Pelosi - Another Israel
First Zionist Gatekeeper?

By Amiram Barkat

Pelosi On Israel
Pelosi is 100% behind Israel, and stated "The creation of the State of Israel is one of the miracles of the twentieth century."
Pelosi overlooks Israel's brutal treatment of the Palestinians, and doesn't mention Israel's massive nuclear, chemical and biological weapons arsenal. Pelosi's view of Muslims versus Americans and Israelis is racist.
Regarding Iran
According to Pelosi, the biggest danger to Israel today comes from Iran, whose nuclear ambitions, though still unproved, also threaten the US.
Her perspective contains the seed of ominous things to come, because, after all, something will have to be done about Iran, right? Yes, and soon.
"If evidence of participation by other nations in Iran's nuclear program is discovered, I will insist that the Administration use, rather than ignore, the evidence in determining how the US deals with that nation or nations on other issues," she said.
Read Her Shocking AIPAC Speech
Pelosi's Husband Is An Extremely Wealthy Real Estate Developer
The Pelosi family has a net worth of over $90 million, mainly from Paul's investments. Paul Pelosi, Italian/Catholic/Crypto, was a New York investment banker turned San Francisco real estate developer. He is president of Financial Leasing Services, a venture-capital company in San Francisco.   He is a stock trader with millions in Microsoft, and AT&T.
Relationship to Nancy Pelosi: Husband of nearly 40 years.
Occupation: President of Financial Leasing Services Inc. of San Francisco, specializing in real estate and venture capital investments.
How they met: While a student at Trinity College in Washington, D.C., Nancy D'Alesandro took a class at Georgetown University and met undergraduate Paul Pelosi, a San Francisco native. After they married, Paul and Nancy Pelosi in the mid-1960s returned to San Francisco, where they raised five children.
The role he plays: While Nancy Pelosi has pursued a political life, Paul Pelosi has helped maintain her financial independence, in addition to being what many consider the model political spouse, providing emotional and practical support that has freed his wife to pursue her political interests.
"You cannot have a career in politics as a married woman unless you have incredible support from your mate,'' said Roz Wyman, a long-active Democrat and close friend of the Pelosi family. "Paul's support is immeasurable.''
Quote: "I've made a conscious effort to not be involved or give the appearance of being involved in her political career. People should realize that she's the one.''
Assets Of Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-CA
· 1600 Atlas Peak Road, Napa, CA
· 235 Twelve Inc.- LLC Common Stock (Now 235 Second Twelve Inc.-LLC)
· 25 Point Lobos, San Francisco, CA - Commercial Property
· 45 Belden Place, San Francisco, CA - Four Story Commercial building
· 723 Mule Ears Court, Norden, CA - Townhome
· 820 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., San Anselmo, CA-Commercial Property
· Access Technology Partners, LP
· Adaytum Software, Inc.-Common Stock
· Advanced Fiber Communications, Public Common Stock
· Agile Software
· Alliance Gaming Corp. - Public Common Stock
· Alter Ego - Common Stock
· - Public Common Stock
· America's - Common Stock
· - Common Stock
· Apogee Networks, Inc. - Common Stock (now evident - common stock)
· Aristotle Publishing, Inc. - Common Stock
· Ashlar, Inc. - Common Stock
· AT&T Public - Common Stock
· Atipa Fund B (See Oculan Corp)
· Attenza, LLC - Common Stock
· Auberge du Soleil, Rutherford, CA - Owns resort hotel
· Avaya - Public Common Stock
· Bank of America, San Francisco
· Bank of America, Washington, DC
· Beacon Education Management - Common Stock
· BF Enterprises - Common Stock
· Borel Estate Company - Owns shopping center
· Briazz - Public Common Stock
· Broadcom Corp. - Public Common Stock
· Broadway Property, San Francisco, CA - Real Estate Option
· Builder's Info. Group - Common Stock (Formerly Netclerk)
· Bullhorn (Formerly Bridgepath LLC - Common Stock)
· Calico Commerce - Public Common Stock
· Chalone Wine Group, Ltd.
· Cierra Photonics - Common Stock
· Cisco Systems, Inc. - Common Stock
· CMGI, Inc. - Common Stocks
· Co-Net (Formerly - Common Stock
· Coach, Inc. - Public common stock
· - Common Stock
· Collaborative Group - Common Stock
· ComCast - Public Common Stock
· Command Audio - Common Stock
· Commerce One, Inc. - Common Stock
