongst the Russian people is about three times that of George Bush in America because if for no other reason ­ Putin has stood up for Russia. He has blocked the bankers and they are not happy. He has blocked those trying to take over the oil and gas and plunder Russia of its resources. He has blocked the Zionists. He has cracked down and many do not like that.
Bush does not stand for America, he just stands for the elitists among us. The Russian people have not seen a worthy leader in over a century. Even if Putin is worth nothing in the morals or integrity department, he has proven to be the best leader they have had since before Lenin entered power in 1917 and he was a nightmare of a leader.
Most Russians did not want communism and subjugation. They wanted freedom and economic opportunity and slavery and hardships were compelled upon them. When they put the farm collectives into place, many of the farmers that objected to their land being taken from them were summarily shot. Many of the peasants deemed unworthy of being part of the collective were relocated from their homes or shot. Entire families and communities were eliminated because they did not want to be communists. 
With the vast amount of capital coming in due to oil and gas sales things are beginning to improve slowly in some of Russia. The Russian people are seeing positive change and that is why Putin is popular in Russia. Just consider this ­ if Russians had the choice of George Bush or Vladimir Putin on a ballot it would be a landslide in favor of Putin. 
I am beginning to suspect this Alexander Litvinenko story because of how the Rupert Murdoch owned Sky News is handling the story. There is another email update right after this that elaborates on why. 
Dying Spy Said to Accuse Russian Agent
Nov 26, 12:44 AM (ET)
LONDON (AP) - As he lay dying, an ex-Soviet spy poisoned in London named an alleged Russian agent he feared had been targeting him and who he had previously told police was harassing him, a British newspaper said in a report published Sunday.
Alexander Litvinenko, a former KGB agent and fierce critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, died Thursday night of heart failure after suddenly falling gravely ill from what doctors said was poisoning by a radioactive substance.
Litvinenko, who spoke to friends and dictated a vitriolic statement about Putin's government while in the hospital, alleged before he died that a Russian Foreign Intelligence Service chief previously stationed in London had been assigned by Moscow to watch him, Britain's Sunday Times newspaper reported.
More possible news is breaking regarding the death of former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko. I have written before on how Israel is harboring criminals who fled there and sought asylum that was granted almost immediately with just about the same speed they stamp a passport. They expedite asylum for Jewish thugs who have to flee due to their conduct, one of them being Leonid Nevzlin of Yukos Oil. It is sort of like fly to Tel Aviv, appear before a passport officer and state ­ "I am a Jewish criminal and seek asylum in Israel" and they stamp it approved. 
Dead Russian Spy was Israeli Double Agent
Murdered Russian ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko passed documents to former Yukos CEO in Israel months before his death . . .
November 25, 2006, 9:10 AM (GMT+02:00)
Leonid Nevzlin, former CEO of the oil giant and current chairman of the Diaspora Museum in Tel Aviv, says the former Russian spy came to Israel with classified documents on Yukos which may be damaging to Russian leaders. Nevzlin estimates that Litvinenko's death was connected with this information, which he has handed to London police investigators of the murder.
DEBKAfile's intelligence sources add that the Russian ex-spy is believed to have been a double agent, who sold trade secrets to different parties in and outside Russia, among them some of the Russian oligarchs living in exile in the West. Litvinenko served as a colonel in a Russian Federal Security Services unit which investigated and carried out special operations against businessmen.
British police found traces of the radioactive Polonium 210 in Litvinenko's urine.
The London media accuse Vladimir Putin of being behind the murder which they claim was politically-motivated.
Sure as heck puts Israeli relations with Russia in a whole new different light.
Great, a wanted felon hiding out in Israel from Russian authorities has an opinion on what happened to Alexander Litvinenko.
I personally think this DEBKAfile report is a distraction du jour for the battle line is in Europe and Russia's quick and unstoppable building of influence in Europe due to it now being the number one oil producer in the world and not beholding to OPEC. That is one of those multipolarization dynamics that have changed and Bush and Blair, expectedly, took the wrong route to deal with it.  Their brilliant plan and brilliant path turned into quicksand, not too brilliant.  
Nevzlin was apparently part of the move to put Yukos in bankruptcy in Houston Texas and let American predators take over a Russiaoil giant. Putin blocked it and that made many angry including Bush Co. The fact that Putin wants to denominate all oil and gas sales in rubles instead of Euros or US dollars has many having to take massive amounts of Rolaids. With the weakness of the US dollar due to US policy, I clearly understand why many want to dump the petrodollar. Bush has no one to blame but himself for that policy fiasco. 
Weak dollar equals high priced oil.  The dynamic is not that hard to figure out.
Regardless of what Clinton, Bush and Alan Greenspan say, debts are not assets nor do they add to net worth.
If any leaders were implicated in those files [if they in fact exist] it would be Boris Yeltsin, Bill Clinton and a myriad of US special interests trying to take over the Yukos oil empire. Just the chronology of when Yukos was rising to power, Bank Menatep, money laundering through Bank of New York and Republic Bank says such files would tie back to certain parties affiliated with Clinton and then slowly inch forward into the Bush Administration. The chronology of when it started predates George W. Bush. 
