The Bush Torture Bill
And Why You
Shouldn't Worry

By Ted Twietmeyer

Throughout history, one of the main tools used to control the population is fear. In the case of torture, it first starts with the abduction (i.e., state mandated arrest) of someone. Fear is an interesting and complex human emotion. For those left behind, fear is connected with a programmed sense of terror of the unknown. Endless movies with army jack-booted and army-helmeted police have helped plant this fear idea into the American consciousness. A few years ago, word circulated on the web about Guillotines that will be used in camps. However, not ONE photo was ever published or posted of the instrument to be used on any website. Be advised - the following paragraph has graphic descriptions.
Let's look at the facts: (Be advised - the following has graphic descriptions.) The use of this execution tool is both a bloody mess each time it's used, and a serious health hazard to camp prisoners AND workers. And for using it to "harvest organs?" It would be useless and here's why. It is inherently non-sterile by its very construction and operation and loaded with bacteria and viruses. Traces of other blood on the blade and the block from previous executions would quickly be picked up by the still-functioning circulation system of the recently executed. The contaminated blood will quickly enter the bloodstream into virtually all of the organs, just before the heart finally stops beating. The end result is that the condemned's organs will be contaminated and of no use to anyone. Organs must be carefully and surgically removed in an operating room environment BEFORE death to prevent clotting and contamination. The patient must be sedated for this. Even then, harvesting an organ and transplanting it is still a risky operation. When blood stops circulating in the body it begins to thicken and clot in the organs.
Will they be executing sedated prisoners rushed from the operating room to the guillotine? That makes no sense either. So who will be around to see this execution horror show? Only the camp's prisoners, and they will die before they can tell anyone. So what's the reason or benefit of using this tool in the first place? There isn't one. The rumor was started as a means to strike fear into Patriotic Americans.
Should we be worrying that those who annoy the dictator will start disappearing on a wholesale basis, numbering in the hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions? If we look at the bigger picture (of course we're not supposed to do) then we can logically see from the facts that mass abductions of Americans are unlikely. This is nothing more than psychological warfare being used upon an unsuspecting and largely ignorant public. "SHUT UP and O-BEY" like a good slave" is the message.
In an old television show episode of "Hogan's Heroes" there was a German officer threatening the entire underground movement with a list of names. One of the characters named Carter inquired of Hogan, "Colonel, why don't we just bump him off ourselves?" Colonel Hogan responded, "because the other ones will start asking questions..."
Let's not forget to extend our thanks to millions of Americans for the quick passage of the new military torture act. Its highly embarrassing as an American, that the overwhelming majority of people have simply sat on their butt and FOOLISHLY trusted their congressman to "do the right thing." This shows what effective brainwashing via media and entertainment can accomplish. Regardless, these citizens should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and WAKE UP. It's quite obvious these same lazy people learned absolutely NOTHING when Patriot Act 1 sailed through Capitol Hill late in the evening, complete with tough questions asked by the few who refused to sign it. And these same Americans did the butt-sit YET AGAIN when the USA Patriot Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005 (otherwise known as Patriot 2) extended the reach of Patriot Act 1.
Let's look at some real facts regarding the implications of wholesale abduction of Americans for torture and possible indefinite incarceration:
1. The US government cannot arrest and detain 280 million, or even 28 million resisting Americans. Less than 1% of the population works for the US government. A far smaller percentage of that number are in the military. If people start disappearing in public or even covertly at night, those left behind WILL start asking questions. People would tie up the government in lawsuits and class action challenges for time and eternity. At some point, a revolt would start that they couldn't stop. Think about this - if US forces can't maintain control over a small, desert country like Iraq with almost all of our soldiers over there - how could they ever maintain totalitarian control of America AND manage the two current mid-east wars and possibly a third war with Iran - all at the same time? That's beyond reason. Remember "The Wolverines" in the 1980's movie "Red Dawn?" The film provided an excellent, realistic portrayal of how a tiny group of teenage Americans made life a living hell for an invading Soviet-Mexican force and how the "insurgency" won in the end - just like in Iraq.
Now imagine what only 40 million well armed and angry Americans could accomplish. And when gun confiscation starts? You can be sure millions of Americans won't turn them in.
