Just Another Day
In The Empire

By Jim Kirwan

This down-bound train that used to seen as the American-way-of-life, just picked up speed and is approaching the last remaining scraps of what formerly was constrained by the sound barrier of our laws-laws that were once thought of as being our final real protection against exactly these wars that are all crimes against the world.
"Recent scientific polls that show around 84% don't believe the government's explanation behind 9/11 and others confirming the fact that support for the war in Iraq is at an all time low have led the Bush administration to sharpen their knives against the new breed of perceived "enemy propagandists," bloggers, journalists and online activists who dissent against the "war on terror.""
Government Targets American Bloggers as Enemy Propagandists (1)
None of this is really new in concept; we were all warned in George Orwell's novel 1984. The massive difference between the science-fiction novel and reality today has been the internet-that same piece of technology that has enabled global thefts of inconceivable proportions, has also made each of us a potential target of whichever 'state' we might live within. In '1984' there were three equal adversarially opposed 'states' in perpetual war with each other: In the book these three were permanently at war. But thanks to the internet, actions on the far-side of the world today can be instantly communicated to the rest of the planet, so the creators of the bush-league aggressors decided that they did not need this conceit. Instead they 'decided' that the world could indeed be 'grabbed' by a single group of new and outright owners. The proof of the global nature of this effort is in the 'new rules' being propagated by The European Union. Europe Moves to Kill the Internet (2).
To further prop up the currently illegitimate US government - Mr. Bush finally signed the Military Commissions Act (3). This document pardons all those who committed war crimes under orders from Rummy, Cheney or Bush, and this nasty piece of twisted legislation also reinterprets the meaning and definitions contained in the universal language of war, along with a complete re-write concerning any and all prisoners 'taken' in this war-without end. Just as in '1984,' the New World Order is calling for never-ending war to achieve never-ending peace. There is one weird detail however, that no doubt someone in the Tarnished House will soon correct: There really is only one war, not two. There is only the Bush War-upon-the-World.
Phrases like the War-on-Terra, vs. The War-against-Al Qaeda are becoming too confusing to support: but this triviality should be corrected, just as soon as Karl Rove finds the time.
And, there is the new National ID Card that is scheduled to become active in May of 2007, complete with its own microchips, and all other necessary intrusions into everyday life that will make every American a walking treasure trove of personal and private information, that will have to be used to purchase anything; or to go anywhere at any time ~ say goodbye to all that's left of the still smoldering US Constitution. . .
This little piece of Insecurity legislation was signed into law on May 10, 2005, and almost no one noticed because it was to have been funded by the individual states. This will cost billions per state, so critics decided that it would be too costly to implement, and therefore no one really needed to worry about something so far in the future-yet that 'future' is just around the corner now, and that's only the tip of the dagger being used against the citizens of this country.
From a nation designed for individual ambitions with real protection from religious and political tyranny by either the government or any religious doctrines-we have finally sold the last of our most cherished protections to a bunch of bandits, for their perennially broken promises, for some tattered form of 'security' ­ in exchange for the core values in our formerly natural lives.
Even the idea of this obscenity is a stain upon free and 'responsible' people but especially those, who have by their silence, caused these crimes to become a part of world history.
"And at this late juncture we have a president, vice president, and a Republican Congress who say they would do it again. Think about the madness of that statement. They would do it again.
If that doesn't send a chill down your spine, you have no feelings left. Somewhere between 50,000-650,000 dead, some of them in the most brutal ways imaginable. For absolutely nothing. And they would do it again.
If you vote for any of these guys again, you are one hundred percent guilty. You are voting for men and women who say they would make the same horrific choices again. They have warned you of how unimaginably callous and barbaric they are - and if you vote for them again, you are no better than they are. This is a democracy. What our leaders do, we do. If we break it, we own it. Now, it's up to you. Are you going to send these guys back in to make the same mistakes they promise to make again?" (4)
This may only be 'another day in the Empire'-but sooner or later each of us will be tracked and our actions will need to be answered for-just as in '1984.' Yet 'fear' is hardly reason-enough to deny this country a natural place in the world, or a reason to leave your children with only various forms of prison, instead of a real future. Other nations are beginning to stand up against the tyranny now; yet we, as the one nation most responsible for allowing these madmen to run free in the world ­ we still refuse to believe what is happening right before us, each and every day or our lives! What happened to all that 'stuff' about what we told the world we stood for? Was that conditional, or just a something earned by previous generations, to be used-as-needed, instead of needing to be earned again-by those who have never missed a meal-ever!
 1) Government Targets American Bloggers as Enemy Propagandists
2) Europe Moves to Kill the Internet
3) The Military Commissions Act
4) George Bush Will Live in Infamy for What He Has Done to Iraq



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