TSA Travel Security
Rule Absurdities
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From Judith Moriarty

 Transportation Security Administration officials announced two major changes:
Travelers may now carry through security checkpoints travel size toiletries ( 3 oz or less) that fit comfortably in ONE, Quart- SIZE, clear plastic, zip ­top bag.
After clearing security, travelers can now bring beverages and other items purchased in the secure boarding area on-board the aircraft.
At the checkpoint travelers will be asked to remove the zip-top bag of liquids and place it in a bin or on the conveyor belt, x-raying separately will allow TSA security officers to more easily examine the declared items.
I suppose if you've been on vacation and bought that jug of Maple Syrup; you're going to have to drink all but three ounces!  This is what happens when billions of dollars are thrown to the wind to create these ridiculous alphabet agencies.  Transportation Security Screeners will now be called 'Supervisors'; because an important title makes it appear that the recent GED graduate or former employee of Block Buster ­ knows what they're doing; as they (feeling impotent) order folks around (who can afford to travel and they can't) pawing them, swabbing their hands and briefcases, ordering wheelchair bound seniors to remove orthopedic shoes ­ with colostomy bags and heart medications scrutinized! Nursing mothers are made to prove that that's milk that has their breasts hanging heavy and not nitroglycerin.
Wearing flip ­ flops, it doesn't matter, "REMOVE THEM". It has to be understood, that all of this Tom foolery,  has NOTHING to do with shoes, old spice, hair gel, or mouth wash being dangerous;  and  everything to do with ordering and controlling hordes of people;  who are basically at their  mercy, (traveling) for the sake of  behavior modification and forming obedient passive non-complaining drones.
After you're searched and prodded, frisked, scanned, sniffed, and carefully watched:  least you make some suspicious movement - like wiping your brow, you will be pulled aside for a special exam.  You are then sent through the detectors and onto a Jet, whose CARGO HOLD is filled with tens of thousands of pounds of shipments; including boxes, crates etc. Since packages don't need behavior modification there is no need to search or scan these. See I told you it wasn't about saving you.
The face  and body language specialists ( former car wash attendants)   will be carefully observing you from the shadows;   to check off things pertaining to your face, and any movements that might show you for the liar, manipulator and  contemptible, corrupt, threat to humanity that you really are! Air Force One is exempt. You may be the  unfortunate person,  who is just  naturally ugly,  with a perpetual  sneer ­   which has you MARKED in the book on "How to Recognize Terrorists By Facial Ticks ­ Looking at Watch ­ Adjusting Crotch ­ or Checking Pockets ­ Sneering Countenance".  
My suggestion is - that these scanners, searchers, sniffers, prodders, and body language specialists; should  be posted at the White House, the Supreme Court, the Defense Dept, the State Department, the Congressional chambers, Capitol hallways, golf courses, private hunting preserves,  and local moneyed watering holes;  to catch the real LIARS  and threats to Representative  Democracy. Hey, maybe we'll find that 2 trillion missing from the Defense Dept, or the paltry 9 billion disappeared in Iraq (under Bremmer)?  If not, perhaps, these elite Special Forces  Security Guards,  might be assigned to rummage through the 6 million   unsearched,  huge containers that come in from China? Maybe its paranoid me;   but I think millions of containers from a country that steals all our trade secrets is a lot more suspicious than liquid wart remover or a ninety-three year old Alzheimer patient in suspected terrorist shoes!  Hmm, now if we were politicians or corporate honchos, we could bypass this needless humiliation, by former truants, and fly in corporate privacy!  But then, this is all a dress rehearsal for the management of the global plantation ­ with the house slaves just doing their jobs. "I owe my soul to the company store"!



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