Supreme Court Candidate
Cites Massive NC
GOP Corruption
By Greg Szymanski

Attorney Rachel Lea Hunter wants to put an end to the New World Order within her state, citing a return to a Constitutional judiciary and government.
With only a few weeks to go before the election, Rachel Lea Hunter, the outspoken and anti-New World Order candidate for Associate Supreme Court Justice of North Carolina has taken "off the gloves" and is warning voters not to be hoodwinked by the Republican Party behind massive state-wide corruption.
Hunter in the past has strongly criticized the Bush administration Neo-con agenda, calling President Bush "another Hitler" and coming out strong against the loss of civil rights and the unconstitutional Patriot act due to what she calls a phony war on terror.
Now, only weeks before the election, she is drawing attention to specific corruption within North Carolina, hoping voters will put her into office so she has the opportunity to begin "cleaning house from within."
While busy on the campaign trail, she turned her attention away from Washington D.C., wanting to go public with allegations about the corrupt GOP within North Carolina, releasing this statement to the Arctic Beacon:
This week, voters in North Carolina were treated to a slew of stories detailing alleged or actual misconduct from misconduct in Washington, D.C. to our own state. I will not repeat the Washington, D.C. scandals - you already know about Jack Abramoff, Tom DeLay and Mark Foley, just to name a few.
"What I am concerned with is the scandals here. Has the NC-GOP Mafia discussed this? No, not a word will you hear from them. They are too busy going after Connie Mack Berry, Jr. for the crime of exercising his right to vote.
"Instead of concentrating their efforts on Mr. Berry's activities and depriving him of his right to vote, it would be a welcome change if the NC GOP-Mafia, their operatives and the mainstream media would devote attention to where the real problem seems to lie - with the Republican judges, attorneys or officials. Since the NCGOP-Mafia will not tell you about their activities, I will.
"1. Judge Evelyn Hill, who resigned because of her statements and treatment of attorneys. If she had not done so, she was sure to face removal from office because the attorney complaints were mounting.
"2. Judge James Ethridge, who lost his law license and was disbarred for swindling an incompetent old woman of her property.
"3. Judge Doug McCullough, who was charged with DWI and speeding this past weekend.
"4. Judge Mark Badgett, who is being investigated for misconduct and misfeasance in office after numerous attorneys and the district attorney called for an investigation. He also is accused of failing to reveal his business dealings with an attorney who won several cases before the judge.
"5. Senator John Carrington pled guilty and was sentenced for illegally exporting weapons to foreign countries.
"6. Sam Currin, former head of the NC GOP and a criminal attorney, pled guilty for his involvement in laundering money in a securities fraud scheme.
"7. Although it has not been discussed, we have Justice Martin's questionable campaign expenditures to be revealed next week. What do these people all have in common? They are all Republican.
"Are you tired of this kind of unethical and corrupt behavior yet? Early voting begins next week. Now is the time to make your voice heard that we are tired of misfeasance and misconduct and that we expect better from our leaders."
In the past as reported in the Arctic Beacon , Hunter, an attorney fighting the good fight against the neo con warlords, came out strong with an article ripping apart fascism entitled The Mark of the Beast.
In the article, Hunter claims the old cronies in government, desperate to hang onto power, are waging an "all out war" to silence her quest to change business as usual in the halls of a corrupted judiciary.
Further, she claims the old guard or what she calls "the beast" has "infiltrated every level of society, attacking anyone or anything that gets in their way with the ruthlessness and cunning of an old Chinese torture called Ling Chi or death by a thousand cuts.
"Those who are desperate to hang onto power are attacking me in much the same way," said Hunter in her recent article, adding "the beast" is trying to attack her character and credibility piece by piece with lie after lie.
"You see. I struck at the very heart of the beast that governs our society, the beast, by whatever name you call it, has infiltrated every level of our society. It has taken over the judicial system. It governs our legislature. It governs our educational system. It controls the mainstream media except it can't quite control the internet at present. The beast knows no party affiliation; it controls both sides of the equation, both Democrats and Republicans.
What's interesting about Hunter is she stands for American conservative values coming originally from inside the Republican, but defecting and denouncing the GOP after she realized corruption had reached treasonous levels.
And since entering the race and trying to buck city hall, she has been attacked "every which way but loose," now having to defend herself against frivolous bar complaints in an attempt by the attack dogs to derail her campaign.
"The beast craves power and control and it cannot tolerate any loss of the same," said Hunter in Part I of a two part article that can be read in its entirety at "Every once in awhile, however, the beast lets one person get through the cracks. The individual that succeeds is often marginalized and rendered ineffective
"Thing things will really change if we put Democrats in power? Think again. Oh, they will no doubt begin impeachment in Washington and that would be a good start, but things will not really change in our government and in our society. Most of us are too busy worrying about who is on Survivor, who will win American Idol or the latest pretty white woman that was killed or abducted to pay much attention to what the beast is really doing. The rest of us are pitted against each other in race and class warfare as the beast hopes to keep us distracted and too busy fighting each other so we will not fight back."
Hunter also claims the beast has recently been unleashing its full force against her, trying to prevent her from exposing deep-rooted corruption.
"Why? Because I pose a threat," claims Hunter. "If someone was stupid, but controllable, the beast would have no problem as long as the person had enough smarts to rule on things the way the beast dictates. Stupidity can be allowed. I can't be controlled; the beast can't get to me by normal channels. An issue might arise and I might not decide the case the way the beast wants, so I cannot be allowed to win.
"How is the beast going to stop me? They tried to get me off the ballot and when that effort failed, they filed a frivolous bar complaint. Now they have filed another and undoubtedly they will file more as the election draws near. It is death by a thousand slices.
Hunter feels most Americans feel in their hearts that something is drastically wrong, hoping with every ounce of her heart and soul enough people join forces to stop the beast before it destroys America.
"I'd like to think that if more of us paid attention to what is really going on and made an effort to fight back against the beast, me or someone like me might have a fighting chance," she said. "We might even win. And then we would bring about an American restoration to take back our country from the beast."
Greg Szymanski
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