Confessions Of A 911 Hitman
How & Why I Helped Blow Up The World Trade Center

By Douglas Herman
Exclusive to

I'm retired now. But five years ago I helped blow up the WTC complex. I was paid a half million dollars, tax free, for my time and trouble. I don't know what the rest of my crew was paid--maybe a little more, maybe a little less. Not that I care much.  In operations like this one, where dozens and dozens of top technicians operated like a team, nobody knew the entire operation or who was who, or what everybody got paid---the big picture, as people call it. Better that way. Better that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.
Living on the beach here in Cartagena, Columbia I've had lots of time to reflect.  Lots more time to wonder.  What surprises me most, however,  is how very few intelligent people in America question the obvious signature of the crime, even after five years.
How did we do it and why did we do it?  The absolute audacity and cleverness still surprises me. The planners knew that success was the only option and so they spent years, not months, designing the perfect plan. What you call murder, I call the perfect crime. What you call an act of terror, I call the perfect diversion.
The intelligent people who run your country know that America depends on a continuous supply of oil. They also know that Americans use far more oil than they can produce here in America. They also know that if anyone in the Middle East were allowed to sell oil for euros--which Iraq attempted to do and Iran is threatening to do---and thus break the monopoly of US petrodollars, America might just go down the tubes. At least that is how it was explained to me, one of the reasons we were doing what we were doing, in the weeks and months during our furious preparations.
But if the US was attacked by terrorists, however, by rogue clients of ME states, then America could retaliate, occupy their countries, insert puppet leaders like the Shah of Iran, and continue siphoning oil forever.  And hundreds of people would make billions, while thousands of multinational companies--not just Halliburton--would profit immensely.
And so America needed to be attacked.
But the attack needed to be spectacular. And the targets needed to be high image targets that represented America but was really stuff that could be rebuilt. Rebuilt at a profit. And so you saw the Pentagon targeted rather than the Congress building. Because Congress still needed someplace to meet and declare war against those nations that attacked America.
MY job was to wire explosives inside the various WTC buildings. We wired buildings 1, 2, 6, and 7. We hardwired some areas and attached explosives and electronic detonators to many other key structural joints. We did this weeks in advance. WTC-7 fell in a classic controlled demolition  (See example) but the Twin Towers required a lot more ingenuity. The fellow who planned the actual sequence of detonations is a genius. He was rumored to have been paid seven or eight figures and is a fucking master. Almost like a composer of a symphony orchestra but better. Much better.
Entry into even the most secure areas of the WTC complex was easy. The badges and identifications were specially made. We had a guy at the top, an insider, who supplied the entry passes. We were the invisible people, those people who you see everyday but don't see. We were the janitors and maintenance men you take for granted but who have far more access in your own building than you'll ever have. Like I said, this whole operation was designed years in advance and took months to assemble the teams of top specialists. Then we worked weeks together to attack each key area of the plan. Like a builder using a blueprint.
Those people who say it couldn't be done, or only hijackers in airplanes could do it, really piss me off.  Because we did it.  For example, instead of building the Hoover Dam we took it down, piece by piece in a couple hours, and made each step look believable. Made it look like the dam just burst naturally.
The majority of ignorant people say, "fires brought the buildings down." We just smile and say, yes they did. Most people don't know that steel doesn't melt from fuel fires but melted steel was found weeks later in the substructure of the WTC. Nobody seems to want to know how that happened to perfectly good steel.  Most people don't know thermite was used in World War II or that explosives and detonaters can be attached and then remotely detonated from blocks away in whatever sequence you choose. That was why when you watched the middle part of the towers explode--pancake down as the experts claimed---the upper parts of the twin towers were being simultaneously detonated as the lower parts were crumbling. If we hadn't done that you would have seen 30 to 40 story segment sitting on the rubble pile.
Like I said it was a work of genius.
Am I sorry that almost 3,000 people got killed?  Sure. Are you sorry that you, personally, use so much foreign oil?  And are you sorry that all these faked resource wars have to be concocted so that you can get that oil and live comfortably?  Didn't think so.
Investigators on those TV crime shows, the CSI people, always try to understand who benefits by the bloody crime. If you understand that many people benefitted by 9-11, by the WTC destruction, then you are more than halfway to solving the crime. Not just who dunnit, but how dunnit and why dunnit.
The benefits of the plan were manifold. Everyone involved profited. The political zealots at the Pentagon got there holy war, or wars, that would benefit Israel while weakening the entire ME. The corporate--connected people got billions in new contracts. The military people got new toys.
Meanwhile the more pragmatic planners assembled a team to start removing gold and silver from below building 4 as soon as the remote-controlled planes struck the towers. We had teams taking bullion from the vaults immediately before and after the towers fell. Miles of tunnels connected the complex. Teams had seven hours to remove as much bullion as they could. The falling towers, the smoke, the fires, the sirens, that was all a grand diversion going on in the streets above. Like I said the plan was designed to appear to be an Islamic terrorist attack yet functioned perfectly as an enormous, gigantic bank robbery. The biggest heist in history.
Was I underpaid? Probably. But I was just one cog in this smooth functioning yet risky machine. Some internet blogger speculated that only 50-51 men could pull off this perfect crime, but I think it had to be several hundred experts involved.
Who were we? Americans, Israelis, South Africans, Brits, Irish. All top specialists. The best of the best. Like that popular TV show, the Mission Impossible force, that was us. Quite a few former special forces, several top intelligence men, financial wizards, some foreign mercenaries, Israeli demo specialists, electronic specialists, security specialists. You name it.
How to keep everyone quiet, you ask? You heard the old saying, two can keep a secret if one of them is dead? Well a thousand can keep a secret if everyone is happy and everyone is very well paid. You also heard that old saying, honor among thieves? Well why would anyone want to rat on someone else? And even if one person got shitfaced drunk and bragged about bringing down the trade towers, who would believe him. After all, we all saw the hijacked jets crashed into the Trade Towers, right? And then we all saw that fuel fires weakened the steel and brought down those same towers, right?
No one will ever catch us. Who would investigate? Hugo Chavez? We commited the perfect crime and got away with it.
But like I said at the beginning, the crime was obviously a crime to anyone who even glanced at the pictures on the TV. It was so fucking obvious it still makes me laugh. What happened was a classic diversion. The towers fell; two or three ME countries were blamed. A suitable villain was fingered.
But you have hundreds of millions in stolen gold--did Osama steal it?  You have those jackpot insurance claims on a pair of architecturel white elephants, leased only months before (giving us enough time to wire them). You have fake pilots that couldn't fly, doing maneuvers in Boeing jumbo jets that were electronically programmed not to allow pilots to fly that way. You have FBI and CIA head honchos looking the other way. I could go on and on. But isn't that what your real CSI people should be doing--but aren't? Isn't that what your real detectives should be doing--but aren't?
If a farmer finds his henhouse raided by a fox, he tracks the fox through the snow and discovers the burrow and sees the feathers and the blood. Well, you've seen the feathers and the blood all over the people who planned 9-11 but still you can't seem to put the pieces of this great crime together. Why is that?
Longtime Rense writer, Douglas Herman wrote the suspense novel, The Guns of Dallas, that features a confessed hitman revealing the perfect scenario for the murder of JFK.  The above scenario is fiction but probably far closer to the truth than anything yet offered in the so-called fact based media.



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