US DU Bunker Busters
Arrive In Israel
Press Release

The Israeli Committeefor a Middle East Free From Atomic, Biological & Chemical Weapons PO Box 16202 Tel Aviv 61161 Israel
The Government of Israel has recently purchased from the United States bunker-busting bombs (GBU-28), for use in its war in Lebanon. These bombs contain depleted uranium - a carcinogenic substance that spreads in the form of a toxic and radioactive dust, which enters the lungs and bones and is especially harmful to babies and young children.
We call on the Government of Israel not to make use of these bombs.
This call is of special significance on August 6, the anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.
These days of war remind us of the dangers facing humanity, when the warring sides are equipped with nuclear weapons and radioactive materials.
The State of Israel must not resort to the use of weaponry that can cause environmental damage lasting hundreds of years, or any weapon of mass destruction.
We call on the Government Israel and all the governments in the Middle East to renounce weapons of mass destruction without delay!
A Middle East free from all weapons of mass destruction would be the best guarantee against their use.
The Israeli Committee for a Middle East Free From Atomic, Biological & Chemical Weapons
For additional information you can call: + 972-3-5238584 Gideon Spiro



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