Desperation In
Washington, DC

By Karl W B Schwarz

They are getting so desperate in our Nation's capital that they are trying to buy votes before the upcoming elections and rig voting districts and all sorts of underhanded nonsense.
There is a new book out about how they steal elections with electronic voting.  I highly recommend you get a copy and get an education as to the extent that Washington, DC has undermined the right of the American people to choose the leaders we want.  They want us to choose the leaders they want us to have and that folks is not a democracy or a republic.  That is Banana Republic tyranny and fascism all wrapped up as democracy and freedom. 
The entire promo for this book is below my signature and it is required reading if you give a damn about your vote having any importance at all.  I have never met Abbe Delozier but I know Vickie Karp and what she is fighting for in the area of how they are stealing elections.  They are part of a much larger national effort to straighten this mess out before we get led to the polls to select "Their Next Leader".  Just take one hard look at the last three presidents and take a hint as to the reality and gravity of the matter.
The book title is:
Hacked! High Tech Election Theft in America, 11 Experts Expose the Truth
This type of elitist thinking, that they have the right to choose who leads us, might have found traction in some things that came out of the Carnegie and Rockefeller groups around 1900-1920, as follows:
Way back at the beginning of the 1900s, those in charge of the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations met and agreed that the education system of the United States had to be taken control of and manipulated to produce the kind of citizenry which they wanted to see.  It was agreed that the Rockefeller Foundation would assume control of education in the domestic field and the Carnegie Foundation would fund the manipulation of education in the area of international relations.
    In 1913, Frederick Gates, Director of Charity for the Rockefeller Foundation wrote:  "In our dreams, we have limitless resources, and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hand.  The present educational conventions fade from our minds; and, unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive folk.
    "We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or science.
    "We are not to raise up from among them Authors, Orators, Poets or Men of Letters.
    "We shall not search for embryo great Artists, Painters, Musicians.
    "Nor will we cherish even the humbler ambition to raise up from among them Lawyers, Doctors, Preachers, Politicians, Statesmen, of whom we now have ample supply."
    Possibly they were harking back to Bernard de Mandeville's work, The Fable Of The Bees, (1714) in which he wrote:
"The economic well-being of the nation depends on the presence of a large number of men who are content to labor hard all day long.  Because men are naturally lazy they will not work unless forced by necessity to do so.
    "The education of the poor threatens to rob the nation of their productivity.  Every hour these poor people spend at their books is so much time lost to society.  Going to school in comparison to working is idleness."
I cannot say for you but I have never based any decision in my life on anything that the Carnegie, Mellon or Rockefeller families had to say or think.  I am not a member of their club nor would I grant them membership to My Club.
In Ohio they are jerry-mandering that state under a Republican controlled state legislature so they can deliver Ohio as a Red State over and over again.  That is of course after they jerry-mandered the State of Texas and any other state they could get their hands on where they had a particularly compliant GOP state controlled legislature.
They are not as worried about Florida (any more) because all of those folks that can run 30 bingo cards and cannot vote for a single person still cannot get it right.  They had problems even in their recent primaries so brace your self for more whining in 2006 and 2008.
There is no conspiracy when people are just too stupid to register to vote, or vote, or too lazy to think and operate the voting machine.  Human error does not a conspiracy make.
There is planning underway for The Liberty Convention and it might become something that is worth attending, for the subject matter is liberty and finding candidates and ideas to turn this mess around.  
You might consider this DU Update - Forty-Ninth Edition since part of it addresses the DU issue and is connected to the attempts to buy votes.
Who are they trying to buy?  Our U.S. soldiers and veterans are who they are trying to buy off to get their vote.  There is more on that below including how sleazy that is while they jerk them around at VA and in our courts and over at the White House and on Capitol Hill.  Join the US Army and be all you can be, a third or fourth class citizen for serving your nation in uniform.
One of the list members from Australia sent an interesting quote that all Americans need to read and heed:
Marcus Tullius Cicero:
A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious.  But it cannot survive treason from within.  An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.  But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.  For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.  He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist.  A murder is less to fear.
