Details Of The UK Police State -
The Model For America
From Ted Twietmeyer

Movie 1984 - the road plan of our time
Perhaps this should be titled, "SHUT UP and OBEY"
How much more are the British people going to take? Is it a case of mass sado-masochism, where suffering is welcomed and desired? Perhaps so. Maybe it's a case of the British people having engrained into their psyche to "trust the government." To fear it for their very lives. Did the British people forget about what their people did to Henry the 8th and others when the people finally had enough of him?
If you own an outdoor surveillance video camera company, you'll make millions selling them to the British government. With London's video camera count exceeding 4 million, how can you lose a dime?
Here's a brief summary of just a few of Nazi tactics they employ, which anyone living or visiting in the "United Kingdom" will be subjected to:
* Don't run to catch a subway train. You'll be shot to death as one young man was, until the gun is empty. All in plain view of everyone - including children. Yet another form of terrorizing the populace - especially the young children on the train who witness it up close. And probably have blood spattered clothing to prove it. Nothing like someone else's gray matter as a souvenir for a train ride. And no charges were ever pressed against the mysterious officer. Does MI-5 or MI-6 come to mind here?
* When you publicly "misbehave" in the slightest way, be yelled at and publicly embarrassed as unseen officers bark orders at you from loud speakers on poles.
* Wear a cross on a necklace? You'll be suspended from your job, if you work for British Airways as Nadi Eweida did. The company said She's going to litigate it. It's about time SOMEONE in the UK had the backbone to stand up to tyranny. BA's chief executive Willie Walsh has upheld the action against Miss Eweida for failing to comply with "uniform regulations" despite himself coming under fire recently for failing to wear a tie.
* Think you can drive faster above the speed limit out in the country in the middle of nowhere - AND get away with it? Forget it. Automated speed measuring devices mounted high atop poles painted to blend in with the foliage communicate by digital radio to computers at police departments. You get the ticket in the mail with a nice picture of your car on it. These poles are often concealed by ground plants, vines and trees to hide them. The newest technology uses no film, flash or radar. It computes your average speed between cameras, so speeding up and slowing down to defeat it won't work. The FIRST DAY the system went online on the M1 (the major UK highway equivalent of an interstate in the USA) the system netted 4,300 speeding violations. And all this dates back to June 2001. [7]
* Want a firearm? Forget it. Only the police can have those, and they are used to assassinate people when deemed necessary. You don't have any right to defend yourself. Only the criminals have guns.
* Taking a ride on a bus on a route that doesn't go anywhere near the Tavistock Institute? You may suddenly find your bus has been re-routed by the police themselves to pass with tens of yards of the Institute's front door - only to blow up. Yet another "unsolved crime."
* Explosions in subway tunnels. The government told the world that more than 17 surveillance cameras which would have caught the bombers "weren't working that day" and "we don't know who did it."
* Want to wear a veil while teaching a class in school? Not a good smart idea. Ms. Azmi, a teachers assistant wore a veil - and was promptly fired.
* Spy planes are being planned as a tool to crack down on anti-social in the UK. Will they also carry loudspeakers and weapons? Microwave crowd dispersal technology could easily fit on some of these planes.
* "The home secretary, Charles Clarke, is transforming Britain into a police state,"according to one of the country's former leading anti-terrorist police chiefs. Mr. Churchill-Coleman told the Guardian: "I have a horrible feeling that we are sinking into a police state, and that's not good for anybody. I have serious worries and concerns about these ideas on both ethical and practical terms. You cannot lock people up just because someone says they are terrorists. Internment didn't work in Northern Ireland, it won't work now. You need evidence." [1] He has the "horrible feeling that we are sinking into a police state?"
* The August (2006) airport security crisis could lead to new charges for airlines using Heathrow, as the aviation watchdog considers the funding of London's major flight hubs. [2]
Now that's something not to look forward to...
* "The first national identity cards for more than half-a- century will be issued within three years after the protracted parliamentary wrangling over the controversial scheme ended. After rejecting the plans five times, the House of Lords finally dropped its resistance to the fundamental principle of ID cards." [3]
* Feb. 5th 2003 - The Met (metropolitan police force) put on a display of force in Trafalgar Square yesterday (may 1st), severely wounding several unarmed demonstrators. We were dancing to a sound system set up at the corner of the Strand and Trafalgar Square when the police began announcing that everyone had to leave by 7:05pm. A group of demonstrators and a samba band attempted to move away up the Strand at approximately 6:45, but we were met by a line of police who tried to stop people leaving. A large number of people then attempted to run down Craven Street but were chased down and beaten with riot batons. The rest continued to try and move off up the Strand but police reinforcements began pushing the crowd back towards the Square. [4]
* Want television? Don't even think of about it without purchasing a LICENSE to do so. There is an entire BBC website setup to tell people how to pay for it. There are also government trucks that patrol the streets, and can scan for those watching television legally and illegally. The scanning technology allows them to find those watching television who aren't properly licensed and issue fines. Paying the license fee DOES NOT pay for satellite TV - the license only gives you the right to turn the set on. It doesn't matter whether you will be using a roof antenna or a dish. The government's fees must come first, and then your program provider comes next. All that trouble and expense to be force-fed government sponsored programs! Here we see yet another advantage of living in a GGC - Government Gilded Cage. And of course, paying for the privilege. So how much does it cost to be force-fed idiotic commercials and police-state-based fear programming? Here it is below, straight from the proverbial horse's mouth. I've added the US$ equivalent shown inside ( ). Exchange rate is currently at x1.8597 for converting pounds into US$.
"The 2006/2007 colour TV license costs £10.96 ($20.38) per month - about 36p per day for each household. It is free if you are over 75, half-price if you are registered blind. The annual cost (set by the Government) is currently £131.50 ($244.55)year. A black and white TV license is £44 ($81.83.) [5]
But don't worry - you don't need a license to listen to a radio. Consider all the illnesses, diseases and sub-standard clinic-style medical care. How many citizens live to be 75 to watch television for free?
Now the license fees are about to increase according the horse's mouth:
"Research found people would pay an average of £162.66 for the BBC's services up to 2017...The BBC said that the license fee would reach £154.50 by 2013. But the parliamentary team reviewing the future of the BBC has said that figure could be as high as £180. ($334.75/year)" [6]
If I was a stockbroker, it would be my guess that there's a big future in the pharmacy businesses manufacturing stomach ulcer medicine and tranquilizers. The UK market alone must be worth billions. Perhaps big pharma already has stock in video camera manufacturing companies?
There can be little doubt that the madness of complete, total control in the UK is established. Not coming, but already here. But will other countries realize this is their PROTOTYPE for a world-wide police state, too? Probably not.
It's so hard to see around you, when your head is buried deep in the sand. Then along comes a thug with an iron boot...
Ted Twietmeyer
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