The Elite War On God


From Mary Sparrowdancer
Once again, we have a misunderstanding pertaining to the word, "Lucifer," thus carrying on the strange tradition of tarnishing this word's meaning, and erroneously equating it to the devil.  If one takes a look at the Latin Vulgate, one will see that the word Lucifer (light bringer, Shining One, morning star) is found several times, and it is used as a respectful reference to Jesus.  Here is the Catholic Encyclopedia to help point this out.
I wondered for years why Jerome, who was commissioned to come up with the Latin Vulgate (dated 405 A.D.), would have placed "Lucifer" in Isaiah 14:12, and why the King James Version (KJV) subsequently left it there, especially since it is claimed that the KJV was translated from Hebrew.  One must wonder about personal agendas whenever humanity is in the process of inventing religions and changing ancient writings.  Lucifer is a Latin word, and therefore it does not appear in the Hebrew.  "Helel" appears in Hebrew Isaiah 14:12, meaning Shining One, light bringer, Venus, morning star, etc. In time, Jerome's possible agenda finally surfaced.
Jerome was known for his unpleasant temper, unbending mindset, and the vicious wars he waged against others whose beliefs differed from his own. One of Jerome's worst enemies was the Bishop of Cagliari, and Jerome wrote some of his most memorable and damning papers about that Bishop, a man he loved to hate.
The Bishop's name happened to be Lucifer.
Bishop Lucifer died in 371.  Jerome, however, was not quite finished with him yet, and Jerome would have the final word.  After Jerome's Vulgate came out in 405, people predictably stopped naming their kids Lucifer.  By way of a clever and venomous pen, Lucifer had suddenly become synonymous with the devil.
Additionally, the editorial by Constance Cumby contains a quote from Alice Bailey suggesting that Jesus was the "Founder" of Christianity.  The founder of Christianity was Paul, a Jewish man and prolific writer to whom at least 13 of the 21 letters of the New Testament have been attributed.  Paul's letters and his teachings predate all four of the Gospels and one must at least wonder if he presented an accurate picture of Jesus.  One must wonder this because Paul was the only apostle who had never even been a disciple of Jesus.  According to Paul, he never knew, studied with, walked with or listened to the teachings of Jesus.  Christianity is therefore based primarily upon the teachings of a Jewish man who was not present when Jesus appeared and spoke to the others.
Regarding the war on god or monotheism, perhaps the most elite to ever wage such a war was Jesus, himself.  It was apparently presumed that the god of Jesus must have been Paul's own god, Jehovah, the war god of Israel.  Based upon the Gospel of John as well as the recently translated Gospel of Judas, however, Jesus, the Shining One who is referred to as the morning star in Revelation -- was the opponent of that war god.  This can be clearly seen in John 8:44 where Jesus refers to that god as the devil, a liar, and a murderer.  This is the only verse in the entire KJV that contains all three words: devil, liar, and murderer.
The inaccuracies and misunderstandings have been allowed to stand for almost 2000 years now.  It's time for matters to be properly corrected. Something wonderful is awaiting discovery.
Mary Sparrowdancer is the author of The Love Song of the Universe, which addressed some of the above.  Unfortunately, the book sold out for a third and final time in October, 2006.  Mary is working on a Special Edition that will hopefully become available in January, 2007.



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