Wanta Plan - Fed Blocks
$4.5 Trillion Due US Treasury
By Greg Szymanski

The corrupt Federal Reserve Board is now standing in the way of 1.575trillion in repatriated offshore funds earmarked for the U.S. Treasury in what is now being called in worldwide financial circles as the *Wanta Plan*.
An agreement was reached June 12 between U.S. authorities and Wanta, the legal trustor of more than 27.5 trillion in lost or stolen U.S. assets from the Cold War era, to return 4.5 trillion of the looted money by the Bush and Clinton crime families, less money for taxes and other related expenses.
However, the Arctic Beacon, one of the only news outlets in the country covering the hush-hush story, has learned the Federal Reserve Board has acknowledged the Wanta settlement and is now without sufficient public justification, blocking the return of the money which could turn the bewildered American economy around overnight.
Wanta made his first public statement on the massive settlement Wednesday on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal, at www.gcnlive.comarchives, as well as appearing with Greg on the Jeff Rense RadioProgram at the same evening.
In one of the major stories of the century, Wanta provided details of a massive 4.5 trillion dollar settlement reached as a way to get the stolen money back into U.S. coffers, a settlement now being dubiously blocked by the Federal Reserve Board.
The vast sum of money, used illegally by corrupt insiders inside the U.S.government, was amassed by Wanta as part of a plan he and several other financial whizzes devised on behalf of President Ronald Reagan to destabilize the Soviet currency, bringing a quick end to the Cold War.
Wanta, jailed illegally for over a decade, began trying to recover the money when released on house arrest more than a year ago. The settlement reached on June 12 precludes him from trying to recover any more of the stolen money, which some financial observers estimate to be more than 70 trillion while calling it the biggest bank heist in the history of the world.
Regarding the Federal Reserve Board's action to black the Wanta Plan, an overseas financial watchdog group called Global Analysis Limited provided with a July 20 report about the inner-dealings taking place behind the scenes of the massive 4.5 trillion dollar settlement.
The following are excerpts of the exclusive report by Christopher Story forwarded to the Arctic Beacon, explaining the blockage of the Wanta Plan by the Federal Reserve Board:
In so doing, the Federal Reserve, which under the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 [H.R. 3723] "protecting proprietary economic information, and for other purposes", is not even entitled to knowledge of the agreements and intended transactions, is in breach of a large number of statutes rendering the Fed's Chairman, Dr Ben Bernanke, an American of German extraction, **and senior Fed officers, liable to severe consequences, not excluding being picked up in front of TV cameras by Federal Marshals.*
At the G-8 Meeting in St Petersburg, one subject dominated the discussions behind-the-scenes: The Wanta Plan. This is the new name for the long-awaited Settlement with Leo Wanta, the distinguished US Treasury/Secret Service financial genius chosen by President Reagan to develop and implement financial strategies for the transformation of the USSR under Gorbachëv.
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