What Is Wrong
With This Picture?

By Karl W B Schwarz

This will be the last email update for a while as we lock and load on business matters in Europe.  I have my hands full dealing with five nations over here and logistics involving four more.  It has been a long grueling summer in Europe but there is a PRNewswire release and newspaper articles that will break soon and announce what we have been working on.  Those will definitely be sent out to the list.  For about the next 20-30 days, don't expect any email updates unless something comes up that is so hot is has to be addressed to save America.
There is one email update in the works involving the Pentagon and A3 Skywarrior that might put the nail in that Bush coffin and sink him, Congress and the Pentagon too on that grand lie.  I will get it out when I have time to do so but you can be sure that it will come out before the elections so you can look at Bush and Congress in the right light.
Rumors on the streets are that the Conservative Right party Fidesz plans massive riots and violence in Budapest tonight, Saturday, September 23, 2006 directed at non-Hungarians.  Odd, I thought only the Far Left liked to riot to get their way.  That was back when they were dressed up at communists.  Now that most of them have dressed up as Far Right Fascist and Neocons, rioting and violence is okay.  Nothing is as it seems.
Osama bin Laden is dead?  No worry, DC has another boogeyman to pull off the shelf to keep the Sheeple bolting into a stampede to vote Republican or hunkered down fearing their shadow.
Breaking news, via Sky News in Europe:  UN Envoy says "torture in Iraq is perhaps now worse than under Saddam Hussein".  Damn you, George Bush for giving America that black eye, crapping on our nation, and shaming us before the world.  The man is definitely a war criminal and why he is trying to amend the War Crimes Act.
As one of the email members pointed out ­ DRAIN THE SWAMP!  Yes, we need to get the reptiles out of our federal government.  He said it one way, I say it another: flush the toilet!
Bush has not done this alone.  He has been aided and abetted by many in Congress and they need to be sent home in shame this year.  By my count, 434 + 33 = 467 we can say goodbye to if America decides it is time for the gallows to be pulled.  If Americans do not stand up and do it, they have no one to blame but themselves.  Save Rep Ron Paul and send the rest of them packing.  Don't talk to me about voting machines, avalanche their ass and they cannot cover that up.  Vote and then make sure outside the exit polling people know that the landslide is against the status quo.  There is only so much they can cover up and the more we shine the light, the less then can pull and get by with it.
You can sleep well at night knowing that history is going to treat George W. Bush as the worst, most pathetic, lousiest, lamest president our nation had in its entire history.  He has no place in the history books that I would want my name associated with in any manner, but he is just an itsy-bitsy part of a much larger cancer that affects our nation.
One has to be careful on their sources for there is much disinformation being spread around to spook the Sheeple into a stampede to the polls to vote Republican erroneously thinking they are defending America.
I was sent an article regarding "Iran threats against US" and frankly folks, they are non-existent just as they were non-existent regarding Iraq.  These idiots figure if they got by with it once they can get by with it twice.
DEBKAfile = Jewish disinformation and propaganda service.
That explains it all. I thought it was rather extreme.
Just wanted to advise you, if you were thrown by that as I was.  Sorry. Shows one must be cautious.
Add in the bogus dirty bomb suspect story and the Pope's comments to rile up the Muslims, there is definitely a pattern.
The Pop Quiz is below in the text of this email.  It is simply do you know how the US ranks in this world in various categories?  Most do not so as you read pay close attention to the ranking per category.  They are eye-opening as to whether we are #1 or #47, or #150.
We have at least one candidate for Congress out of Vermont that seems to be focused on the right target, in my opinion.  May Shock and Awe be with him!
VT Cong Candidate Calls For Arrest of Bush and Cheney by U.S. Military
West pawlet, VT 9/20/06
(802) 645-9727
Former Army Lieutenant and a candidate for Congress in VT, Dennis Morrisseau of W. Pawlet, today called for the arrest of President Bush and Vice President Cheney by the American military "if necessary" to prevent an unauthorized attack upon the nation of Iran.
"American forces are apparently already active inside Iran, and Naval forces have received orders to deploy to that country," Morrisseau said. "The President has NO AUTHORITY to attack the nation of Iran whatsoever, in the absence of a full, formal Declaration of War on Iran by the sitting Congress," Morrisseau said. He said any order for an attack upon Iran or to deploy naval forces to its coastal waters is illegal, and called upon officers of the American military to "First, refuse to obey such an order. If the president persists and insists on ordering our forces into combat in or over Iran without a formal Declaration of War, then I call upon you, General Pace, as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and upon such other military officers as clearly see their duty in these circumstances to detain both the President and Vice President, until such time as the Congress shall act."
Morrisseau, a Congressional candidate who was court-martialed for opposition to the Vietnam War in 1968, said he has written to General Pace to ask for the intervention of the military. "In spite of my opposition to the Vietnam War and the court-martial which we ultimately defeated, I was a good soldier who had the respect of my superior officers throughout the ordeal. And they had mine!" Morrisseau said. "There are many many, very, very decent people in the active duty military. I know this," he said "---people who love their country and democracy too, and hate war."
Morrisseau wrote that "Iran is no present threat to us or anyone. Their right to enrich uranium under treaties signed by us for the production of nuclear power is clear: and that is all they have so far done. An attack upon that nation now by us, acting alone will constitute an illegal war of aggression under international law. It is illegal under our law as well. I urge you to so advise the President," Morrisseau wrote to Pace, "and urge that he take no such actions. In particular, he must not act in the absence of a full, formal, responsible War Declaration by Congress. That is the Constitutional requirement." If he and Cheney persist, Morrisseau wrote, "than the country must rely upon you, Sir, and our armed forces generally, to resist all illegal orders by Bush or Cheney, and take the gentlemen into custody if necessary.
Dennis Morrisseau
Lieutenant Morrisseau's Rebellion
Running AT Congress (in VT)
(802) 645-9727
PO Box 177, W. Pawlet, VT 05775
One of the Catholics on the list sent the following after the last email regarding why the Pope might have stirred up the Muslims in this election year.  He had a different theory that I had never heard:
Hello Karl,
I believe that voting with ballots is a waste of time. Diebold is the solid curtain. 
As for Benedict Ratzinger he is not a real Pope nor is he even a real bishop.  See for more info on that.  Benedict Ratzinger is one of the engineers of Vatican II.  He is a Modernist Novus Ordoite and anti-Catholic.  But his speech was in no way trying to provoke Mohammedans.  Us real Catholics know Benedict Ratzinger real well, and we know that his agenda with the Mohammedans is ecumenism and the selling out of Catholicism.  All those people who say Benedict Ratzinger is a traditional Catholic or a fervent Catholic or defender of Catholic orthodoxy only prove they don't know what they are talking about.  The last truly Catholic Pope was Pius XII.
That is sort of scary to an Ecumenical Christian like me if one has to go back to 1958 to find what many Catholics consider to be the Last True Catholic Pope.  Oooops!  I did some research on that matter and many do in fact consider Pope Pius XII to be the last true Pope.  That would explain a lot. 
