The Black House On
Pennsylvania Avenue
By Mary Sparrowdancer
Copyright © 2006 Mary Sparrowdancer
All Rights Reserved

It appears that hell has finally frozen over.  The extent of the US government's illegal conduct--its lying, scheming, cheating, torture, murder, sexual escapades, and covering up of criminal activities--is finally surfacing and it is breaking through the once calm, sleepy, uninformed U.S. like the tip of an iceberg from hell.  Americans all over the country are now wondering when and how the government of the United States became the very thing that the Founding Fathers loathed and despised:  a malignant government that is brutal, feared, drunk with power, secretive, completely unaccountable, negligent and dishonest to the hilt. 
We have been heading in this direction since 1913, but under the leadership of the current decider and his family and co-conspirators, we, the Citizens of the United States now find ourselves plunged into a draconian form of government reminiscent of the Dark Ages. 
Had we not been lulled asleep, lied to, misinformed and uninformed by the news media for so long, we might have been able to fix things with less drastic measures than are now called for.  At this time, however, we find ourselves facing a government made up of individuals involved in so many criminal acts and scandals, our situation is unprecedented in the history of the United States.  A massive overhaul is in order.  It is time to return to our roots and reestablish the great Republic this nation was founded as and meant to be. 
No longer able to hide behind their historically owned media propaganda machines because the internet has rendered canned, fake and non-news worthless, those occupying important government seats of trust now stand starkly before us as never before in a horrifying line-up of suspects wanted for every type of crime known.  Their offenses and crimes are all impeachable, running the full gamut as described in the Constitution:  "treason, bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors." 
First and foremost, the majority of all federal officials now standing before us have failed to uphold their Oath of Office--the oath in which they swore to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States.  Although this Oath of Office is apparently treated as a joke by most who take it, in reality there is nothing of greater importance for public servants, because it is that Oath which protects the people the oath-takers serve.  It does this by protecting the Constitution, the supreme law of the land. 
Instead, the majority of Congress, the entire Bush administration as well as unknown members of the judicial branch have created or upheld laws that are in clear violation of the Constitution.  One of the most recent examples of this is the Military Commissions Act (MCA), an unconstitutional law that, among other things, strikes down the habeas corpus for some individuals.  Habeas Corpus has served for many centuries as the "fundamental instrument for safeguarding individual freedom against arbitrary and lawless state action."  It predates the Magna Carta of 1215.  (1)
Many others are also standing before us in this line-up for charges of bribery and extortion and for taking kickbacks and expecting such perks because they are office holders. 
Still others in this rogues gallery stand before us as sexual predators of minor children, daring to use their federal offices and federal titles as a means of finding new victims, or covering up the vulgarities of other office holders. 
Chillingly, others stand before us as conspirators of murder, caught on camera speaking lies for the purpose of causing unnecessary and unjust wars in which countless innocent civilians, including infants and children, have died terrible deaths or have been forever maimed.  Hiring people to murder others is known as homicide in the United States. 
With the help of the internet, we have been able to watch again and again videos that caught forever the lies that fomented war--the chants of "terror," and "terrorists," and "threat," and "madman," and "weapons of mass destruction."  Many of us have also seen the documentaries indicating it was controlled demolition that caused the buildings of September 11 to collapse into their footprints.  Those with stomachs to bear looking at even more have seen the subsequent vicious attacks on innocent civilians carried out on foreign soils by order of the armchair warriors in D.C.
While the top government officials have continued to chant their words of terror calling for an unending war in order to strike down the unknown and unnamed, they have still not explained to us how they allowed the atrocity of September 11 to happen to America in the first place.  Did they have foreknowledge of the planned attack (as it now appears), or was this criminal negligence and incompetence at its worst--or was it a combination of all? 
When the ten-person 9/11 Commission finally began its investigation 441 days after the attacks occurred, it was discovered by the families of the victims that the two leaders of the Commission had close, personal ties to the Bush administration.  They refused to step down, however.  The White House permitted only those two leading members to see pertinent documents, and refused access to the other eight Commission members. 
