Kelly's Killer Koppers
(KKK) Kill Again

By Ted Lang
Exclusive to

New York City's KKK has struck again, and this time with a blood curdling vengeance accompanied by horrific racist overtones! Will the unbelievable gun play on the part of Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Commissioner Raymond Kelly's blue Gestapo ever cease? Not only is there no evidence displaying any modicum of reform and restraint ­ it's getting a whole lot worse! And, sad to say, this police violence is worsening and spreading all over the United States of America!
On Saturday, this past November 25, at about 4:00 a.m. in the morning, "undercover" New York City police, using two unmarked "police vehicles," one a van, descended upon three black men in a car who were trying to leave a Queens, New York City strip club. The men had participated in a bachelor party for 23-year-old Sean Bell, who was to be married later that day. Of course, there are varying versions of what happened, but the best I could glean from the reports on televised network news are the versions offered mostly by the police. Just as in the case of our corrupt, campaign donation-grabbing [bribe-taking] politicians, the police always have the most attentive ear of the press. Sara Kugler of the Associated Press offered this version: "The bridegroom, Sean Bell, 23, was killed and two of his friends were wounded Saturday at 4 a.m., after a bachelor party at the strip club. Suspecting that one of the men had a gun police fired 50 rounds into the vehicle. The men were unarmed."
If the police can monopolize our proven-to-be lying media, it is clear that the police can more easily lie as well. Mounting evidence of our politically corrupt and morally bankrupt nation continues to confirm the outrageous contempt that all levels of government in America today display towards the very people they are supposed to serve. This horrendous crime shockingly refutes the farce of "protect and serve." Increasingly, it is projecting the monopoly of force used on the people to terrify, kill and steal! Not only are the police now the most dangerous element of "the state," but also that element closest to and in daily contact with the public. And these close encounters of the worst kind are translating increasingly into vicious and violently deadly ones.
Combining the bits and pieces of what was said by the police and their protective, corrupt politicians, the victims were simply celebrating Bell's upcoming wedding on that same day. This male tradition, now obviously a felony offense in the alleged minds of Police Commissioner Kelly and Larry Silverstein's buddy Mayor Bloomberg, of merely taking a soon-to-be-groom on his last encounter with sexually liberated and exhibitionist females in public places, the men were drinking and celebrating and in all probability, raising a little bit of hell. The state doesn't like this.
The undercover cops, more accurately described as racist, public-hating plain clothes Gestapo, were "investigating" the establishment. It is totally irrelevant as to why the plainclothes Gestapo were all over the building; it could have been an undercover drug operation, or an investigation into CD and DVD pirating and copyright infringements. The latter undercover operation created an incident and was the excuse for the KKK's murder of African-American Ousmane Zongo for running away from a KKK member disguised as a postal worker and brandishing a gun. 
For his crime of running away from a screaming postal worker brandishing a gun, [postal workers don't shoot people, do they?] he was eventually trapped in a dead end corner of the warehouse which had been targeted for the "undercover" operation, Zongo was shot. He was obviously first shot in the back twice, considering that he was running away from his potential killer, and then two more times while probably lying on the floor or turning in pain. For this wanton and unjustified act of murder of an unarmed man fleeing in terror from a gun-brandishing maniac, the KKK member, one Bryan Conroy, received four years in jail. Four years! But not to worry ­ the good judge merely put him on probation for five years. The killer never saw a day in jail.
Are the "crimes" of drug trafficking, which was not proven in fact at the time of the undercover operation and shooting, or CD and DVD "pirating," so heinous so as to justify police "shoot-to-kill" procedures? Obviously not! So the KKK had to come up with some justification. The best time to get at the truth is at around the time of the incident, before the media can coordinate their concocted story or provide the public with the outrage-stifling appropriate propaganda. This, of course, accounts for the delay in "getting the facts" or conducting the "appropriate inquiry."
Remember the immediate aftermath of TWA 800, when a military reservist and high-ranking officer and pilot was interviewed by the media shortly after the plane went down? He offered in a televised interview that while flying his military aircraft in the immediate vicinity of the ill-fated Boeing 747, he spotted a missile heading for the plane. This was an immediate on-the-spot eyewitness testimony, quickly marginalized by the press, and then dismissed and ignored by the FBI.
Remember the immediate aftermath of the crash of AA587 in Rockaway, Queens? Two eyewitnesses on location were interviewed by two different TV network news broadcasts. Amazingly, just as in the case of TWA 800, when an actual eyewitness attempted to offer an explanation in TWO SEPARATE live broadcasts at different times, both the audio and the visual reception became momentarily garbled, impaired and unviewable. How coincidental. Nonsense! FBI operatives at the scene and shadowing the TV broadcast crews "jammed" the transmissions with electronic devices they had in their pockets.
The immediate account at the scene given by an eyewitness during an early broadcast was really not an eyewitness account at all; he was, instead, an EARwitness. He offered that first he heard only a "few pops." But after those, however, he heard the fusillade that made up the bulk of the 50 shots fired by the five KKK members emptying their military semi-automatic pistols at the unarmed males trapped inside the vehicle. If, as some female Dr. Mouthpiece of the NYPD suggests, the men were using their automobile as a weapon to kill police thereby providing the KKK with the right to completely surround the car and use deadly force by pumping 50 bullets into it, why didn't they take cover instead from this dangerous band of criminals and their deadly automobile? Why did they stand out in the open, surround the motionless car, and fire continuously at it not caring if the people inside were really criminals or not, and knowing full well they were in the process of murdering human beings? How could the car be moving and trying to run down police and yet be surrounded at the same time?