The enemies are inside our gate and many of them are running for re-election this year.  Our freedoms, liberties, and quality of life are under assault, from within our own borders.
I know most Americans do not look at how they vote and who they vote for as a quality of life issue but it certainly is such an issue.  If you do not think it is take a long hard look at DC and a long hard look at how your quality of life is diminishing and see if any light bulb comes on.  They [politicians and quality of life] are two parallel lines headed on a downward trend. 
America is angry and fed up.  In November America has the chance to fire 434 members of the House of Representatives and 33 Senators for cause.  I say 434 because Congressman Ron Paul and another 434 like him are urgently needed in the House of Representatives.  I cannot think of a single Senator worth saving.  0 / 100 = 0.00%.
Do I think we have traitors sitting in Congress and the White House?  I do not think it, I know it for certain.  That is why I am one really hacked off German-American for my nation has been betrayed by a bunch of Neocon nitwits and DNC sell outs.  I consider such as pissing on my feet and telling me that it is merely raining.  I was born, but not yesterday.
I was asked many times, what do I mean "Vote American"?  Simply put, even if you have to hold your nose ­ vote the incumbent out and then put tremendous pressures on the newly elected to remind them who voted for them and who they work for.  The other folks already in Congress do not listen to America at all.  First we have to change that.  Then the Imperial President will be rightfully the Impotent President.  We need a strong president, but we have not had one in almost 100 years that truly understood the job description and the task at hand.
It is time to put new people in there and show them what 300 million very angry Americans looks like and are capable of accomplishing. 
Yes, AIPAC and ADL will be in there trying to bribe them into keeping the Status Quo in place.  Vote No to that.
Yes, big corporations will be in there trying to buy or rent them so you do not matter.  Vote No to that.
Yes, Special Interests will be lobbying hard to keep the Beltway Bandits in power.  Vote No to that.
Some of them have seniority and chair committees and will tell you that is why they should be re-elected, but that means absolutely nothing to you.  Unless you have some burning desire to have a federally funded building or project in your district named after one of these squandering politicians, do not look at such waste as economic development to benefit you.  Vote No to that.
Bush, and Cheney and Rice will be out to "BOO you to death" but VOTE NO to that.  The next email update hits that issue harder than usual.
If a Third Party or Independent candidate made it to the November elections, vote for that person over the incumbent and try to get others to do the same.  The RNC and DNC are both pro-war, pro-screwing you over.  It is about time for some Third Party Relief or some new faces that are not totally corrupted or compromised, or bought and paid for.
What RNC and DNC have done is akin to trying to break the billiard balls with the rack still in place.  Remove the rack, break the balls, run the table.  We can rain on their parade and it is about time we join hands and rain on their parade instead of them mucking up our parade. 
If your community or district has a person who really stands out as a leader with integrity, start a write-in drive to get them elected.  The RNC and DNC both block ballot access to third party candidates but they cannot stop a write-in.  Vote No to the RNC and DNC offering if you have the chance.  If you have to, bury them with paper ballots and watch their eyes glaze over that the voters did not fall for it this time.  If nothing else, think of it as entertainment value.
You will have all kinds of people and talking heads discussing "stay the course" just like his idiot father GHWB, but Vote No to that.  This course they want us to stay on has become a rocky road unfit for man or beast.  The war is lost, the economy sucks, and their leadership is woefully deficient.  Remember that and vote no to them.
You will hear all sorts of rationalizations about growing the National Debt to defend America and democracy and freedom.  It is a lie so Vote No to that. 
Go back and look at the recent vote to spend another $63 billion in Iraq rather than face the music.  Pay real close attention to the vote on both sides of the aisle.  That total defense bill is pushing $470 billion, or almost half-a-trillion dollars for a completely fabricated war.  Vote No to that.
They cannot come up with $1 billion to address serious problems here at home but can blow $63 billion in Iraq.  Do the math.
