Pandemic Diabetes And
Depleted Uranium

By Leuren Moret

The global pandemic of diabetes which is increasing each year, began with the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. The resulting global atmospheric pollution has resulted in a diabetes pandemic caused by hundreds of thousands of pounds of vaporized depleted uranium used in atomic and hydrogen bombs as "tamping", fission products from nuclear power plants, and the illegal use of depleted uranium radioactive poison gas weapons introduced to the battlefield by the US in 1991. Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and now Lebanon are now uninhabitable. Israel soon will be.
Depleted uranium is being used to carry out an illegal nuclear war against countries with mineral resources the British Economic Empire and US Economic Empire must control. The huge global increase in diabetes between 1996-97 is indicative of a global environmental event. Now we know why Rhodes Scholar President Clinton was grid bombing and carpet bombing in Iraq in the NO-FLY-ZONES for ten years. Grid bombing and carpet bombing is carried out for the sole purpose of terrain contamination.
Unfortunately, we the citizens of the world are now sitting together in the Auschwitz radioactive poison gas chamber which our atmosphere has been converted into by the "GLOBAL 2000" National Security Council policy paper written in 1979 for (David Rockefeller's protege) President Jimmy Carter by (David Rockefeller's protege) Henry Kissinger, (David Rockefeller's protege) Zbiegnew Brzezinski, General Alexander Haig, and Ed Muskie.
The Queen's favorite American buccaneers, Cheney, Halliburton, and the Bush family, are tied to her through uranium mining and the shared use of illegal depleted uranium munitions in the Middle East, Central Asia and Kosovo/Bosnia.
Thank you Queen Elizabeth, the Rothschilds, and David Rockefeller for carrying out the depopulation plans of Sir Cecil Rhodes, the sponsor of the Rhodes Scholarship and mid-1800s explorer of Africa.



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