Checkmate, Whitey!
By Deacon Elurby

I was recently asked what I would do to counter the Left's use of the smear tactic term 'Racist'...
I would have used 'IGNORANT MONGRELIST' but that would backfire because Westerners have been indoctrinated by Hollywood to associate any concern about mongrelism with Nazis' race-based  rebuilding of Germany. Other possibles: 'IGNORANT COMMUNIST' or 'IGNORANT LOGICPHOBE' Or?.
Mongrelism is THE great evil of our time, as we're down-breeding toward the lowest common de-nominator (white parents of mixed-race kids are demanding answers about why their offspring can't perform as well as white children in school, but one dare not to mention the truth of it: the utterly, scientifically-proven GENETIC differences between the races. All 'men' are simply NOT created equal.).
If not for 'racism' on the part of our ancient ancestors, we'd all look more like chimps.
Bottom line? Racial mongrelization is an underlying tenet of socialism/communism, which is why the socialist/communist liberals push multi-racialism down whites' throats in every white Western democracy.
Immigration is GENOCIDAL for whites. Read that again.
Yeah, this war of words is a deadly game of chess, and the chessboard is Western civilization.
It's often said, "Who defines the terms controls the debate."
Leftists control the debate through their demand for political correctness, as the Mel Gibson and Michael Richards episodes show with glaring detail.
Yes, you see the difficulty in responding to leftists' name-calling (by the way, one may avoid some of the name-calling by always using QUESTIONING to broach the subject of race, rather than to use imperative sentences; for example, "Are white people suffering an on-going genocide and culturicide of their race and culture?" rather than: "Whites are suffering genocide and culturicide." Putting one's opinions in the form of a question offers some protection, suggesting one doesn't know the answer, but is searching for it).
I think the Left has already informed the Right that the game is over: 'CHECKMATE, Whitey!'
Always remember: Marxian Jews control the Left in America and Zionist Jews the Right. 
Here are some excerpts from my collection of thoughts on America's steep moral/cultural decline...
We rightists are not as good as leftists in the name-calling games.  For example, when we're called "racist" we rarely shoot back  with "mongrelist." And it's like pulling teeth to get mainstream  pundits on the right to use the terms "genocide" and "culturicide"  when writing or speaking about whites' eventual displacement by ANTI-WHITE/ANTI-WESTERN people of color  (one of the best terms to throw at leftists). So we rightists  battle on in the face of heavy losses, quite certain we're going to lose the war if things aren't radically and quickly turned around.
1607) What a powerful name-calling tool leftists have found in the use of the battle ax expression: "hate group," which is applied to any right-wing organization opposing leftists' agenda.
1622) Marxian and Zionist Jews are clever - and evil - to avoid debating facts about their social/cultural/political agendas by name-calling anyone who presents facts - running from any examination of facts by charging 'anti-Semitism' or 'racism' or 'sexism.'
1629) Marxian Jews aren't just silent about people of color who champion their race and culture but encourage it, and while name-calling any white man or white woman daring to champion or even show pride in the achievements of white Western civilization;  a double-standard that's employed to mongrelize - destroy - the 13%-population of whites that still exist.
1648) Marxian Jews have advanced their agenda by acting like a schoolyard bully against majority interests, keeping whites in a constant state of fear of public ridicule, using their control of media and entertainment industries - and their name-calling wrath expressed through them - to keep on bullying; a phenomenon quite common on school playgrounds, where the bully (and possibly a gang) controls the rest, so long as no one (or more) among the majority bloodies his nose; a lesson for right-wingers who have sat on their hands while left-wingers trashed whites' race and Western civilization during
the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties; and they still sit on their hands, impotent and emasculated about their own GENOCIDE and CULTURICIDE.
1805) Conservatives lack the creativity to combat liberals' excellent name-calling skills and their ability to frame culture-war issues on liberals' terms.
Here's why the Right is failing to win the culture wars: They fail at the NAMING GAME while leftists are very clever about thinking up effective PROPAGANDISTIC terms to advance their socialistic/ communistic causes - terms such as "desegregation" (actually forced integration), "diversity" (actually anti-white racism), "feminism" (actually anti-masculinism - or the rejection of logic for emotion) and "white privilege" (actually whites' hard work and sacrifice in building high-culture civilization). 
Rightists appear to be too muddle-headed to counter the PROPAGANDA, as this scribbler has been trying for years to persuade a host of notable conservatives to play the naming game as well as, if not better than, leftists - but to no avail. 
For example:
* Rightists will use the term "illegal immigration" in their SAVE-AMERICA rants where "anti-white immigration" would be more accurate and powerful
* They use "affirmative action" where the term "affirmative racism" reveals the truth of it
* They use "feminism" where "anti-masculinism" serves better
* They use "racism" where "anti-mongrelism" explains far better conservatives' save-the-race and nation-state causes
* They use nothing effectual in response to the charge "homophobic" where "logicphobic" (my term) would shoot it down
*They use nothing effectual in response to being called "xenophobic"...when asking the accuser this question: "Were Native Indians being xenophobic to oppose white invaders?" would shut him/her up
* They use nothing effectual in response to leftists' charge that "America is a nation of immigrants" when answering with this fact: "America had been a nation of WHITE immigrants until after passage of the anti-white/anti- Western Immigration Act of 1965" would knock down that dissembling claim
* They use nothing effectual in response to liberals' propaganda that "Diversity is our strength" when "Diversity is anti-white/anti-Western racism" slams home reason-driven conservatism
* They fail to unmask the term "civil rights" by using "special rights"
* And conservatives fail most profoundly by not using THE MOST EFFECTIVE  charge for countering the Left's anti-white/anti-Western immigration,  refugee and asylum policies: that they are GENOCIDAL and CULTURICIDAL  for the founding race and culture of white Western civilization. 
So, don't back down from those name-calling liberals. Fire back. And if they call you "racist" call them "mongrelist" (again, if not for racism on the part of our ancient ancestors, we'd look more simian than human). If they call you "bigot," call them "libertine" (a resolute belief in God necessarily makes one a bigot, opposed to the civilization-destroying hedonism of the libertine). You get the picture.  Be agressively creative. 
Lastly, you need to carry with you the bottom-line understanding that Marxian Jews are the ARCHITECTS of the West's steep moral, cultural and economic decline.
To repeat: Marxian Jews control the Left in America and Zionist Jews the Right. 
Marxian Jews had set out to destroy WASP culture (the white race and its Western Christian culture) after arriving here from Eastern Europe beginning in the late 1800s, bringing with them their COMMUNISTIC inclinations. Read my essay, "The Forward," about Jews' national newspaper, and find a stunning admission by them, that they had had a revolutionary goal for the paper from its inception: to transform America into a Marxist- directed civilization, using ink and paper and propaganda to make America fit the socialistic/communistic model.
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