However his father and Nicholas Brady, former US Secretary of Treasury, were plotting and scheming long ago to try to get at the vast Russian oil and gas reserves. Some of the most astute market followers in this email list might recall the infamous Brady Bond scam that was put over on Russia and lurking in the wings were thugs like Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, AIG, Blackstone Group and other greedy predators that tried to carve up Russia through those Brady Bond scams.
I trust that most readers might recall the comment Clinton was overhead saying to Yeltsin ­ "Welcome to the Rich Man's Club." Traitors can always be found for money, including right here in the USA and especially in Washington, DC. The Yukos shenanigans did not happen under the Putin watch, they did in fact happen under Yeltsin while Clinton was president. GHWB and Nicolas Brady tried to set the stage for the asset takeover but recall that GHWB was sent home before he could get a second term. Ponder that for a moment and remember Operation Steppe Shield, 1989 and the takeover of the Caspian Basin. 
If you dig down about 2 inches instead of just a cursory overview, Nicholas Brady is very much involved and has been all along onThe Grand Chessboard play for the Caspian Basin. On the one hand they conspired since Carter to take over the Caspian Basin and that same group and some other players have tried for years to put the screws to Russia. Vladimir Putin became the John Wayne ofRussia for standing up and saying "no way!"
In fact, Brady sits on the board of Amerada Hess, same place as 9-11 Commission Chairman Thomas Kean. Connect those dots! They were directly in bed with Delta Petroleum, Saudi Arabia in trying to get the Taliban to renege with Bridas Corporation and sign up with them for a reported $100 million a year to get the pipeline rights for the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline or TAP as they call it.
Audit Committee
Compensation and Management Development Committee
Corporate and Nominating Committee
Nicholas F. Brady
Edith E. Holiday
Thomas H. Kean
Dr. Risa  Lavizzo-Mourey
Craig G. Matthews
Frank A. Olson
Ernst H. von Metzsch
Robert N. Wilson
Edith Holiday was directly involved in the GHWB Administration in the White House. She was secretary to the Cabinet and sitting in on all of these scheming sessions. 
That is why it pays to pay attention to history and chronology, names, and connections, ladies and gentlemen. Facts are facts and many times the devil is in the details of those facts. Many times within those facts is the Devil himself. 
Israel is harboring Leonid Nevzlin from Russian authorities and out he comes as an authoritative spokesman as to what happened to Alexander Litvinenko. 
Additionally, Dominik Suter, one of the five Dancing Israelis that filmed 9-11 from the New Jersey side of the Hudson River, is being protected from American authorities and many other criminals by Israel. Yet, they expect the rest of the world to hold them up as a shining light of morality and respect for the rule of law in the Middle East. That is total crap and has been since well before 1948. Many of these Zionists have no regard for any law but the Talmud or Israeli law and the laws of other lands are to be broken because they think they are above the law. 
They think they have a God-given right to obey no laws but their laws and that is why they have problems in every nation they have settled in and refuse to obey the law. Most Orthodox Jews do not subscribe to that but there are many Zionist Jews who truly believe that any law but their law is no obstacle to their schemes.
The Israeli authorities do not want Americans to know why Dominik Suter's name appeared on a FBI list in Europe to freeze and seize accounts related to the financing of terrorism right after 9-11. Said another way, money to finance 9-11 went through an account of a person that the Israelis are harboring from prosecution in the United States and the investigation of 9-11. Do the math, connect the dots.
Every time George Bush opens his mouth it is yet another opportunity to either stick his foot in it, make an ass of himself or demonstrate how much he does not pay attention. On his Saturday radio address to America November 25, 2006 this came out.
Bush Renews Vow to Aid Katrina Victims
Nov 25, 10:05 AM (ET)
WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush on Saturday renewed the nation's commitment to help victims of last year's Gulf Coasthurricanes and thanked U.S. troops fighting abroad.
In his Saturday radio address, Bush said Americans are grateful to those who rallied after hurricanes Katrina and Rita to bring food, water and hope to people who lost everything.
"We renew our commitment to help those who are still suffering and to rebuild our nation's Gulf Coast," Bush said.
Next week, the president will attend a NATO summit in Europe and will meet in Jordan with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. On Saturday, he reminded Americans that many U.S. troops are spending the holiday weekend far from their families.
Well, thank you Mr. President for remembering almost 16 months after Hurricane Katrina shredded the Gulf Coast. Thank you for remembering all of the FEMA housing units sitting idle in Arkansas and being damaged by bad weather there while people remained homeless in Louisiana and South Mississippi. Thank you for remembering 16 months later all of the people you ignored then and continued to ignore for over a year. Thank you, you arrogant, indifferent, incompetent, useless president!
I make a motion we impeach this moron and then bring him and Cheney and many others up on formal criminal charges. Who wants to second that motion?
Since Nancy Pelosi is now third in line for the Oval Office in such a scenario, she is on the indictment list too as part of this group of traitors in DC. It is a very long list. 
There is a 7 minute interview of British MP George Galloway on Canadian TV. You might want to take 7 minutes to listen to reality.
