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From Scott Corrales
Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

Aside from sightings of strange luminous objects in our skies, at least a dozen reports of mysteriously mutilated bovines have been received.
The cases occurred in Santa Rosa, capital of La Pampa; in Carihué and Pehuajó, in the interior of the province of Buenos Aires, and in the locality of Florida in the suburbs of Buenos Aires itself, where two intense lights, circulating at high speed, captured the attention of eyewitnesses.
The cases recorded can be added to the ones that have been reported over the past 20 days, which have a greater presence in the interior of La Pampa," explained Luis Burgos, president of the Fundacion
Argentina de Ovnilogia (FAO)
According to Burgos, the intense "flying saucer" activity is the result of the arrival of springtime (in the southern hemisphere), which is "the Martians'" favorite season.
(Translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales, IHU)
New Cattle Mutilation Reports From La Pampa
By Raul Oscar Chaves
[Elements of] CIUFOS-LAPAMPA traveled to the the Sierras de Lihue ("Sierra of Life"), a region located 220 km to the south of Santa Rosa, La Pampa, to look into new cases of animal mutilation.
On the way there, at Km 277 of National Route No.35, in the vicinity of Ataliva Roca, a Polled Hereford calf was found dead and mutilated. On the same route, but at Km 284, a red Aberdeen Angus cow was also found slain and mutilated.
At the "Mari Epu" ranch, located ten kilometers west of the Sierras de Lihue Calel, Puelches jurisdiction, a Polled Hereford bull was found dead and mutilated. Its owner, Bernardo Cueto, told researchers that the find was made known to the local police. The animal's death was estimated at 10 days ago.
The bovine was in good health and presented signs of mutilation in the lower right jaw, missing an eye and ear on the same side of the body, and was found lying on its stomach. Bernardo Cueto manifested surprise when he noted that "the animal appeared on a single print,  pitched downward, lying on its stomach as if its legs had slowly given way."
On the return trip, and on the section of road between Quehue and the intersection of Routes No. 35 and Provincial Hwy. No. 18, Jorge Howe, owner of the "Los Corrales"  ranch informed local police of the discovery of three black Aberdeen Angus cows, dead and mutilated.
(translation (c) 2006 S. Corrales, IHU)



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