It was a 98-0 vote so finding out who to vote out will be very easy.  If they are one of the 33 running for re-election send them home in shame in November.  Just say No to dangerous politicians that excel in nothing but talking America into a stupor and the poorhouse and think nothing about sending you or your children to die for a lie.  Remember clearly that none of these elitist pricks send their children.  That is Clue Number 1 that the abyss is a lie.
98-0 Senate vote approves another $63 billion for Iraq War
September 8, 2006
by Associated Press
The Senate agreed to spend an additional $63 billion for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan as lawmakers on Thursday passed a massive bill that funds the Pentagon.
The bill sailed through by a vote of 98-0 after senators added money to help track down al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden and fight the opium trade in Afghanistan that is helping fuel the Taliban's resurgence.
The overwhelming support for the overall bill and the money to support U.S. troops in harm's way came despite increasing criticism by Democrats of the Bush administration's handling of the war in Iraq.
The bill now totals $469.7 billion. It grew by more than $16 billion during a debate that began in July before it was suspended during lawmakers' four-week August recess.
By a 96-0 vote, senators approved $200 million to revive a CIA unit dedicated to hunting down bin Laden and other al-Qaida leaders. News accounts in July said a CIA unit dedicated to capturing bin Laden had been disbanded.
"What does it say to violent jihadists that a terrorist mastermind remains alive and well five years after killing 3,000 Americans?" said Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D. "Our bill tells the terrorists that protecting our nation is the first priority - and that we are going to deliver to bin Laden the justice that a mass murderer deserves," said Conrad, who sponsored the legislation with Sen. Bryon Dorgan, D-N.D.
Intelligence officials have said the realignment of CIA efforts on al-Qaida reflects a view that the terrorist group is not as hierarchical as it used to be, as well as a concern about al-Qaida-inspired groups that have begun carrying out attacks independent of bin Laden and his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri.
Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, said the amendment was unnecessary because the overall defense measure has plenty of money to pursue al-Qaida's leaders.
Senators also voted 51-45 in support of an amendment by Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., to provide $700 million for Pentagon efforts to combat the opium trade in Afghanistan.
The Defense Department bill originally contained $50 billion for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some $13 billion was added last month to pay to replace Army and Marine Corps equipment lost or worn out in harsh conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan.
You DNC types getting the hint?  You have been sold out and you do not matter.  DNC IS NOT THE ANTI-WAR PARTY.  Will Durst is right, DNC is like trying to nail Jello to a tree or trying to staple smoke.  The conservatives on the RNC side have been sold out too and it was not for any Greater Good.  It was just sleaze and greed.  So, you DNC folks don't feel unique, all of us were sold out.
Note the part of that article that the CIA unit had been disbanded and they were looking for Osama bin Laden?  Get a clue folks; the GWOT is a total fraud.  They fund $700 million for one part of the US government to go chase another part of the US government and catch nobody; Keystone Kops, a al Washington, DC style.  One of the ways that the CIA keeps its black budget black is they finance it through illegal drugs and have since the Vietnam War.  Wake up folks, the World's Largest Illegal Drug Pusher is Uncle Sam and the War on Drugs is to suppress competition.  It has nothing to do with protecting your children and grandchildren from drug pushers. 
It is all smoke and mirrors, it is all a fraud, it is time to close down the C-rated Broadway fiction.  It is a really bad show with pathetic actors and the script insults the intelligence of amoeba.  God only knows why so many Amerikuns fall for it.  These folks would not make the first cut on the faux thriller American Survivor.
I am beginning to wonder how many times Americans have to be told "there is a problem" before they accept the fact that there is a problem!  It is like, knock-knock, wake up, HELLO!  The damned house is on fire!
Executive Office and Pentagon jerking around our U.S. soldiers and veterans,13319,109784,00.html?
Note the Pentagon assertion that DU is safe.  Every document prepared by SAIC said otherwise.  Every Army Regulation, including 700-48, says otherwise.  DU merely means that the remains are not suitable for nuclear power or nuclear weapons.  The residual is still hot and deadly.  It is still radioactive and it is still a deadly toxic heavy metal.  Those are the facts scientific, medical and otherwise.
