Deaths Of 5 Ipswich
Prostitutes - Media Misdirection?

By Karl W B Schwarz

Most of you have probably noticed over the years the media mindset "if it bleeds, it leads" as to how they pick what stories to focus on. 
It is when they focus on such a story to the detriment of other major news items that the pattern starts to look both contrived and possibly even a reason to change the focus of what is on TV so the public will not watch what is happening in other areas. 
Via Sky News, the air waves of the UK and Europe are covered up with this Ipswich serial killer that has somehow killed five prostitutes in 10 days. Keep in mind that Sky News is owned by that Zionist Neocon Rupert Murdoch as is FOX News.
·        Gemma Adams, age 25, prostitute, heroin addict, found in a brook, cause of death unknown.
·        Tania Nichol, age 19, prostitute, heroin addict. They are showing childhood pictures of her. Her parents claim they knew nothing of the drug abuse or prostitution. One has to wonder how a parent would not see heroin use and its side effects in one of their children. Cause of death unknown.
·        Anneli Alderton, age 24, prostitute, was three months pregnant so on Saturday morning the story line has changed to "there was a sixth victim", heroin addict, strangled to death. They have CCTV of her on a train the night she disappeared and it is strange. More on that below.
·        Paula Clennel, age 24, prostitute, cause of death "compression to neck".
·        Annette Nicholls, age 29, mother of one child, prostitute, heroin addict, cause of death unknown. 
The child advocates, anti-prostitution and anti-drug advocates are now taking up about as much air time as the story all addressing the evils of prostitution and drugs in the middle of the investigation. 
But what is interesting are the major news stories that are getting little if any attention.
1. Tony Blair being questioned in the "Cash for Honours" scandal. He is also being heavily challenged in Parliament by the John Cameron conservatives that are raising serious questions about Mr. Blair and Iraq. All of this is suddenly muted by the story about the prostitute murders.  On Sunday morning, December 17, 2006, they are reporting a secret memo that the Labour Party of Tony Blair and successor wannabee Gordon Brown are seen as in "shambles".  That sort of sounds like Bush and the Republicans to me.
Blair and others are being heavily criticized due to the information that can be read at this article. Yes, they lied about Iraq and did so intentionally in the US and UK. 
Diplomat's suppressed document lays bare the lies behind Iraq war
By Colin Brown and Andy McSmith
Published: 15 December 2006
The Government's case for going to war in Iraq has been torn apart by the publication of previously suppressed evidence that Tony Blair lied over Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.
A devastating attack on Mr Blair's justification for military action by Carne Ross, Britain's key negotiator at the UN, has been kept under wraps until now because he was threatened with being charged with breaching the Official Secrets Act.
As they say, oops!
2.) Blair then jumps down to Turkey to stump for NATO membership for that nation. As I reported before, they need that to get the Caspian Basin oil and gas to market and surround Iran. That is a step to get Blair's and Bush's ass out of the crack they have managed to get themselves into with their lies.
Funny thing about liars, they always get what they deserve. When I look at the sheer logistics of the Caspian Basin and what these moron leaders of the US and UK did, it is amazing that any one of them ever thought they could pull it off. I can see many ways to get it done faster and with less costs and mayhem.  
3.) The head of MI5 has hurriedly resigned and was going to do so until 7/7 happened.  Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller conveniently "takes a powder" as this story starts unfolding of what the US and UK were discussing at the UN regarding Iraq and new evidence that has surfaced about that bus bombing in Tavistock Square.  Some of the more informed email list members might see the possible connection of Tavistock Institute and Tavistock Square and the role of that institute in creating mind control, New World Order, etc. 
4.) Reports have come out that unmarked cars diverted the "30 bus" from its normal route to Tavistock Square at which time it exploded on 7-7. 20% of all of the CCTV cameras installed in the world are installed in the UK, but they cannot seem to find the video of those unmarked cars that led the 30 bus to Tavistock Square. Those two unmarked vehicles departed just before the bus blew up. 
And yet another oops!
5.) On another front an FAA air traffic controller has come out and stated that 9-11 was an inside. Every step that is supposed to be taken when an airliner is hijacked was not taken on 9-11.  Go figure. 
Another oops!
6.) BAE Systems not being investigated due to attempt to bribe Saudi officials to buy 72 Typhoon fighter jets, due to "national security interest". Yes, I can see where covering up for some nationally prominent "lordly British butts" is really important in the UK.
Yeah, CYA, UK style. The people of the UK are demanding a full investigation and justice and Blair's Labour Party are like cats in a litter box.  
7. The Litvinenko ­ Zionist Russian Jew Boris Berezovsky matter is completely off the screen and not a word about it. As the investigation proceeds forward it appears to be revealing that Zionist Russian ­ Israel mafia are behind the attempt to discredit Vladimir Putin.
Oops, another botched New World Order operation. 
The Princess Diana report, all 384 pages of it, came out this week right in the middle of this new prostitute serial killer drama and of course, no credit was given to any of the conspiracy theories about why the most popular member of the Royal Family is no longer with us. Princess Diana was many levels above the Royal Family in England. She was in a class all her own and way above their league. We can all hope that her genes control the hearts and minds of Prince William and Prince Harry.
Prince William graduated December 15, 2006 from the Sandhurst Military Academy training he went through over the past 44 weeks. That took center stage for an hour while the rest of the news was either on the back burner or out of sight.
What is odd about the deaths of these five prostitutes are thus:
·        They were all five drug users.
·        None of the girls show any signs of serious sexual assault. 
