Taking Apart The
Illuminati Piece By Piece

By Greg Szymanski

With a little luck and a lot of inside information, America may be able to defeat the forces of evil. Italian aristocrat helps put the pieces of the evil puzzle together with a wealth of information from his days as a member in the 33rd degree of the Monte Carlo P2 Masonic Lodge.
Taking apart the web of deceit and diabolical corruption within the Illuminati requires solid inside information and of course a little bit of luck. And now comes to the American scene Leo Zagami, Italian aristocrat and former Illuminati insider of the 33 rd
degree from the influential Monte Carlo P2 Masonic Lodge, with shocking information about how the forces of evil really work.
Zagami left the clutches of the evil Illuminati in June, saying he finally came to the light of God, now wanting to warn the American people about how the tentacles of evil are lurking deep within all of the country's sacred institutions.
When Zagami recently decided to go public with names, dates and shocking inside information, the powers that be in Europe tried to first bribe him with riches, fame and wealth. When that failed, the wrath of the Illuminati came down hard on him, arresting him on two separate occasions, including torture and beatings.
After recently getting assistance from the Norwegian government, where he now resides, Zagami decided to publish a multi-lingual web site in order to protect his life and the lives of his closest family members. He also recently made his first appearance on American radio, appearing on Greg Szymanski's show, The Investigative Journal, telling listeners how to be watchful of Opus Dei, the Jesuits and the Vatican since they provide the perverted guidance of the forces of evil and the New World Order.
And since going public only a couple of weeks ago, Zagami has shaken up the powers that be from Rome to New York by revealing how their network really operates. Although the Illuminati encompasses a complicated web of Masonic organizations throughout the world, he claims the heart of the demonic beast resides in the Vatican, using Opus Dei and the Jesuit Order as henchmen and infiltrators to spread evil worldwide.
This latest correspondence form Zagami to the Arctic Beacon illustrates how high level Illuminists are seriously worried about blowing their cover due to Zagami's decision to go public. Further, it is important to keep his name in the public eye for his protection and the protection of his family.
Here is the latest correspondence, saying to remember the names presented as many of them provide the link to the Vatican to their servants in Washington D.C.
"I know the e-mail bellow (to be translated soon) by Senior Italian OTO Illuminati is in Italian but as a researcher and for my own security I wish to forward it to you and make it public. It also involves the Cairo Illuminati gathering of 2003 and the infamous Alberto Moscato, showing very clearly how scared the Italian OTO Illuminati were about me going public against them and exposing their satanic Illuminati control.
Moscato's was second in command (in charge of the Italian OTO Caliphate until his recent death or murder) and the author of the e-mail says "imagine what the priests will do if they know about it" and that's because some of the Opus Dei can't stand these Jesuit driven Satanists and they know it.
"When I was with Moscato in the spring of 2000 he was blabbering on and on all the time about how cool it was to live in Rome, the capital of Christianity and in defiance of the Opus Dei and the Vatican because of the total Jesuit support to his OTO satanic Lodges.
"After many phone conversations with Alberto Moscato, we finally had a four hour meeting in a Bar in the Zona Eur of Rome , AND HE WAS LIVING AT THE TIME IN AN APARTMENT OF FRIEND MASSIMO INTROVIGNE OF CESNUR.
"Alberto Moscato was an intelligence operative officially working for la Guardia di Finanza ( tax police) in the internet surveillance department but also was a heroin addict with 3 wholes in his stomach due to shooting in action. Alberto, a 33 degree and Vatican Knight of Malta of the 3rd degree, loved guns, and when I use to call him he was usually in the police training center, shooting. He used to wear a little silver pistol as a necklace...a pure Satanist!
"Well, after my meeting we only spoke by phone from time to time as a member of the Council for the Cairo 2004 gathering and other internal matters. But I got in a bad conflict with him after the 2003 episode of leaving the American illuminati because he was strongly supporting the U.S. Illuminati Satanists against me and every interest of our beloved Italy, just wanting to make more profit and gain more control over his followers without showing them any truth but only more manipulation and mind control in close association with the Satanic Churches of Northern Europe (Scandinavia) controlled by disciples of Anton La Vey.
Most Italian masons supported my decision of distancing myself from OTO Calipahte Satanist because Moscato was becoming increasingly an easy target and they knew I was right in my decision. At that point the rival OTO-FHL linked with the Opus Dei invited me to have my meetings with them in Bologna instead, and they were very delighted to offer me the Opus Dei HQ's in Villa Leona for their meetings.
"Moscato died last spring in mysterious circumstances (drug overdose or a murder?) What I know for sure is that a complaint was filed against him in high places a week before. Comandante Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri, now living in New York, always knew well aboutMoscato's activities but was getting worried about the exposure with Satanism and Crowley.
"I must say instead that the OTO-FHL is a far more experienced body of initiates because they are much older in age and also officially independent from the American Illuminati but in reality secretly linked with the Monte Carlo Lodge as their Gran Prior (IXo degree) is also a member of the Monte Carlo Lodge and a Senior member of the Rectified Scottish Rite promoted by the we are back to square one: the Jesuits are in full control as usual of Satanism even when Opus Dei are involved they take over the show.
"Same with the Opus Dei and their own IIluminati Academy in Piazza di Spagna directed by Gran Master Giuliano Di Bernardo (Past Grand Master of Italian Freemasonry) directly linked to the Duke of Kent and the English aristocracy but also once again to the Jesuit Illuminati tradition of Frater Spartacus.
"In the Conference of San Cerbone (in June) they were all there including the IXo OTO-FHLGran Prior Count Nicholas, the Sicilian Grand Master of the Rectified Scottish Rite Luigi Piazza and last but not least Comandante Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri arriving directely from New York.
"Di Bernardo was not there because he is not welcome in the Monte Carlo Lodge anymore because of what he did in 1993 against the Italian Grand Orient supporting the english Grand Lodge with the creation of his own Obedience the Regular Grand lodge of Italy with strong Vatican support to cover up for the P2 scandal.
"But in reality at the top they are all in it together with their secret gatherings like the one of Bocca di Magra of November last year were a few decide for the many and the unknown (Crowley's motto).
"In San Cerbone, one of the main issues on the table was Rui Gabirro the Duke of Gabinda illegal activities all over the world that were exposing to much his Jesuit backing and connections, and we find a lot of accusations against this dubious Freemasons all over the net.
"The Duke is in charge of the new Masonic High Councils created since 2005 by the P2 Illuminati and the Jesuits and expanding with the blessings of the Monte Carlo Lodge worldwide at an alarming rate, even for regular Masonic observers with no degrees or inside knowledge this starts to be a clear irregularity that serves the Illuminati Jesuit plot in connection with the French Zionist lobby and the Jacobite tradition.
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