· Congressional Credit Union, Washington, DC
· CopperCom, Inc. - Common Stock
· Covalent Technologies - Common Stock
· Critical Path Inc. - Public Common Stock
· Currenex - Common Stock (Formerly FX Trades)
· Digital Fountain - Common Stock
· Digital Intelligence (Now Picture IQCorp)
· EDI Associates, Mill Valley, CA - Hotel Investment
· Emulex - Public Common Stock
· Engage, Inc. - Common Stock
· Evident - Common Stock (Formerly Apogee)
· Fastnet - Common Stock
· Financial Leasing Services, S.F., CA - Investment company
· Forty-Five Belden Corp., S.F., CA - Investment Company
· Genetope Corp. - Public Common Stock
· Getty Images, Inc. - Public Common Stock
· Granite Ventures, LP
· - Common Stock (now Unicru)
· IKnowMed Systems, Inc.
· Infospace, Inc. - Public common stock
· Interloci, LLC - Public Common Stock
· Internap Delaware - Common Stock (formerly Internap Network Services)
· Internap Network Services, LLC - Common Stock (Now Internap Delaware)
· Internet Cap. Group - Public Stock
· Intraop, LLC - Common Stock
· Japan Partners - Common Stock (AKA Isochron Data Corp.)
· Jet Blue Air - Public Common Stock
· Johnson & Johnson - Public Common Stock
· Learning Techonolgies, Inc.- Common Stock
· LEG Partners, III, LP - Common Stock
· Liberate Technologies - Public Common Stock
· Lionis Gate Limited Partnership (Cordavalle) - Golf Development Partnership
· Lucent Techonolgies - Public Common Stock (Formerly Nexabit)
· LuxN, LLC - Common Stock
· McGrath Rentcorp, Inc. - Public Common Stock
· Microsoft Corp. - Public Common Stock
· MontaVista, LLC - Common Stock
· Mosher Partners, LP, Sacramento, CA - Real Estate Partnership
· Natelli Communities - Real Estate Partnership
· Nautilus Leasing Services - Container leasing company
· Navis Holdings, LLC - Common Stock
· Net2Phone, Inc. - Public Common Stock
· Netcessity - Common Stock
· NetSchools Corp. - Common Stock (Now Plato-Common Stock)
· Niku Corp. - Public Common Stock
· Niman Ranch - Common Stock
· Nine Forty Five Battery, LLC, San Francisco, CA - Real Estate Partnership
· Nine Hundred One Battery, San Francisco, CA - Real Estate Partnership
· Oakwood Homes Corp - Bonds
· Oculan Corp - Common Stock
· Odyssey, LLC - Common stock
· Orlimar, LLC - Common Stock
· - Public Common Stock
· Pacific Island Resources LLC - Common Stock
· Piatti Restaurant Co., Tiburon, CA - Restaurant Opening Company
· Picture IQ Corp. - Common Stock (AKA Digital Intelligence)
· Plato - Common Stock (Formerly Netschools - Common Stock)
· Plumtree Software, Inc. - Common Stock
· Polycom - Public Common Stock
· Potomac Investment Association, Gaithersburg, MD - Real Estate Partnership
· Procure Point - Common Stock
· QIC (Quinton Instrument Company) - Public Common Stock (Now Quinton Cardiology Sys., Inc.)
· QualComm, Inc. - Public Common Stock
· Rainmaker Systems, Inc - Common Stock
· Read-Rite Corp, Inc. - Public Common Stock
· Ready Router (Now Netcessity)
· Recommender 2 - Common Stock
· Redenvelope - Public Common stock
· REOF V - Real Estate Partnership
· RF Micro Devices, Inc - Public Common Stock
· Robert Half Intl., Inc. - Public Common Stock
·, LLC - Common Stock
· - Public Common Stock
· Shutterfly - Comon Stock
· Skellenger Lane, Rutherford, CA - 8 acre vinyard
· Slam Dunk Networks, Inc.
· Sonus Networks, Inc.-Public Stock
· Speakeasy, Inc. - Common Stock
· Spirian, LLC - Common Stock
· Stoneridge, LLC
· Sun Microsystems - Public Common Stock
· Support Inc. - Common Stock (AKA Support Soft, Inc.)
· TeraOp, LLC - Common Stock
· Thirteen Hundred One Sansome, LLC - Real Estate Partnership
· Tripath Technology, Inc. - Common Stock
· Trivium Systems, Inc - Common Stock
· Trux Gate Associates Ltd, Real Estate Partnership
· Unicru Common Stock (Formerly
· Union Bank of California, San Francisco, CA - savings account
· USA DR - Common Stock
· Vanguard Airlines, Inc - Public Common Stock
· Wells Fargo Bank, San Francisco, CA - Savings account
· Witness Sys, Inc. - Public Common Stock
· Xtreme Spectrum, Inc. - Common Stock
· Yantra Corp - Common Stock
· Yerac Associates - Investments
· Zinfandel Lane, St. Helena, CA
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Contributions Arranged By Type And Recipient
Contributions to Political Committees
Total Contributions:    2000.00
Financial Leasing Services
235 Montgomery Street Suite 610
San Francisco, CA (California) 94104-2915
Phone: (415) 788-8600
Business Types: Security Brokers & Dealers



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