I have wondered for years why some of the more liberal, more decadent members of the House and Senate, and our government that support all sorts of idiotic "ists" and "isms" are professed Catholics yet do not seem to remotely resemble other Catholics I know that are good solid people and do not believe that crap.  Who did that?  According to the source the Illuminati wanted the Jesuits in control and the Catholic Church under the control of the World Elite too.  That actually "smells" right to me.
Another Catholic from Miami sent this:
As soon as the news broke about Ratzinger's comment about the Muslims, my b.s. meter went off.  Ratzinger IS no dummy; he's been running the Roman Church for decades. Every word he uses is carefully chosen and sculpted to convey precise meanings.  I remember back in 1975, as a chaplain at St. Louis University, I wrote a letter to the editor of the NCR, regarding something or other repressive Ratzinger has done while Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Even back then - 30 years ago - this man was running a very high-powered game.
It was obvious to me - and apparently - many other opened-eyed ones, that this was a pro-Bush, ruffle-the-(Catholic)-masses-feathers ploy in an election year.  The fundamentalist or co-conspiratorial Muslim world was sure to respond with a knee-jerk reaction.
It's appalling what the neo-cons and Bushies will do to keep America captive.  As far as Ratzinger is concerned, did you see the look in his eyes when he looked out over St. Peter's Square just after he was elected?  My blood ran cold; there is something other than human looking out from those eyes.
I saw that too, looked like Darth Vader's boss in Star Wars, the Hooded Evil One hell bent on being the Master of the Universe.  The dark side of the Force!  I got a chill down my spine too and I am not even Catholic.  I do not watch the lips move, I watch their eyes.
The Russians and Chinese communists used to indoctrinate children to make them better communists and more compliant to the will of the Communist State.  That is a well known fact and they called it the Communist Youth movement.
The Fascists in Germany used to indoctrinate children to make them better fascists and more compliant to the will of the Fascist State.  That is a well known fact and they called them the Hitler Youth.  They had their own little uniforms, patches, knives and went through all sorts of brainwashing about how superior they were to all other races and nationalities.  Aryans [blue eyes, blonde hair] they called themselves when not using the moniker of Hitler Youth.  I have always had a problem with US interests like the Bush Family financing this group of fascists, with most of my family remaining in Germany to live through that Hell.  When they became presidents and showed their fascist colors, I really have a problem with them crapping on my homeland.
What is scary are children being indoctrinated in the United States to be more compliant to the will of the Bush form of Fascist Christian State and that somehow it is the US destiny to rule the world and conquer the world for the Second Coming of Jesus.  For some reason we have to teach children to be Christian Warriors willing to kill anyone who gets in their way or disagrees with US policy and objectives.  I guess we can call them BOUTH, think about it.
Frankly, if and when God comes He will not need the help of moron Christians to affect His Will upon this world.  That is the theology I believe in regarding whether God needs my help to take care of matters down here and sort out the idiots and the mess they have made of things.  God does not need our help; we need His in a big way.
Christians that believe that sort of stuff, that God needs their help, are like that ant my grandfather told me about walking up the leg of the elephant with rape on its mind.  At dinner Monday night my Russian lady and I had English lessons for her on some new words:  ludicrous, asinine, absurd, preposterous, ridiculous, outrageous, etc.  Once she saw those words in Russian she knew exactly what they meant in English and agreed with what you are about to read and just saw if you watched that video.  She remembers all too well the attempts to brainwash her into being a compliant Communist Youth babe as she was growing up in Russia.
Such pretense Christians completely miss the message of what Free Will is all about.  That being each and every human being has that right of Free Will and each and every human's relationship with God is their business and their's alone, not that of such nosy busybody Christians.  Those same types of people also miss the message and the warning in "judgment is mine sayeth the Lord."
Many Christians do not understand what the word ecumenical means.  I get asked what it means all the time by Christians and non-Christians and atheist.  It does not mean stick one's nose where it does not belong and try to force a person to do something or believe what they do not believe.  What is does mean is through example (by their own conduct) spread the truth and value of the teachings of Jesus Christ through exemplary conduct and good example. 
I broke up with two Georgia Peach Pits because of their version of Christianity, carnality and being available sluts to any man they had the hots for, and being elitist snobs like nothing I have ever met before in my life.  They were brainwashed and were brainwashing their children and anyone who would listen to them.  Both of them had serious drinking problems [which is why they were divorced and a major part of why be broke up] and that would flare up bad whenever they did not get their way.  They were all for this Bush GWOT, just as long as their elitist children did not have to go dirty their hands.  Heaven forbid that their babies would come home in a box or missing some pieces.  That was a messy job for those other inferior Americans according to them.  These are the same two babes with 2 brain cells that think George Bush is hot, NOT! 
When I see people acting that way, I clearly see that they do not have a damned clue what the message really is within the New Testament.  Note the part in the video that these children do not find in their homes what they think they are looking for, poor misdirected babies, so someone creates a little camp for creating little Christian Fascists.  Their goal at this camp is to brainwash children and they should be shut down for teaching such crap.  It is not a Christian message.
The last thing that Jesus Christ stood for was intolerance or bending the scriptures so that graft, corruption, greed and killing and religious based arrogance are okay.  We have Christian morons teaching intolerance and fascism to many and acting if they do not have a plank in their own eye.  Frankly, as a solid Christian I think the plank is up their arse like a popsicle stick.
I have had running battles with some of the Christian Dominionist on their self-defined theology of US destiny of conquering the world with military force for Jesus Christ.  Talk about getting the message backwards!  I have even written about it and coined new words to fit: 
You should see the befuddled looks on their faces when I ask them two questions:
Where is the real estate takeover section of the Bible that spells out the use of military force and killing by Christians to conquer the world that way?  I must have missed that juicy Tom Clancy fiction chapter.
Once you have conquered the world for Jesus through bloodshed, do you intend to keep it for your bogus church or quitclaim the Earth back to God?  You are going to wash off the blood first, right?
They cannot show me that part of the Bible for it does not exist.  It is a twisted theology and twisted misinterpretation of God's Word to suit their narrow minded hatreds, prejudices and bigotries and stems from an Americanized Idiotic Christian view of the world that shows their rampant stupidity.  Many of these people have never been outside of the United States and act as if they are experts on things they know absolutely nothing about.  Worse, it is a self-anointed religious arrogance that might anger Jesus enough to backhand them across the room for being worse than the money changers.  This is a whole new level of stuck on stupid and not knowing where to draw the line or when to quit.  Being nosy, belligerent, war-like and intrusive are not virtues of how to spread Christianity. 
Spreading Christianity by the sword during the Crusades worked no better then than it does now in trying to spread it with bullets, smart bombs, cruise missiles and Shock and Awe.  It especially does not work when we put the howitzers and tanks in their faces and steal their assets and futures at gunpoint.  Where it really does not work is when it is all wrapped up in lies and agendas coming out of Washington, DC.
In a way it is like leadership, lead, follow or get the Hell out of the way.  It is also a lot like Dwight Eisenhower said about how he learned to be a leader: 
"My grandfather taught me at an early age that it is much easier to pull a chain than it is to push a chain."
