Who Will Stop
The Countdown?
Jim Kirwan

The people of Lebanon have five days left to consider how they want to die. One week after this war began, Israel demanded "just one more week" to finish off Hezbollah and create conditions on the ground that would include the Litani River, as a permanent part of Greater Israel. Israel has decided to triple its invasion forces on the ground in Lebanon. But the actions of those that control the governments of Israel and the United States do not represent the populations of their countries. This outrage is only the latest and most blatant, in a series of crimes that were designed by the criminal elites to crush and control evermore of those lands still in Arab hands. This barbaric response from The US and Israel is collective punishment for resisting the New Crusades that are masquerading as "The New Middle East."
The First World War was billed as "The War to End All Wars." That war introduced planes, machine guns and tanks, along with lethal germs and gases that pervaded the fighting fronts in Europe then. The conclusion of that war included the redrawing of many national borders, in order to make the acquisition of resources easier for the then colonial powers to steal. What arose from the carnage of WWI also included the foundations of Zionist designs that are only just now becoming crystal clear. A Second World War was necessary to advance these global designs, of that cadre of elites, into positions that were required for the introduction of The New World Order.
At this point the name of the War Department was changed to The Department of Defense. That might seem like a miniscule point, but it makes all the difference whenever the US or Israel chooses to define their actions as purely defensive ­ even though they are continually giving new meanings to the savagery of "war-in-the-twenty-first-century! The Cold War that followed the two "Great Wars" provided the necessary cover to tear apart the formerly self-sufficient nations and replace them with subservient subscribers to the New World Order. In country after country nations were held hostage to the largest criminal corporations and their own corrupted governments. With that task largely in place, the remains of our threadbare "velvet gloves" were stripped away, so that all can now see the blood-stained iron of those fists that had been initially extended as the open handed glove of peace and democracy. With the theft of the presidency in the United States, this entirely new agenda for absolute power began to rapidly unfold. Throughout - the government of Israel has been acting as the rabid-savage enforcer for The New World Order.
Power and money is what is being sought, to the total exclusion of all else. This clique of the elites is similar to a global and secret fraternity, not a family, and not confined to any one group of people. These super-wealthy renegades subscribe only to the dictates of global supremacy. Their members are drawn from circles of power around the world, in virtually every major profession, and in all aspects of the economy, of communication, of education and the arts, along with government positions at all levels ­ and of course the most brutal military people on the planet. No facet of this takeover escaped the scrutiny or the planning of the NWO. Now it's up to the people not affiliated with these outlaw regimes to rein-in and prosecute the criminals that are bringing the world to the edge of a nuclear war. This struggle between humanity and those who claim the right of total control must determine what really belongs to all people, and not just to a chosen few.
The task might seem daunting at first: But there are many holes in the myth of invincibility. Militarily, these 'super-forces' of the US-Israeli-British cabal are stuck in twentieth-century concepts and policies that are better suited to fighting the First World War, than they are in creating the first major series of wars in the twenty-first century. The armaments may be awesome by the standards in place at the end of WWII, but they are of little value in meeting the resistance-fighters and the millions who are willing to die to the last person, in defense of their lives and their lands! American and Israeli brigades of Crusading bandits are dumping the treasury of the United States into hopelessly one-sided wars in which we are losing at every turn. Tens-of-thousands killed in Iraq just since the beginning of the year. Afghanistan is coming apart all over again, even as NATO tries to takeover from our hopelessly short-sighted polices, and these are the only two wars that we claim to be involved in.
Then there's the unfinished business of the rights of the Palestinian people who have been abused, tortured and murdered now for half a century by the evermore barbaric policies of Israel. This is the third war we are funding and are complicit in right down to the last drop of Palestinian blood. This has been followed by the State of Israel's attack upon Lebanon which is supposedly in reply to an attack upon an Israeli patrol, operating inside Lebanon: this is our fourth war against the people in the Middle-East, because the weapons and the money comes from the USA and Britain. These last two openly American-involved- wars are only the prologue for the next two we seem determined to soon begin: Syria and Iran. The crimes of these two states are that they are furnishing weapons and support to Hamas and the Palestinians and to Hezbollah and the Lebanese. So it's okay that we supply the aggressor in all of the wars from Iraq to wherever this shall end; but it is not okay that the other side has its sponsors as well.