·  Police have not been able to determine what killed three of the five as of this time.
·        They were supposedly picked up as prostitutes and found nude along a line generally running west to east in that order. Two were in the water of a brook, three were just dumped. Reportedly only one, the last one, had any jewelry on. 
The sheer amount of time Sky News has allocated to this while other matters are going on is what is curious. 
Of course, while the list of news stories above are not being covered, all of Europe is getting regular updates on the Ashes cricket match between Australia and the UK down in Perth, Australia. That is about the only respite from this story on the dead prostitutes.  It is quite comical watching the Aussies kick the Brit butts in the Ashes contest. I hate cricket, but I love watching England lose and then go into Tony Blair Spin Mode about how they will save the day for the Queen. Not a chance. 
They are having interview after tear jerking interview and commentary that "this is where a life of drugs leads" in reference to the five dead girls. "It was drugs that took my little girl off into her own secret world."
They have three talking heads that keep inserting their opinions and fear factors into the discussions. One is a professor of criminology who has delivered a bunch of different opinions, theories and scare factors. The other two are reporters for Sky News (Martin Brunt and what's his name who has taken us deep into the police operations to show us how they are stalking this serial killer) that are covering the story. I have never seen the likes of two reporters interviewing each other and putting forth so much supposition and conjecture in any story I have ever watched on TV. It is also apparent the extent they are making the girls the over publicized victims and the police and Big Brother technology the hero. All of the CCTV and other technology are "worth the costs" because they will catch the killer faster.
The Sky News website now has an entire separate section on this one story. <>
The interviews with the head police authorities are notable too. "Have you given any thought that the world will associate your face with this most important investigation?" What kind of question is that and asked by a media person with such "urgency" to elicit an answer? 
Then they start making comparisons to Jack the Ripper in 1888 and various serial killers since in the UK. It is starting to smell to be a heavy helping of Sheeple food for UK Sheeple so they will not pay attention to the sleazy news about Blair, 7-7, the BAE investigation, etc, etc, etc.
Suddenly when I returned from a day of meetings late Friday, December 15, there is now a girl missing in Suffolk, the general area ofIpswich. There has not been another word about it since that I have seen.  More anti-drug speeches, more anti-prostitution speeches and none of the foregoing stories getting a second of air time.
The facts surrounding the terrorist attack on 7-7 at Tavistock Square are starting to look like the UK government did it and out comes the story from Ipswich and totally dominates the news. The Litvinenko story is still sizzling and out comes the serial killer news. Blair and Lord Goldstein are apparently getting closer to being under criminal investigation for the "cash for honours" scandal and out comes the dominating story about the 5 prostitutes.
I feel sorry for these girls and their loved ones, and in the instance of Annette Nicholls a now orphaned child, but there are other news stories that are being neglected while this story takes over the airwaves. 
The question is "would the UK kill five prostitutes to get the focus off some UK butts that may well be facing criminal prosecution?"
Our government did it on 9-11-2001 and killed 3,000. 
For some reason the girls are on the Ipswich CCTV spy cameras and they cannot narrow down or find the car? How is it that these girls are on the cameras and not anyone else? This latest film they released of Anneli Alderton she is talking to someone and no one is in the train car with her. She is also as nervous as a cat in a dog kennel or she may need a heroin fix real bad. 
I give it a probably of 1 in one billion that any person would be the victim of a serial killer. 
As for whether the US or UK will kill to control the news, I give that a probability of 1. If you do not know what a probability of 1 means that means it is 100% certain.
The interviews with the locals have been bordering on humorous. Many of the average people on the street interviews act as if they think they will be the next victim when they leave the camera field of view. 
What you would have to see to believe it are CCTV images shown on Sky News regarding Anneli Alderton. (see the Sky News link above and the CCTV video is available). This video on a train are supposedly the last images of where she was prior to being abducted and murdered. There is no one else in the field of view. The door of the train car connecting to the next car opens and then later closes and no one is seen coming in or out of that car. 
In the video the door opens from the adjacent train passenger car but no one is there. She is talking to someone but no one is in the field of view, no one is in the train car she is in. No one is seen on the train whatsoever (in her car or the next one in the field of view) except this prostitute that disappeared and her body was found murdered, dumped nude in the woods and strangled.
It is very clear what she was wearing in the CCTV images, but the door opening and closing is problematic because no one came through that door in what they are showing. What is also strange is the rail car in the background is moving and swaying (left to right) on the tracks and the car she is in is not moving at all. It is not swaying. 
Over and over again you hear the word "danger" and the other news stories are barely mentioned or not mentioned at all.
If you ever saw the Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes movie Rising Sun, it is very possible to alter digital images and remove any part of it you want removed. 
That is one of the reasons I have never bought off on some of the 9-11 photos that were obviously altered and left what they call "digital legacies" and can be detected as being altered. 
I have a good BS detector and this Ipswich, UK story is starting to have a strange odor about it. This one story is covering up a lot of misdeeds that have suddenly surfaced in the UK and have now been silenced due to this one story. 
Best regards,



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