That analogy in a nutshell is what many Christians in the US are missing.  They think they can pontificate, twist the Scriptures and push the chain.  Lead by example, not this idiotic belligerence, hate and this "killing is great mentality" and hiding the greed behind a bogus war on terror.  We are all on the same boat and it is sinking.  They can pray all they want and keep the blinders on to reality, the ship is still sinking.
Bad example equals Pat Robertson calling for the assassination of Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela.  As weak as the dollar is due to our policies, any leader with half a brain would be buying or selling oil in euros.
Bad example equals Ralph Reed and his sleaze with Jack Abramoff.  That is a perfect example of power corrupting the weak and the greedy.
Bad example equals Jerry Falwell urging crowds on that look like they are zombies needing to be buried and urging them on to back Bush and the greed, lies, killing and misdirected US policies backed by misdirected Christians.  Seriously folks, tune in and watch their eyes and you will see that many of them are not at home.  It is almost Quaalude City.  They are lost little Sheeple following the wrong shepherds.
I was asked about two months ago, ""what does "there are no atheist in foxholes" mean?""  My answer was simple ­ "it means when the shooting starts, whether you are a Christian or an atheist they all pray to God for salvation and deliverance from that particular Hell.  Problem is, many will still die because the person with their finger on the trigger of the machine gun is not praying, they are aiming and shooting to kill."
You know, George Bush and his traitorous partners on Capitol Hill might cut a deal to amend the War Crimes Act to try to avoid criminal prosecution for their criminal actions, but there is not a damned thing they can do to amend the Ten Commandments.  For those Christians that receive this directly from me or indirectly, sins of omission are not excusable either especially when you are old enough to know better or were instructed by God to use discernment and not weakness or follow evil.  If they are true Christians they will know exactly what I mean by that.  These other faux Christians will not have a clue.
I have been taking a long hard look at many European nations due to my business and several things stick out in ways that are a real eye opener.
The following was sent by one of the email list members in Denmark (an American) and I have added comments between the categories.  There are many trend lines in America that are headed in the wrong direction and I think the following study hits on the repercussions of what we are all going through.  This bodes ill for all of us and it is due to a combination of factors that are all fixable, but DC will not lift a finger since it is all a result of longer term policy objectives of our government and the Wealthy Elite that pull those strings.
Everything in this list in italics and in bold black and blue italics was what was sent to me.  My comments are in the same font I normally use. is a massive central data source and a handy way to graphically compare nations. NationMaster is a vast compilation of data from such sources as the CIA World Factbook, United Nations, World Health Organization, World Bank, World Resources Institute, UNESCO, UNICEF and OECD.
The facts may change your perception:
United States of America has the world's fourth largest population and is:
I am not sure where they got the statistics for this because the US is third in total population behind China and India.  Maybe the figure predated the breakup of the USSR at which time the US was fourth in total population. 
I was not concerned for many years when the US led the world in energy consumption but also led in manufacturing output and exports, but that has slipped while our consumption has gone up and our cost of living.  We are evolving into a consumer based economy that is killing the consumers and exporting less, while the rich get richer and the rest of us are stuck or getting poorer.  Quality of life has definitely taken a nose dive across much of America.
It is driven by two things ­ corporate greed and a government that aids and abets them for major campaign donations because Americans do not finance the Really Big Show in DC.  That is why Third Party candidates cannot get any traction, major corporations will not support them and Americans do not either.  It is like being sent to the front lines with a gun and no bullets to be a Third Party candidate in America.
The RNC and DNC are broken and corrupt beyond repair, yet Americans will not join hands and put forth a solid Third Party effort to break up the monopoly.  Until they do, this is all an exercise in mental masturbation as to what is wrong with America and what it will take to fix the problems.  They control the debate and the policies because Americans by and large sit back and watch, do not act.
If you do not like what you see in Washington, DC, you might want to consider that the surgery you want (and need to survive) is going to cost you something personally.  It does cost those that are plowing your life under.  They spend billions every year screwing the rest of us over.  Let me see, rough math, if 250 million Americans paid at least $10 dollars to fix this damned mess we are in, that would amount to $2.5 billion or about 5 times what RNC or DNC spends on their charade every 4 years.
That would be a race for the White House worth watching.
#1 for military expenditures - More than five times as much as #2 - China
Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned in his final speech that the military ­ industrial complex was a threat to this nation.  Additionally, former five star General Douglas MacArthur warned America what we were becoming.
Many years ago the military made a conscious decision to try and achieve 500% increase in firepower while reducing armed service members by 80%.  I know the man that was charged with that task.  That was in 1989-1990 and still has not been proven to be a formula that works but it sure has increased defense R&D and expenditures.  Oddly enough, the same consultants working on that were our major defense contractors in a very self-serving way.
It seems General MacArthur was right ­ an incessant propaganda of fear and an incessant plundering of the US taxpayer for a safety that does not exist.  Americans need to listen to a 5-star general who has been there because he knew what he was talking about.  General Smedley Darlington Butler did too, War is a Racket.  When a man serves and wins two Congressional Medals of Honor and then speaks the truth, Americans need to listen.
This most recent Senate Defense Appropriations Bill, at a whopping $470 billion dollars, is really good for the defense contractors.  It is not good for America in general.  Bush has blown well over $1.5 trillion on defense that was not even needed but it sure did pump up the bottom lines of Big Defense and Big Oil and others.  We can only dig that hole so deep and there will come a time we cannot get out of it.
In the modern world, any nation that consumes so much for internal consumption purposes and benefits only a few is not going to last long.  It is like a carnivore eating itself for dinner.  That is what happened to Rome when they woke up one day and did not have any friends in sight any where.
#1 for nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction per capita
The U.S. continues to violate treaties banning the development of such weapons under the pretense of fighting terrorism.  Do not be shocked or surprised when these same biological and chemical weapons are used against Americans and were provided by our own government as part of this huge, bogus Global War on Terror.  They could have truthfully named it the Global War of Bad Manners and we are the transgressors.  While in Europe, by far the rudest damned people I have seen in seven nations are those from the US and UK.  We have a long way to go to learn good manners.
Did any of you notice that Bush changed his tune on Iran when he addressed the UN general assembly?  He is not opposed to Iran developing nuclear power since they are part of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.  So, what exactly Mr. Bush, has all of the false rhetoric been about?  Maybe our president needs to apologize to Iran for his father, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al, selling Saddam Hussein chemical and biological weapons to be used against Iranians in the Iraq-Iran War.  That might be a start and personally I think it is long overdue.
Otherwise, this New Middle East vision that the Neocons and Zionist came up with is not sellable, it is not workable, and anyone pursuing it like Bush is out of their damned mind.
#1 for the number of rapes
I have noticed in many European cities that beautiful women walk the streets at night alone or in pairs.  Rape in Europe is almost unheard of and it shows in the conduct of people that know from experience that they can walk the streets of their cities in most places free from harm, molestation or rape.  People are not safe in their own homes or place of work in America from being raped.  When Rule of Law means nothing it all breaks down and the predators rule.
