Vote Yes On No 
By Edgar J. Steele

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost."
  --- John Quincy Adams, eldest son of President John Adams and sixth President of the US, 1767-1848
My name is Edgar J. Steele.  This is a Nickel Rant.
Mid-term elections are coming.  Just say "No" to politics as usual.  Vote against all incumbents.  Vote against all spending bills. Vote against immigration.  Or ... just stay home and don't vote.  Vote yes on No.
Choosing Evil Doesn't Work
Don't try to choose among several bad choices, thinking it smart to choose the lesser of two or more evils.  Choosing the lesser of two evils still means choosing evil.  In fact, George W. Bush has taught us that choosing the lesser of two evils can mean choosing evil beyond comprehension.
It isn't just Bush, of course.  The other two branches of government are equally complicit.  The judiciary sits with its arms folded and, when forced, supports the Administration.  Congress does nothing but rubber stamp the actions of an Administration that now has gone to an unprecedented level of evil, beyond even the capacity of words to convey.
We don't get to vote on a new President for two years, if ever again.  If you think I suggest that possibility lightly, you really have not been paying attention.  We never really get to vote on judges at any level.  Congress is a different story, however, and we vote on them in just a few days. 
Let me remind you of just a handful of the travesties that this Congress has allowed under George W. Bush:
Endless and Senseless War
After 9-11, which now has been proven conclusively to have been an inside job, Congress voted to delegate to Bush its Constitutionally-mandated war-making power.
Bush then lied us into a war that has cost over 10,000 American and 655,000 Iraqi lives.  Despite being proven a liar about weapons of mass destruction, the World Trade Center tragedy, Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, again and again, Bush continues to keep Americans dying there, with the rate of increasing deaths escalating by the day.
Boundless Immigration
Illegal immigration has increased significantly, as Congress purposely fails to stem the tide and actually allows the Administration to hinder efforts of states and individuals to act on their own.
The End of America
Congress allowed Bush to sign a secret treaty that establishes the North American Union, thereby consolidating America, Mexico and Canada and proving why unrestricted illegal immigration is being allowed.  Though this single act of treason and high crime spells the end of America, it is of little significance by comparison with other things allowed by this Congress which guarantee the impending end of life as we have known it.
No longer does anybody dispute the fact that the loss of industry and jobs to overseas locations and illegal immigrants is leaving America both impotent and headed for bankruptcy.  Even so, oddly enough, Toyota still can make vehicles profitably in America while neither Ford nor General Motors can do the same.
Fiscal and Monetary Insanity
Of course, the incredible military spending now being allowed by Congress, all by itself, seals our fate.  Used to be, economists argued over whether to spend on guns or butter, as a euphemism for a presumed inability to fund both the national defense and social programs.  Now there is no debate whatsoever as Congress appropriates money for guns, butter and a police state.
The money being spent is borrowed from our children and their children, in the form of debt that we cannot repay.  Nor will any of our descendants be able to repay it, thereby guaranteeing that our progeny will toil their entire lives in chains, chains fashioned by our current Congress.
The Special Role of Goldman Sachs
The financial arm of government has been handed over to private companies, led by investment banking firm Goldman Sachs, which now has become America's prime source of government economists and Treasury officials.
Since Congress allowed the Goldman-Sachs takeover, virtually all of America's economic and financial statistics have been altered, as in the case of jobless rates three times that admitted, or simply eliminated, as in the case of the reporting of M3, an obscure term for the most meaningful measure of the amount of money simply being created from debt.
Under Goldman-Sachs, the secret (and illegal) manipulation of financial markets has become routine.  The pre-election stock market just hit a new all-time high, despite absolutely nothing good about even the false economic news being released. 
Congress sits by as Goldman-Sachs orchestrates the manipulation of gold and silver prices via massive secret selling of futures contracts, thereby ensuring that the American Dollar continues its death-defying act of levitation, despite fundamentals that say it should have crashed and burned long ago. 
To help obscure the fact of financial market rigging, Goldman-Sachs ... er, our government ... now has discontinued the Commitment of Traders (COT) report, whereby excessive futures trading used to be apparent.
Here is just one small recent example of what is being done:  Gasoline prices, which doubled under Bush (thereby proving that our Middle-Eastern wars of conquest have nothing to do with oil, either), suddenly have subsided just prior to the upcoming election.  How did this happen in an era of worldwide increasing demand and decreasing supply?  Easy - Goldman-Sachs simply cut exposure of its primary commodity index, the GSCI, to gasoline by two-thirds.  Since a great many investors adjust their investments to match the GSCI index (including funds that are required by their charters to track that index exactly), the result was a massive sell off of gasoline futures contracts in just the past few weeks.  It is, of course, no coincidence that the greatest declines in pump prices have taken place in so-called "swing states" that are particularly critical to Republicans in the upcoming congressional election.