Senator Max Cleland, a former member of the Commission who was denied access to the documents, stated in the 9/ll Press for Truth documentary, "the president has said only a minority of the Commission can see a minority of the documents, and then they have to clear what they are going to say to the rest of the Commission with the White House."  (2)
According to a 2004 Democracy Now interview, after the White House set the conditions for the examination of documents, Cleland said, "If this decision stands, I, as a member of the commission, cannot look any American in the eye, especially family members of victims, and say the commission had full access. This investigation is now compromised."  In the Press for Truth documentary, Cleland summarized his opinion, stating, "It's a scam.  It's absolutely disgusting."  Cleland stepped down from the Commission. (3)
Further hampering the investigation and adding arrogance to the great wall of silence, Bush and Cheney refused to testify under oath before the Commission.  According to CNN, they "answered questions" behind closed doors in an unrecorded session where no stenographer was allowed to be present.  No transcript was provided for the family members who had fought so hard to have an investigation made.  (4)
In July, 2004, the Commission published its final report, "The National Commission on Terrorist Acts Upon the United States."  According to the Press for Truth documentary, family members stated they were hopeful that the final report would contain answers they sought, despite the impediments and roadblocks created by the White House. 
As shown in the documentary, accolades for the published report on terrorism were given by Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Florida, Republican), who stated the Report was "truly bipartisan," as though party affiliation were of any significance whatsoever in a matter as profoundly important as the investigation of the terrorist murders of 3,000 people.  This should have been an independent criminal investigation of the highest order, carried out by those who are masters in the field of criminal investigation.  Murder was committed on 9/11, and when murders are committed, homicide investigations generally follow.  Five years later, we are still waiting for an impartial, professional investigation. 
Rep. Ros-Lehtinen further praised the terrorist report, stating that it honored those who died as well as their grieving family members.  Judging from the now-weeping and angry family members, however, the report did nothing of the kind. 
Praise was also given by former Florida Secretary of State, Katherine Harris, who said, "this may be one of the most important publications of our age."  The president also praised the Report saying, "The Commission members have worked hard and served our country well"  For those who quite literally got away with murder, both statements seem accurate. 
The diluted and unsatisfying 9/11 Commission Report predictably was able to answer little and it gave us little in the way of new information.  On page 428, the following question can be found, revealing a lack of investigative sophistication:  "At several points in our inquiry we asked, 'Who is responsible for defending us at home?'"  And then, incredibly, we are told, "We found that NORAD, which had been given the responsibility for defending U.S. air space, had construed that mission to focus on threats coming from outside America's borders."  If this is meant to infer that those occupying important seats in the U.S. government are innocently unaware of terrorists living in America, and are innocently unaware of terrorist activities being directed from within the U.S. borders, it is completely, demonstrably and patently false. 
One family member stated in the documentary that only approximately 30 percent of their questions were addressed.  On page 172 of the Commission Report, the following statement is made, further reflecting the lack of competency or seriousness in this investigation:  "To date, the U.S. government has not been able to determine the origin of the money used for the 9/11 attacks.  Ultimately, the question is of little practical significance." 
It is difficult to ascertain when, exactly, this all started--when public servants began acting like emperors and dictators above and beyond all law, and when we as a nation of sovereign Citizens collectively fell into the strange, obedient, slumber of zombies--when we began acting like serfs and chattel for the dictators.  When did we roll over and decide to let "the government" run and ruin our lives without questioning that government?  It appears to have had its official, illegal and illegitimate birth in 1913. 
By that time "corporate personhood" had already been established as a result of the Constitution being further subverted for corporate interests.  With corporate personhood, Constitutional rights that were meant for human beings were given to corporations.  There is something about corporations, though.  Regardless of how many human rights they might claim for themselves, they remain in fact lifeless, devoid of all feelings, and they are mindless except in their desire for profit and gains.  They never, ever develop a conscience, although those devoting themselves to corporation frequently lose theirs. 
