World War 3
By Edgar J. Steele

" And it's one, two, three, What are we fighting for? Don't ask me, I don't give a damn, Next stop is Vietnam; And it's five, six, seven, Open up the pearly gates, Well there ain't no time to wonder why, Whoopee! we're all gonna die."
-- Country Joe and the Fish, The Fish Cheer &
I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag (Vanguard Records, 1967)
Some say that WW3 now has begun. I say it began with 9-11.
Here's the setup as of today:
With the American incursion into the Middle East stalled due to public resistance generated by failure in both Afghanistan and Iraq, Israel believes it must directly destabilize and/or control all Islamic fundamentalist states, else face certain destruction in the future. Israel's conduct in the region since the Palestinians were pushed aside to make way for its formation after WWII has made Israel's viewpoint a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Israel is in the process of seizing the balance of Palestine via the simple expedient of killing or driving out all remaining Palestinians from their homeland.
Simultaneously, and by its own declaration, Israel has begun a war with Lebanon.
Hezbollah, Islamic military protector of Lebanon, now has declared war upon Israel. Based in Lebanon, Hezbollah is supported and directed by Syria and Iran.
That means Israel also is at war with Syria, since Lebanon is directed and protected by Syria (which Israel has wanted America to invade). Syria formally has declared its support for Lebanon.
Therefore Israel soon will be at war with Iran, since Syria and Iran have a mutual defense pact (and Israel has wanted America to invade Iran, too). Iran already has pledged "support" for Syria and previously has called for Israel to be "wiped off the map."
North Korea and Iran have been very cozy in recent years: North Korea has nuclear missiles but no money, while Iran has lots of money but no nuclear missiles. They share a deep and unabiding hatred of America. Do the math.
Iran wants Israel dead and the American puppet regimes removed from all Arab countries.
Israel wants Iran broken apart and under its own control, along with every other Middle Eastern state.
North Korea wants South Korea and the removal of American forces from Asia.
China wants Taiwan, long has wished to eliminate Japan and also would like the removal of American forces from Asia.
Russia would like both America and Israel to stop meddling in the affairs of its breakaway republics and former client states in the Middle East.
America wants to rule the world; indeed, believes it already does so.
The world economy is so broken due to plundering by International bankers and other Zionist elite that Depression II is inevitable. Just like WWII and Depression I, WWIII will be the only way to distract people from their impending economic misery, mask the effects of Depression II and get economies going again. Just like WWII and Depression I, international bankers and other Zionist elite will be the real beneficiaries by loaning and selling to all sides and once again scooping up small businesses, farms and residences for one-tenth their value.
The average American, dumbed down by a broken education system and both distracted and lied to by the most tightly-controlled media in history, is unaware of most of the foregoing already-existing scenario, not to mention real history. American Christian fundamentalist dispensationalists desperately want to believe the media lies about Arabs starting hostilities, with Israel merely defending itself. The subplot, involving the usual International bankers and other Zionist elite, is denied by even knowledgeable Americans.
Here's how it could play out from here:
Israel bombs Syria. Syria invokes its mutual aid pact with Iran in order to deal with Israel. Iran must cross Iraq to help Syria, which puts Iran at war with America, regardless of what America does or does not do at Israel's behest. America uses its mini-nuclear "bunker buster" bombs on Iran, in response, because America quite literally has no other option available. Israel helps out with air support.
Iran and Syria launch Silkworm or Russian Sunburn missiles (which cannot be defended against) against American naval forces in the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean, respectively, thereby neutralizing America's navy and cutting off resupply of ground troops in Iraq. Or, perhaps, with the nuclear shackles off, a handful of nuclear air bursts take out all of America's carrier groups. Regardless, kiss the American Atlantic fleet goodbye. Resupply becomes impossible and it is a long walk from Baghdad to Kuwait, so America's Middle Eastern ground forces, too, are removed from the equation and likely annihilated.
