The Illuminati 'Won'
The Elections

By Michael Shore
In Tel Aviv

The elections in the U.S.A. are over and it now becomes increasingly clear that the Illuminati really do control both the Democratic and Republican parties, so that no matter which candidate won, the Illuminati can continue their agenda for total world domination and the establishment of an Illuminati ruled global fascist police state. In the article entitled The Illuminati Always Win The 'Election', it explains how the American elections are a rigged "staged" Illuminati event to give the American people the belief and appearance that a "real" democratic election event is happening. The 2006 elections cost an astounding total of about $3 billion dollars to run for all of these Senate and Congressional seats. If you don't have a few million dollars behind you, don't even bother being a candidate in an American election. And the People are misled to believe that anyone can become a Senator or Congressman?  Good luck. All the Illuminati had to do was funnel these billions of dollars to the candidates of their choice and ballyhoo the candidate they wanted to win in their corporate controlled media. Democracy IS NOT suppose to be a two party system. It is supposed to be a system giving the People many parties with different ideas and agendas to choose from.
By the Illuminati "allowing" the Democratic candidates to "win" both the House and the Senate, the American People are misled to believe that Bush/Cheney and the Republican party have lost their power and that major changes will occur. This will cause the American People to let down their guard and trust that the Democratic political leaders will reverse everything that Bush has put in place, which gave the executive branch dictatorial powers. Forget that possibility because it has taken many years for the Illuminati to achieve this objective without the American People being aware that this was being done. In the aftermath of the election it is clear that BOTH the Democratic and Republican parties work together for the Illuminati, and the Illuminati agenda for a police state in America is unfortunately still in place. Plus the Illuminati wars for profits continue and their Democratic and Republican associates in crime are still in office.
The Democrats and the Republicans had to see that Bush and his associated government officials in crime LIED and started a "war for profits", which has caused over 600,000 innocent Iraqi men, women and children to be killed along with thousands of American soldiers. Hundreds of thousands more have been maimed and wounded. The Iraqis have no real defense against the MULTI-TRILLION dollar U.S. military killing machine. The Americans have high tech weapons of every kind. They have planes, tanks, ships, missiles and thousands  of Weapons of Mass Destruction etc. And what do the Iraqis or Afghanis have? Nothing. They do not have a military and no weapons of any consequence. It's not even a war, it's a SLAUGHTER of innocent human beings. All the Iraqis and Afghanis are trying to do is protect themselves and their families from the invader occupiers called Americans and their associate Nations in crimes against humanity.The Republican President and Vice President, cabinet members and their other associates in crime who are responsible for this horrendous slaughter of human beings are still sitting in their positions of power. Hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars have been stolen in no-bid contracts and other ways in the Iraqi war for profits. But one must remember that the Democratic Senators and Congressmen were going along with this horrific agenda BEFORE the elections ever started.
In a so-called democracy, if you have a psychopathic President who lies and starts wars for billions of dollars of profits for his family and all of his associates in crime and these wars have resulted in the killing and wounding of over 1,000,000 innocent people, you would think that not only Democrats, but also Republicans would want such a leader to be removed from power. Do the people of any Nation want to be led by a leader who lies and kills innocent human beings in order to make a lot of money? The top leaders in the U.S. government have major conflicts of interest with their relationship and financial interests in major war companies such as the Bush's Carlyle Group, Cheney's Haliburton and Rumsfeld's Bechtel etc. These corporations are making billions of dollars from these wars. Many Senators and Congressmen have similar conflicts of interest, which is why you rarely hear about anything being done about this sort of outright corruption. In the five years that Bush has been President and Cheney Vice President, the Democrats never stood up and did anything to stop the Bush/Cheney conflicts of financial interests.They have not properly alerted the American People about this blatant corruption because they are all "in" on it. They did not demand that this regime be brought before a World Court and tried for crimes against humanity, which is what Bush et al are engaging in. This man LIED and started wars for profits over the past five years and the Democrats sat by and allowed this to happen.