Two life altering events happened in 1913.  Early in the year, the alleged ratification of Amendment XVI was announced in which Congress gave itself the power to tax citizens in a manner that directly violated the Constitution.  In December of that year, Congress and President Woodrow Wilson, in further violation of the Constitution and without a required Constitutional Amendment, established The Federal Reserve.  This turned important powers to coin and regulate money over to private bankers.  The private bankers then referred to themselves by the misleading title of the "Federal" Reserve.  On Christmas Eve, front page headlines screamed, "Wilson Sees Dawn of New Era in Business."  Indeed.  (5)
In 1916, Woodrow Wilson campaigned for reelection under the slogan "he kept us out of war," and he won reelection.  Five months later, in April of 1917, Wilson asked Congress for a declaration of war against Germany.  This was granted and the US entered the First World War.  (6)
One of the most highly decorated Marines in US history, Major General Smedley Butler, wrote a book that was first published in 1935 called, War Is a Racket.  The subject of his book was the First World War, and according to his book the war racket is one in which "profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in livesAt least 21,000 new millionaires and billionaires were made in the United States during the World War."  The du Ponts alone, General Butler stated, had "an increase in profits of more than 950 percent" during the war years.  Nickel manufacturers had increases of more than 1,700 percent; and coal companies had increases of 7,856 per cent.  In fact, all of the industries General Butler looked into were ladling in for themselves the cream of substantial profits.  The bankers who financed the war, however, had the largest ladles of all.  "Being partnerships rather than incorporated organizations," Butler wrote, "they do not have to report to stockholders. And their profits were as secret as they were immense. How the bankers made their millions and their billions I do not know, because those little secrets never became public--even before a Senate investigatory body."  (7)
With corporations having more importance than human life and health in the United States, and with the corporations engorged with profits earned at the cost of human life and health, the stage was set for something new to begin happening in the United States, and happen it did, just like night follows day--just like the expected cycles of summer, fall, winter and spring. 
Since the First World War, a major war has been arranged for us to lose our lives in approximately every 20 years or so, always occurring after a major, staged event that results in the preliminary loss of innocent lives.  This has historically proven to cause the masses to experience outrage, grief, fear and a sense of togetherness or patriotism--all of which have been traditionally necessary in order to turn us into willing military combatants. 
The first catalyzing event was the Lusitania, then came Pearl Harbor, followed by the assassination of President Kennedy and the Gulf of Tonkin lies, and now it appears we have the "new Pearl Harbor," as predicted by the Project for a New American Century, PNAC.  The "new Pearl Harbor" has so far led to a profitable "war on terror" that brought the US first to war in Afghanistan, and then on to Iraq, with no end currently in sight.  Engorged again in another corporate feeding frenzy, the lifeless doll's eyes of this feeding machine are now possibly looking to engorge itself further with Iran. 
The Bush regime's "war on terror" appears to be changing the modus operandi slightly.  Apparently, those in charge of this profit-making war machine have now decided to do away with the 20-year pauses originally granted to those actually doing the fighting and doing the dying for corporate profit.  Perhaps they have decided they are losing too much money with the old plan that skipped every other generation.  The new and improved war plan appears to be intent on waging a permanent war against a select few whose names we might not even know, whose hiding places are not known, and whose actual threat to us is also not really known--or is even completely invented.  This new plan will allow corporate and banking America to make long, drawn out, endless profits. 
The plan is working well so far, at least for those carrying the cream ladles rather than the rifles.  According to a 2004 report on Bloomberg, "U.S. corporate profits surged 87 percent from the third quarter of 2001 to the end of 2003."  They based these figures upon Commerce Department records.  (8)
But while the United States is now at war with "terrorists," and our task at hand is to apparently rid the world of terrorists, many U.S. Citizens are now falling under the category of being a "terrorist" themselves simply because we are sensing that something is suspiciously not right with the Bush administration and we are speaking out about it, as we are expected to do under the Constitution.  The "patriot act," another illegal and unconstitutional law, demands that we obediently obey, and never question government.  This violates the very soul of America. 