Simply put, they are lying.  To do otherwise means they have to admit to criminal conduct and massive exposures to liability due to willful negligence.
The VA jerking around our U.S. soldiers and veterans
According to the VA, Desert Storm Syndrome does not exist. 
Study: No such thing as Gulf War syndrome
Gulf War syndrome does not exist, a study sponsored by the Veterans Administration finds, further complicating a long-running dispute over special disability benefits.
"U.S. and foreign veterans of the Gulf War do suffer from an array of very real problems, according to the Veterans Administration-sponsored report released Tuesday," the Associated Press reports. "Yet there is no one complex of symptoms to suggest those veterans -- nearly 30 percent of all those who served -- suffered or still suffer from a single identifiable syndrome."
You can read the Institute of Medicine's full 310-page study here, and you can download a 25-page executive summary (PDF). A press release also touts a benefit from the study, saying it "differs from the previous work of IOM in that it summarizes in one place the current status of health effects in veterans deployed to the Persian Gulf irrespective of exposure information."
Maybe for our edification they will explain why well over half of the veterans of Desert Storm are on full or majority disability and are no longer productive citizens due to the deterioration of their health.  Furthermore, they can explain why the Iraqi Freedom soldiers are ill, some have died of aggressive cancers, and others facing a wide range of health issues after they served in Iraq. 
Better yet, maybe they can explain why they refuse to do any DU testing whatsoever and make a medical record of that, or why doctors and nurses at Landstuhl were ordered to take blood, freeze it and they would get back to those soldiers years from now that had tested positive for DU.
I cannot wait to hear their next utterance of a syllable.  It is all about avoidance of liability folks.  They knew going in for Desert Storm, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq the second time that DU was going to harm our own soldiers.  Every expert in the field told them it would and they did it any way for they do not care.
They come home sick and dying and the government ignores them, jerks them and their families around.  Why?  There is big money to be handed out for defense expenditures, not in honoring the word of the US government to the veterans.
They even offer blanket immunity to defense contractors that did nothing to protect their employees from DU, knowing all along that it was going to kill many people and ruin their health.
See the two attachments, correspondence from a Congress Critter to a constituent and inter-agency glossing and fluff.  Double-speak, babble speak, lame excuses, and inept job performance.  It is time for pink-slips over on Capitol Hill and down through about 10 tiers of many federal government agencies.
Now the RNC has to have the veteran vote to stay in power.  Boo!  The DNC is scrambling to get the veteran vote too.  Boo!  Every approval rating poll says these people are inept and should be fired, so out comes the federal dollars to buy votes.
The Courts jerking around or U.S. soldiers and veterans, after exposing them to toxic waste and DU to ruin their health
Veterans exposed to radiation lose in court
Decision 'closes the door' to those seeking redress for illnesses after atomic blast, biological, chemical agents fallout
WASHINGTON  Contra Costa Times Aug 26 - Radiation exposure took Alice Broudy's husband a generation ago.This week, a court ruling sliced away at her bid for redress.
In a quiet ruling that nonetheless resonates nationwide, a federal appellate court rejected efforts by Broudy and others seeking claims on behalf of "atomic veterans." The same court simultaneously rejected bids by other veterans exposed to biological and chemical agents.
Taken together, the dual rulings by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals will likely impede many veterans hoping for compensation. At the very least, it will complicate future claims.
"It's a significant ruling," Washington-based attorney David Cynamon, who represented veterans in both cases, said Friday. "Unfortunately, it's a significantly bad ruling."
A Department of Veterans Affairs spokesman couldn't be reached to comment.
Broudy, a resident of California's Orange County, has long been seeking full compensation for the death of her husband, a Marine major who was repeatedly exposed to radiation. She has company.
George Woodward, who lives north of Wichita, Kan., in the town of Miltonvale, was exposed to radiation during a 1955 test blast. Kathy Jacobovitch, a resident of Vashon Island, Wash., lost her father through exposure to contaminated ships in Puget Sound. Ernest Kirchmann, a 62-year-old Navy veteran who lives south of Minneapolis in tiny West Concord, who's filed a separate lawsuit, was exposed during a 1964 nuclear submarine accident.
