STS-115 'Debris'
Or STS-75 UFOs?

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Several days ago NASA scrubbed landing over what it called "debris" floating outside the Shuttle Atlantis on mission STS-115. The first sighting was a long, dark rectangular object that appeared to be keeping pace with, or in the same orbital path as the Atlantis.
Yesterday, more objects were photographed and videotaped, this time with remarkable resemblance to the now infamous STS-75 "tether" footage from The Secret NASA Transmissions: The Smoking Gun, where massive, pulsating, "dropa stone" shaped objects, many miles wide, can be seen passing behind the 12 mile long tether as it drifts into space after snapping loose. The tether provided a varitable measuring stick for size and distance for the swarm of mysterious, pulsating saucer-like craft.
The "debris" videotaped yesterday has the same qualities: ring or donut-like white objects, pulsating or throbbing with light. Has NASA been caught off guard and forced to call these objects "debris" when they know otherwise? NASA even went as far as to speculate that the debris could be items torn loose from the shuttle or accidentally discharged from the payload bay! An inspection was conducted revealing no damage to the Shuttle, including no missing heat resistant tiles.
Atlantis flight director Steve Stitch said it's common to see pieces of floating debris when astronauts open the payload bay doors at the beginning of the mission, although "it is a little bit unusual to maybe see objects this late in the mission." (1)
NASA contends that the objects are small and close to the Shuttle (within 30 meters), possibly even ice (here we go with the ice again!), rather than large objects at a greater distance.
"It doesn't look like anything I've seen outside the shuttle," Atlantis Commander Brent Jett said. (2). This "debris" is clearly unlike the commonplace sparkling, dust-like particulates that are often seen floating about the Shuttle when ships jets are fired or the payload bay doors are first opened.

Frame from STS-75 Footage
showing "dropa stone" shaped UFO



The object to the far upper right differs from the two ring like objects below and to the left of it. This different object stands stationary while the other two objects move independently. The two ring-like objects appear to pulsate while the stationary object remains constant in its brightness, though it does appear to spin or turn in place revealing its strange shape.

Stationary object


Upper left ring-like object


lower right ring-like object



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