What exactly does the Bush administration consider to be a terrorist?  Are terrorists pacifists such as myself, who have never held or fired a gun in their lives, but who have a few select words to say about the mess the Bush family has orchestrated?  Are terrorists newsmen such as Keith Olbermann who are daring to speak out against the policies of the Bush administration?  Is this "war" Bush keeps reminding us of actually against terrorists, or is it a war against the civil liberties and human rights of people in this country and everywhere else? 
How can one explain, for instance, the strange case of Dr. Orlando Bosch, a Cuban exile and pediatrician living in Miami?  He is an elderly man at this time, but I wish to ask why the Republican Party has so strongly defended--and released from custody-- this man who is a convicted terrorist with ties to fascists. 
Dr. Bosch's alleged curriculum vitae includes the terrorist activities listed below, as can be found on, "Granma" (Cuban newspaper), the NY Transfer News, and other sources.  Although this list begins with the year 1968, earlier, Bosch was also questioned about being in Dealey Plaza when John Kennedy was assassinated.  Some investigators feel that photos and stills show Bosch seated on the grass in Dealey Plaza (possibly speaking into a radio) next to "umbrella man." 
January 8, 1968:  Suitcase bomb in Havana
January 25, 1968: Bombs placed in commercial establishments, United States
February 1, 1968: Mexican Consulate in Miami bombed, United States.
February 2, 1968: Bomb placed in British consul's house in Miami, United States.
March 12, 1968: Bomb placed in Cuban restaurant, United States
March 13, 1968: Bomb placed in Chilean Consulate, United States
April 2, 1968: Bomb placed in pharmaceutical company, United States
April 22, 1968: Bomb placed in Mexican Consulate, United States
April 22, 1968: Bomb placed in Spanish Tourism Office, United States
May 5, 1968: British ship Greenwood bombed, United States
May 25, 1968: Bomb placed aboard the Japanese ship Aroka Maru, United States
June 21, 1968: Bomb placed in Spanish Tourism Office, United States
June 23, 1968: Bomb placed in Mexican Tourism Office, United States
June 27, 1968: Bomb in the garage of Mexican consultation, United States
July 4, 1968: Bomb placed in Cuban Consulate, Canada
July 4, 1968: Bomb placed in Canadian Tourism Office, United States
July 7, 1968: Bomb placed in Japanese Tourism Office, United States
July 11, 1968: Bomb explodes near Cuban Mission to the UN.
July 11, 1968: Bomb placed, Japanese ship Michagesan Maru, Mexico
July 14, 1968: Bomb placed in Mexican Tourism Office, United States
July 15, 1968: Bomb discovered in a French government office, United States
July 16, 1968: Bomb discovered in the Mexican Consulate, United States
July 17, 1968: Bomb placed in Cuban diplomat's home, United States
July 19, 1968: Bomb placed in French Tourism Office, United States
July 19, 1968: Bomb placed in Shell Petroleum Company, England
July 19, 1968: Bomb placed in Japanese travel agency, United States
July 26, 1968: Bomb placed in Mexican Tourism Office, United States
July 31, 1968: Bomb placed in British Consulate, United States
August 3, 1968: Bomb placed in British bank, United States
August 5, 1968: Bomb placed in offices of the Communist Party, United States
August 7, 1968: Bomb placed, Bahamas ship Caribbean Venture, United States
August 9, 1968: Bombed Mexican representatives, United States
August 9, 1968: Bomb placed in Mexican consul's home, Miami, United States
September 11, 1968: Bomb placed aboard British ship in Mexico
September 16, 1968: Bomb explodes, Spanish ship Satrustegui, Puerto Rico
September 16, 1968: Bazooka attack on Polish ship in Miami, United States
September 17, 1968: Bomb placed aboard Mexican airplane, United States
September 19, 1968: Bomb placed, home of Mexican consultation, United States
October 18, 1968: Bomb placed in Canadian travel agency
October 20, 1968: Gas bomb, in theater where a Cuban actress was performing
October 24, 1968: Attempts to assassinate Cuban ambassador to the UN
July 26, 1969: Bomb placed in Mexican Tourism Office in the United States
August 6, 1969: Bomb placed in British-owned Shell Oil offices, United States
August 6, 1969: Bomb placed in Air France offices in the United States
1972, Bosch traveled to Chile, aligns with General Augusto Pinochet's fascist
junta; participates in attacks on prominent Chileans in exile.
