China Checkmates US
With North Korean Threat
By Henry Makow PhD

It appears that China has outflanked George Jr. and the Neo Cons and stymied NWO plans for world hegemony based on controlling Middle Eastern and Central Asian oil.
By getting its proxy North Korea to menace South Korea and Japan, China has saved Iran and written the epitaph for the US in Iraq. America cannot pursue its Middle East strategy while contending with another war in North East Asia.
While a US carrier group steamed toward Iran (because of its nuclear research,) North Korea was exploding nuclear weapons and threatening to attack Japan and the US! Nothing could better demonstrate the bankruptcy of Bush's foreign policy.
In the terms of Brezinzki's "Grand Chessboard" this is "checkmate" to the US and Israel, pawns of London-based central bankers. The US has already withdrawn from Al Anbar province. Withdrawal from the rest of Iraq is now just a matter of time.
I watch the network news for the spin, not for the "information," and Friday the spin was new. CBS had a panel of elite talking heads addressing the subject:" How can we get out of Iraq?"
One said and I quote, "theocracy may be the most we can hope for; liberal democracy is impossible." Hello!? The US can take credit for putting Iranian Ayatollahs in power!
On Tuesday morning, the Iraqi Resistance blew up the main US arsenal <> in Baghdad killing hundreds of Americans and destroying a billion dollars in arms. That was real news, so it wasn't reported.
As you know, the British army Chief of Staff said Britain needs to get out of Iraq. US generals are also in revolt. US politicians said we need to negotiate with Iran. You get the picture. The Neo-Con controlled US foreign policy is in disarray. All that remains is face saving. The easy money has been made. It's time to fold.
It's very possible China is also controlled by the Illuminati, and that the US-Chinese rivalry will eventually end in world war.
But in the meantime I hope those responsible for the Iraq fiasco will be repudiated.The Democrats will be net beneficiaries although they are equally responsible. We may get a breather for a couple of years while the NWO bankers discover other ways to bury Western civilization and take away our freedom. ----
Note: I acknowledge the influence of Joseph Ehrlich's valuable commentary. He refers to Kim Jong-Ill as China's 'suicide bomber' willing to make any sacrifice. In his latest newsletter, he remarks that there have been three earthquakes affecting Japan since the NK test, and that scientists confirm the test could have caused the quakes. / Flashback to 2002: US-NK Nuclear Cooperation <>
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Henry Makow Ph.D. is the author of "A Long Way to go for a Date." His articles exposing fe-manism and the New World Order can be found at his web site He enjoys receiving comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only.



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