Former Ambassador Leo
Wanta Getting 1.2 Trillion
Of Stolen U.S. Funds
Back To Treasury

By Greg Szymanski

Despite the Bush and Clinton crime families efforts to rip-off the country of more than 27.5 trillion, Wanta has recovered more than 1.2 trillion. He further thanked the Arctic Beacon for being one of the only news outlets to believe his story as the mainstream media remains hush-hush.
Good news for the American people, courtesy of former Ambassador Leo Wanta, as more than 1.2 trillion dollars is being returned to the U.S. Treasury.  
Although a rather hefty sum, it is only a small portion of the 27.5 trillion, now more than doubled due to interest, Wanta has been trying to recover on behalf of the American people since the end of the Cold War.
Wanta was named legal trustor of vast sum of money by President Reagan after he was assigned the task of destablizing the Soviet monetary system, his efforts amassing a large war chest of dollars, which was to be returned to the U.S. Treasury
However, according to Wanta, after Reagan left office, he was back stabbed by the Bush I administration, leading to a long and unwarranted jail term to "get him out of the way," including more than 200 days in a Swiss jail and years behind bars on a bogus Wisconsin state income tax charge.
Released more than a year ago, Wanta has been trying with limited resources and no cooperation from the government and the media to return the money to the American people.
During his many years in jail, much of the money has been diverted to numerous private overseas accounts and, according to Wanta, essentially looted by the corrupt Bush and Clinton crime families.
But in an unexpected move in 2003 Wanta filed a federal court case to recover the money. Although the case was dismissed under sovereign immunity, he received verification from the court that his legal trustor status was valid, the judge telling him to use the federal collections courts as a recovery process.
During the last year, Wanta has been trying to retrace his financial tracks and Monday emailed the Arctic Beacon for being one of the only news outlets to follow the story, saying 1.2 trillion is a good first step at lowering the national debt.
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