"It isn't just my personal case," Broudy said Friday. "It's the entire veterans community. It makes me so angry."
Broudy married her husband, Charles, in 1948. Three years earlier, he'd walked the war-poisoned streets of Nagasaki. Within a decade, he was facing radiation in the Nevada desert. He died of lymphatic cancer in 1977. Though she has since received partial compensation, Broudy has been confronting the federal government for more. She has now lost three separate lawsuits.
"This closes the door," Cynamon said of the latest appellate court ruling, which was issued Wednesday. "It will make it very difficult, if not impossible, for individuals who are victimized by government cover-ups."
All told, an estimated 220,000 U.S. soldiers were allegedly exposed to radiation in the 1940s and 1950s. Some, such as William Yurdyga of Sacramento claimed in an earlier lawsuit that they were exposed following the Hiroshima or Nagasaki atomic blast. Others claimed exposure during Cold War testing.
The three-member appellate panel wasn't ruling on whether the atomic veterans deserve compensation. A 1988 law provides that. To succeed, though, veterans must prove they were present at a radioactive site and that they contracted a radiation-related illness or were exposed to a cancer-causing radiation level.
That will of course be the precedent they use, along with the Feres Doctrine handed down by the US Supreme Court, to jerk around all veterans exposed to Depleted Uranium.  What I am waiting to see are US citizen cases, non-military related, for persons who have been exposed and their health ruined and the Feres Doctrine only applies to defense personnel.  That is not going to be that hard to document and one of the reasons they keep rolling logs at us.  We will document it and they know me well enough to know I will take action.
It is time for Americans to ask the question and ponder the reality of a government that has to work so hard to hide its own sleaze.  Exactly what type of democracy and freedom is that?  It is not the America I grew up in.  I refuse to follow these people across the street, much less into the future. 
One of our DU treatment affiliates went to Bahrain, no where close to Iraq, and about 82% of those they tested were DU positive.  Oooops, another GWOT buddy bit in the arse. 
Bush trying to Buy the Vote of US soldiers and veterans
Retroactive Disability Payments Coming
According to Defense Department and Veterans' Affairs (VA) sources, some disabled retirees due retroactive pay could start to see their payments in mid-October if all goes as planned. A small number may see payments before that; however, VA officials caution that, if any unexpected glitches crop up, the payments will be delayed until the second half of January. That's because they'll have their hands full at the end of the year reprogramming and implementing new pay rates for 2007.
Over 100,000 retirees now drawing either Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) or Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay (CRDP) ultimately will receive back payments -- and that number is growing daily with new awards. Because of the complexity of calculating who is due how much (individual circumstances vary widely, and many cases require manual review), the majority of the payments will likely be phased in from January through next summer.
Why is retroactive pay due? While the VA disability award letter usually establishes a retroactive effective date, the VA doesn't initially make retroactive payments for retirees with less than a 100% disability rating. That's because there's usually at least some offset required for retired pay already received. If the VA paid all retroactive awards immediately, it would cause major headaches for many disabled retirees, who would then have to pay back large amounts of their military retired pay.
Only if and when a disabled retiree is awarded CRDP or CRSC can the VA find out whether back disability pay is due - but it needs a ton of data from the Defense Department to figure out how much. On the other hand, retirees who experience changes in their disability awards may also be due retroactive CRSC/CRDP payments from the Defense Department.
The bottom line is that the new and complicated CRSC and CRDP programs have created major administrative and budgetary headaches for Pentagon and VA administrators. Their first priority has been to get the pays started while minimizing confusion or aggravation for disabled retirees. Now, they've invested months of combined effort to change their policies, systems, and budgets to finish the hard part - figuring out who is due how much in retroactive payments.
Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) sources say the affected retirees will receive specific details at the time their retroactive payment is made. DFAS expects to publish a detailed news release later this month.
Retroactive means they have not been doing what the US government committed to do and now they are rushing to get it done in time for the elections.  How magnanimous of Bush and Congress to get around to this years later and just before a crucial election.  It is just pure sleaze and it is also a clear sign of the depth of desperation.
