Forgotten Chupacabras
Case Resurfaces

Scott Corrales
Inexplicata - The Journal Of Hispanic Ufology

As the year 2006 draws to a close, our colleague Raul Nuñez of the IIEE ­Chile organization has forwarded the following report of a strange animal-mutilating entity from the 9th Region of Chile. The story somehow eluded the media and has only been made known thanks to the diligent efforts of researcher Raul Gajardo Lepold. The following is INEXPLICATA's translation of Mr. Gajardo's work:

"On November 18, 2005, Mrs. S.T.C., age 59, married, illiterate, but able to make her mark, was alone in her rural property near Angol, since her husband and son had gone into this city. At around 2:00 p.m., she was returning home after fetching the family's ten cows, which had been taken to drink water from a stream 30 meters downhill from the house. One of the cows, accustomed to this routine, got ahead of the others. When Mrs. S.T.C. came within 3 meters of the stream of water, she allowed the animals to continue alone and walked back to her house. It was at that moment that one of the cows began to bellow, and the woman ran back to see what was amiss. At that moment, she saw a very strange animal attempting to bite both the front and hind legs of the cow, which was already bleeding from one of its front legs. The strange creature surrounded the cow, attacking it on all sides, making small jumping motions and running with its two very large legs, which grew outward from the body at an angle and ended in four long toes with hard, black claws. Mrs. S.T.C. came within 4 meters of creature; in her despair, she ran back to her house to fetch a stick with which to beat the intruder. At no time did the entity try to attack her.

"She found a stick but never managed to strike the creature with it, as it ran toward the body of water, jumped in, and skittered under a large bush at the site, which was later removed and the site remains clear to this day. The animal ran away clumsily, in an erect position, on its two legs, but with considerable swiftness.

"The first time that she was close to the creature, at a distance of some four meters, the animal issued powerful whistling noises-some three or four continuous blasts-only to quiet down and resume again, all the while attacking the cow. Mrs. S.T.C. had never seen as strange a creature as this one and has never seen it again, nor have there been similar reports from other residents of her rural community. She only shared her story with her children and relatives.

The following is a description of the creature observed by Mrs. S.T.C.:

"The entity measured approximately half a meter tall, some 25 cm. around, covered all over with green and pale red spots. There was something strange resembling wings growing out of its sides, starting at its shoulders, but these were kept folded. It was covered by some kind of short brown fur; the head was dog-shaped with large, slanted and protruding eyes, almost surely black in color, as Mrs. S.T.C. was unable to get a closer look. Its muzzle was elongated and flat, measuring some 20 centimeters, which it could open very wide to display long teeth. The witness estimates that it had two rows of them, judging by their number and whiteness. She did not notice if the entity had nasal passages or a tongue, but its front teeth were longer than the rest.

"The creature's head was elongated and a sort of wavy crest grew out of its forehead, reaching down to the bottom of its back. Short, thick and firm neck. Cream-colored spots appeared on its abdomen.

"When it attacked the cow, it did so with a series of very small leaps, raining bites on the animal while it emitted whistling sounds. On its back, where the protruding crest came to an end, there were brown bristles and the body ended with a short, 10-cm. tail with a blunt tip. It lacked upper claws or legs. But it moved its shoulders upward as it attacked, without ever losing its upright position. At one point the witness saw it on the ground, felled by a kick from the cow, which fought off its assailant gamely. The claws were covered with dark brown hair as well as scales (sic). No ears were reported."

INEXPLICATA wishes to express its gratitude to Mr. Raul Nuñez and the members of IIEE Delegación Chile for bringing this case to our attention.


Scott Corrales

Institute of Hispanic Ufology




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