Smart Money Is On Clint
Curtis To Beat Tom Feeney

FEENEY WATCH: Is the Corrupt GOP Congressman and Alleged Vote-Rigging Conspirator in Trouble? Latest Straw Poll, Behavior Indicates As Much
CLINT CURTIS TO THE HILL: 'If I win Feeney will be in jail. He's acting frantic because he is frantic'
Signs (along with the desperate and shameful campaign smear website and smear blog he created) that Tom Feeney (R-Abramoff)
may be in trouble down in Florida in his race against whistleblower-turned-opponent Clint Curtis in the 24th district congressional race?
This today from from the Orlando Sentinel (who had previously endorsed Curtis' primary opponent, before he thumped him 2 to 1 in the recent election):
Hobnob votes could provide some hints about general election
Straw votes taken at political hobnobs are often wildly off the mark. But they're still fun.
Here are some results from last week's hobnob sponsored by the DeLand Area Chamber of Commerce.
Bill Nelson whipped up on Katherine Harris in the U.S. Senate race.
Congressional incumbents John Mica and Tom Feeney won, though Feeney's race was much closer.
Also, as it's been reported that the House GOP leadership was informed about Rep. Mark
's predatory behavior with minors in the Congressional page program months ago and apparently took no action, it's fair to ask what Feeney, as both a Deputy Whip in the House and a fellow member of the Florida caucus, knew about Foley's behavior and when he knew it.
Feeney's campaign, by the way, has received money from Foley in the past, according to this report from MyDD.
Like his colleague Foley, Feeney has enjoyed trumpeting his own work in the House to create legislation to protect children from predatory behavior. Like Foley, (and those Feeney hangs with from DeLay to Abramoff to Ney to Cunningham to Jeb and George W.),
he's never been big on transparency or honesty either. So we expect he'll do whatever he can to dance, dodge and otherwise obfuscate on this matter as usual, unless someone holds his feet to the fire.
.Ohand this from The Hill last week, in response to Feeney's "crazy" campaign smear sites:
And the accusations of mental illness? A desperate measure, Curtis says. "If I win and get investigations going, he'll be in jail," he said. "He's acting frantic because he is frantic."
Candidate Clint Curtis Calls on Deputy Whip Tom Feeney to Clarify Personal Knowledge of Rep. Foley's Sexual Overtures to Minors
Clint Curtis, Democratic challenger to Rep. Tom Feeney in Florida's 24th
Congressional District, today called on his opponent, a Deputy Whip in the GOP House leadership, to fully explain his involvement in the latest scandal embroiling the House Republicans.  As reported by AP, the GOP House Leadership were informed of disgraced Rep. Mark Foley's (R-FL-16) abhorrent sexual predatory behavior with minors in the congressional page program nearly a year ago,  yet apparently took no action until forced by public outcry last Friday.
As a member of the GOP leadership, Feeney worked closely with Foley as a fellow Deputy Majority Whip in the House, as a colleague in the Florida caucus, and on legislation for the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children.  Like Mr. Foley, Mr. Feeney has often trumpeted his work to protect children against sexual predators. "If Mr. Feeney knew of and let continue Mr. Foleys sexual overtures to a 16 year old male high school student interning with the Congressman, his sincerity in protecting children is definitely in question."
"Feeney owes a full explanation to all Floridians in the 24th
District and across the state -- about when he learned of Foley's predatory behavior and what actions, if any, he took to protect the kids in this matter.  As part of the Republican leadership, he should be calling for legal and ethical accountability," said Curtis. "The voters of Florida need to know so they can make an informed decision about their leadership in Congress."
"The Republicans waited only until the issue was disclosed by the media to call for an investigation," Curtis continued. "Hastert claims that he was only aware of 'overly-friendly' emails, but if that is true, I find his judgment severely impaired that he did not look into this ­ that's a huge red flag when there are minor children involved."  Did Feeney ignore the same red flags on behalf of his colleague?
New revelations indicate the GOP leadership was aware, as far back as 2001, that Foley had a "page problem", according to ABC News.  The report also says that staffers had gone so far as to "warn" pages "to watch out for Foley" over the years.
Curtis charges that the GOP leadership "did nothing, rather than jeopardize what was considered a 'safe' seat.  They made a craven political calculation to protect fellow  Republicans majority rather than protect the children that were entrusted to their care.  They have once again put partisan politics above everything else -- even above the children that work with them.  We can't trust them to protect our children,  or our country?"
Foley is the fourth Republican to resign from the House under an ethical cloud in the past year, joining indicted former Majority Leader Tom Delay of Texas, and soon-to-be-jailed Bob Ney of Ohio, who pled guilty in the ongoing influence-peddling investigation of Jack Abramoff.  Mr. Feeney is the only remaining congressman not yet indicted, to have received a posh golf junket to Scotland which was paid for by convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Once again this year, Feeney has been listed  as one of the "Most Corrupt Members of Congress" by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).
Clint Curtis is the Democratic Candidate for Congress in Florida's 24th
District.  A computer programmer, election integrity advocate and whistleblower, Curtis has charged that his opponent Rep. Tom Feeney, among other well-documented misdeeds, asked him to create an electronic vote-rigging computer program while they both worked for the same computer firm in Oviedo, FL in 2000.
For more information, see;
Join Clint Curtis to bring respect and courage back to our Congress and our Country



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