I read a book one time about Genghis Khan, a Mongolian that built the largest contiguous empire in history.  It was said that during the height of his reign that a virgin on a thoroughbred horse with a sack of gold could ride from one end of his empire to the other with little fear of being raped or robbed.  The reason was simple ­ Genghis Khan used a very simplistic, absolutely certain and swift form of justice.  Yes, it was harsh and it was as certain as death.  There is a huge difference in inadvertently screwing up and acting out with malice and our legal system seems to no longer recognize the difference between the two.
I did not see it on this list but I also think the United States is #1 in the sexual and carnal abuse of children and physical abuse of children.  If we are not #1 we are definitely in the Top 5 or Top 10.  I never see such in the news here in Europe, but in Arkansas and Georgia there was something on those subjects almost every week in the news.
#1 for teenage pregnancies
I can think of no better reason for solidifying moral standards as part of upbringing including teaching morals in the home and at school.  The legal age of consent in most European nations is 14 years of age for a female and they have far less in the way of teenage pregnancies.  If a 14 year old female said OK to having sex with a 40 year old man it is not against the law in most parts of Europe. 
I have noticed that most females in Europe in their 20s and early 30s are single and without children and live alone.  It seems many American teenagers think having a baby is like playing Barbie and that is not the case.  It also poses the question if they are doing such a great job teaching about the use of condoms and safe sex in America's schools, why is it the students are not learning the lesson except the hard way?  That is a 1 + 1 = 3 and they just do not seem to get it.  One has to be pretty dumbed down as a nation to not "get it" that sex and having babies are connected.
Even though we are supposedly on a moral high ground when compared to secular Europe they have fewer teenage pregnancies per capita and their marriages start later and last longer.  Maybe we do not truly grasp moral or even common sense in America.  I know they do not teach civics any more; maybe they have ceased teaching biology too.  I am also well aware that America listens to too many false prophets.
#1 for total number of divorces
Many have seen the Mormon commercials about being pro-family, pro-children, etc, but that religion leads America for all religions in divorce.  I first came across that statistic many years ago.  With two out of every three US marriages ending in divorce, it makes one wonder what price we are paying to have a high-stress, go-go society.  I have noticed that Europeans seem to marry much later and seem to do a better job of staying married even having to do without many of the luxuries we Americans take for granted. 
For example, in the building where I have a flat in Europe I have the only remodeled apartment that has a dishwasher.  I have a washing machine but clothes dryers are unheard of except in larger homes and much higher price brackets.  It has taken some getting used to that when I wash clothes I cannot wear them for many hours as they dry on a special rack for that purpose.  This is the first time in my life I have had that piece of home furnishings.  I have not bought a car yet because I do not need one yet.  I am very close to bus, metro, trams and there are always the taxis if it is raining or I can walk miles if the weather is nice.  I have lost 7 pounds in two months due to walking and still eating like a horse.  Most of the tenants in my building have jobs but do not own a car nor do they have air conditioners or dishwashers.
I have seen plenty of evidence in Europe of people who have less, expect less and are happier. 
#1 for CO2 emissions
One thing Europe does need is emission standards and annual inspections on the cars.  Even though there are fewer cars and smaller, the level of emissions seems to be higher in many parts of Europe than even NYC or LA or Dallas.  It is a matter of sheer numbers for Americans have far more cars than Europe per capita and otherwise.  Since our government and Big Oil are not interested in fuel economy or hydrogen fuel or alternative fuels, we are stuck in the US with what the overall policy is and that is consumption until there is nothing left to consume.
They love the prospects of supply versus demand tilting in their favor so they can charge more and pump up the cash they rake in over at Big Oil.  Now George Soros is out pimping $262 a barrel oil, probably to line his own pockets through his predatory hedge funds.  I wonder what the DNC thinks about that since it would put our economy flat on its back.
#1 for CO2 emissions from fossil fuels 2000 (per capita)
Most electricity in the areas I have been is generated by nuclear power and is cheap compared to America.  They pay higher for gasoline, but far less for electricity and natural gas.  Gazprom out of Russia is supplying Europe at much cheaper prices than natural gas is in the United States in most areas.  There are not many oil fired or natural gas fired electrical generators in Europe.  Nuclear carries the load here for the most part.  Most of the Central Europe oil companies get their petroleum from Russia, not any firm tied to the Bush energy policy. 
#1 for electricity consumption
Imagine this, and it is standard in most European hotels.  When you enter a room, you have to insert your plastic key into a slot for the lights to even work.  It completes the circuit so the lights will work.  When you leave, you have to take that key and that means you cannot leave the lights on when you are not in the hotel room.  That should be standard in all US homes, hotels and offices.  Has nothing to do with a National ID card, is more of a Quit Being so Damned Wasteful card.  I remember all too well having a 5,200 square foot house, three air conditioners, three teenagers and their appendages (friends) and gasping at $600 to $800 electric bills for many months.  My recent electric bill for my flat in Europe was about $35 and it is a very large flat.  Since I work out of it for now, multiple electrical devices are on 18 hours a day. 
#1 for nuclear energy consumption
The United States will not lead in this category much longer as the People's Republic of China is ramping up fast to meet its energy needs with nuclear power.  The PRC does not seem to have a DOE that lets energy companies and oil companies see how much they can fleece from consumers.  Our dear president has even provided them $5 billion in Export ­ Import Bank financing so they will use Bechtel and Westinghouse.  Evidently they have decided not to play along with Bush & Company regarding oil and gas and the refusal of our government to put any kind of energy policy into place that makes sense.  The United States has one energy policy and that is consumption and on the other side of that coin doing everything possible to not support alternative energy or even energy conservation. 
If you have not made the connection yet, the reason natural gas prices are high and still climbing is because in response to environmentalists the construction of new electrical generation using nuclear and coal is down and the generation of electricity by natural gas is way up.  That places a huge demand on natural gas supplies and takes money out of your pocket on an escalating basis.  That is why Warren Buffet loves natural gas and electrical generation with natural gas.  GE loves it too since they make so many natural gas fired electrical generators.
Hungary and other Central Europe nations are expanding their nuclear power plants due to this strange energy policy Bush came up with.  The economies in Europe are getting hammered thanks to Bush energy policy and his petrodollar diplomacy.  Sooner or later, Europe will tell Bush to stick it publicly and probably already have privately.  If the United States does not get this matter under control, Europe will be buying all of its oil in euros.  What are we going to do?  Russia in reverse?
#1 for oil imports
At close to 3 euros per liter and almost 4 liters per US gallon, it is not hard to understand why Europe has smaller cars and they drive less.  America has the third largest population on earth and more cars per capita than most other nations.  What America does not have is a sane energy policy designed to conserve, not consume more.  Our petrodollar policies are even more screwed up than that.  There are major initiatives in Europe for biodiesel, making cars and trucks run more fuel efficient, etc and it is all because of what US policy has done to the price of oil and the value of the US dollar.
