The Seven-Headed Hydra
That Blocks The Path To Freedom

By Jim Kirwan

In the means streets of any city anywhere-reality always trumps spin-because survival always depends upon knowledge of the truth at any given time. In this environment, survivors need to consider both the facts that created the past, as well as the potential situations which the mystery of any future might well bring. History matters in street warfare-apparently that fact has been lost upon the yuppies of today! To that end this brief overview of some of what has happened could lead to a more explicit understanding of what waits for us, if this course we're on is not immediately interrupted!
During the Second World War the Mob was given control over the ports of the USA, on the assumption that their methods might keep espionage down to a minimum. Kickbacks were part of the price for their cooperation, and they did very well. After the war, in the 60's Bobby Kennedy went after them with a vengeance, and 'the mob' was replaced by the government that had protected them initially. The mob ran the rackets, the sex trade and reluctantly the drug world, to sumptuous advantages: but as the middle class began to fold, their extortion rackets began to encounter the more powerful corporate resistance that replaced the middle class small businesses, which they had once so successfully extorted. That was the beginning of the end for the middle class.
Hollywood fared much better-having signed on as the psy-ops branch of black-ops government, to produce propaganda for the WWII government in exchange for a tax situation that was the envy of free world enterprise-everywhere! Unlike the mob the film industry survived and prospered, despite the black-listings that came with the paranoia of McCarthy and the communistically consumed 1950's. Indeed just look at their recent record of cooperation with the criminals in the Tarnished House ­ "The Path to 911" ­ 'Flight 93' and other assorted garbage for television meant to Keep-Fear-Alive in America: regardless of how many lies they invoke just to keep this nation inside the belly of the Seven-Headed Hydra that overrules reason and common sense - while it panders to fear and terror at all levels of this society. Not only has "Hollywood" survived-it has prospered on this poisoned corpse that was once a proud and semi-independent nation.
After the removal of the mob from power, the government went on to bigger things, such as destroying anything like a viable-political-existence for the besieged middle class. The chosen fall-guy was the soon to be disgraced figure of J. Edgar Hoover, the cross-dressing head of the FBI, who wore women's clothes, and kept 'secret files' on everyone in Washington and beyond. Apparently this legacy has continued in government, even though the cause Caleb has vanished: see the whole sordid Foley-Hastert­Bush debacle that points out the folly of appointing the foxes to guard the chicken-houses where the young of either sex, try to exist unmolested. If the public that says they care about their children-really care-then they will not stop until these perverts are put away in the prisons where their actions require them to spend at least the next twenty years-rather than in the cushy government jobs they currently enjoy!
Somewhere about now it would seem appropriate for the American populace to hold a public funeral for 'the Death of the Middle Class,' in much the same way that the Hippies held a burial in 1967 for the death of 'Flower-Power' and their chosen life of Peace and Love untainted. This ought to be scheduled for the Capital Mall in Washington, and attended by the millions of those who still naively believe that they are a apart of something that has already been subsumed by unchecked transnational Corporate greed-such that there is no longer a place for the truly small business person in America, because everything is owned and directed by those newly minted Billionaires (Millionaires no longer matter according to Forbes magazine)!
The razor-wire that now separates the working class from opportunities-unbounded is also part of that US created mine-field that divides the world evermore deeply into the haves and the have-nots. Case-in-point are the Border Wars that affect not only labor and sub-standard pay for Americans and 'illegals' alike-but also drugs, and human-trafficking in the sex-trade at all levels. This was set in motion by Ronald Reagan, that bad-actor who introduced cheap labor to court his cronies that sought next-to-free slaves to increase their profits at the expense of American jobs and incomes. In addition this began this situation that cannot be solved with any real promise on any side-because this was blessed for too long by the same government that now claims to be outraged that we now have so many million of these undocumented people working and living inside this nation (at their invitation).
Those who are literally responsible, the thieves and bandits who profit directly from this crime against people everywhere ­ were supposed to have been fined for employing the undocumented, but all of this was dismissed with a wink from "the Great Communicator" and disinterest from Immigration (and the Media), who were both directly responsible for enforcement. So the company owners got a pass, and the laborers got screwed along with the Americans who lost their jobs to these people who could work for basically nothing ­ and now after almost thirty years of this star-crossed policy, this tar-baby has become real.
The bush-league now wants to build a multi-billion dollar wall! All they really ever wanted was to build a labor-pool surrounded by deadly-political-spikes that would drive the lines of separation ever-deeper between the disadvantaged and the poor, on all sides: so that there could never be a unified revolt against their treachery and treason in running this country as they chose to! Chalk one up for the Seven-Headed Hydra, because this quagmire is nearly impossible to 'fix!' Unless of course the reasonable and thoughtful on all sides of this blatantly racist policy can come together and finally target their common enemy which is and has always been the government of the United States ­ and it's racist and class-structured policies designed to keep all the poor and disadvantaged "in their places" and out of any remote chance for any kind of real existence, anywhere!
While all this was progressing, 'Higher Education' became their next target. As education began to require evermore monetary support (given the numbers of those searching for a way out), the criminal minds in the corporations stepped up and offered 'support' for higher education in exchange for a little more say about what would be taught and how, as well as to who. So the conglomerates began to sponsor "chairs" in major institutions, along with gaining a major say in the direction of most universities and institutions of higher learning. This would insure that the campus rebellions of the Viet Nam variety would never repeat that performance-while at the same time this gave the unchecked multi-nationals a breeding ground for their next generations of managers who would never become distracted by things like a moral compass, or a private conscience-as money would become their only god-and their corporate-careers the only goals that mattered. This was a two-for, and viewed as " a winner' all round, as the willing sheep in college today chose to drink the corporate Kool-Aid and forget all the moral crap that so many previous generations had tried to institute among this nation's former students.