One of the email list members has alerted me that there is a possible smoking piece of evidence in the recent edition of U.S. News. If anyone has that and a scanner, please get a copy of it to me immediately. 
Hi Karl,
I sent you an e-mail regarding a photo of Nancy Pelosi and Senator Reid sitting in front of a table with lines of coke on it in the November 20, 2006 issue of "U.S. News". Pages 26-27 show a full 2 page photo of Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid sitting in front of a table with obvious residue of lines of cocaine on the corner of the table nearest the reader.
The last thing we need are corrupt coke heads in high places.
On another front, some are sending me emails about the Stone Wall that Nancy Pelosi has put up to shield herself from Americans that have plenty to say to her. Even now that she is the newly elected Speaker of the House, any emails to her get the standard email regarding "if you are from the 8th District in California" and otherwise blowing off all email communications.
Karl - these thieving, peddling con artists actually believe they have a right to limit the mail sent to them from their EMPLOYERS! Now the puzzle is minor compared to the other programs, I have read that they consider using tax payers' money for, in order not to be bothered by unfriendly messages and instructions, which they seem to forget, they are there to obey. To follow instructions and deliver their constituents message in DC. Like I wrote to Lieberman after his appearance on Russert: "I don't give a fig, what you yourself want to accomplish, I don't care what you want or think - I am paying you to go to Washington to deliver my demands and messages - you are my employee".
Karl - why does it seem that most Americans are forgetting, that they are not electing "idols" but "employees"?
----- Original Message -----
From: Jim Kirwan
To: Jim Kirwan
Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2006 12:16 PM
Subject: Fw: Message from Representative Nancy Pelosi
I've written two open letters to this woman, neither of which could be considered conciliatory and this piece of crap is what I get from this disconnected criminal who is supposed to be "my representative."
There is no system, and whatever there is was shattered very long ago!
----- Original Message -----
From: "Rep. Nancy Pelosi"
Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2006 8:11 AM
Subject: Message from Representative Nancy Pelosi
November 14, 2006
Jim Kirwan
address withheld
Dear Jim:
Thank you for contacting me to express your opposition to the use of logic puzzles in the "Write Your Rep" system and on my website. I appreciate hearing from you on this issue, and I agree with you.
The "Write Your Rep" system was implemented by the House of > Representatives Administration Committee in order to facilitate communication between constituents and Members of Congress. Everyday, citizens from across the nation utilize the "Write Your Rep" system to communicate with their Representative in the > House. Since the program was implemented, tens of millions of pieces of electronic correspondence have passed though the system, allowing Members to better facilitate communication with constituents.
The logic puzzle is a proposed addition to the "Write Your Rep" system that requires constituents to complete a simple puzzle before sending their correspondence. The logic puzzle was developed in response to a large increase in the volume of electronic correspondence to offices following the implementation of the "Write Your Rep" system. While the logic puzzle would not prevent correspondence from individual constituents using the "Write Your Rep" system, it would reduce the number of automated form letters generated by advocacy groups and sent by third party vendors. Since the logic puzzle's development, a number of Representatives have chosen to implement it on their websites.  
I believe the most eloquent voice a Member of Congress can hear is that of his or her own constituent, regardless of the means by which they are expressing themselves- phone call, fax, handwritten letter, or electronic response. In order to continue to serve the people of California's Eighth Congressional District, I have chosen not to implement the logic puzzle on my website. Please be assured that my website will continue to serve as a space for all constituents to freely express their opinions and comments and I welcome constituents to use the "Write Your Rep" system to communicate with me  
Thank you again for taking the time to express your views on this issue. For more information on this and other issues, I invite you to visit my website I hope you will continue to communicate with me on matters of concern to you.
Nancy Pelosi
Member of Congress
Yes, they think they have the right to limit the volume of email because otherwise they might have to realize that they are going to have to pay attention to America. We are fed up with them and they do not want that as a reminder as they continue to fleece all of us.
Remember just before the elections that Congress was at 26% approval rating and that number is not climbing out of the cellar until we rid this nation of these morons in the White House and the morons on Capitol Hill. They are unfit to lead America.  They are unfit to lead any nation any where on the face of this planet.  
Consider that folks. They have implemented a logic puzzle to keep from hearing what America thinks on any given subject as special interests, but they can implement legislation for their special interests that have and will continue to put this nation into the poorhouse. Think about it and if you do not get livid, you are completely missing the point. 
You are a special interest they do not want to hear from now or in the future.
This was my response to Hanna:
Hello Hanna,
Because there is a conscious effort to create the illusion that Americans have a voice.  The emails are deleted, never read other than by a junior flunkee only to monitor the TREND.
The words mean nothing.
The issues mean nothing because they create the issues and legislate the policies for those that are paying them to do so.
They view themselves as employees of the wealthy elite and everything is about commerce and lining pockets, not about Americans.
That is what I have been trying to get people to understand. We have been screwed, tattooed and sold out.  It changes when WE demand it and throw them out.
They all have to go if you want to see the changes in America that are needed. Otherwise, DC expects you to shut up and figure out how to survive the crap they have handed to you. 
Best regards,



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