There are votes to be bought and desperate people clinging on to power and wanting you to believe all of their lies.  BOO!  Look the other way, go back to shopping or grazing.
Do you think they care about our soldiers?  Don't for it is just a photo op.  I have never said this publicly, but have privately for a long time.  What do those yellow ribbons really mean?  Someone who failed to question the insanity of our leaders and got all hung up on emotion rather than rationality.  People sent off to die for a lie and someone forgot to ask if there was any real threat worth being maimed for or coming home in a casket.  The threat is not on the other side of the world, the threat is right here at home.  Those yellow ribbons say to me that we have a problem right here at home.
I have said this many times publicly ­ the lowest thing in the world is a leader that will send people to die or be maimed for a lie.  Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, the Neocons and Congress are all guilty of that.  I call it sleazy and treasonous, you call it whatever you wish.
That is why I say VOTE AMERICAN.  We the People need to start cleaning this mess up because the DC workers refuse to do it.  Solution, vote for America, not them.  Fire them for cause.
Best regards,
A startling new book exposes the truth behind electronic vote fraud in America; eleven experts give a comprehensive perspective on the theft of our voting systems and offer solutions!
With all the crucial issues we face in our country today, the one underlying issue is fair elections.  Without them, we can't influence any other issue or candidate.  Yet in America, which monitors elections in third world nations, e-voting systems touted as "faster, safer, easier" to use than traditional voting systems are stealing elections on a regular basis--and they're being paid for with OUR TAX DOLLARS!
You can check out the book through the website,
There you can purchase the book, see reviews, more details on content, and actions citizens can take!
Attachment converted: Programs:unknown.jpg 515 (JPEG/ogle) (0000E119)
HACKED! High Tech Election Theft in America presents to the American people the work of eleven experts on the issue of electronic vote fraud, stolen elections, and best solutions to the crisis. It explains how electronic voting has stolen our democracy; how elections in American have been privatized by large corporations; why the mainstream media is barely reporting it; and how imperative it is that Americans start TODAY to reclaim their elections.
Editors Abbe DeLozier and Vickie Karp have a mission; To lift the veil of media blackout on the most heinous crime ever committed against the American people: the theft of their democracy; to create the rightful indignation amongst our citizens; and to clearly show that the only solution is direct and immediate citizen involvement geared toward a return to paper ballot elections, hand-counted at the precinct level. Action steps for citizens are included in this expose.
Learn why election fraud is bigger than Watergate
· Convicted felons have been programming our election software.
· Corporate voting machine vendors have ownership ties to top politicians, defense contractors, and foreign governments! Why?
· Elections can be rigged and probably have been for years with the stroke of a keyboard. The truth about what really happened in Ohio in the 2004 presidential election.
· States are using millions of YOUR taxpayer dollars to buy unproven, faulty voting equipment, with no recounts or citizen oversight possible.
· The shocking truth mainstream media has not covered about the electronic voting systems used by 80% of America.
· Learn why you as an American citizen MUST REJECT electronic voting, and insist our government go back to PAPER BALLOTS, HAND COUNTED IN PUBLIC VIEW!
You will also learn more details about:
The voting systems on which over 80% of America will cast ballots in the upcoming November election are highly suspect of fraud and can't be trusted with the votes of our citizens.
The HELP AMERICA VOTE ACT (HAVA) which was passed in 2002 to eliminate punch card (hanging chads) and lever voting systems and to mandate one voting system per precinct that would allow the disabled to vote without assistance, offered $3.86 billion to the states for compliance.  This was errantly viewed as a mandate for the states to purchase electronic voting machines.  (There are at least two non-electronic voting systems, Vote-PAD and Equalivote, which fulfill the HAVA mandate for the disabled.)
Four primary vendors of electronic voting machines have flooded the market with their products, both DREs (Direct Recording Electronic) and computerized optical scan counters:  ES&S (Electronic Systems and Software); Diebold (pronounced, "DEE-bold"); Hart InterCivic; and Sequoia.
