911 Conspirators:
"10,000 Men?" Or A Few
Top Insiders &
Highly-Trained Commandos?

By Douglas Herman
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A bad government lies as official policy. A bad government cannot be trusted to tell the truth. A bad government cannot be trusted for the safety of its own citizens or the citizens of other countries. A bad government always acts malevolently, selfishly, secretively. A bad government suppresses information, censors the truth, and harasses whistleblowers.  A bad government must always be forced, if possible, to do the right thing.
Which type of government do we now have?
Contrary to the official government report, the 9-11 attack resembles a clever yet diabolical plan, carried out successfully by a few key government insiders and several dozen top commandos. Let us call this group, simply for the sake of argument, The Network.
Their mission was fourfold. (1) Create an unforgettable terror event to be blamed on an Islamic group. (2) Create a series of spectacular catastrophes that symbolized an attack on America but which also served as diversions. (3) Create a multi-million dollar gold heist that would occur simultaneously to the terror events. (4) Create a network of draconian agencies and laws soon after the terror events, that would curtail individual rights and create an atmosphere for endless imperial war. Not to mention, make any reinvestigation of 9-11 difficult or impossible.
The 9-11 attack then resembles an ingenius diversion concealing a master plan to invade and occupy Middle Eastern countries while simultaneously effecting draconian and costly government security measures, but not before heisting several hundred million in gold bullion. The 19 hijackers may have been actual Islamic agents, Israeli double agents, CIA assets--or peripheral components of The Network.
The hijackers are the least important aspect of the plot.
According to this scenario, The Network would need remote control planes, aircraft that resembled Boeing jumbo jets. Plenty of planes--available cheap--now gather dust in the deserts of California and Arizona. They would need the technology to adapt planes. (Remote control airplanes have been around for more than 40 years) They would need a sufficient amount of money--large amounts of money--to hire commandos. Both the money and the expertise were readily available through top Pentagon connections and their network of suppliers. Not surprisingly, the Pentagon came up billions short---on September 10, 2001--one day before the attack.
Not surprisingly, the man who controlled the money at the Pentagon, Dov Zakheim, also enjoyed connections to an electronics firm specializing in remote control aviation.
The Network would need several dozen, top foreign commandos who swore no allegiance to any country, cetainly not allegiance to America. Approximately 200 Israelis were rounded up immediately following 9-11. Some were stopped in vans driving into Manhattan. Some were arrested while celebrating the destruction of the Twin Towers. Some were stopped and discovered to possess evidence remarkably similar to that connected to the 9-11 attack.
These facts were all reported by the mainstream media immediately after 9-11. Rarely have they reported since.
The FBI interviewed and interrogated those arrested near Manhattan. No lie detector tests, no confessions (and no torture) and no results were reported by the FBI before the suspects were released. "The Terror Enigma," by Justin Raimondo, takes a more in depth look at this suspicious feature, of possibly using Israeli double agents and Mossad commandos masquerading as movers, artists, and students. Prior to 9-11, these "artists" had been trying to infiltrate secure government facilities and buildings. Quite likely they were part of The Network.
Several men would be needed to assemble and plant explosive devices in the weeks and perhaps months required to do the job properly. According to one Finnish demo expert: "Ordering, preparing and transportation of the charges for the demolition of the WTC. Solely for the steel pillars of the outer circle 40 x 240 charges were needed, let's say 10 000 cutting charges each weighing 50 lbs for each tower. For WTC 7 at least 4000 charges were needed.....1) One needs to find out the right size and the dimensions of suitable cutting charges and then order 24 000 pieces. One must as well order fitting detonators (detonators were needed a lot more). Fitting detonators usually already exist in stores of military forces (or the CIA). Time of delivery is several months in any case. All detonators must be equipped with some kind of safety mechanism, which will be removed by a radio signal at the final moment." (See this link--          )
"After this, the cutting charges are installed in the selected rooms that are not in use. Some of these rooms may as well serve as temporary storages for charges needed elsewhere. After this the apartment is renovated and circulated to the clients in the WTC. One man continuously assembles maybe 5 cutting charges per hour. With 10 assemblers 350 charges are installed a day. As surplus transportations of supplies, renovators and guards. Maybe about 20 people more were needed (5 of them know what is going on, 15 do not). For the installation of the charges this operation takes at least four months with 30 men."
Not ten thouand men, not even one thousand. Just dedicated men who knew the importance of their mission.
The Network would need top aviation and electronic specialists to control those jumbo jets while in flight.  Remote signal device may have been planted in the buildings also. A couple dozen men at most were needed--probably less--certainly not thousands. They would need men sworn to no other ideology, aside from the mission and the immediate rewards.
