'Madame Speaker,' 
The Honeymoon Is Over

Jim Kirwan

Madame Speaker...your Honeymoon is definitely over. You have spent so many years in Congress 'becoming that woman' who would make history; well you're there now. It's time to toss your pretentious tiara and get real. Allow your committees to charge Cheney with the crimes he's so obviously committed. Have you forgotten the plight of Spiro Agnew: Nixon's star-crossed VP? Agnew wasn't one-one-hundredth as bad as Cheney yet he was charged with his crimes and forced out of office. Cheney is filthy by any standard that anyone might apply-charge him with his crimes and remove him from his office pending trial, and then begin to earn your place in history!

Without Cheney the Decider cannot survive: that's not difficult it's common knowledge. Word of his crimes must've reached into even your insulated bubble. If you're half the woman that you claim to be then do what this nation is demanding of its government-take those actions that can lead to a restoration of the Constitution and let the Outlaw's try to stay alive without your protection for their continued criminality. . .

Forget the parlor games you've scheduled for the first one-hundred hours and bring the full powers of your office to bear on those matters that the nation cannot live without: the Constitution, the fully transparent force of Justice and due process, along with open and transparent government on all levels, beginning with your tenure as The Speaker of the House of Representative for the Congress of the United States of America

That title is impressive, but it means nothing unless you do something extraordinary with the power that the position affords. Lose the parlor game mentality and the little squabbles over matters that don't even amount to rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic-the ship of state is sinking. If you truly give a damn about all those children you flooded the dais with upon your inauguration as "Madame Speaker"- then start acting like a leader and begin with the specifics of the dethroning procedures against the self-appointed Barbarians that have run this nation into the ground for the last six years!

You were so proud of that phrase that proudly claimed 'your voice should be heard' ­ now you want to alter what you stood for during the last election. If you allow one more cent to be spent for "The War-on-Iraq" then you're not only no better than the Decider-but in many ways -you're actually worse than the Outlaws: because your election was about ending the war and bringing the troops home!

If you don't use the powers of the purse-then that act of personal cowardice would confirm you political hypocrisy for the whole world to see. You can't have it both ways Nancy-either you're a person of integrity or you're just another lying piece of political trash that needs to be removed from office, just like the Decider and his merry band of career-criminals. Think about it Nancy-those who finance International War Crimes are at least as guilty as those who commit the crimes ever were!

Speaking of which, you need to choose your national loyalties very carefully. Recently you seem to have chosen Israel over the United States on more than one occasion with some vehemence. So-will it be Israel or the USA that has your undivided attention, going forward? Because as the third person in line for the presidency it actually matters what you think: but more importantly you can no longer be of two minds-Choose Nancy! If your choice is Israel then say goodbye to whatever it was, that you think you just won. This is a New Year: the seventh year actually since the Grand Theft of the nation, and the truce is off between the public and the politicians-no more silent vigils, no more hundreds of chances to 'make things right'-it's time to end the farce and stop the bleeding!


You think you're tough, the one that will make the difference-then begin proving that this week, before the end of those first one-hundred hours!

Remember Newt Gingrich-the former 'Speaker of the House' who shut down the government with his Contract on America? Newt is less than road-kill, yet he did what he promised and succeeded-so which kind of Speaker will you be Nancy? The nation is out-of-time: the Decider has been practicing Death-by-a-thousand-cuts on us all for the last six years. It's time to put an end to his term in office NOW. Every minute that he and his Jackals remain in office dozens more die from his policies-and every day he remains in that stolen chair-it becomes less likely that there will ever be any consequences for any of the things he has done to us or to the world!

2007 is not your father's time Nancy, nor does 2007 even remotely resemble any other time in American history. Whether you help put an end to the continuing crimes or not, your reputation will remain forever tied to what will flow from your election to the Speaker-ship of the People's House. You have proven that you can not only survive, but that you can win, in that corrupted world of criminally-culpable-old-white-men. But the true question is, can you actually be "other" than they are, from that office that you fought so hard to finally obtain?

In this light a few key facts come to mind. The people of the United States need to once and for all delete the fiction of any supposed political affiliation that might seek to become identified with any policy or political stand in this county. Instead, if one is honest, it is apparent that political backers and lobbyists are the same people that support every major issue that stands against the majority of those who must work to live. All of them represent those who stand against the freedoms and well being of ordinary people. As there is no way to disband the government-the most logical choice is to view each person on their own merits as individuals, regardless of what they chose to call themselves. 'Democrats' and 'Republicans' have become meaningless labels in a world that has become much more politicized than these throwbacks to another century could ever begin to tackle today. Therefore there should no longer be a shield of political affiliation to protect those who distort purpose and integrity-in the name of any defunct political party. When the people of this country speak, everyone in a political office needs to listen and respond-or face real consequences.

The White House and at least ninety percent of congress, along with most of the Supreme Court are all part of the new Outlaw Society, which they call The New World Order: This cabal along with all of its major contributors needs to be removed from any position of influence. It may seem to be an impossible task-but so long as free men and women continue to speak out, that is simply not true.

Also as most people with a life know-'Bigger is not Better.' Lean and mean is nearly always more effective, more competitive, cheaper and far more honest than the disastrous government programs that we accepted without question: HOMELAND In-security, politics, de-regulation of all kinds, privatization, along with the disembowelment of nearly all government agencies whose mission-statements were turned on their heads, to eliminate the very things they were formed to protect-The FCC, the FDA, Environmental Protection, OSHA, and on and on. Which brings us to the military that has become an armed and mobile prison that only exists to provide private security for major corporations to capture and secure vast tracks of resources and populations, especially when those trophies are claimed by other peoples or nations who might resist the goals of those same monstrous capitalistic corporations that are now larger than most other nations.

These wars are not about "terror" but "Terra" (the earth itself)-along with the disproportionately huge numbers of the world's population who are not rich. This global situation will not survive a sustained attack by the vast majority of those being savaged by the far-too-rich. In fact we are rapidly approaching that day when wealth alone shall no longer be enough to protect the supra-wealthy from the rest of the world. This has been building for hundreds of years, and the outcome will determine what kind of world those children of yours will inherit. Think about it Mrs. Pelosi-because these things are far more important than what you might value personally, in your quest to become "someone to be heard from" in the wider world.

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