I was on a conference call in 2004 with Eastman Chemical and their nanotech expert in CA made a comment that made the plant engineers and PhD scientists in Batesville, AR and corporate headquarters in Kingsport, TN gasp.  The expert in CA stated that within 3-5 years all Eastman plants in the US would be closed (shuttered was the exact word he used) due to environmental compliance and cost of energy.  It is about time that Americans grasp that many of our industrial producers are leaving because of the energy policy of Big Oil and our federal government.  I have on my computer a very large PowerPoint file created by DOW Chemical explaining why they were pulling out of the U.S. due to energy prices alone.
If you are one that is unemployed or your life upended by such plant closures and relocations, the cost of energy and US policy might be why your plans were knocked flat on their back.  Between that and getting your pocket picked every time you gas up your vehicle, and your bank account drained to pay for electricity and natural gas, I can think of no better reason to ­
#1 for total energy usage per person
The passenger rail system in Europe is something to behold.  I had heard for years about how good the German system was, but I can tell you that just about every European nation has excellent rail transportation, more buses, more taxis, and metros and they all stay generally on time and in service.  I have had three firsts on this trip to Europe ­ first time I have used a subway, first time I have used an electric tram and first time I have traveled on passenger rail.  It didn't hurt at all.
The US could learn a lot from Europe on the sanity of having solid metropolitan and inter-city transportation links that do not involve the car.  Additionally, most of the trains are electric, not diesel and so are the buses in many areas.  All of the trams I have seen are electric and air quality in Europe would soar if they implemented emission standards testing on the cars. 
#1 for municipal waste per capita
We Americans invented the disposable, consumable society concept and we are paying the price for it now.  It is now consuming us as citizens.  Disparity in wages and pricing competition has caused many to shut down in the US and move plants to China, Mexico, PRC, Romania, etc to produce at lower costs.  Who got left in the lurch are American workers trying to afford the lifestyle with the high built in overhead.  The math does not work and it is why America is getting hammered and will continue to be until they change the policies, but fat chance of that happening. 
The man was right VOTE THEM OUT!
#1 for nuclear waste pollution
Nuclear waste can be defined in several ways including our unfettered use of DU weapons even on our own soil for target practice.  Many Americans are going to wake up one day and realize that their health is over and they can thank this US government and US military that pretends to protect us while killing us in some pretty insidious ways.  Think it through, for our government and military do not.  What good is national defense if it is killing America?
This damned system that Eisenhower and Gen. MacArthur warned us about is killing many in this nation from within and by the actions of our own government.  That is why I am not concerned about a dirty bomb for they have dirty bombed the Hell out of the US from Washington, DC and pretend it never happened. 
That is why I am curious about their dirty bomb hysteria since they have polluted the Land of the Free worse than a thousand dirty bombers could on their best day.  It is all rhetoric to spook the masses.
#1 for the number of threatened species
For all of this talk about environmentalism and Save the Spotted Owl, the US does lead in this for now.  I think Brazil will soon for in flattening the Rain Forest they are wiping out the most diverse life system on this planet.
#1 the largest debtor in the world (This listing needs updating)
Many Americans just do not grasp that much of our lifestyle is not by GDP / GNP, it is through debt and other nations are helping to prop up our lifestyle by buying US debt so the US government can be the driving force behind growth.  Creating growth through debt, not assets and earned capital, is a formula destined to fail over time. 
Under the past three presidential administrations, they have excelled in racking up National Debt, increasing the role of the US government as the largest consumer, while squandering the lives and opportunities for citizens in general.  The United States government is not the United States of America but it has tried to take on the role, at the behest of the Wealthy Elite and major corporations, of being the driving force of our economy through squandering our tax revenues and when that is not enough through debt.  That, as we say down South, is a dog that will not hunt.
It is just a strategy to control where the money flows, at our expense.  It is ruining America for Washington, DC proves every second of every day that it lacks discipline to address any real problem.  They prefer to hide behind their aides, strategically use photo ops and wait for Americans to move on to their next distraction. 
#1 for firearm discharge
That is not surprising and discharge versus use in crime is a big difference.  Since we have a Second Amendment, for a good reason, and many who hunt discharge is a pointless statistic.  There are many hunters in Europe, just fewer per capita than the United States.  Firearm discharge by our police and firearm discharge in the commission of a crime or a murder is the statistic they should focus on.
#1 the highest divorce rate
This figure did not surprise me at all.  One thing I know about women is when their financial security is rattled in the United States they want a divorce in many instances.  When those that have less, expect less, marry that does not seem to be as big an issue.  Maybe it is American culture and expectations that lead to this disparity, but ­ if one believes in the Bible ­ God says in several chapters that he hates divorce.  Maybe that moral high ground many in the United States claim is not what they think it is.
We have no moral high ground in America, it is all an illusion.  Some of those Georgia Peach Pits I dated were pure sluts (with anybody, which is why I did not stick around) but could be found in church on Sunday morning for appearances sake and dropping a $100 check into the offering plate to buy back their souls for the sinful week they had.  More than a few of them were shallow and admitted it privately.  They had no problems at all with being shallow elitist as long as they got to live expensively.  Color me gone!  I will gladly let some fool pay his way through that misery.
One of the problems we have in America is making the mistake that the million dollar home equates to goodness or success in life.  I know many people that live in mobile homes that I would rather have a beer with than caviar and champagne with the alcoholic bitch slut in the million dollar home that cannot keep her panties on.  I dated one that her favorite TV show (could not miss it) was Desperate Housewives and another that her favorite show was Sex in the City.  Both of them wanted to play that out in real life.  Neither one of them could believe that I had not wasted even one minute of my life watching those two TV shows.  Sorry, I have better things to do. 
Nothing is as it seems!
#1 for total crimes committed
The only "crime" I have seen since being in Europe was an elderly homeless man shaving in a public fountain and they issued him a citation for the egregious conduct.  He was pissed!  No home and could not shave and freshen up his upper body.  I have yet to hear about any arrests made due to the violence in Budapest last September 18 and early into the early morning hours of September 19.  They say 8 people were arrested but I was not there.  It was mostly politics and is mostly backfiring in the faces of those that chose the route of burning cars and trying to burn the state TV building. 
There was a poll about three years ago regarding the corporate crimes and teenagers in the range of 13-16 were asked if they would break the law to get ahead and get more money.  When two-thirds said yes, I guess we can look forward to yet another wave of corporate fraud and crime in America.  Most of them will probably try to run for public office.
This goes back to what we are teaching in our schools, our homes and what our government and media are showing by example.  When rule of law is a three word joke, what else are we to expect?  When our corporate executives are greed and sleaze on display for the rest of the world to see, what else are we to expect?  When our government is the sleaziest this nation has to offer as leaders, what else are we to expect?
They are not going to fix it, we have to fix it or America is finished and the clock is ticking as to the end of our great experiment.  We have criminals and social misfits serving in Congress and this current administration right now.  Many of them have records, civil and criminal.
Here is a thought for you between now and the elections.  If justice were real in America, Congress would be in prison and most of the Bush Administration and we would have to make room by letting people out that are no danger to society now or then.
