US Navy Submariner
To Plead Guilty Of Spying

By Tim McGlone 
The Virginian-Pilot

NORFOLK -- A Navy submariner accused of espionage and desertion has agreed to plead guilty next Monday before a military judge, forgoing a trial.
Petty Officer 3rd Class Ariel J. Weinmann was scheduled for a court-martial next week but will instead plead guilty in a Norfolk Naval Station court to some of the six charges against him, Weinmann's civilian attorney said Monday.
"Pre trial negotiations have been going on and have been met with some success," said the attorney, Phillip Stackhouse of Jacksonville, N.C.
"A pre trial agreement has been signed."
Stackhouse declined to say which charges his client plans to plead guilty to. Stackhouse said the plea agreement between Weinmann and the Navy includes a maximum possible sentence but, again, declined to provide specifics.
Navy Mid-Atlantic Region spokeswoman Beth Baker would not comment on the development.
Weinmann, 21, of Salem, Ore., has been in the Norfolk Naval Station brig since his arrest in March. He is charged with espionage, desertion, failing to properly secure classified information, copying classified information, communication of classified information to a foreign agent, and stealing and destroying a laptop computer.
The Navy at one point had considered the death penalty against Weinmann but rejected it for undisclosed reasons. The maximum punishment for espionage under military code is life in prison.
Weinmann, a fire control technician who had been stationed aboard the Connecticut-based submarine Albuquerque, was arrested March 26 at a Dallas airport as he was re-entering the country from Mexico.
Navy officials have said in court that Weinmann was carrying $4,000 in cash, three CD-ROMs and other computer equipment. He left his post in July 2005 - while his sub was stationed in Bahrain - and is accused of taking a Navy laptop with him.
The charges allege that Weinmann passed classified information to a foreign government representative in Vienna, Austria, and Mexico City. The Navy has not disclosed what information was passed, nor has the foreign government officially been named.
News agencies, including CNN, have named Russia as the foreign government, but Time magazine, citing anonymous military sources, reported in August that the Navy had not confirmed Russia as having received anything from Weinmann.
Efforts to reach Weinmann's family in Oregon were unsuccessful Monday.
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Another Spy Story Suppressed To Save Israel
By Curt Maynard
Well guess what reader, the United States government has done it again, they've hidden another Jewish spy from the American public, but this time the cats out of the bag, someone leaked the details and now we find that another Jewish American, this time a Navy Petty Officer by the name of Ariel J. Weinmann has been arrested for passing along Top Secret information related to National Security to the Israeli government.
In Weinmann's case, one can bet the information he stole was of a highly classified nature, you see Weinmann was stationed on an American nuclear submarine, the USS Albuquerque. Despite this, Kate Wiltrout, of theVirginian-Pilot reports:
The Navy originally refused to release basic information about the Weinmann case - including the dates of his Article 32, or preliminary hearing - but reversed course after The Virginian-Pilot revealed Weinmann's confinement, and the secrecy with which it was being handled. [1]
Many people reading this will automatically assume that the Navy was keeping the case mum so as not to let the Israeli's know they had caught Weinmann, but this isn't the case, the Israeli's probably knew before the Navy that Weinmann had been arrested, the Navy was keeping the case quiet in an effort to keep the American people in the dark, just as the United States government did with more than one hundred and fifty Israeli's after they had been arrested for espionage just after 9-11, and the five Israeli's that were arrested on 9-11 as a result of being witnessed by several people laughing while filming the impact of the airliners into the twin towers and clapping one another on the back in a congratulatory manner.
The Navy buried Weimann's case in the hope that the American people would never find out about him and what he did, just as the government did with Asher Karni, an Israeli Jew arrested at Denver International Airport on January 2, 2004 for having sold [past tense] more than sixty nuclear weapon detonators to Pakistan, a country populated by more than three hundred million Muslims, who generally don't like the United States and where the name "Osama," is the most popular name for a newborn male child. There are dozens of cases just like these; that have occurred in this country recently, the common denominator is that they all involve ethnic Jews. Another case is that of American citizen, Yehuda Abraham, a New York City Jeweler and Orthodox Jew, who was arrested in 2003 for having sold FBI agents posing as Al Qeada operatives Russian made, shoulder launched, surface to air missiles, with the understanding that they'd be used against Americans on domestic flights. Ever heard of any of these people? Surprise, the fact that you haven't doesn't mean they aren't real people and they weren't arrested for the above crimes, they are all quite real and they are all quite guilty.