During the elections, the Democratic leaders gave the impression that they were going to impeach Bush and Cheney and get rid of all their corrupted partners in crime, who blatantly are stealing billions of dollars of taxpayer money from this "war from profits" in Iraq. After the election was over Pelosi immediately issued a statement taking impeachment "off the table" and had lunch with the war criminal President George Bush and said she was going to work with this man. Why didn't Pelosi and all the other Democrats tell the American People BEFORE the elections that that this was their game plan? Because Pelosi is told what to do by her Illuminati employers and they want Bush to still be in power. President Clinton was impeached for having consensual sex with Monica Lewinsky and Bush is NOT being impeached for major high crimes and misdemeanors, eliminating the rights and freedoms in the Constitution and lying to start a war for profit that has caused over 600,000 people to lose their lives? Doesn't make sense, does it? It does though, once you understand that it is the Illuminati who control the 100 Senators and 435 Congressmen, who make up the Democratic and Republican parties. They have control of the American currency and make the corrupted decisions about how to spend { steal } TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars. Their decisions are geared to steal this large sum of money, instead of using it for the benefit of all the People in America. Just the interest alone on the National Debt, which the Illuminati "elite" bankers receive, costs the taxpayers about $300 billion dollars a year. The Illuminati have their agenda and long term plan in place, and they will let nothing get in their way for them to achieve it.
The People are misled to believe that the Democratic Senators and Congressmen could do NOTHING to stop these "war crimes" and the theft of billions of dollars in Iraq because they were outnumbered in the Senate and Congress. Now before we go any further, just think about this for a moment. Some group of serial killers are killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people and stealing billions of dollars and nobody in positions of power are doing anything to stop this and bring the perpetrators of these crimes to justice. Will someone at least call the police and report these crimes? Or better yet, call the F.B.I. and the C.I.A.  and get them involved in stopping these war crimes. It can be done, you know, if the so-called "government" was really working for the benefit of its citizens and operating according to the Constitution. Senators and Congressmen spend millions of dollars a year on public relations to get stories in the news. Why haven't they put forth this story in the news on a daily basis, telling of war crimes and the theft of billions of dollars by the oil companies and war profiteers? The Democrats and the Republicans should easily be able to see what Bush et al is doing is CRIMINAL and in a democratic society with a Constitution to prevent this kind of insane abuse of power, these leaders in government have ways and means at their disposal to remove a CRIMINAL President and his regime from power besides impeachment. The reason these criminal acts are still going on is that all 100 Senators and 435 Congressmen work together for the Illuminati and all of them are "in" on it. If a President, Vice President, Senator or Congressman has some "change of heart" and starts to do the "right" thing, the Illuminati will put up a lot of money to see to it that they are removed from office by any means possible. Blackmail and slander campaigns or allowing their corrupted financial dealings to be exposed being one method. Plane crashes, assassinations, poison, "accidents", "suicide" and other methods of un-natural death perpetrated by Illuminati black ops people being other methods. 
What is going on here is NOT about Republicans or Democrats, it's about CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. And by the Democrats and Republicans not taking action to stop these crimes, everyone of them are complicit in these WAR CRIMES and EVERYONE of them should be taken before a court of law and be charged with the murder of innocent men, women and children and the theft of billions of dollars from the citizens they are suppose to be working for. We were told that something like this should have happened in Nazi Germany, but very few Nazis government leaders, who went along with the actions of Hitler, were ever tried for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and thousands of Nazis government officials were allowed to escape to other countries including the U.S.A. WW ll was also an Illuminati "war for profits" and so are just about every war, which is used to further the Illuminati long term agenda of total control of Planet Earth. The Illuminati bloodline goes back thousands of years. This is a whole other Illuminati story that we're not going to go into here. Read the David Icke book "The Biggest Secret" for all the historical details.