1974, Bosch created the terrorist organization, Cuban Action
January 21, 1974: Bomb placed in Cuban diplomatic office, Canada
January 21, 1974: Bomb placed in Cuban diplomatic office, Argentina
January 21, 1974: Bomb placed in Cuban diplomatic office, Peru
January 21, 1974: Bomb placed in Cuban embassy, Mexico
February 13, 1974: Bomb placed in Cuban embassy, Madrid
April 4, 1974: Prensa Latina representatives bombed, Mexico
October 1, 1974: Bomb placed in Panamanian embassy, Caracas
October 30, 1974: Bomb placed in Venezuelan-Cuban Friendship Institute
November 11, 1974: Bomb placed, hotel with Cubans, United States
March 19, 1974: Assassination of General Carlos Prats, former officer,
Chilean Armed Forces, and his wife, Argentina
May 10, 1975: Attempt in Rome to kill Bernardo Leighton, vice president,
Chilean Democratic Party in exile, and his wife
July 1975: Shots fired on the resident of a Cuban official, United States
August 3, 1975: Assassination attempt, Cuban Ambassador Aragonés, Argentina
November 17, 1975: Bomb placed in Venezuelan tourism company, Venezuela
November 30, 1975: Bomb placed in USSR commercial office, Mexico
March 1976: Bosch is arrested by Costa Rican police for suspicion of trying to
assassinate exiled Chilean leader Andrés Pascal Allende
September 21, 1976: Assassination of Orlando Letelier, former Chilean
ambassador, and his secretary Ronnie Moffitt, United States
1976, founded the Command of United Revolutionary Organizations (CORU).
June 6, 1976: Bomb placed in Cuban diplomatic mission at the UN
July 1, 1976: Bomb placed in Cuban-Costa Rican cultural center, Costa Rica
July 8, 1976: Bomb placed in Cuban mission in Spain
September 7, 1976: Bomb placed in Cubana de Aviación warehouse, Jamaica
July 10, 1976: Bomb placed in Cubana de Aviación office in Barbados
July 11, 1976: Bomb placed in Air Panama offices in Colombia
July 23, 1976: Attempt to kidnap Cuban consul in Mérida, Mexico,
Killing D'Artagnan Díaz Díaz
September 8, 1976: Kidnapping of two Cuban diplomats in Argentina
September 9, 1976: Bomb placed in Guyanese embassy in Trinidad and Tobago
September 18, 1976: Bomb placed in Cubana de Aviación office in Panama
October 6, 1976: Bomb explodes on a Cubana de Aviación passenger plane,
killing all 73 persons on board, many of them children.
Subsequently arrested, but continued to order other Venezuelan attacks
March 30, 1977: Bomb placed in Venezuelan Consulate in Puerto Rico
August 30, 1977: Bomb placed, Venezuelan airplane in Miami, United States
December 23, 1977: Bomb placed in Viasa airline office, United States
December 30, 1977: Bomb placed in Venezuelan Consulate in Puerto Rico
In 1978, also from his cell, ordered attacks on Mexican interests for measures
taken by government after death of D'Artagnan Díaz Díaz.
February 7, 1978: Bomb placed in Mexican Consulate, United States
February 7, 1978: Bomb placed, Mexican ship Azteca, 2 killed, 7 injured. 
>From his cell, directed actions of Omega-7, with numerous terrorist attacks.