2. The USA has 3,537,438 square miles (according to the US Census bureau.) Let's use a total figure of approximately 500,000 men and women in the US Armed forces today. That equates to about .14 soldiers per square mile. Yes, POINT-ONE-FOUR soldiers to patrol each square mile. Yet there are an average of 79.6 citizens/square mile in America as of 2005, according to the US Census Bureau. [2]  We can see the armed forces are already seriously out-numbered by ordinary citizens!
However, the percentage of US forces available to force America into a strict police state is far smaller because:
a. A large percentage of the military are in the Navy, and are not trained as infantry or know how to fight in cities. Based on ships at sea, these men and women cannot patrol cities.
b. Another large percentage of those in the military are for materiel, ground and technical support. They too, are not trained as infantry. They cannot be re-trained because they are needed to keep vehicles and supplies moving.
c. Another large percentage of those in the military are in the Air Force, and were never trained to fight as infantry in cities.
d. A large percentage of the military will refuse to fire upon American citizens. Those who responded to the military's survey some years ago with a refusal to do this will most likely be kept overseas. They would be considered a threat to the dictatorship.
If we can't secure the Mexican border with a dedicated force there, how can the government ever secure the 3,537,438 square miles of the United States of America?
2. The government knows it cannot silence all of its employees. These people will not only ask tough questions, but will also start making statements that expose the tyranny from the inside - especially when one of their loved ones disappears. (When the proverbial "shoe is on the other foot.")  There will be hell to pay at some point by the dictatorship for kidnapping and torturing people, whose only crime was to speak out against tyranny. There is the recent expose' by former Navy line officer Thomas R. Olmsted, M.D. who exposed the fact that NO Arabs were aboard flight 77. [1] Dr. Olmsted is living proof along with other soldiers and officers, that not every government employee will shut up and lay down like a good slave. These and countless other good men still love the founding principles of America, just as you and I do.
3. Let us not forget the lessons of the French Revolution, where the King and Queen smugly thought they had total control - but they ended up under the blade anyway. Many a dictator throughout history has had their own people turn on them when the people finally reached their threshold of pain. This is often how dictatorships end.
4. Under the Patriot Act, family members and friends who know about or see an abduction are forbidden to speak about it. This clause in the Act was clearly and unmistakably meant to cover up a fascist, un-Constitutional action. In no way does it have anything to do with protecting the security of the state. When someone is taken away, the witness has no idea where they will be taken. And the witness certainly will not be told where the person is going, or if they are ever coming back. Just how long can people be intimidated by that?
5. To try and silence every witness is both idealistic and absurd. It's illegal to spit on the sidewalk, exceed the speed limit, cross double-yellow lines, ignore stop signs, rob convenience stores and violate countless other laws. Yet tens of millions of people do these things everyday and are never caught! Americans have been brainwashed to believe there is a cop around every corner, just waiting to catch you doing even the smallest thing wrong.
Yet video cameras in stores fail to catch criminals when they wear a simple $1.99 ski mask. Do you really believe that every offender is arrested and hauled away whenever a crime is committed? Of course not. But police television shows boast and brag about those they catch - and rarely if ever is a word spoken about the millions of people who get away with countless crimes. The old expression that "crime does not pay" is one of the biggest lies there is - it certainly pays for companies that sell alarm systems.
Those who live in other countries who will read this and sit back, feel quite smug and laugh at America. They will yell out "a dictatorship can't happen in my country." Oh, sure it won't...and I have some prime land in the Canadian Tundra you can have cheap, too.
None of this of course makes the torture bill acceptable. What it does show however, is that there will be millions of Americans still around to fight this fascist regime that has taken control. And there are thousands working inside the Pentagon that have reached their threshold of pain. One insider told me "They are armed to the teeth and have about had enough." These people won't resign from their jobs and then speak out like cowards do. Instead, they will start resisting this record-breaking tyranny from the inside. This may prove to be the real un-doing of the police state tyranny. The guilty will have no where to hide and will see swift justice take place, and they won't like it. The rest of the world should hope and pray for their actions to come soon - before they receive a police state enema...
Ted Twietmeyer
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