The United Nations has become a rubber-stamp for these crimes against humanity, and the arbiter by default when it comes to trying to stop all that continues to explode anywhere in the Middle-East. For all the self-righteous anger and hate espoused by Israel, over the protection of their rights to unchecked national expansion, the state of Israel has not adhered to any UN resolutions since they planted their flag on foreign soil and began to claim evermore land for themselves. Yet, now they are insisting that Lebanon, a virtually defenseless state, must disarm Hezbollah (something that Israel has not been able to do) for the last 30 years. Israel asked for a week to dispatch Hezbollah, at the beginning of this, and 30 days have passed. Now they are demanding another 30 days to "improve their military position on the ground." The rockets of Hezbollah continue to fly, and Israeli's continue to die. Does this make the liquidation of the civilian population of Lebanon an acceptable course of action? No ­ this unbalanced approach to genocide by the governments of Israel and the USA, can never be justified, unless Israel has a right to rein supreme over every other person on the planet.
In modern times even the Nazi's would never have dared to so brazenly liquidate an entire country. The only parallel that comes to mind is the barbarity of Genghis Kahn, in the late 1100's, when his Mongol hordes laid waste to every city they encountered. Turning place after place into rubble so diminished that their horses could easily move over the smoldering rubble without having to even raise their hooves. This goes well beyond a war crime; this is savagery beyond human comprehension, beyond Holocausts! This is something unspeakable in the annuals of human history: because what is happening is the outright murder of an entire state, along with all its inhabitants: and virtually the entire world has yet to even react, with the possible exception of the Arab Street - that is finally beginning to mobilize!
Today the panderingly propagandistic film "World Trade Center" opens nationwide in the USA. This sophistry of blood and tinsel patriotism was five years in the making - how coincidently interesting that it just happens to be released on the day that the Brits announce yet another "Terror Plot" (from the air - all bombast - no facts, no evidence, and no pictures) nothing but more supposed threats! The "news conference" held to explain it all did not give the reporters microphones, so the questions asked about this whole affair could not be heard by the nationwide television audience: While the five official panel members behaved as if they were receiving academy awards, thanking everyone - repeatedly - for the "opportunity" that this "crisis' has presented!
Yesterday Israel announced a three fold increase in their invasion plans for Lebanon: This while they continue to hold the entire planet hostage to their threats of nuclear blackmail. - if they are not given free rein to do whatever they want to do, to anyone or any state that threatens their long term goals. The New Middle East for Israel shall consist of Israel - and only Israel - where so many nations once flourished!
The world must come together to stop the insanity of Israel's countdown to termination. They have already destroyed the viability of Lebanon as a state. Gone is the electricity, the water supply, access to food or medicine, the infrastructure of the country has been totally destroyed, and no relief supplies can enter the country by any means. Israel created an environmental disaster by blowing up a power plant and creating an oil slick greater than the Exxon-Valdez oil spill. The damage has now reached Turkey and Syria. The 15 ton slick continues to grow because the Israeli military will vaporize anyone that tries to contain it, or clean it up. But the true crime is the displacement of a million people, and the soon to transpire deaths of those who remain trapped in their homes, from thirst or famine-because if they try to escape they will be targeted, and if they stay they will be bombed. And all of this is being treated as just business as usual by the completely-corrupted-powers that be, who are too cowardly or too invested in the outcome - to demand a stop to this continuing nightmare!
The vaunted IDF, (claiming to be a defensive force only) is losing this action, despite their missiles, their complete air superiority, and massive weapons systems. As long as Hezbollah's missiles continue to hit their targets, inside Israel: the governments of the USA and Israel shall continue to demand the right to bomb Syria and Iran, as "the only way to end this resistance." Of course that course is hideously misguided because if that is done then the Russian Bear and the Chinese Dragon will awaken ­ as both these nations have more than a little at stake in the Middle-East as well. But since Olmert and Cheney-Bush have no military expertise, and even less ability when it comes to strategic thinking ­ this eventuality was never part of their short-sighted power-play that both the USA and Israel are guilty of financing, designing, and prosecuting.
One bizarre footnote in all of this is that while the state of Israel hides behind anti-Semitism as their justification against everyone that opposes them: Israel for its part continues to make war on the real Semites, the Palestinians and the Arabs communities they truly have come to hate. When Israeli's comprised only about 5 % of Palestine, they were welcomed by the Palestinians with open arms. But after they murdered their way into approaching statehood, they thanked their hosts the same way that the early-Americans thanked the native population here ­ by massacring them!
If uniting the Arab world in rage and anger wasn't enough for us, just imagine what will happen if Russia and China begin to enter into this one-sided war over who shall live and who will die in the Middle-East? Maybe this will have to reach that point, before sanity can again have some say in the world. But if it goes that far, then all this horror that has already occurred will only serve as prologue for the next global nuclear war: All because too few people actually valued the real principles involved in true leadership, anywhere in the world today!
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