Enter the civilian branch of the military arm of the US government that appeared in a death grip with the shallowness of student desires that was all deeply imbedded in false flags and phony histories of a United States that never was-and never can be, but to the uninitiated this had the ring of dreams-unlimited. In reality this was only another death mask for a 'career that could never be;' given that so many have no idea how long any "job" might last-never mind anything as lengthy as "a  career" in anything worth doing. By this process the government and the corporations killed any chance that the next generation might revolt against them, in any meaningful way-and in the process they assured that education could not play a part in preventing what they had so carefully planned for so very long-in this complex plot to steal the nation and the world!
Throughout these 'preparations' the camps were being readied for those who might want to challenge what the shadow-politicians have created in their Armageddon Plan for conquest of the entire nation, thanks to Rummy & Cheney during Reagan's apocalyptic reign. Between Newt Gingrich's 'Contract On America' and his threat to shut-down the government ­ and the blatant arrogance of the succeeding rebels within those republican and democratic governments that came after him: Most people never tracked the deeds and never knew they really had a chance, till now! That small window will remain open only for a very short time-and will be available only to those with the guts to find out what has happened and the determination to stand against what is about to take place. Civil discourse has been co-opted and the public field has become a wasteland of mines and booby-traps designed to catch the unwary and destroy the innocent while they maim the still naive. The government's point here is to destroy whatever is not with them and to exterminate with extreme prejudice all those who might stand for principles that support human growth and promise in the world-regardless of race, sex, or religion.
Examples abound in the literal practices of this government. Look at the integral relationships between the total corruption in medicine, drug costs and availability as these are impacted by insurance fraud on every level-designed as this was to constrict the lives of ordinary people to the braking point-with no alternatives, and no hope of ever changing what has become the norm. All of this was created purposely by those at the top, to control and enslave the population, in a way that makes most lives a living hell! Why is there still no real alternative?
This is only one aspect-look closely at professions of all types. Each has been affected directly by the 'new mob' (government): The government whose corporate policies backed up by corrupted and compliant media at all levels, to simply black-out everything in the USA that continues to fall apart. This is true of the aggressive wars in foreign lands, of our treaty arrangements with Israel, our failures with North Korea, which is why N. Korea cannot trust us because we failed to give them the light-water reactors we promised them, in exchange for sealing off their nuclear fuel rods (for 8 years) ­ until Bush came along and called their leader names-just told him to forget the past because 'he' would change everything-which he did, and now we're looking at a nuclear confrontation, all because that insecure fool in the Tarnished House is incapable of having a conversation with anyone who is not a "yes' person.
Look at our grade schools or inner-city life; look at poverty, at drugs or joblessness. Look at America's Wars on Poverty, on Drugs, and on Illiteracy-all of them were and are colossal failures! (1) This war-without-end declared by Cheney-Bush is nothing but more of the same mega-lies, otherwise known as BS. The war on Poverty produced more poverty, the war on drugs-expanded the drug markets both here and overseas. And as for literacy ­ just listen to puppet at the podium that cannot speak or listen with any sense of what he is either trying to say, or trying supposedly 'to understand.' If the selected person that runs this nation is incapable of making himself understood-then what's the point for the downtrodden in this nation, or the youth of tomorrow: If Bush represents "leadership," then there is no future!
The nation's food supplies are threatened by disease, by corruption, and by artificial manipulation (Genetically Modified) crops: and all of that is compounded by the current effort to privatize the water supply world-wide, in which Mr. Cheney has more than a small part, as his companies are leading the way toward using water as a weapon against the peoples of the planet.
None of the above was accidental-all of it was planned to overwhelm a population already under siege from the 1973 decision of the Tri-lateral Commission that raised costs, and slashed wages, while removing the permanence of many jobs. Their decisions created new criteria that would cut benefits while demanding more work for less pay in jobs across the board. This too worked all too well in creating the need for two paychecks to 'make-it' in the real world. We've now moved to three paychecks, as the minimum with ever-rising costs, in exchange for ever-lower wages ­ and 'people' still don't "get-it"?
Where is all this leading? To just a couple of observations: first that the 'Middle-Class' is dead and buried ­ yet the public still believes that they are part of something that is now a corpse. Second that the point inherent in the two wars that are pending later in the month is not going to be created because of any real political or military reason based on the facts that exist in the context of the disputes behind the conflicts: NO ­ these will be actions undertaken to freeze US politics in place, (because we shall be immersed in four wars, not two) ­ and that ought to be enough to lock in Martial Law for George W. Bush and the scum that support him, to demand that national elections be postponed until these wars are 'won.' That's the driving force behind the seemingly petulant determination of these thugs ­ because if this doesn't happen they will all be headed for prison-and even they know that! George W. Bush, "President for Life"- does that sound like America to you?
Think about the things mentioned above-many of them took place well before many people came of age, but that's why "Google" exists. The window of real opportunity really is very small and getting smaller every day ­ so before the net disappears into the belly of Ma Bell once again, and before Bush and his Troglodytes initiate movements that cannot be undone ­ please give some time to these things and weigh whether or not you want to go quietly into the dark night ahead. . .
1) America's Wars on Poverty, Drugs & Illiteracy
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