In addition, you do not hear the call for Bush et al to be tried for war crimes by the leaders of other Nations, including Muslim Nations or the United Nations. This shows that the Illuminati control is global and not just in the U.S.A. The Illuminati are that powerful. Whatever they want, they have the money and power to orchestrate. They control all of the major global corporate media, which is why you hear all the corporate controlled talking heads giving you the same line that it is just fine for Pelosi to not go for impeachment and leave a regime of war criminals in power in what is supposed to be a democratic Nation. 
Now having stated the case for WAR CRIMES against the entire group of U.S. government officials currently in power, let's take a look at what the Democrats are doing {not doing} now that they have "won" both the Senate and The Congress. Nancy Pelosi the new Majority leader along with other key Democratic leaders have stated that they will not even impeach Bush/Cheney for lying to start wars for profits that have resulted in the killing of over 600,000 people. In a recent poll, over 87% of the American People are calling for Bush and Cheney et al to be impeached and removed from power. In America and every other so-called Democratic country, the elected government officials are suppose to abide by the will of the People who elected them. This is what Democracy is suppose to be about. The Democrats can no longer LIE and say they do not have the power to impeach, instead these Democrats are now saying they WILL NOT impeach a psychopathic killer who has committed war crimes. Plus these Democrats are willing to just let the corruption and theft of billions of tax payer dollars by Bush/Cheney and their partners in crime be pushed under the rug and let this regime continue doing business as usual.
Here are some articles that contain a long list of important issues, which Pelosi and her Democrat associates in crime are not immediately addressing and now you know why:
The Constitution has been shredded and American freedoms have been destroyed by Patriot Acts 1 & 2 and the Military Commissions Act along with illegal wire taps etc. The war for oil and war profits in Iraq rages on. Corruption continues. And what does Pelosi and the Democrats place at the top of their agenda? Minimum wages and immigration. Now any person who has a brain, be it Democrat or Republican, should be able to see that something is DEFINITELY wrong with this picture. THE ILLUMINATI RULE and this is what they want Pelosi and their Democratic and Republican "employees" to do so they can continue to steal TRILLIONS of dollars from their slaves in every country on Planet Earth and move forward towards their agenda of total world domination by establishing a global fascist police state, where true freedom will not exist.
It should be noted that Pelosi and her husband are multi-millionaires. So are Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the lot of them. Therefore the $1.3 TRILLION dollar tax gift to the richest 43,000 multi-millionaires/billionaires in the U.S.A. will not be nullified anytime soon by the Democrats, unfortunately. This TRILLION dollars {an enormous amount of money} could be used to help eradicate the poverty and hunger of the poor people in the U.S.A. and the billions of impoverished people around the World, But the evil, greedy, satanic Illuminati killers and thieves do not want anything like this to happen. 
So what can be done here? First is to recognize that the Illuminati and their connected secret societies and other Illuminati sponsored organizations really do exist>> Bilderbergers, Scull and Bones, Trilateral Commission, G8, Council of Foreign Relations, Federal Reserve etc. and it is the top Illuminati members who are a threat to ALL the citizens of America and the world. The top leaders of the Vatican, Masons,Jesuits and the British Monarchy are main players in all of this too. Research and read for yourself about the Illuminati. Put "Illuminati" in a search at
Tell your relatives and friends to do the same. Once millions of people become aware of the true evil "rulers" of the world, called the Illuminati, then we at least have a chance to stop them. If we recognize that they really do exist and we learn who they are, then we the People can remove them from their positions of power. Every government official connected to this sinister group must go and be replaced with new non-connected, honest men and women who have compassion for human life. As long as the Illuminati are able to remain behind the scenes and in the dark, unfortunately, wars, crimes against humanity and the intentional enslavement of human beings on Planet Earth will continue. If you would like freedom and peace for everyone, then do what you can to help expose and stop this evil menace.
Watch this video: America From Freedom to Fascism
Pass this information on to as many people as possible. It really is US against THEM. The Illuminati vs. the People of the world. So put your political party differences aside if you care about your country and your family and friends.   
Please read the history of the 13 wealthy Illuminati family "elites" to get the idea of what is going on and who controls whom.
Michael Shore 



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