The other day, I emailed an article about Weinmann to an acquaintance who replied that the case probably wasn't that big of a deal based upon the fact that the media wasn't reporting it. Besides, the fool wrote back, how much classified information would a Petty Officer have access to? I then quickly typed up another missive and sent it back to the miscreant, pointing out that there was a case involving an Army Specialist a few years ago in which the young man was arrested and tried for treason after he had passed along completely useless and antiquated information on the M1 Abrams battle tank. The information he passed along was information that could have been gathered on the Internet, this is not to mitigate what he did, he passed this information on to FBI agents posing as Al Qaeda operatives, thus he committed treason and I'd be the first to say he should be held responsible. His name is Ryan G. Anderson and he sits in a Military prison today with a life sentence ­ just where a traitor should be. Anderson was a Specialist, a glorified private really, who did not have access to anything spectacular ­ Weinmann was a Petty Officer stationed on a fast attack submarine that stole classified information that was directly related to American national security ­ do you see the difference?
When Anderson was arrested the entire media apparatus went immediately to work ­ before the end of the day his face had been splashed across every television screen in America a dozen times, every newspaper had his face on the front page the next day ­ in short ­ nobody was trying to cover up Anderson's crime, not like they are with Weinmann. What's the difference?
Another common denominator associated with people arrested for spying on behalf of Israel is that Israel is almost never mentioned by name; it is always referred to as a "foreign government." The media does this so as to report whatever story may be in the works but at the same time to protect that little Middle Eastern provocateur from exposure ­ how can you convince Americans in the hundreds of millions that their hard earned tax dollars should be sent overseas to bolster the Zionist state if everyone knows that Israel is an enemy, not an ally. As an example of the media predilection, please note the following Associated Press blurb from an article entitled "Sailor Faces Spy Charges":
Officials accuse Weinmann of passing classified information to a foreign government representative in Austria and again in Mexico. [2]
The reason the government attempted to cover up Weinmann's arrest and the media attempts to suppress the fact that the "foreign government representative," was an Israeli are the same ­ to prevent Americans from learning the extent of the Jewish nation's intrigues against the United States and to keep the money rolling into Israel as if everything were A-okay.
Awake America, they are lying to you!
And Pigs Fly - Daddy Says Spy Son Isn't Jewish
By Curt Maynard
Daddy says Ariel's not a Jew, so therefore it must be true; at least that's how Time Magazine sees it [Or more likely, wants you and I to see it]. Of course Time inc. is a "Jewish company," at least according to the Jewish journalist Michael Wolfe, who wrote an article several years ago, attesting to this fact.
Time Magazine, in an article entitled "Did the Sailor go Overboard," quoted Ariel Weinmann's father Robert as saying, "his son is not Jewish," which is a joke, really. Perhaps Mr. Weinmann, or Time's editors were being cryptic; perhaps his son isn't a "practicing Jew," which by the way, most Jewish Americans aren't, most ethnic Jews in the United States do not attend synagogue, nor do they hold any strong religious views, most Jews are secularists, not religious.
But I assure you that Ariel Weinmann is an ethnic Jew, I guarantee it, because Weinmann is NOT a named derived from Germanic origins, but it is listed thousands of times on Jewish surname databases like JewishGen: The Home of Jewish Genealogy.
The name Ariel is absolutely Jewish, i.e. Ariel Sharon - duh, it means "Lion of God," in Hebrew and is often used as another name for Jerusalem, but it is not, nor has it ever been, commonly used by Christians. It is however listed on a database that notes, "The names listed here are commonly used by Jews."
An extensive search on several non-Jewish surname databases revealed to this writer that the surname "Weinmann," is not derived from German, the closest Germanic surname to Weinmann in these databases is "Weiman," of which the Germanic etymology is associated with one who makes and/or produces wine.
During WWI many German-Americans "Anglicized," their names in an effort stave off persecution, but most Weiman's that changed their names, changed it to "Wyman," not Weinmann, which would have been pointless, as it still revealed the Germanic origins of the name, so why bother? No dear reader, don't be fooled, Ariel Weinmann is as Jewish as a kosher pickle at a New York Bar Mitzvah.
It's going to take more than Time Magazine's latest tomfoolery to get away with this bit of chicanery ­ even the typical self-absorbed, MTV watching moron is unlikely to swallow this BS whole. Perhaps this is why the Virginia Pilot's Kate Wiltrout left Robert Weinmann's statement regarding the idea that his son isn't Jewish out of her article published a day after the Time disinformation piece entitled "Father dismisses 'speculation' on espionage charges against sailor," but at the same time managed to keep the enigmatic insinuation that perhaps the stories floating around on the blogosphere, like mine entitled "Another Spy Story Suppressed to Save Israel," are based solely on "speculation." Wiltrout quotes Mr. Weinmann as saying:
"People have absolutely no clue what they're talking about," Robert Weinmann, Ariel's father, said in an telephone interview on Wednesday from Salem, Ore "Everything is speculation," he said. "Don't get me wrong, this thing is extremely serious. ... This whole thing is devastating. It's beyond comprehension."
Please note dear reader that Ms. Wiltrout does NOT dredge up the most unlikely idea that Ariel Weinmann is not Jewish, like Time Magazine's moronic [or complicit] Douglas Waller, the author of the aforementioned article "Did the Sailor go Overboard," despite the fact that Waller gave her an opening, or an opportunity to quote the lies of an allegedly reputable journalist working for an allegedly reputable news magazine. 
Wake up America! They're lying to you!



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