The software that runs all of the computerized voting systems is "secret and proprietary." No citizens or government agencies can review it for honesty and integrity.
The federal testing agencies that review electronic voting systems for accuracy are paid by the e-voting machine vendors.
Many of the systems have modems, allowing for manipulation of elections from remote locations through the internet.
Touch screen systems produce no paper record which can be recounted in case of question or audit.  Even those that can be retrofitted with printers are suspect (reason given below re:  Harri Hursti's hacking exploits)
Ownership ties to the major e-voting system vendors link back to top political operatives, foreign governments (Sequoia) and even defense contractors.
Felons have been employed as programmers.  (Jeffrey Dean, who was kept on when Diebold bought Global Election Systems, on a contract basis)
Thousands of problems have arisen with the machines in real election conditions: "flipped" votes where you vote for one candidate and the name of the opponent appears; "overvotes" (more votes than registered voters); "undervotes" (fewer votes than registered voters)  For example:  A NEGATIVE 16,000 votes were recorded for Gore in the 2000 presidential election in Florida, almost causing him to concede the election without cause.  When the "error" was found and backed out of the total, he was ahead at that time; machines breaking down and needing recalibration; machine vendors running elections because election officials do not understand how to operate the software; and many, many more.  See Bev Harris's "Black Box Voting:  Ballot Tampering in the 21st
Century" (can download chapters from her website,; or Bev's chapter 2 in "HACKED! High Tech Election Theft in America" which has over 100 examples of electronic voting machine "anomalies".)  
The programming which allows for undetectable fraud is present in two of the top four electronic vendors' software (Diebold and Sequoia). It may also be in the other two; their software has not been revealed to the public or any election officials for review.
The proposed solutions which involve adding printers to touch screens but only auditing 2% of all the paper "ballots" or "receipts" are dangerously ineffective.  Hacking exploits by Harri Hursti, world-class computer programmer from Finland, in both Leon County, Florida last year and in Emery County, Utah this year, indicate high level sophisticated architecture for hacking in election software in both the Diebold touch screens with printers added, and in Diebold optical scan counters used to count paper ballots.  (Reports on the Leon County hacks are posted on the BBV website "The Hursti Report".  First one is dated July 4, 2005.  The report on the Utah hacks was posted in May 2006.)
Bev Harris posted an article Sept. 6, 2006 about how she and an associate opened the seals on Diebold Optical Scan Counters, removed the "memory cards" (electronic ballot boxes which store all the totals of the paper ballot counts) and replaced them with different cards, replaced the seals, in under four minutes, all without any record of the event that would alert election officials.  This proves that the seals, which are supposed to protect the machines against tampering, are totally ineffective.
Election workers in California, and in other precincts across the country, are sent home with election equipment several days before elections ("sleepovers") allowing unmitigated access for tampering.
Fraud in the Ohio recounts in 2004 proves both audits and recounts to be ineffective solutions.
To repeat an important point:  An election can be hacked using optical scan counters which count paper ballots. (Harri Hursti's July 4, 2005 report on Leon County Florida hacks)
Rush Holt's bill, HR 550, is viewed as a solution by many who are working on this issue, but this will not solve our problem, as it adds a paper record to the electronic voting system but there is no assurance that the paper record will be accurate, or if it will ever be used in an audit or recount.
We must return to hand-counted paper ballots, with totals posted at the precinct level, as a uniform way to hold elections.  Computers, and partisan corporations, have no business running elections.  Citizens must volunteer to work elections and be available for hand counting paper ballots.
For more in depth information about the problem and the solutions as well as a detailed downloadable citizens tool kit of actions you can take to remedy this crisis in America go to:
Black Box Voting is a non-partisan non-profit election protection organization working 24/7 to expose election fraud, educate the public, and incite citizens to action.
We appreciate your review of this information so critical to restoring safe elections in America!
Thank you!
Abbe Waldman Delozier-Co-Editor-Hacked!
Vickie Karp-Co-Editor-Hacked!



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