#1 when it comes to adults prosecuted for crimes
This statistic does not surprise me much either, since it is a proven and track-able fact that punishment is also used to silence dissent in the land that claims it is the hallmark of freedom.  I know many that should be in prison and are not and I have known many that wound up in prison and should not have been.  In America, one can exercise their Constitutional rights and wind up in prison.  What a country! 
I used to write a prison ministry that reached many in our US prisons both state and federal.  I was shocked when I would see five people who committed the exact same crime yet received five vastly different sentences.  For example, armed robbery without shooting or killing anyone, first offense - three, five, five to ten, twenty and life were the sentences of those same five persons.  The circumstances were almost identical yet the justice was not.  The US has a high recidivism rate because our justice system is not just.  It is a political creature cracking at the seams just like its fat parents, the state and federal governments. 
All this talk of Bush and FEMA being used to silence dissent, they have been doing it for years by sending innocent people to prison in any way they could fabricate.  I have even had some try to fabricate stuff against me on totally made up things.  Nothing can be pinned on me because I do not cut corners and do not break the law, do not use drugs, have no drinking problem, and do not abuse kids or animals or any of the stuff they go after.  They have baited hooks and I will not bite for I know what they are up to.
If I were president, they would have to clear the dockets to handle what I would have dumped in their chambers.  If nothing else I would set a DOJ record on how many in public office and corporations got to face the music for their criminal behavior.  It would be a purge that the Chinese would be proud to call their own.
#1 when it comes to the numbers of their population in prison - Over two million! 34% more than China which has 241% more people
You have to think about this one to truly appreciate the level of lies that our government is capable of committing.  I triple checked this fact and yes, the United States does in fact have far more people in prison than Red China.  Go figure, and no, it does not have anything to do with our (in)justice system being much better than theirs. 
I know of one young lady [Alisha Owen] that got 15 years in prison allegedly for perjury because she fingered high ranking people for having sex with her as a minor in the Franklin Sex Scandal.  They sent her to prison because she would not recant who carnally abused her while she was under age.  That is a complete travesty just to protect who did it to her.  Where is Genghis Kahn when we need him?
#1 when it comes to the number of criminal record holders
That is to me a 1 + 1 = 2 any way you cut it or count it.
#1 for plastic surgery procedures and
This is American vanity run amuck.  About a year before I met this Russian lady I broke up with a Georgia Peach Pit because I had no desire to see how much of my body I could renovate with plastic surgery.  She kept making all kinds of recommendations as to how I could improve myself for her.  Best I could tell, only one part of her body had not been changed with surgery and you can guess which one.  Frankly, I am not sure about that.  It is sort of an eye opening experience to sit at dinner and learn that the face, nose, chin, breasts, ass, tummy, etc have all been altered and you are not looking at who you thought you were looking at or having dinner with.
Just think, in 50 years we will have little old ladies running around with tattoos all over their body.  I do not affiliate with women who have tattoos or have been re-engineered.  All natural works much better for me. 
#1 for the amount of money spent on healthcare
When you compare American life expectancy to places that have lousy health care, it makes me wonder what we are paying for.  The food we eat is a problem and the lifestyle is a problem and the pace of life.  Of course, it does not help to have a government that cannot grasp that clean air and clean water are part of the ecosystem all living things have to have to thrive and be healthy.  In combination form, America can be hazardous to your health.  They should be required to put the same warning labels on America they put on a pack of cigarettes.
#46 for life expectancy and there are estimated to be about 45 million Americans that do not have any health insurance
Ditto, and yes, with all of this talk about our great lifestyle and great health system we are 46
th in life expectancy.  Many countries that provide socialized health care do not have 45 million people, much less 45 million people displaced and disenfranchised from health care due to corporate and government policies or the US government and their wealthy benefactors.
When corporations profit at the expense of their employees, and government aids and abets in that, there are problems looming and they will continue to do so.  Where there is no equity, there is no justice.
Our only option is to VOTE THEM OUT!
#2 for the number of abortions
Out of curiosity I wondered who was #1 and did not find that.  I have never been pro-abortion for two reasons.  First, my second wife was an illegitimate adopted child and I can say that this world is a much better place with her in it.  Secondly, I know many women who have had abortions and are still suffering from it, many times when they look at a child and remember what might have been.  I have seen some women who use abortion as a form of birth control rather than take safety precautions as if they are lazy and know they can always go get an abortion.
Most women are averse to the taking of life yet many are pro-abortion as if that is not taking a human life.  I personally find the arguments about when life commences to be unconvincing, for only God knows when life commences under what He created.  What people do in their own life is their business as far as I am concerned, but don't ask me to support what I do not believe in personally.  My rights start where I say they start and I afford others the same courtesy.
As a matter of Free Will I choose to not support that or believe in it. 
#2 for heart attacks and
This one does not surprise me at all when I consider the food supply and lifestyles.  I quit eating fast foods about 10- years ago and glad I did.  That crap is truly hazardous to one's health.
#2 for asthma sufferers
This one was a surprise to me.  Maybe it is a combination of food supply and air and water quality.  Maybe it is our energy policy and maybe it is the fact that our own government has dirty bombed much of the United States with nuclear pollution on top of the other idiotic things they do. It might even be tied back into this national craze the government has created that makes people think they have to have vaccinations to prevent any form of medical ailment.  If some company comes up with a vaccine for the common cold, tens of millions will rush to get the vaccine thinking they will save their life rather than die from the common cold.
I use a real simple rule and take no vaccinations.  Just say No to dangerous prescription drugs.  Vaccines have been linked to autism in children, Ritalin is known to impair the development of the brains of children that were forced to take it, and I have seen plenty of evidence that the vaccines given to our soldiers are the start of the end of their health in life. 
Just because it is made by Big Pharma does not mean you need to have it in your body.
America is not even in the top 30 for public spending on public education so it's not surprising that it's ...
#14 for duration of education and...
No surprise here, just as there is no surprise that 17 nations graduate more scientists than the U.S. and many of them have only one-fourth or less of our population and not near the educational opportunities.  One of my biggest concerns about the future of America is we have become lazy and many things are grossly overpriced, like the cost of education.
For anyone that does not grasp that GDP and education are connected, they need to get an education as to how they are connected and will always be.  The US is now second to China in export of high technology equipment and second to China in total exports.  It will not be long before the US is third behind China and the EU and lest one is not paying attention, India is coming on strong and within 10 years might be in second, EU third and US fourth. 
You think we have a problem now, just wait 10 years and behold the nightmare.
I have rarely discussed this even with friends, but when I shut down my office in DC it was a huge relief.  One of the things I disliked intensely about the Washington, DC area is it had the lousiest work ethic of any place I have seen on the face of this planet.  Even private corporations sit around mentally masturbating about political issues and political correctness issues and what someone in DC might think when the decision is merely a business decision.   The people were lazy, inattentive, did not follow up on anything, were not self-starters, constantly needed guidance to perform their jobs, etc.  I am convinced that one of the reasons that our government cannot get anything done right is they attract morons that are attracted to power and bright lights like moths to a flame.  As we all know, the flame always consumes the moths.
