The Zionist Character
Assassination Of Mel Gibson

By Ted Lang

Is any true American really confused about the long-directed witch hunt and planned character assassination of Mel Gibson by the Hollywood Zionist Jews and their neoconservative compatriots and traitors in Bush's [read: Israel's] Pentagon?
Consider how hard the Jewish-dominated entertainment industry has worked to thwart Gibson's artistic efforts because it violated their sacred hypocritical standards. They can murder Christian children in Lebanon, and all we have to do is pass on to them more precision bombs and ordnance so they can slaughter Christians more efficiently. They hate and have attempted to silence and marginalize Gibson. Never mind that Jews have given author Truman Capote reason to call the publishing end of their information industry the "Jewish mafia;" we are to pay no attention to their long-standing proven hatred for Christians and American patriots.
And it doesn,t help when totally confused and morally lost Christian Fundamentalist dispensationalists lovingly embrace Christ as they expectorate their poisonous venom at those that would put normal patriotic considerations for American interests over their "end times" hallucinations for the interests of Israel's "chosen ones." Mel Gibson, as has long ago been previously offered in this space, could become the political and spiritual leader of the silent majority in this nation if he simply wanted to.
America has absolutely no leader, whether considered spiritually, morally, intellectually or patriotically credentialed and capable. Think of his many movies on freedom, patriotism, and "The Passion of the Christ." Make no mistake: Gibson has the same overwhelming potential once the exclusive domain of Colin Powell, before the latter was smeared by his unguarded lapse of morality in allowing Bush and his criminals to manipulate him.
If America has no potential leader, it is due to the excellent planning and execution via the Zionist media. If America is losing its wealth and credibility amongst the nations of the world, it is because of our Zionist Pentagon. The only ones being enriched by endless wars against terrorism are the Zionist-condoned corporate conglomerates that fill Zionist coffers here and in Israel. If America lacks a musical leader or leaders, it is because of the Jewish domination in the music publication and entertainment business. As has been observed by Henry Ford, Charles Lindberg, and even Adolf Hitler, Jews dominate all information and communications in American society.
Where is the new Bob Dylan? Where's Sergeant Barry McGuire? Where are the new pop artist musical groups and message senders to take the place of the Kingston Trio, Buffalo Springfield, Credence Clearwater, and so many others? Where is there now any modicum of American societal connectivity? The most powerful entertainment medium in stark opposition to America-destroying Zionism is Gibson. So Zionism is intent on destroying him! Look how they dug up the marital embarrassments of Charlie Sheen when he tried to expose the 9-11 fraud on TV. Remember how they silenced Ed Asner.
Whether or not the planned and intended character assassination evidenced by Gibson's recent DUI arrest was a "set-up" or not is irrelevant. Pro-Israel sympathizers Matt Drudge and WorldNetDaily's Joe Farah are an American and Internet alternative media disgrace. While Drudge ignores the astonishing revelation of an MSNBC opinion poll querying over a quarter million respondents favoring Bush's impeachment, Drudge somersaults through hoops backwards to spike that event and blow the Gibson DUI totally out of proportion. Only a non-American like Drudge would fail to shrug off the horrific anger all Americans should have for Israelis and Jews in stealing our government out from under US and rendering US helpless to stop our Israel-dominated government from setting US up for World War III.
In fairness to Farah, a known Christian Fundamentalist and Israel supporter, he handled the planned smear on Gibson a lot more professionally than low-class Drudge. Just as I couldn,t once start my day without first visiting, when they traded their loyalty as articulated in their motto, "A free press for a free people" for their new mission objective, "Israel über alles," I left them for Drudge. I no longer visit WorldNetDaily except for rare comparisons such as this. I couldn,t start my day without first going to Drudge. I am going to make a concerted effort to avoid Drudge as well considering how low this pointy head gadfly has stooped. What ever happened to "America first?" I guess the exposure of Clinton and Monica was just a way to get started when a true anti-establishment investigative approach to journalism mattered. Drudge is now another web-based entity of the Bush/Israel-supporting MSM.
The Jewish dominated MSM network has coordinated their assault and splashed Gibson's justifiable "anti-Semitism" on the front page of the Jewish Newhouse family's The Star-Ledger, my state of New Jersey's largest newspaper. They were ecstatic to smear Gibson with the "anti-Semitic" albatross. But where the majority of Americans have yet to really experience the horrible suffering that will be unleashed upon our nation by pro-Israel Jews and their Christian Fundamentalists supporters, Gibson has experienced first-hand the hatred and vile smears of the Jews motivated by the Talmud/Protocols of the Elders of Zion. How sad it is for true Americans to see the vileness of anti-Christian hatred emanating from these Jews and their Christian Fundamentalist harlots and their supportive whores in Congress and the White House.
Mel Gibson was our last hope, and our Jewish destroyers, with the help of low-life Matt Drudge, have all but killed him off. Our last hope to reign in our seriously errant government has been forever neutralized. If Americans are stupid enough to believe that Gibson is really an "anti-Semite" instead of just a 100 percent true American blueblood, then we deserve to be assaulted by all the Jewish venom deliverable and to suffer the worst of what these anti-Christians can and will do to destroy US for their New World Order.
©2006 THEODORE E. LANG All rights reserved Ted Lang is a political analyst and freelance writer.



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