September 9, 1978: Bomb placed in Cuban mission at the UN
October 5, 1978: Bomb placed near Madison Square Garden, where Cuban boxers
were supposed to fight, United States
October 6, 1978: Bomb placed, Girasol tourism, Socialist Party of Puerto Rico
October 6, 1978: Bomb placed in offices of Antillana tourism, Puerto Rico
October 6, 1978: Bomb placed, Record Public Service company, owned by a
Cuban immigrant in Puerto Rico
October 23, 1978: Bomb placed in La Prensa newspaper, United States
November 18, 1978: Bomb threats against TWA, due to its flights to Cuba
December 28, 1978: Bomb placed, office of Varadero Travel in Puerto Rico
December 29, 1978: Bomb placed in Cuban mission at the UN
December 29, 1978: Bomb placed in Lincoln Center, New York, United States
March 26, 1979: Bomb placed, TWA offices, New York's JFK Airport,
United States
March 26, 1979: Bomb placed, Weehawken company of NJ headed by Cuban
Eulalio J. Negrín, of the Committee of 75, negotiating with Cuba
April 4, 1979: Murder of Carlos Muñoz Varela, Puerto Rico
November 25, 1979: Eulalio J. Negrín murdered
September 11, 1980: Murder of Félix García Rodríguez, Cuban diplomat (9)
According to, "By the start of the 1980s, the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF) was in existence, and its leader, Jorge Mas Canosa, directed counterrevolutionary and terrorist attacks."  
In 1988, Bosch returned to the United States where he was arrested for having violated his parole for the bazooka incident.  He then requested political asylum. 
It would seem from the list of activities that this man might, in fact, under most reasonable definitions of the term, be a bona fide "terrorist" (Ret. perhaps).  Joe D. Whitley, Acting Associate Attorney General at the time Bosch requested political asylum, reviewed the request and ordered him deported, writing, "For 30 years, Bosch has been resolute and unwavering in his advocacy of terrorist violence."  Attorney General Dick Thornburgh referred to Bosch as an "unreformed terrorist."  (10)
At the same time that those in the Attorney General's office were stating their opinions of Bosch, Cuban-born Ileana Ros-Lehtinen was campaigning in Florida for her position in the House of Representatives.  It would be from her position and capacity as a Representative in Congress that she would one day give the accolades listed above for the 9/11 Commission Report, "The National Commission on Terrorist Acts Upon the United States." 
Ros-Lehtinen did not share the opinions of the Attorneys General concerning Orlando Bosch.  Ros-Lehtinen, in fact, began a vigorous campaign to have Bosch freed.  Her campaign chairman during this time, according to the New Yorker and numerous other sources, was a real estate developer named Jeb Bush.  Jeb's father was the president of the U.S., (Bush Number One).  Bosch was not deported.  Instead, in 1990, President George Herbert Walker Bush ordered Bosch to be released.  (11)
According to a 2006 article in Counter Punch, "Few people in this country know that Orlando Bosch was released from immigration custody by President George Bush Sr. in 1990, and that he now sits on the dais whenever President Bush Jr. delivers speeches in Miami."  (12)
Because the United States has permitted ongoing Miami-based anti-Cuba terrorist activities against Cuba (in which some 3,000 people have been killed), Cuba then sent an anti-terrorist peacekeeping team consisting of five men to Miami in order to monitor the terrorist activities and prevent further attacks on Cuba.  Unarmed--in possession of no weapons whatsoever--their peacekeeping mission was exactly that:  to maintain peace and help prevent further terrorist attacks on Cuba. 
All five men were arrested by the United States government in 1998 and charged with "conspiracy to commit espionage" and other charges, and sentenced to prison.  Gerardo Hernandez received two life sentences and Antonio Guerrero received one life sentence for their anti-terrorist efforts.  Ramon Labanino also received a life sentence for anti-terrorism.  Fernando Gonzalez received 19 years, and Rene Gonzalez 15 years for their roles in attempting to quell terrorist activities.  (13)
Orlando Bosch remains free at the time of this writing. 
One might ask the same question at this point that many asked after seeing films of 9/11:  after watching Bush, filmed as he sat unresponsive, listening to children read from a book about a goat for the better part of ten minutes after being notified that America was under attack--and when we watched the twin towers fall into their footprints--and when we watched the WTC7 building also fall into its footprints--and when we learned Cheney and Bush refused to testify under oath--and when lies were told to us and then repeated to us on camera.  "What is wrong with this picture?"  What is wrong with all of these pictures? 