I can say with certainty that the PhD scientists I am working with in Europe have a lot more on the ball than the PhD scientists my company was working with in the United States.  I am still watching closely to determine all of the reasons why that is so, but one is sheer work ethic.  I give a team of scientists over here something to do, I do not have to baby sit them and I find that both a relief and productive. 
We have developed sort of an institutionalized arrogance in America that we have more brains than those in foreign lands but I now clearly see that it is just not so.  Our overall literacy rates compared to even Central European nations is laughable were it not for the grave consequences it bodes for America.
I think part of it is a cultural thing that We are Number One in all things and we are just not number one in all things.  In fact, we are not Number One in any category I can think of that matters.  I got out of college and have watched my nation slide straight into the gutter thinking all along things were getting better and the economy was growing.  In almost every meaningful statistic, we have slid backwards for a very long time and the illusion of moving forward is just that, an illusion.
We are way down the list in some very important things that make or break quality of life issues.  It does not mean that I love America any less, it just means that I am looking very closely at what needs to be fixed and we have a lot of things that need TLC and attention and get fixed.  This is like debating with one self as to whether or not to get life saving surgery or chemotherapy before it is too late to get treatment.
Every damned election cycle America gravitates back into discussing things and issues that are meaningless while  the ship keeps sinking.
I have seen a lot of hopelessness in America and have worked hard to truly understand how it got that way.  I have seen a government grow more indifferent to the true problems with each passing year and have worked hard to truly understand how it got that way.  I see the quality of life diminishing and Americans unsure what to do about that but they sense it too. 
The first step is apparent ­ VOTE THEM OUT!  Be not afraid of change for right now, the status quo is killing our nation and our quality of life.
#47 for total education spending and
This should open many eyes as to why Americans are not keeping up.  I have seen many children from other nations that have language obstacles in America come into our schools and set the curve in all their classes.  They are not any smarter, they have discipline and parents that make them hit the books.  We have many that go from 6
th grade to 7
th grade and cannot read, write or do arithmetic effectively and then it is not corrected before they graduate from high school and then they cannot figure out why they cannot pass college or perform at work.  Education is an accumulative process that lasts for one's entire life.  That is part of the journey and many are making that journey unable to find their way due to receiving a 10
th rate or less education in America.
It is part their fault for buying off on the idea that they were getting a sound education and on the other side of the coin, the total fraud put forth by government as to what they were offering as an education.  I remember helping my son for a history exam one night and it dawned on me that I knew more than his book had in it even though I had not studied the subject for over 25 years, and had forgotten more than his book had in it.  The book should have been titled "Half of America's History for Idiots". 
America cannot compete if everyone takes the path of least resistance and fails to get an education that is worth having.  If one cannot read the road map of life, the odds of getting lost is a probability of 1. 
#14 for school life expectancy and
I had to chuckle when I saw this one and thinking of the many dead-in-the-head students that would not understand what life expectancy would mean.  Yes, we have major league problems in education from start to finish and it is undermining the effectiveness and competitiveness of the United States.  In a much larger sense, it is undermining our quality of life at an accelerated pace.
#68 for the percentage ' literacy' level of the population
This one is a real killer and clearly shows the failure of our education system across the board.  It also clearly shows the failure in good parenting and running good homes that provide for the needs of the children while they are being raised so they can do well in life.  It is a clear indication of failure in the classroom and teachers that are not getting the job done and school boards that have helped to dumb down America.
I used to be heavily involved in the economic development effort of Arkansas.  In the early 1980s, a full 18% of the adult working force in my home state was ranging from completely illiterate (could not read at all and some could not even tell time on a clock) to functionally illiterate and could not function above about the 6
th to the 8
th grade level. 
When I was still practicing architecture I interviewed for a project one time and withdrew my name and my company due to a discussion I had with the school board and its president.  They were trying to build a gymnasium that would seat 5,000 so they could play big for the annual basketball tournaments that they would host about every 4 or 5 years, but their school district was under a compliance or consolidation order to upgrade so they could teach what the children had to know in the real world.  I was stunned when I pointed that out to the school board president and that a gymnasium to seat 5,000 when his community had a population of 1,200 and enrollment of 450 did not add up.  He stated, and this is a direct quote "we don't care if our students are ignorant as long as we control our schools locally."  At which time I told him "well, since you do not care about the student's education or complying with the law, I have no interest in being hired to design and build a monument to your stupidity.  Remove my firm from consideration.  Thank you."
I hear many Americans complain about their children returning from college and living with their parents.  They should not be surprised; many parents didn't finish the job by the time they graduated from high school and the schools went out of their way to screw things up and provide no meaningful education to their students.  Of course, the other factor being the economy sucks so bad that people under the age of 30 generally cannot survive on their own when faced with the real costs of being grown up.
#11 for unemployment
According to Bush we have a robust economy, and if you believe that I know someone who has property on the Dark Side of the Moon and looking for a sucker.  Bush keeps touting the under 5% unemployed but when you factor in those that gave up, those that are PhDs working for WalMart, and those that Bush does not want to mention (like the vast number of military veterans on full disability in the prime of their life), the unemployment figure is over 10% and the structural under-employed is somewhere between 15-20%.  Robust only applies to we have a robustly high number of unemployed and under-employed people and we have a robust national debt that is screwing all of us over in how that money is being directed to a select few. 
Our energy policies are 180 degrees backwards to what it would take to sustain GNP and full employment economy.  Think on that one.
#6 in the world for the total number of murders
I saw statistics one time that the average life expectancy in Harlem in the upper part of Manhattan was lower than that of Bangladesh.  There are many indicators that America has yet to reach the level and stature that warrants the pride many Americans have.  As they warn in the Bible, pride goeth before a fall.  I recall in the early 1990s when Little Rock led the nation in murders per capita due to having 57 gangs warring with each other and many young people lost their lives.  I also remind myself that our national capital, that faux seat of rule of law, leads the nation almost every year in murders per capita.  Nothing is as it seems!
#3 for the total number executions along with our democratic 'friends' in China, Congo and Iran
This ought to open some eyes for the reality it presents.  Reminds me of an old Crosby Stills & Nash song "in a land that known as freedom, how can such a thing be true?"  You know the rest of the song. 
#13 for social security expenditure as % of GDP
I can tell you what one of my heartaches is.  I had a neighbor about five years ago, one of the nicest ladies I have ever met.  Her husband could not get around due to chronic arthritis and she did not get around much better.  I ran into her at a local grocery store one day and she was in the pet food aisle buying Alpo dog food, and I asked why since she did not have a dog or a cat.  She looked at me and without saying a word tears formed in her eyes and her lips started quivering as she was trying to say the words to me.  She was buying it for meatloaf because she and her husband could not afford meat due to their health and pharmacy bills and the limited amount of retirement they were living on.  Without any expectations of thanks, I bought them meat for two years and helped them financially.
In a nation that likes to thump its chest about how great it is, we have people starving and people eating dog food for dinner because their health, rent and utility bills eat them alive and leaves them nothing to live on.
I see many homeless people in Central Europe and I cannot help them all.  I have seen that same number increase in America each of the last 15-20 years. 