Once again, the mission was fourfold. Create a terror event to be blamed on an Islamic group, that would justify invasion of the host countries. Create a series of spectacular catastrophes that symbolized an attack on America but also served as diversions. Create a multi-million dollar gold heist that would occur simultaneously to the terror events. (The gold heist may have been a sort of reward, a carrot on a stick).  Create a network of draconian agencies and laws soon after the terror events, that would curtail individual rights and create an atmosphere for never-ending imperial war.
Very likely those involved enjoyed vast intelligence capabilities. Very likely they included former or active members of the Mossad, the CIA, the Pentagon, possibly even the FBI. Indeed those FBI crimefighters NOT privy to the master plan--like FBI Special agents John O'Neill or Coleen Rowley--tried to warn their superiors, tried to warn the US government, but were thwarted.
Instead The Network operated like a separate entity, a succubus. And no local law enforcement official, no ordinary miliary official, no ordinary government official, enjoyed access to the secret plan.
But somewhere along the way three key security points were compromised. Logan airport, NORAD and WTC-7. The Network accessed all three sites and gained entrance through insider connections. Logan airport through the Israeli security company that ran it; NORAD & the command of the US Air Force to Dick Cheney on 9-11; WTC-7 through the CIA, Silverstein Properties or Securacom, the company headed by Marvin Bush. Not surprisingly, only a few top operatives were needed to access each site. Not tens of thousands, as debunkers constantly claim. Perhaps not even hundreds, but a few dozen, highly-trained men performed their tasks to perfection, in the weeks before 9-11.
Could Al Qaeda--or the 19 hijackers--have compromised any of the three key points and gained access? No. Could a group of top government insiders and their hired commandos have accessed those three sites? Yes, easily.
The Network might have relied on remote-controlled planes from the very beginning. Why trust a complex operation to 19 flight school dropouts who spent more time in strip clubs than flight simulators? The simplest scenario would use remote controlled planes, shadowed by fast-moving guidance planes. The unidentified white plane reported by several witnesses near Shanksville may have been such a plane.
But what happened to the original flights and the missing passengers? Only the shadowy operatives of the Network knows for sure. What remains most peculiar, and thus most suspicious, are the four flights themselves. Not only were the planes mostly empty of passengers, but a couple of the planes--reported destroyed on 9-11--were still registered and flying months later!
Yes, there were flaws in the master plan. The WTC-7 fires that were very likely set by a commando team sometime after 12 noon on September 11th, convinced many gullible citizens and government experts that a fiery conflagration had weakened the structure. Yet the simple fact that WTC-7 was arsoned and then demolished seems obvious. Building 7 had to be burned and then collapsed in a controlled demolition, not only for diversionary purposes, but to destroy sensitive Security & Exchange records of ongoing lawsuits involving billions of dollars. Not surprisingly the floors that housed the SEC records were the first to burn mysteriously.
Meanwhile, down below street level, a heist worthy of Hollywood was taking place. How many men were needed to move several hundred million in gold bullion bars? You do the math. Probably not thousands of men; probably not even hundreds. The company security guards may have been ordered away--after all, building 7 was about to collapse. Power to the alarm system may have been shut down. Who would restore it, even if some honest security guard reported it disabled?
So, was 9-11 a heist wrapped around an attack, or an attack wrapped around a heist? If the gold was gone, how much went missing exactly? How could Al Qaeda have taken it? How embarassing for New York City or US government officials to even admit some millions in gold were taken, for many citizens might logically conclude 9-11 was an inside job. And if a group of thieves not affiliated or connected to the "terrorists" took the gold, why were they never caught? Two truckloads of gold were recovered, crushed in a tunnel, beneath the WTC complex. How many truckloads got away?
Nowadays we have many excellent detective shows on television but very few good detectives when we really need them. If the WTC site had been treated as a crime scene immediately following a week of rescue work, the ingenuity of the crime might have been revealed. As it was, 9-11 was sold to the public as an act of foreign terrorism from day one and whatever evidence that might have been uncovered was hastily removed and either destroyed or recycled.
The years pass and The Crime of The Century---9-11-- has never been fully solved nor even adequately investigated. Readers email me asking what proof do I have of this scenario? Only gut instinct and common sense. If it looks like a crime scene and people profitted immensely, I think any good detective might also have suspicions. I ask believers what proof do they have of the government version of 9-11 events? They quote me the testimony of government approved experts. They offer me a fuzzy videotape of someone identified as Osama bin Ladin. They mention a charred passport miraculously found a few blocks from the demolished WTC.
Not enough evidence to fit in a shoebox or stand up in a court of law. Besides, taking the word of a bad government, never known for speaking the truth, is not good practice.
USAF veteran and crime novelist, Douglas Herman wrote The Guns of Dallas and contributes to Rense regularly.  Email
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