No one ever will know how wrong anything is or has been as long as the key figures are permitted to arrogantly refuse to testify under oath, and as long as we continue to turn a blind eye to what is going on and being done to innocent people all around us. 
Is there a way out of this?  Yes. 
The first step begins with educating ourselves.  Read the Constitution (including, of course, the Bill of Rights), and the Declaration of Independence.  Keep these documents on hand.  They are the keys to your liberty and freedom.  No law is legal unless it is in keeping with the Constitution. 
Devote at least an hour each day to reading or studying news from around the world.  Do not be afraid to ask questions.  Ask many questions. 
Some individuals have gone to considerable effort at this time in order to provide us with important documentaries and other educational materials.  They have done so freely, with the hope that their work will help to awaken us. 
Aaron Russo is such a person.  He is an award winning film producer, and he has just released his documentary, "America:  Freedom to Fascism" on DVD, on minimal-fee pay per view, as well as completely free of charge on google.  This documentary provides us with important history, including much of the information stated above pertaining to what happened in 1913 and the establishment of the Federal Reserve.  Included in his documentary is extensive testimony about the seemingly divine revelation that there is no law compelling most Americans to pay a Federal Income Tax.  A copy of his documentary should be in every home in America as we rightfully take back the servant government that is meant to serve us. 
After educating yourself, the next step is to vote--always vote--and demand that no electronic voting machines be used unless there are paper copies of your votes that can be counted.  Feel free to talk about the persons for whom you are voting, and why you are voting for them.  Feel free to talk about everything.  The old "rule" that we should not talk about politics or religion helped to get us into this mess.  Talk about it all, freely and openly, as we were meant to do. 
When you vote, do not be lured to simply vote for one party or another.  This is another scam.  Find out what each person desiring to be put into office is supporting.  What do they believe in?  If you like their beliefs, vote for them.  If not, do not vote for them.  If they are already in office and are not upholding their Oath of Office and not upholding the Constitution, get rid of them by way of your vote.  This will help to establish an honest system made up of individuals who will abide by their Oath of Office, and take their jobs seriously.  Very seriously. 
After weighing the facts yourself, demand that all measures and laws that have been unconstitutional, including the establishment of the "Federal" Reserve and illegal acts such as the so-called "patriot act" and the Military Commission act be abolished.  Give the right to coin and regulate money back to an honest Congress after an honest Congress has been created.  Demand freedom for those who are being falsely held in U.S. prisons for unjust reasons, and demand that all monies and properties falsely taken from the American Citizens be immediately returned to them. 
Finally, the last step is to never fall asleep again.  The government in this country will only work as it is supposed to work as long as we, the Citizens it serves, monitor it carefully and demand that it work according to the Constitution, and demand that all government servants of the Citizens of this nation--right up to the president and vice-president--be held completely accountable for all of their acts and actions while in office. 
Mary Sparrowdancer is the author of the Love Song of the Universe (2001), which is an account of her 1988 first meeting--and subsequent ongoing visits--with a mysterious stranger who has been imparting information to her.  Former Secretary of State Katherine Harris banned this book of peace from the State Library of Florida.  Secretary of State Jim Smith subsequently permitted it on the shelves.  The book has sold out for the second time this year at the former publisher's office.
Mary wishes to thank Congressional Candidate (Arizona) Mark Yannone for his insight, comments and input during the writing of this paper.  Let us hope that he and others like him will quickly be voted into Congress so the restoration of America to her roots as a great Republic can begin.
A.       Aaron Russo's "America:  Freedom to Fascism"  

The google version is currently located here, but new copies are being made almost daily due to the large volume of people watching it:
B.      "9/11:  Press for Truth" -
          Documentary about the victims' families struggle for an investigation into 9/11.  If you cannot find it with this link, please search for the name of the documentary as this one is also being re-updated almost daily.
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