With America out of the way, Iran launches nukes against Israel, which cannot defend against even Scud missiles, thereby turning Israel into a giant, self-illuminated glass parking lot. As a parting gesture, Israel launches its massive nuclear arsenal against all of its Middle Eastern enemies and selected cities in Russia and Europe (just as it has threatened should its destruction become inevitable). Or, Israel might well launch preemptively and Iran respond, with the same result. Regardless, Israel's six million Jews perish in the ensuing nuclear holocaust, thereby finally fulfilling Hebrew prophecy.
Simultaneously, Islamic fundamentalist factions take over all American puppet states in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Egypt. A resurgent Libya helps out. An Islamic fundamentalist union arises in what is left of the Middle East, stretching from Turkey to India and from Kazakhstan to North Africa. And they have nuclear weapons.
Meanwhile, North Korea invades South Korea, forcing America to use nukes since it has no other option with which to defend American forces stationed there. North Korea responds in kind against all American strongholds within reach, including those in Japan (e.g., Yokosuka).
China moves on Taiwan, as threatened for so many years, using nukes if necessary. Kiss the American Pacific Fleet goodbye when it interferes as dictated by America's defense pact with Taiwan. Technically, China now is at war with America, who likely dithers and does not launch against China. China may well move against Japan at this point. America dithers further, distracted by its problems in the other direction.
NATO dissolves.
Now homeless but following sealed orders, Israel's nuclear subs position themselves in an attempt to mimic those of America and Russia, then launch against both China and Russia in order to fulfill Israel's pledge to take the Western world down with itself. China retaliates against America and Russia with a very limited nuclear strike, albeit everything it has, while invading Russia and seizing everything east of the Ural mountains.
Russia retaliates against military targets in what she perceives to be Jewish America and Jewish Britain (and possibly Jewish Germany and Jewish Austria) for Jewish Israel's nuclear attack, if revealed, else simply against America. Russia's extensive nuclear strike against China kills half its population, yet still leaves it with the largest conventional army in existence.
With its oil supply cut off, no manufacturing infrastructure left and its military forces (most of which were overseas) destroyed, America has no conventional defensive capability left. America uses its nuclear ICBMs to counterattack military targets, inside both Russia and China, prompting a massive Russian counterstrike against American population centers.
All surviving nuclear missile submarines, having launched their weapons, return home to their respective countries. Russia and China reload and return to sea. America has nothing with which to reload...for the time being. Israel's subs dock in America, where they likely are met by angry mobs and destroyed.
America, now beheaded and lying prostrate, lapses into widespread race wars, with Aztlan in the Southwest and New Africa in the deep south coming into existence...for the time being. America's shadow government is pulled from its underground vaults, tried for war crimes and shot by nascent New American forces.
China seizes Alaska, then moves into Western Canada and Northwestern America, where it is stopped cold by unexpectedly ferocious American and Canadian guerilla warfare.
What is left of Russia and Europe consolidate their defensible borders, which have changed radically, and sign a mutual-defense pact.
America ceases to be a world player and struggles merely to survive. New America emerges from the ashes with a strong sense of its ethnic heritage due to the race wars it just has endured.
The attempt at a New World Order results in an effective standoff between EuroRussia, Greater Islam and China. Eventually, New America joins EuroRussia and assumes its rightful position as a merely coequal player in world affairs.
South America and Africa return to widespread tribal warfare and genocide, experience massive famine and pandemic disease and thereby restore a natural balance between their environments and their much-reduced remaining human populations. Pockets in South America actually thrive.
WW4 looms in the not-so-distant future, to be fought by our grandchildren.
Australia and New Zealand likely escape unscathed, but, like the rest of the world, in WW4 will face a serious threat from China.
For more on all the foregoing, see the last three chapters in my book, Defensive Racism, entitled World War III, Money's End Game: Depression II and New America.
New America. An idea whose time has come.[edhead]
My name is Edgar J. Steele. Thanks for listening. Please visit my web site,, for other messages just like this one.
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