Brightly Glowing, Structural
UFO Photographed In MA


UFO Photo from Lynn MA USA
From: Fredrick N.
Date: Tue, December 12, 2006
My kids and I saw this incredible UFO in the eastern sky on Dec 11th at around 5 pm. No sound just moving back forth up and down then exited.
One picture is enhanced with false color clearly showing the dome top above the bottom lights.
The pictures are from a digital camera and not re-touched at all, other than brightness and contrast and false color.
Please share!
Fredrick N.
Lynn, MA USA

First photo


False Color applied




2nd Photo




Rense Enhancement - Curves adjustment (night to day)



From "AR"
Jeff, I've perused your site many times over the past few years and learned two or three things since first discovering
Lesson #1 Don't Believe What You Read (Well actually my Dad taught me that one)
Lesson #2 Don't Believe Everything on The News (Oh, Sorry, Dad taught me that one too!)
Lesson #3 HOLY CRAP UFO's Use Energy In The ULTRAVIOLET SPECTRUM!!!!!!!!!
No, SERIOUSLY, This is the Single best UFO photo ever! Two reasons- Its extremely crisp, and it was taken in the dark of night with a fairly recently manufactured DIGITAL Camera, You see, I am a PHOTOGRAPHER by trade and the ccd's of most newer digital cameras have the ability to pick-up nearly-visible and invisible light. Can you guess where that beautiful blue lies in the spectrum??, Yup thats right- UV If you take the image and adjust the brightness and contrast, you will not see a dome over a structure, you will see a perfect sphere with three glowing energy tracers (for lack of a better word) These energy tracers are proof positive that whatever this thing is, its generating ultraviolet radiation and if you look closely, the "tracers" seem to be rotating counter-clockwise and slightly over-lapping. I'm totally floored by this, please put this out to your readership and let them run with the ball, thanks. Anthony Two related links:





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