Bills of No Rights
Aside from allowing Bush to run roughshod over America, Congress actively has participated in our demise by passing bill after bill, each clearly violating the Constitution. 
Recall the woefully-misnamed Patriot Acts I and II, whereby so many of our civil liberties were surrendered under the specter of terrorism; terrorism which never has come to the shores of America (remember that 9/11 was an inside job - America's own "Reichstag Fire"). 
Even the Patriot Acts were not enough for Bush, who long ago ordered the illegal wiretapping of all Americans (and by all, I mean all, because complete records of your telephone calls are being maintained by the NSA).  When exposed, Congress simply passed a bill to make it legal.
Despite giving Bush anything he demands, Congress also allows Bush to issue what are called "Signing Statements" along with bills that he signs, whereby he typically claims exemption from the new restrictions being imposed upon the rest of us daily.
Torturing Americans
Torture, which has been illegal since America's founding, was disclosed publicly in the Abu Gharaib prison scandal.  Now Congress simply has legalized torture via the Military Commissions Act recently approved.  That same act provides that war crimes no longer are crimes if committed by American officials, thereby stamping America forevermore as a rogue nation in the world community.
Hidden in that same Military Commissions Act is a provision that makes each and every American citizen subject to being seized without a warrant, held without a trial and tortured - simply on the say-so of government officials.
Strip Searching our Children
Just passed by voice vote in the House of Representatives:  The Orwellian-named "Student and Teacher Safety Act of 2006," which will allow public school officials to strip search our children without our consent or, even, knowledge.  The definitions are loose enough that the term "official" conceivably could include after-hours janitors.
What I find tragically ironic about the proposed invasion of our children's bodies is the fact that, just now, both House members Mark Foley and current Speaker Dennis Hastert have been shown to be molesting young boys in their off hours.
The Smell of Plutonium in the Morning Air
Meanwhile, the American aircraft carrier group Eisenhower steams for the Middle East, due to arrive shortly and join the Enterprise carrier group already on station.  The entire Middle East is on a war footing, including a variety of patron states, including Russia. 
We're not talking the junior-league sort of genocide being practiced daily by America in Iraq and Israel in Palestine.  Both America and Israel now have been proven incapable of winning war by conventional means.  Bank on nuclear weapons being used in the upcoming invasion of Iran - small ones at first, but the escalation should be as swift as it will be impressive.  Many times have I stated that history will show 9/11 to have been the start of World War III.  Now, at last, you will see why.
If you think this merely is bluff on Bush's part, go back and study the ramp up to both Afghanistan and Iraq.  We are going into Iran.  And we're not coming out, either.  At least, not intact, as Iraq increasingly proves.  The only war for which George W. Bush has had an effective exit strategy, acerbically pointed out by Bill Maher, was the Viet Nam war.
We Are the Problem
Let's face it:  America is broken.  Probably beyond repair.  World war possibly will come before the election next month.  Even so, doing what we've always done in a voting booth is what got us into this mess.  Doing it again sure won't fix things.
Vote yes on No
Like it or not - believe it or not - American elections at every level are rigged anyway.  Elections always have been crooked here and there at times (the last two presidential elections, for example) and always in some places (Chicago comes to mind).  Now, with paperless voting machines, fraud has become easy, endemic and, most importantly, unverifiable.  Recounts?  Recount what?
So-called third parties have become even more irrelevant in recent times, so don't waste your time on them, except to use one to vote against current officeholders.
So many people do not vote.  Fine, if that is your wish.  Your vote probably is pointless, anyway.  But, if you do vote, then do it with relish.  Do it right ... just this once.  If everybody voted against incumbents, then the numbers would be too large for even the current Administration to overturn.
Vote yes on No.  Vote against all incumbents, even those running for different offices.  Vote against all spending bills. Vote against immigration.  Or ... just stay home and don't vote. 
Vote yes on No.
Want to make a statement at the risk of a little jail time?  Go into a voting booth and refuse to come out.  Take a good book with you to read while the local officials figure out what to do with you.  Take the phone numbers of an attorney and a bail bondsman, too.
Don't put extra statements or symbols on your paper ballots - those just get thrown out, so you might just as well stay at home.  Don't vote for "Mickey Mouse," yourself or your dog. 
Make your vote really count.  Vote against everything and everyone.  Otherwise, simply don't vote.
Make a real difference this time.  Make your voice count for a change.  Vote yes on No.
My name is Edgar J. Steele.  Thanks for listening.  Please visit my web site,, for other messages just like this one. -ed
Copyright ©2006, Edgar J. Steele



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