The story offered by the KKK, and soon to be offered by politicians Bloomberg and Kelly themselves, will be that the undercover cops overheard a dispute between their victims and others. They offered that Bell, or one of the three, mentioned the word "gun." Obviously, considering the staggering and continuing gun control hysteria launched by the Zionist media [N.Y. Times, Daily News, Newsday] and New York's Zionist politicians [Schumer and Clinton], merely saying the word "gun" constitutes a "hate crime" punishable by immediate execution on the public streets. They seem to be employing the same type of anti-gun terrorism tactics made famous by other fellow gun control politicians: Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, et al.
The KKK will offer that since these men were probably going to be involved in a possible altercation involving a firearm, this justified the KKK in perpetrating the required and legally sanctioned public street execution. Never mind that the police surrounded the "moving vehicle" and blocked their "escape" which prevented any of the three men from going anywhere to "get a gun." And if they already had a gun in the car, why didn't they use it to protect themselves? And precisely what kind of gun were they speaking of ­ a rifle, a shotgun, pellet gun, howitzer, or a handgun? Does it matter? They were never allowed to leave the area of the club!
The sequence, first of a few shots, and then a whole lot more afterwards, suggests that possibly the police, in their unmarked van, instigated the incident by moving their vehicle in the path of the three men that were trying to leave. And, of course, the cops knew the men were black. Now if you had overheard threats being exchanged by these men and others, wouldn't the action of an unidentified van preventing the departure of the men in their car and coming at them with guns constitute the real threat? Isn't this similar to the Bush regime doing 9/11 and then using it as justification to attack innocent Iraq? Does one see a pattern here? The government launches an investigation [selective intelligence] and then asserts its authority, and if the slightest resistance is offered by the victim, responds with brutal violence and deadly force.
The first shots terrorized and partially crippled the driver, Bell. In an effort to escape their attackers, who the victims rightfully assumed were the very individuals they had an earlier verbal altercation with, they did indeed attempt to escape, and possible rammed the "police" vehicles they had no way of knowing were police vehicles. It is even doubtful that they knew or were given the opportunity to know that their attackers were police in the first place. Think of the Zongo murder by an undercover cop. The excuse in all of the NYPD KKK murders will be the same as always: a police officer will not be charged; it will all be shrugged off as "improper procedure" or a "breakdown in training" requiring yet more "training."
With the foregoing as preparatory background, which I believe to be more realistic than anything that will be offered by the lying cops, their protective lying politicians, and their lying, enabling media, let's look again at what was quoted in Kugler's AP article. Here is a preview of how the NYPD will package the shooting: "The gunfire in the current case stemmed from an undercover operation inside the Kalua Cabaret, where seven officers in plain clothes were investigating alleged prostitution and drug use. [Commissioner] Kelly has said the groom was involved in an argument outside the club after 4 a.m., and one of his friends made a reference to a gun. An undercover officer walked closely behind Bell and his friends as they headed for their car. As he walked toward the front of the vehicle, they drove forward -- striking him and an undercover police vehicle, Kelly said. The officer who had followed the group on foot was apparently the first to open fire, Kelly said. One 12-year veteran fired his weapon 31 times, emptying two full magazines, Kelly said. Bloomberg also said police appeared to have violated the policy stating that officers cannot shoot at a vehicle being used as a weapon if no other deadly force is involved. Bloomberg was steadfast, however, in his support for Kelly, who has been denounced by some activists since the shooting. The five officers were placed on paid administrative leave and had their guns removed while the investigation goes on. Michael Palladino, president of the Detectives' Endowment Association, defended the officers' actions and said police were responding to the threat of the car. 'The amount of shots fired does not spell out excessive to me,' Palladino said."
Isn't it easy to dispute both the NYPD's explanations as well as their justification for the use of such excessive deadly force? Undercover investigations into both prostitution and drug use, the latter not even involving trafficking but only possible "use," were the basis for this intrusion into an after hours place where patrons were just trying to have fun. And their intrusion is similar in nature to that in the Zongo case in that a place where people normally conducted business, normal activities the KKK didn't bother to scope out in advance as they should have done, led to another chase incident and unnecessary death. Why then are such extensive undercover activities even necessary, or at least not better planned, by these gun-toting "professionals?" And why the uses of deadly force in such victimless crime undercover operations, when victims may not even realize they are being attacked by police because of the undercover nature of their surveillance? The victimless nature of these crimes against which undercover operations are conducted by stressed-out, nervous, trigger happy cops, are the product of untenable over-legislated prohibitions against certain citizen behavior. Such behavior isn't criminal in the first place, but rather excuses to intimidate and subjugate an unarmed populace. These brutal acts of cold-blooded murder are reprehensible, even in rapidly freedom-deteriorating America.
And in the midst of all the fog and gun smoke, along with the neutralizing effect of the myth of "extensive investigations," and the long period required to "get to the bottom" of what really happened, and the baloney and propaganda delivered by the politicians and their enabling media, we have, once again, the Reverend Al Sharpton, providing an even greater stabilizing/neutralizing effect. Sharpton never saw a photo op which he couldn't convert to publicity yardage. There have been many times in the past where black demonstrations could easily have been described as manufactured incidents and police confrontations. In so many such incidents, Sharpton was clearly on the wrong side of the issue. His frequent "appearances," especially his wrong-headed approaches in the past, have now marginalized him as a champion of the people. His "leadership" will serve only to neutralize angry blacks who have every right to be angry, and every right to be violently demonstrative in this relatively new arena of the totalitarian American police state.
The people will always be abused by the state. Whether it's high taxes, deportation of our jobs to provided advantages for our politicians, or slaughtering our own citizens in order to slaughter more in our military for other nations, or for large corporations and oil and military industrial conglomerates, the American people are the last line of defense and hope for a free world. If our black brethren believe it "should burn baby burn," then I will now stand with them! Power to the people!
© THEODORE E. LANG 11/28/06 All rights reserved  
Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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