Wikipedia Zionists Attack
Honest Historian James Bacque

From Henri the Celt

James Bacque
The most sacrilegious author to come out of World War Two
Eisenhower, Churchill, Truman, and others sought revenge on Germans
How 1.5 million Germans were murdered in French and American Holocaust Camps after the war ENDED.
The Crucifiction Of James Bacque
It seems that the internet has given new life to a lot of 'alternate' historians, authors, and their works.  Facets of history that threw a light on things such as the Bolshevik Revolution, Russia's 1933 famine, the Gulags, the fire-bombing of German civilians, the Morgantheau Plan, etc., were always conveniently buried. Now comes the internet, and a flock of curious young minds rediscover the James Bacques and David Irvings and a whole realm
of serious research of what really transpired in the 'great war.'
Who Is James Bacque?
James Bacque is a Canadian author and historian, he has written five books on WW2. He wrote two books on allied death camps, and the treatment of civilian Germans from 1945- 1950, which quickly reached anonymity, but now the internet has revived them.
What's The Controversy?
Wikipedia, which is becoming the cyber library to the world, is on a campaign to disallow any discussions that portrays Zionist Jewish history in an unfavorable manner. James Bacque, who is not an anti-semite, or a revisionist, still crosses the line and Wikipedia seeks to defame him as it does to hundreds of prominent truth tellers, journalists and legitimate researchers of the recent past.
What's Bacque's 'Sin'?
His book 'Other Losses' shows Eisenhower creating death camps for German soldiers. The Eisenhower HOLOCAUST consumed approximately one MILLION innocent German soldiers and support personnel AFTER the war ended. It is an outrage by any measure.
In 'Crimes and Mercies,' Bacque demonstrates the evil and poison that the allies used against the German people. You see for yourself with facts and irrefutable data, the psychopathic hatred directed against a nation and its entire culture and history.
The Morgenthau Plan
Henry Morgenthau, a New York Cornell educated Jew, was International Jewry's point man advising Roosevelt. He felt Germans were genetically evil, and advocated mass executions, sterilization, breaking the German state into three sub states, and turning it's economy into an agrarian one.
The biggest secret of the war was Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill's heritages.
Steven Ambrose Trotted Out To Discredit Bacque
Since Bacque doesn't want to follow the politically-correct line, the Wikipedia censors decide to discredit him using the Court Jesters. Ambrose, a mediocre writer at best, was now recertified as an historical giant, and called out to protest Bacque. He said of Bacque: - "Scholars...will find Mr. Bacque's work to be worse than worthless. It is spectacularly flawed in its most fundamental aspects."
Eisenhower chose Ambrose write his biography, and Ike's Jewish roots, his military incompetence, Operation Keelhaul, the Allies Death Camps, his mistress, etc. were never mentioned. Eisenhower was portrayed as a political and military genius. Which he was not.
Ambrose was called on by Hollywood to verify the 'Holocaust' with 'The World At War' series. He wrote such fiction as the Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, which strategically-placed Jewish heroes throughout the plot.
Relating Bacque's Books To The Big Picture
What if our young and high school students of history...began putting together that simple truth that WW2 was caused by these three backing Poland, which, in 1939, killed 58,000 German Nationals. What if they began to consider that Germany and its people were deliberately slaughtered to eliminate the one force that stood in the way of the Jewish/Bolshevik/Communist takeover of the world 
The Only Mystery
The only surprise here is James Bacque naiveté. He can't understand why the Court Historians, and the World's Cyber Encyclopedia (Wikipedia) hates him. Eisenhower's image is supposed to be that of a great leader, a war hero, fighting the evil Nazis. They don't want him seen as a womanizing, pompous, incompetent, Jewish monster who hated the German people beyond measure and sought, along with his whiskey-swilling ally, Winston Churchill, to destroy Germany and the German people once and for all. 



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