Open Letter To War
Criminal George Bush

By Joe Cortina

Mr. Bush
I cannot in good conscience call you my 'President'. That undeserved and unearned degree of respect would stick in my throat like warm vomit. - I respect the title, but do not respect you ­ NO decent American does. You are not only a disgrace to your high office, but a debasement to the dreams of our Founding Fathers. Your conduct is untrustworthy traitorous and treacherous to the good people of this country. You can forget the predictable disrespectful letter nonsense.
 You must FIRST be proven WORTHY of respect to assess any criticism 'disrespectful'.
You have broken the Holy oath you took as President. "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. So help me God" I took a very similar oath - but unlike you I have been true to MY oath. The 'enemies' DO include ALL ­ both FOREIGN ( our mortal enemy Israel) and DOMESTIC (you and your cabal of Israeli loyal neo-con traitors)
You have mocked God by your outrageous blasphemies and your sadistic murder of countless innocent lives ­ especially children. Your conduct will indeed merit the Scriptural "millstone about your neck and cast into the sea". You are a monster (certainly not worthy of being called a "MAN") of exceptional cruelty and evil ­ a consummate liar and hypocrite of biblical proportions.
History WILL eventually hail you as not only the most evil President in the history of the United States ­ but one of the most evil persons in history PERIOD! While you were leading your privileged life of a millionaire in grade school, I was training combat troops during the worst war crisis since WWII. Most of these ­ over 1,000 - were decent young warriors ­ not our modern day civilian murderers who do your dirty work without conscience because you tell them that God is on OUR side ­ what blasphemous arrogance.
Your mockery of Christian belief and conduct, as presented by our Lord Christ is so obnoxious that you must know the nature of your fate in the hereafter. Your lack of contrition for the unspeakable war crimes you have committed against helpless innocent civilians has sealed your fate in hell ­ where you WILL spend eternity.
Particularly odious in the eyes of God ­ must be your WILLFUL conduct in the implementation of especially sinister war weapons against civilian populaces ­ so cruel that you will find that even the WWII German Army did not in conscience employ these horrid things against helpless civilians ­ especially trapped or escaping refugees.
The ridicule and contempt for God ­ by swearing that HE ­ the Prince of Peace ­ commanded you to murder countless non-combatant men women and children ­ is blasphemy without equal in history. You will be reviled by generations to come ­ for your unparalleled treason and murder. The TRUTH of the 9-11 conspiracy WILL be exposed and I pray ­ along with countless millions of freedom loving people worldwide that you are convicted and hung as the mega-criminal that you most assuredly are.
How DARE you slander my good name and those of countless other REAL patriots who have unhesitatingly placed themselves in harm's way for love of God and country - with insults of "traitor" ­ when you yourself have betrayed AN ENTIRE NATION.
I am a Veteran Mr. Bush ­ and a member of the dysfunctional incompetent under- funded VA hospital Administration. I discovered that I could not get the drugs preferred by my physician. I asked WHY the VA would NOT Supply these life saving drugs. Their answer? Because "they were more expensive that other similar drugs". Well some of those 'substitute similar' drugs made me sick and it was months of my discomfort before it was discovered.
In other words ­ MY government ­ the most powerful and RICH nation on EARTH ­ CAN afford ­ at YOUR ORDER ­ to send the most deadly and agonizing weaponry to the Jews ­ by special airlift ­ at the cost of MILLIONS of our hard earned dollars - so they can murder MORE civilians ­ YOU FULL WELL KNOWING OF THE IMMINANT CEASE FIRE! Isn't that right 'Mr. war criminal butcher'?
BUT ­ you will not authorize the pittance to supply the VA so that vets can have the proper medications. Now to make matters even a higher hardship ­ YOU - MR. Child murderer ­ have authorized this evil Government you control ­ to take funds out of my meager $930 SS check ­ which is my only formal income now. Why is my SS entitlement being robbed? Because I have not paid for those UNOPENED UNUSED drugs which made me sick ­ and which I have tried countless times to inform the VA - BUT no one will answer or return calls. The VA sent me a letter as if they were the Gestapo and I was a peasant servant of the State ­ stating that I had NO recourse for my grievances and THEY did NOT want or need my input and had NO intentions of contacting me.
Since it is evident that the VA will not help ­ I must now spend my life savings to buy my own drugs ­ a several thousand-dollar/yr expense. Thank you SO much for your 'concern' for us vets.
BTW ­ Since you would never bother to stoop so low as to read a letter from one of the common people ­ your Gestapo agent readers would otherwise presume that I am a leftist liberal disgruntled Democrat, right? You don't have enough gray hairs on your head to preach morality to me.
WRONG! I am not only a REAL REPUBLICAN ­ but have been called the Republican's Republican. Voted for you twice ­ many year card holding member of the RNC. Your administration is so foul and evil, from warmonger Rumsfeld to the high priestess of hate Rice that NO REAL Christian or informed ethical American could possibly support your imperialistic greedy self-serving war making on sovereign nations who have done us no harm.
YOU ­ SIR: have been the principle person who created an enemy out of a former ally. There was no US enemy in the Mid-East before the racist secular Christian- hating bogus State of Israel came into being. That hellhole is a MORTAL ENEMY of this country and whose evil parasitic people have turned this once great country into a morally-rotted corpse.
A quick quiz ­ Mr. Warmonger. Which is the ONLY country on planet earth that has ­ since Dec. 1941 - committed ­ by PUREST DEFINITION ­ and ACT OF WAR against the United States OF America - or committed the unprovoked merciless sadistic slaughter of over TWO HUNDRED of our fathers sons brothers and neighbors? But of course that was ' OK' ­ just as long as the murderers were the 'self-chosen'. Did you get that one right? Well here is another. Which is the ONLY country in the Mid-East that DOES IN FACT have a HUGE arsenal of REAL weapons of REAL mass destruction ­ AND who have OPENLY threatened/ blackmailed America that they would NOT hesitate to use them against us if we do not continue to start AND SUPPORT wars against THEIR enemies ­ NOT OURS.
YOU and YOU alone are responsible for bringing NOT ONLY AMERICA but the ENTIRE WORLD into a senseless conflict which will only end in a world wide cataclysm of horrors death and ruination the likes of which earth has never seen. You have worked VERY diligently to posture yourself as the anti-Christ ­ as I cannot imagine any world leader more evil and deceiving.
I fear more for my children and grandchildren and pray for the day of our deliverance from greedy immoral monsters of your ilk. Never in my adult life have I ever witnessed such sadistic evil and personal joy of the immeasurable suffering of your helpless innocent victims.
To forgive is divine ­ so it has been said. Perhaps Christ will forgive you ­ but I will not. You have led my country to the very edge of ruination with your bizarre slavish loyalty to the most perverse ­ violent - Godless ­ sadistic ­ pernicious people I have ever encountered. THESE are the animals that had Christ murdered. NONE of their mentality AND conduct has changed in 2 millennia ­ only the names. AND ­ I WILL remind you that according to our Lord ­ these people are vipers, hypocrites, Pharisees ­ and sons of the Devil.
If you are inclined to use tired inane insults like "anti-Semitic" then you had better rebuke Christ as well ­ for I am only the messenger ­ quoting His Holy Scripture from the NT. I am a mere mortal and am not entitled to such powers ­ but were I able ­ I would damn you to hell for all eternity for the misery and death that YOU have authored in the name of our Lord. My personal experiences of sufferings that YOU are DIRECTLY responsible for, are but a drop in a sea of tears authorized by your decree. You have MUCH innocent blood on your hands.
With utter disgust,
Joe Cortina ­ father ­ veteran ­ patriot and Christian



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