911 'No-Planes' Conspirators
Seek To Sabotage Truth
It's now entirely obvious -- no-planes
is false-opposition truth sabotage

By Dick Eastman

Think about it.  While the real investigators take the evidence and link them to men in the Defense Department and in Israel --  the no-planers remain stuck on the assertion that all the 45 video recordings were faked and that all the witnesses who saw the planes are liars  and the just make the vaguest totally detached references to "the perps" or just "perps".
They have never linked all the alleged graphics work -- the cartoons we supposedly are all seeing  -- to any angency or individual  i.e., they never point fingers at anybody specific or to any organization  -- just to the magical word "perps"  -- but they know all the "truthling"  "planehuggers" -- they slander David Ray Griffith and Prof Steven Jones and Russell Pickering and Alex Jones -- in fact, everyone who doesn't agree with them on this one issue they attack by name    --   whereas we, the real investigators, will identify Dov Zakheim as being involved with equipment for totally remote controlled air combat and his fanatical Zionism and his dual citizenship -- and the fact that EgyptAir990 -- filled with high Egyptian officers returning from the US to Egypt was taken over so that the pilot and co-pilot could not control it  -- a voice is actually heard in English say "control it" after the pilot left the cabin to use the restroom (the pilot and co-pilot spoke Arabic throughout) -- at which time the plane lost control -- and went into a dive  (you can hear the co-pilot panicing and calling on Allah when this happened)  -- etc. -- all of this is ignored and pushed aside by the no-planers.
You will note also that the no-planers never show doubt  --  45 videos against them, all the witnesses against them, the forensics of the holes made in the buildings against them -- the fact that they have no recordings and no witnesses who where looking at the wall on the south side of the South Tower suddenly explode without a plane hitting it  -- not one  --  despite this the no-planers have no doubts about their conclusions? 
I show them where they have misrepresented (slandered) the witnesses -- all the firemen who say they saw the plane crash, for example -- calling them liars.  Even a man who was targeted for death, Stanley Praimnath who saw the United Plane coming right at him from his office window in South Tower  -- they accuse him of lying  -- and do so all on totally false misquotations of what Praimnath actually said.
No planers are propaganda agents out to discredit and sabotage those who want the truth out.
And they make it clear that one reason they "hate" all the "truthlings" -- whom they slander as "racists" and "white supremacists" (always totally wrong -- a lie that is the exact opposite of the truth)  -- they always heap their contempt on anyone whose findings point to Zionists or Israel being involved in 9-11.  
And we find that Holmgren is closely associated with Jared Israel  -- has been since 2001 as I well remember  -- Jared Israel who dedicates his emperorsclothes site to the thesis that Israel and Jews are innocent of 9-11  -- forget the laughing Israelis, Silverstien, the 87 Israelis who were in the country illegally and who had top security clearance badges at Dulles and Reagan National airports on 9-11 and the months leading up to 9-11  (Ashcroft deported them back to Israel a few months after 9-11  - one said on Israeli radio  "we went to photograph the event"  -- plus the Israeli (Mossad) movers -- etc. etc.  the links are endless   -- and yet we must argue "no-planes" -- that all the videos and witnesses are liars  -- while Paul Wolfowitz instead of getting life in prison for mass murder and crimes against himanity -- goes on to head the International Monetary Fund  -- showing his links and trust by the Merchant Bankers who are profiteering from war finance borrowing (Iraq will cost 2 trillion when all costs are added up) and who are each Zionists and sociopaths who do not care about lives of the little people when those lives stand in the way of their gaining more power and money.
People are afraid to agree with me (Dick Eastman) because they they know I have fingered the right people -- people fear the people I have fingered.
And so you sit there reading all of my posts exposing the "no-planer" cointelpro  -- and yet you are too afraid to speak up and say  Yes, Eastman is done  -- lets denounce and blackball these proven disinformation agents working against us  -- let's get on with going after the people we have already proven are responsible.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington



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