'These Guys Are A Disgrace' -
Debunker Vs 911
Truth Movement

By Douglas Herman
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Recently the editor of the Rocky Mountain News attempted to debunk what he referred to as 9-11 "myths."  Vincent Carroll quoted the head NIST accountant, Shyam Sunder (see bio below for NIST head honcho), concerning WTC-7: "The most important thing we found was that there was, in fact, physical damage to the south face of building 7," said Sunder. "On about a third of the face to the center and to the bottom - approximately 10 stories - about 25 percent of the depth of the building was scooped out."
NIST never explains, and neither does PM nor editor Carroll, how exactly that building got "scooped" out or why neither building on either side of WTC-7 sustained similar scooped out damages. Nor did either adjacent building sustain the raging fires (and HOW exactly did ALL those fires start?) that allegedly brought WTC-7 down. Nor did anyone appear to capture photographs of the "scooped" side, although seven hours passed before the building collapsed perfectly. One would logically assume, if one were to think logically, that a "scooped" out building would topple to the side like a tree axed by a logger.
But no such luck nor logical explanation followed.
Editor Vincent Carroll simply buys the illogical NIST explanation formulated by an accountant, Shyam Sunder: Fires burn and steel buildings must fall. And thus, if you too refuse to accept the official government's version---a government of well-documented lies and liars---then you too must be "a disgrace" according to Carroll.
No, Mr. Carroll; YOU are the disgrace. To actually call yourself a newsman and journalist---an editor even. You shame the profession.
To insinuate that we American citizens must not question a great crime, is to become an accessory to that crime. You, Mr. Carroll, by attempting to silence skeptical citizens, have become an accomplice to that diabolical crime.
Henry David Thoreau said it best. "As for the herd of newspapers and magazines, I do not chance to know an editor in the country who will deliberately print anything which he knows will ultimately and permanently reduce the number of his subscribers."
And that would require printing the harsh truth rather than the sugar-coated lie. The truth of 9-11, Mr. Carroll; the truth that you dare not print. Not the standard, sugar-coated version that 19 flight school dropouts somehow outfoxed, outflew and outflanked the trillion dollar security systems of America. Now THAT is a conspiracy theory or, as I referred to it, a modern fairy tale.
Mr. Carroll; You've chosen the tenuous pathway that can only become more treacherous as time passes. You've chosen to follow treacherous men--while slandering patriots. You've only confirmed what millions already think of US mainstream media editors: cowards and cheats; weaklings and whores.
Douglas Herman,
A proud, questioning and resilient American.
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