Homophobic Homosexuals:
Making AIDS 'A Gay Disease'
New AIDS Disinformation Program Spread By
The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center
By Alan Cantwell, MD
c. 2006 All Rights Reserved

In an unbelievable and unfathomable turn of events, the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center has undertaken a new campaign to convince Gay/Lesbian/Bisexuals/Transgendered people that "HIV is a gay disease".
As a physician who has written extensively over the past two decades about the origin of HIV/AIDS, I am shocked and saddened by this misguided campaign to make gay men "own" and "end AIDS." The Center's gay media blitz is being conducted ostensibly to stop the excessive rate of new HIV infection in gay men in West Hollywood.
The slogan: "HIV is a gay disease" is certainly not scientifically correct for the simple reason that HIV is a virus, not a disease.
HIV, however, is the accepted cause of AIDS.
Is AIDS a gay disease? Of course not! In fairness the Center's campaign ad explains (in small print) that "OK, diseases don't have sexual orientations." Yet the full page ad I saw in the gay-oriented In magazine proclaims that "HIV has been, and continues to be, our disease." The full details of the new AIDS prevention campaign can be found on People are encouraged to post their views on the site.
When the AIDS epidemic began officially in June 1981, it was widely considered exclusively a "gay disease." Now everyone should know that AIDS is a worldwide epidemic; and most AIDS cases are heterosexual, not homosexual.
During the early years of the epidemic when the cause was unknown and when HIV was in the blood supply, hemophiliacs were decimated by AIDS. Hemophilia does not cause AIDS - and neither does homosexuality. AIDS is caused by a virus, not by a genetic defect or by a lifestyle.
For two decades AIDS scientists and educators have tried to convince people (particularly homophobes) that AIDS is not a gay disease. Now the Center is turning back the clock 25 years to the time when most people were convinced that gay sex, sodomy, drugs and poppers were "the cause" of AIDS.
For two decades I and a few other serious researchers have presented evidence to show that HIV/AIDS is a man-made disease. Anyone interested in this evidence can Google "man-made AIDS" for dozens of articles, as well as books, on the subject. This research has been largely dismissed by the scientific community, the media, and the gay community, as "conspiracy theory" and/or "paranoia."
There are two important reasons why HIV/AIDS is still prevalent among gay men (but not lesbians).
First, HIV and the Kaposi' sarcoma virus were initially "introduced" into gay men via the experimental hepatitis B vaccine programs that took place first in Manhattan in 1978, and continued in other cities until 1981- the same year the "gay plague" became official. For details on the connection between government-sponsored gay vaccine experiments and the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, Google: AIDS + gay experiment.
Second, the "strain" of HIV in the U.S. is different from the strains of HIV found in Africa, where the disease is epidemic among heterosexual black (but not white) Africans. Again, there is evidence tying the African outbreak to vaccine programs sponsored by the World Health Organization. (Google: WHO murdered Africa). It is important to note that the AIDS epidemic first broke out in Manhattan in 1979, not in Africa, where the epidemic did not begin until the autumn of 1982 (see Luc Montagnier's book, VIRUS, page 122). The American strain of HIV has an affinity for anal tissue, whereas the African strains are more easily transmitted via vaginal sex. According to virologist Max Essex, who co-discovered HIV with Gallo, certain subtypes of HIV are associated with specific modes of transmission. Essex claims that the common subtype B in America is spread mostly by homosexual contact and intravenous drug use, while the HIV subtypes in Africa "tend to fuel heterosexual epidemics (via a mucosal route)." (
Because HIV and the KS virus were initially "introduced" exclusively into the gay male population, the disease has been spread largely by gay and bisexual males. Theoretically, if a new virus was deliberately seeded into the male heterosexual community, it would most likely spread amongst heterosexuals, not homosexuals.
The only way for a gay man (or any sexual person) to be sure his sex partner is not infected is to assume that all his partners are HIV-positive and to insist on condom use. Is it realistic to expect all gay men to refrain from condom-less sex for a lifetime? There is no evidence to show that this is possible for any sexually-active group of people.
It is obvious that "AIDS education" has not prevented many men from becoming infected. Perhaps we should finally admit that no method of education will deter some people. But why do we now have to "educate" gay men with untruths in order for them to change their sexual habits? Surely such an untruth will be used to full advantage by homophobes against gay people.
The idea that AIDS is a man-made disease has always been a taboo subject. When HIV was mysteriously and exclusively "introduced" into the U.S. gay population in the late 1970s, it was at a time when AIDS was unknown in Africa. So how was it possible for a non-existent black heterosexual disease in Africa to have transformed itself into a white gay man's epidemic in Manhattan with the first confirmed cases appearing in 1979? In essence, there is no evidence that American AIDS came from Africa via a sexually-transmitted new virus.
My admittedly controversial view is based on 25 years of personal research. I am convinced AIDS is a man-made disease produced when a lethal virus that was deliberately introduced into gay men for the purpose of killing them. The idea that AIDS is man-made has never been disproven.
Instead of educating gay men that AIDS came from Africa and green monkeys, perhaps we should give some serious thought to teaching men that they are part of a genocide program deliberately aimed against them.
This might frighten and make some men angry and paranoid. But it is also possible that it might make some HIV-negative men less likely to want to be a part of this genocide program - or to make HIV-positive men more unwilling to infect others.
Personally, my belief that AIDS is man-made has made me determined not to become part of this genocide. I don't pay attention to educators who believe that AIDS comes from green monkeys. And I protest the Center's new campaign promoting "HIV as a gay disease." That falsehood will merely serve as continuing fodder for many Americans who still blame male homosexuals and their lifestyle for starting the "gay plague."
If making AIDS a gay disease is part of "AIDS education", I want no part of it.
Alan Cantwell M.D.
(Alan Cantwell MD is a retired dermatologist who has written extensively on AIDS as a man-made disease. His scientific papers on AIDS and Kaposi's sarcoma can be found on the PubMed website. He is the author of AIDS and the Doctors of Death: An Inquiry Into the Origin of the AIDS Epidemic (1988) and Queer Blood: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot (1993), both published by Aries Rising Press, and available through Internet sources.)
Alan Cantwell M.D.
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