No land that claims greatness can afford to have people living on the streets, or starving, or eating dog food for dinner.  With the sheer size of the US GDP and the fact that we are the world's leading food producer and food exporter, if we leave one behind to starve or freeze to death it diminishes all of us.  It is not all about money; some times humanity has to enter into the picture too.  For all of this talk about what a Christian nation America is, I see them as total frauds for they could not care less about those in need.
You do not want me to get started on how our nation has used food export as a weapon and if people do not bow down to US hegemony our nation has starved them to death by the tens of millions.  If Americans knew the whole truth, the words callous and inhumane do not come close to describing it.  Why should we worry about what happens to foreigners when we have people right here starving and eating dog food for dinner?
America the Great?  Do not believe it for a second.  We have a long way to go over a very rocky road just to be in second place.
#98 for GDP real growth rate
This goes back to the fact that it is our government, appeasing the Wealthy Elite and major corporations that are trying to be the driving force of GDP and the federal government as the world's largest consumer.  That is their mechanism of using national debt to line just the right pockets.  They are not letting free market forces determine where the money is going, they are manipulating that by issuing the debt, creating the money and controlling where that money is going.  It is like having a 50 pound tick on your 75 pound dog.  Sooner or later the dog is going to die. 
The bottom line lesson is this ­ growth of the National Debt due to growth of the federal government and its growth as the driving force consumer directing money to an elite few for government purposes is not real growth.  That is what is wrong and we change it when WE VOTE THEM ALL OUT.
#1 for soft drink consumption
With the recent disclosure that Coca Cola uses benzene, a known carcinogen, in its product, is it any wonder that our total food supply is screwed up?  All a company has to do is come up with an additive and the US government rubber stamps it so they can create jobs and make lots of money.  I used to never do it, but I now read the labels and I reject many food stuffs in our stores due to what is in it that they do not want you to pay attention to. 
Another thing I have seen very little of in Europe ­ obese people.  It is like night and day different between the US and Europe.  I see very few overweight men or women period, and as I told my son recently, where I am must be the nice legs, nice butt capital of the world.  The females I have seen in Europe are incredible and have the types of bodies that look best on a woman in my opinion.   Even a little overweight is not as common as in America.  The US chains here like Burger King, McDonald's, Pizza Hut do not do as well as small cafes that serve real food.
One can go to one of the malls and the women's and men sizes are normal and there are but one store for oversized women and one for oversized men and few if any are in those stores.  I have been watching this in 7 European nations and it stands out in ways that I find interesting compared to the last time I went to a store in America.  Just before I headed to Europe I went to WalMart in Alpharetta, GA to get toiletry items like shaving cream, razors, deodorant, etc and I saw over 10 women that weighed at least twice as much as me.  I am 5'-10" and weigh 175 so I am talking about very overweight.
In Europe they walk a lot, eat lots of fruit, drinks lots of bottled water, eat no fast foods, eat well balanced meals made with real food, and do they ever look good. 
Just a few people on this list have seen a photograph of my Russian lady and they were stunned.  I am one lucky man and I am the first to admit it.  She is 40, mother of a 20 year old son, looks 30 and does not have a wrinkle on her face.  Some here that have seen her face to face cannot believe she has a 20 year old son.  I have dated some real lookers in America and Canada but none of them can hold a candle to this lady.  She has completely screwed up my Americanized concept of what a Russian woman looks like and is.  If God put an angel on this Earth for me, it is her.  No doubts about it. 
#1 for the number of television hours watched
This category does not include me except for watching what they are saying on the news.  The other programs I find to be rather pedestrian and insulting to my intelligence as well as the news but one has to see what the enemy is up to.  I have never watched American Survivor, WWF, NASCAR, American Gladiator, American Idol, Star Search, Who wants to be a Millionaire, Desperate Housewives, Sex in the City, E-Ring, and a host of other distractions du jour.
I do not like that type of entertainment, if you can call it that, and I can find much better things to do with my time.
Admit it! You are a little surprised aren't you? It gives you an idea why the rest of the world is not interested in us spreading our freedom and democracy all over their part of the globe, they know that the American dream is no longer a dream.
The perception of America by other, non-US peoples has changed dramatically over the last five years. According to numerous polls done in non-US countries, the vast majority of people outside the USA now see American politicians as lying, greedy, arrogant, conceited, bullying warmongers hell-bent on needless destruction to protect their special interests.
I was surprised at first glance until I started thinking each category through.  If America was what it thinks itself to be, it would not be #1 or #2 in most of those categories and in those that the US ranks way down the list we would be in the Top 5.
Otherwise, we are all living an illusion and that ladies and gentlemen is the problem I have with America.  It is like George Carlin said in his comedy skit, the American Dream for you have to be asleep to believe in it.  Well, I do believe in the American Dream and I think each and every American is entitled to it if they are willing to work hard to achieve it and play within the rules, abide by the law.
The problem is they have turned it into an elitist club and if you have a better mouse trap watch out for the Masters will try to steal if from you rather than let you build another Fortune 500 company.
It is not the American Dream except for the Elite Few and that is not America to me.  It is also abundantly clear to me that those that are winning the Rat Race do not play by the rules or abide by the law.  Such things are for us, not them.  I know several ways to put an immediate halt to that arrogant attitude starting off with rule of law until they scream and beg for mercy.
Some of you may recall the recent email update where I disclosed the Happy Planet Index poll but I was mainly talking about Hungary.  America placed 150
th out of 178 nations on that poll, so it poses the question ­ If America is number one as it thinks it is, what are the people seeing that ranks it 150
th?  That is not first or second, that number ranks over three-fourths down the list towards the bottom of the list.
Hungary ranked 121
st out of 178 nations and are high up in Europe on suicides and have plenty of reasons to be unhappier than Americans.  However, they are higher up on the list than the United States by 29 places.  So, what is wrong with the picture when Americans think we are number one and rank 150
th out of 178 nations in the Happy Planet Index?
What is wrong is we are living a lie and we are living under a grand delusion and spoon fed a steady diet of lies by Washington, DC and the media.  I know many who shop until they drop thinking they are adding to their happiness just to discover they are deep in debt and made themselves even more miserable.  I know many who have a lot, yet feel empty and are not happy.  I have been there, done that, not going back.  I know people that have virtually nothing yet are happy with themselves but would like to have a better chance at opportunity. 
I said this in one of the prison ministry letters I wrote many years ago - "There is one way to die long before you die.  Just give up on your dreams for in your dreams are your hopes and aspirations.  If you have given up that, you have given up hope and next you will give up on faith and after that you will give up on life."
I have faith in Americans; I have no faith in America as it is defined today.  However, I realize that America has been lulled into a false path and trying to turn that into the right direction is like trying to swim and turn an aircraft carrier 180 degrees in the other direction.  It is going to take one Hell of swimmer.
I refuse to bow down to these thugs who think they are my master.  Only God is my master and these thugs can stick it where the sun does not shine.
I have a feeling that the November 7 elections will tell me all I need to know as to whether America has a future or is doomed.
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